8 minutes of kim taehyung being uniquely extra

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Is this tittle even allowed? please enjoy watching i'm working extra hard to make this video heheheh

Open me for more informations:

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•Namjoon: Blue

•Jin: Pink

•Yoongi: Grey

•J-Hope: Red

•Jimin: yellow

•Taehyung: Green

•Jungkook: Purple

•Everyone beside bts: Black

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6 oct 2021






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Fana Muhammed
Fana Muhammed Hace 2 días
I'm laughing but. I don't know😹😹😹😹jin is the most funniest guy in the whole universe 😸😹
Aditi Rai
Aditi Rai Hace 4 días
5:50 *me completing the line "u are the cause of my euphoria~"
Aditi Rai
Aditi Rai Hace 4 días
4:58 everyone introducing themselves with the iconic Ironman pose is jus so cute ^^
Firdose Fiddu
Firdose Fiddu Hace 4 días
My cutie pie handsome V 💖💖😘😘
Tania Maji
Tania Maji Hace 4 días
5:48 hello my alien LMAO🤣🤣🤣🤣
Nithee and Bhumi
Nithee and Bhumi Hace 5 días
in 2:52 he speak TAMIL 😌😌😌😄😄😁😉😁😁✌🏻💜💜❤️❤️😎😎😎☺️☺️ va da va
btssssssssssss Hace 5 días
Divyashri Suresh
Divyashri Suresh Hace 5 días
3:44 he kissed jin! taejin relationship🥰🥺
sandhra maria sony
sandhra maria sony Hace 5 días
Vaada vaa 😂😂 I am from Kerala In India and our language is malayalam in Malayalam this is a word vaada meaning same come on
Tshegofatso Mamphoko
Not Jin asking V to spell "point" after he spells it wrong, they all laugh, Suga: Is it the correct spelling, Jin : I'm laughing because I don't know. I died and came because I just realized the whole bunch is a couple of clowns and I live for it.
Nur Ain sofia
Nur Ain sofia Hace 6 días
5:48 and 5:50. Friend and euphoria
wait what MIN YOONGI WORKS OUT!?!?!?!?
Ephemeral 030
Ephemeral 030 Hace 6 días
pin this plss Armies please vote for BTS in universal music awards. EXO is leading, no hate but if BTS wins they do not disband in 2027 pllssss send this comment to armies and keep passing this message
BTS army girl BTS army
V is funny and cute entertainer in BTS 😂😉💜💜💜💜
XxOma ChanxX
XxOma ChanxX Hace 8 días
3:20 I was eating until I saw this I throw out some of my food inside of my mouth. Like omggg this was hilarious xD
Float Grandpa Float
Float Grandpa Float Hace 9 días
Ugly gemini
Ugly gemini Hace 11 días
6:00 💀
Celeste Pastorutti
Celeste Pastorutti Hace 11 días
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 2:47 épico
HckerGameplayz BGRB
HckerGameplayz BGRB Hace 11 días
P O I N 😄😅🤣
Haily Monterey
Haily Monterey Hace 12 días
One of the reasons why I love Tae...Cause he's being himself.💜
Anonymous Hace 12 días
Can anyone tell how am I looking?
Sades Hace 12 días
He's so cute, I can't.
Tess M
Tess M Hace 12 días
How can you not love him 💜
Fun fun
Fun fun Hace 14 días
He is at total different level.... Exceptionally smart...... Excellent sense of humour......
Angelica Hace 14 días
3:50 I love this part🤣🤣😍😍😍
DO ANYTHING Hace 14 días
2:38 which episode is that... I forgot 🙂 I just watched the full episode day before yesterday and I feel like I wanna watch it again 😂
It’s Vanilla
It’s Vanilla Hace 16 días
Title:8 minutes of tae being extra 44 seconds:Am I a joke to you?
laharidas Hace 17 días
After the video was over, I realized I am sitting here alone laughing like an idiot.
Dance with sneha ☺️
Tae why are u like this😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 he was looking so cute when he was confused 🥰 and ricaorio part was 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Pearl Hace 17 días
Taetae is so adorable, that is why I love him so much.
Farhan Husnain Farhan Husnain
Love little boy 💖V💖make us happy keep going to share with us you're all superbest boysss ❤❤❤❤❤❤
bhanuja verma
bhanuja verma Hace 19 días
N where r these shows shown in the video?
bhanuja verma
bhanuja verma Hace 19 días
Which is this water event?
kiwimoma Hace 19 días
Tae is to Bts what louis is to 1D
Mayu ferone
Mayu ferone Hace 19 días
Cutest thing everrrr
StageGenius Sunoo
StageGenius Sunoo Hace 20 días
LMAO I love this man so much. The skating bit was just too hilarious.
Osafo Paul
Osafo Paul Hace 21 un día
I'm laughing but I don't know why.jin. 😂😂
Reree 2015
Reree 2015 Hace 22 días
킴 태형 💜💜💜 보라해요! 사랑해요 아미 💚
Ahana Parvaiz.
Ahana Parvaiz. Hace 24 días
The way he saz 'sorry' at the end! 😍
KoKo Hace 25 días
when tae was squishing jin and Suga shoulder saying they work out the squeaky toy sounds jolted my dog from sleep XD
Riya Shajahan
Riya Shajahan Hace 25 días
Im laughing but i don't know 😂 MJ step 3:22 🤭
