81 Best Secret Minecraft Things You Didn't Know 

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Think you're a Minecraft expert? Well not for long... Here are the 81 BEST Secret Minecraft things from the past year and a half. Let's see how well you actually know Minecraft...
Minecraft Trivia: • Minecraft Trivia! - Ho... (if this link doesn't work you're early!)
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This is NOT a series called Minecraft VVSauce where I explore random features of Minecraft. Not Minecraft, but the water rises or Minecraft Manhunt but a fact compilation based series with the best secret things in all of minecraft.


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17 mar 2023






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@Wifies Hace 8 meses
Wifies year rewind coming to you mid-march Don't expect such a good upload schedule lol I only uploaded this one quick because I didn't think it was up to par for a stand alone video New videos "on the horizon" :p
@maxnoel7242 Hace 8 meses
First to reply
@icedragon_ Hace 8 meses
Does sneaking and using a mob skull combo?
@bearfm Hace 8 meses
what kind of videos?
@Bingolotto69420 Hace 8 meses
​@@maxnoel7242 no one asked
@ninja_cat9 Hace 8 meses
Yooooooo a wifies upload
@YouTube Hace 8 meses
knowing the phantom secret is def giving me nightmares 😨
@CharleneLoach Hace 8 meses
@takiallahjamai Hace 8 meses
Aw hell naw bro ESvid has no likes and heart
@Blackfoot-ya Hace 8 meses
@Quizlz Hace 8 meses
@notyova Hace 8 meses
I love how Wifies actually tells us stuff that we actually didn't know instead of stuff we've heard hundreds of times.
@Illuminat-ve5ue Hace 8 meses
not really tho, maybe like 40% is new,
@DvirMC Hace 8 meses
Yess like bees eating honey blocks wtf
@Edavid-ti6vz Hace 8 meses
Yeah for sure
@drwhocoby Hace 8 meses
@@Illuminat-ve5ue More like 20%
@GMugiwara_1682 Hace 8 meses
Broh like he just copy pasted a lot of the fax frm other vids of his
@lollingrock Hace 8 meses
The hoglin avoiding portals and respawn anchors is probably for new players who might enter the nether for the first time and would have had to fight a hoglin with basic tools
@ioanluke3220 Hace 4 meses
Those hoglins prob have ptsd from the overworld army endangering their species lol
@raphaeld4313 Hace 3 meses
Them being afraid by portals subsequently makes it harder to spawn zoglins
@gp8721 Hace 3 meses
Idek how or why but in the world I play on with my friends, which is updated to the most recent version, 1.20 I think, there are and always have been hoglins right inside the nether portal every time we go through it. I ended up putting some warped fungus and making a strider farm around the area so the fungus will keep the hogs away
@potentpnut2211 Hace 8 meses
For the flame tnt looting one, looting must be in the main hand and the bow in the offhand. Otherwise looting will not trigger.
@bengrimmpve2853 Hace 8 meses
you can also shoot with your bow and immediatly switch to sword with ur main hand
@tneKyearsago Hace 8 meses
hey quick question does this work with fire aspect like instead getting a bunch of raw beef could i instead get cooked beef?