Kpop Hace 26 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-lnzuhipdQ3Q.html Watch more kpop celebrities
Moontaha Hace 26 días
"Hello my alien" "Take my hands now" editing part was so cute. I love your brain.
Moontaha Hace 26 días
A big beibi.🥺🥺
Disha Hace 27 días
3:48 I am laughing so hard 🤣🤣
srilakshmi Hace 28 días
2:53 bts v speaking malayalam🔥🔥💜💜
Chinmayi Chinmayi
Chinmayi Chinmayi Hace 28 días
i love the intro of jin!!
Emma Emma
Emma Emma Hace un mes
He's the type of guy who is just unintentionally sweet and funny you'll fall in love with him 😭
Lianne Claire Caña
The "completely relaxed" moment literally got me chokin on my rice😩
Eleanor Lonely
Eleanor Lonely Hace un mes
4:56 cuties
Joan Duffie
Joan Duffie Hace un mes
Humira Naznin
Humira Naznin Hace un mes
Multi talented tae 💜❤️
Humira Naznin
Humira Naznin Hace un mes
Love him 💜💜💞
Elora Chu
Elora Chu Hace un mes
Human Oreos irl y'all 0:41
m i l a 🦋🌃
m i l a 🦋🌃 Hace un mes
I love the intro so much 😂😂 *Jin's angry scolding* xD
Persia Lionheart
Persia Lionheart Hace un mes
Taehyung laughing in despair as he is drowned in a bunch of water is peak comedy
°Cruu Hace un mes
5:22 I watched it million times and I'm dying of happiness 😭😆😭😆😭😆😭😆😭😆😭😆😭
KIM HA RIN Hace un mes
2:53 the was saying a tamil word ... In korean dont know but in tamil vaada means come come
Skyler Blink
Skyler Blink Hace un mes
1:25 bruh cant stop repeating this scene 🥲
The Wonders
The Wonders Hace un mes
He's so cute and innocent
The Wonders
The Wonders Hace un mes
Awwww sweet
シドニー Hace un mes
7:52 i can’t stop laughing lmao 😭🤣
TK Hace un mes
lmao the intro
Teoh teoh
Teoh teoh Hace un mes
Pardon? Sorry sorry 😬
Skskaks Jsiwiwika
Skskaks Jsiwiwika Hace un mes
Why? Why?! Why its so funny???
Erin! Hace un mes
The editing is so good bahaha
//boba_bubble\\ Hace un mes
Wow I love the last part
Cindy Aryani
Cindy Aryani Hace un mes
deaddd 😭😭 i'm never laughing as hard as i watchin this vid 🤣🤣. this is truly different from another funny moments, another level 🤣😭
Maryam Hace un mes
3:47 ya this isa for you yah.. someone help me!
Ara Ara
Ara Ara Hace un mes
3:47 lmao
Niyathi Susan
Niyathi Susan Hace un mes
"A,B,C,D V"😂😂😂the way he introduced himself 😉😉
Paige Turner
Paige Turner Hace un mes
2:53 What video is this from?
𝐋𝐢𝐥𝐚 𝐌𝐚𝐲𝐬
Honestly, im most like Rae in my opinion,
jjd0519 Hace un mes
My geddd! The edits are lit 🔥 Thank you for featuring my favorite protagonist. More of like this please 😍
RiGht ViBe SIL,PLE life  "지뷔오!
Taehyung secret talent is "Funnic" FUNNY - ICONIC
Ayesha Cyril Tabboga
6:02 taehyung face kill me 😭🔪
Mammoth Celery
Mammoth Celery Hace un mes
Army vote for BTS in top music Universe award if BTS wins they will disband in 2034 not in 2027 Spread the message now We have to make bts to the top Please read the instructions for voting in website.
Mammoth Celery
Mammoth Celery Hace un mes
Army vote for BTS in top music Universe award if BTS wins they will disband in 2034 not in 2027 Spread the message now We have to make bts to the top Please read the instructions for voting in website.
jeena chanu
jeena chanu Hace un mes
By seeing thumbnail only I already laughed
Rozie 01
Rozie 01 Hace un mes
The most adorable man on earth 😍😍😍💜💜💜
Anime simp
Anime simp Hace un mes
2:10 lowkey my fav moment-
Sarah ahmed ✋🏻
5:04 the cutest introduce yourself 🥺
chase Hace un mes
A, B, c, D Iam v😂💜
Tokyo° Hace un mes
"Pardon?, sorry sorry" -kim Taehyung 2021
Tokyo° Hace un mes
Bro let's all love where j-hope and V struggle with rolerskates and the other members help them
menuo zumvu
menuo zumvu Hace un mes
Jin:I'm laughing because Idk🤣🤣 Me:That's me All the time laughing because Idk the reason why my friends are laughing 🤣
fareha sajjad
fareha sajjad Hace un mes
Cute!!! He's adorable!😍
Lovely Konghay
Lovely Konghay Hace un mes
Tae:point Suga;is it ryt Jin:i don't know but iam laughing😂🤣🤣
omaradzel Hace un mes
Honestly when he said who is this to IRONMAN!!!ಥ‿ಥ
Ana Laura Ramos
Ana Laura Ramos Hace un mes
Mali Ficant
Mali Ficant Hace un mes
Tae sitting btw 2 huge shoulder hyungs
Euphoric dreams💜
That coke moment uff😂😂 plz let me know which episode was that of run BTS😂😂
N for nayana♥︎
N for nayana♥︎ Hace un mes
V says malayalam VADA VA means come on
Park Rosé
Park Rosé Hace un mes
I choke on my Silva 😳😂
Hmingmawii Pialtu
Hmingmawii Pialtu Hace un mes
Fj21 Hace un mes
The intro 😂
Amaan k
Amaan k Hace un mes
He is just incredible 💜
anonymous_official Hace un mes
3:44 welp this is guy is teaching us how to flirt with a girl guys
l0ve_d.m😩 Hace un mes
lmao I love these. I’m obsessed 😹
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