@zapia9766 Hace 8 meses
@@tneKyearsago pretty sure it does, but not 100%
@LuigixD Hace 8 meses
​@@tneKyearsago do you mean that instead of using tnt, you just hit them with a fire aspect and looting sword? If that's the case, I think that you have to make sure that the last hit is done by your sword directly instead of by the fire, because if not, the kill will not count as yours and the looting effect will not activate. This also can be used to kill pillagers and not to get the Bad Omen effect (you can use a flame bow too)
@sethv5273 Hace 3 meses
17:12 a similar and easier way to do this is to use view bobbing. In a strip mine if you turn view bobbing on, have a high fov, and walk in f5 you can see through the walls every time the camera bobs through the wall. Depending on the position you can see up left or right and it also works in older versions and is handy for games like uhc in 1.8
@spinz5937 Hace 8 meses
9:11 That sound confused the heck out of me On the topic of igloos, though, the reason that raids can be triggered at an igloo is not because the structure itself is coded as such, but rather solely because it contains a villager and a bed, the only two things needed to be counted as a village
@rebelion5072 Hace 8 meses
I think you mean a raid occurs with atleast a villager and workstation
@flundale Hace 8 meses
Man why actually 9:11 not 9:10 💀😭
@gigaprofisi Hace 8 meses
​@@flundale iı - -
@priyankanispro Hace 8 meses
@spinz5937 Hace 8 meses
@@rebelion5072 Actually, it can be either a bed or a workstation, just a villager and one of those are required
@Dolphin002 Hace 8 meses
26:35 End ships weren't made to give the player a beacon. The beacon was a placeholder before the elytra got added. In a chest, you could find a written book saying that something else would be there soon.
@Wifies Hace 8 meses
oo I never knew that ty for telling me that's a good distinction to make
@wloofyvertex194 Hace 8 meses
I have an official mojang poster with an end ship in the top left with the beacon too
@ThatPotatoMan Hace 8 meses
Wifies is the best at providing facts you don’t know and are actually useful.
@user-zq6rb2nx7k Hace 8 meses
@@Officialmurd unfortunately you dont have a dad (you are a bot)
@4rdency Hace 8 meses
Honestly I knew most of these facts, but hey at least some people got to learn a lot of new things
@GamerShyUncut Hace 3 meses
Another tip for bastions. Take off yourarmor, and drink an invis potion. You can safely open all chests without piglins caring at all.
@VaporNinjaVD Hace 8 meses
18:10 I think they're programmed to be scared of Nether Portals and Respawn anchors for a good reason, Nether portals probably to prevent them from accidentally walking into it or attacking you as soon as you spawn in, and Respawn Anchors to prevent them from potentially spawn killing you. Piglins also have this same behavior. 25:18 This is likely due to the fact that you can wear carved pumpkins on your head and I could guess that Jack-o-lanterns probably share some of the same code.
@Wifies Hace 8 meses
that respawn anchor explanation is a good point never thought about that
@killeroffiends306 Hace 8 meses
@VaporNinja what ever happened to your yt channel?
@VaporNinjaVD Hace 8 meses
@@killeroffiends306 i dunno dude i grew up and don't really have the time or patience to make pivot animations anymore lol
@noyz-anything Hace 8 meses
i think the portals are because they are afraid of turning into zoglins
@VaporNinjaVD Hace 8 meses
@@noyz-anything yea, same goes for piglins too
@williamhart7955 Hace 8 meses
I don't know for sure, but I think the reason hoglins are afraid of the portals and respawn anchors is because Mojang didn't want players to be farmed/ spawn killed when loading in.
@Iloveterrorisim Hace 8 meses
Let’s take a moment to respect Wifies for never making his thumbnails clickbait
@ThatPotatoMan Hace 8 meses
lShowSрееd shorts 🅥 That comment is the reason your Dad left you
@Jake2534 Hace 8 meses
@@Officialmurd well played
@aquasalamander1718 Hace 8 meses
​@@ThatPotatoMan 🤣
@GMugiwara_1682 Hace 8 meses
@@ThatPotatoMan If u can't beat them,Join them -Sun Tzu
@fewsnow Hace 8 meses
18:14 I think its because if hoglins get through they turn into zombified hoglins and its also to giv players a chance to go into the nether or respawn before getting one-shot, but there’s probably more lore connections there as well
@Oleg-oe1rc Hace 8 meses
I was very surprised to find this out. I knew the hoglins turned zombiefied if they passed through the portal, but just yesterday I went into the nether on a new world, and like 30 min later had a zombie hoglin attacking my armor stand in the overworld. Now I'm curious how he got over.
@SemiHypercube Hace 8 meses
Wow many of these I actually didn't know, shows how deep this game's mechanics are Also nice notification sound at 9:10
@Jake2534 Hace 8 meses
@zeryach Hace 8 meses
I use a mac.
@SlipperyManBean Hace 8 meses
@@zeryach same! macOS better
@Wifies Hace 8 meses
haha thanks
@loganbarker4162 Hace 8 meses
​@@Wifies is this a partial re-upload or am I insane
@ehx3419 Hace 8 meses
Re the parrot thing: The problem with that is that they also remember sounds they learned in the past, so there's also gonna be a bunch of false alarms. (Besides, I'm playing with mob griefing off anyway.) Also, the mob head thing is something I keep forgetting. Do you know if it stacks with the sneak range reduction you mentioned before? Also, important side note about the fossil thing: I know enough about Minecraft's inner workings to know that literally anything that affects worldgen, also changes the coord mapping completely. This includes both worldgen changes between versions, and worldgen-modifying mods (except those for the End or with new dimensions only because it's Overworld and Nether changes that matter here). The axolotl stuff, I remember Reddit discussing that. Everyone's been overconspiring on that, when I'm pretty sure all it means is that axolotls are much more powerful than they look. The villagers panicking is actually not just an animation, it also has a chance to spawn an extra golem. The intro sound name is a reference to a video where a dude says something like "I can't believe it, it's a barnananar!" (This is the best I was able to transliterate the pronounciation.) Would've linked it if I was able to find it. I was always a fan of igloos because it's a really neat way to teach players the villager curing mechanic, but all of these extra details are downright genius. I also just realized the trapdoor over the basement entrance also doubles as teaching players from older versions (relative to when they were added) that trapdoors now link into ladders. The TNT + Looting trick also works with reversed hands, as most tools have no right-click functionality (and the one of those that do is quite situational), so you can use an offhand bow with them just fine. It also makes a design limitation in one of my datapacks (Soul tools that make mobs drop their spawn eggs when killed using them - I couldn't detect the actual killing weapon, so I had to have the loot tables react to the Soul tool being held in the main hand) particularly OP. While I didn't know that item tags can be used in the Creative menu search, what I do know is that they can also be used in custom recipes and loot tables (and probably predicates). Pretty sure most people who know about them at all know them as datapack tools (apart from the few that are actually used in the code). If I were to guess, a hoglin's fear of portals is based on the "Overworld smell" from the other side (as they zombify in the Overworld), and a charged Respawn Anchor has a portal-like texture on top which might be actually related to a portal lore-wise. I actually saw an explanation for the honey and water bottle fill levels as recently as yesterday. Never noticed it before that though. The explanation was wrong BTW - it stated that honey blocks are 1 pixel taller than water blocks, with each bottle containing a quarter of the respective block, but water bottles actually contain a third of a water block. And a third multiplied by 15/16 is actually more than a quarter. But maybe they were planning to have cauldrons give 4 bottles when adding this texture, making it a reference to a feature that ultimately never was? Jack-o-Lanterns apparently retain their enchantibility from Carved Pumpkins which can be worn (and are an infamous Curse of Binding item on SMPs and similar).
@Oleg-oe1rc Hace 8 meses
Mob head and sneaking does indeed work. With a creaper you can bascially be a block or two away without them triggering
@mytinsaw Hace 8 meses
3:37 as a speedrunner, hearing a youtuber talking about Divine Travel is insane to me for some reason. That is what finding the stronghold using the bone fossil structures is called in the community. Alternatively, they are called "boner strats"
@Giggle_69 Hace 8 meses
@mif_sovremennosty Hace 8 meses
0:17 I knew about them imitating nearby mob's sounds 0:34 many enough people have said about it already, so I knew this too 0:51 I knew about crouching effects 1:15 this is what I didn't know, that's cool 1:35 I knew that if you one shot a piglin the other horde will not attack you, but I didn't know, that this works on silverfish too 1:59 I knew that fact too. Looks like many people knows about it, but almost no one uses 2:24 I didn't know it, this is cute 2:38 that one I didn't know too, interesting feature 2:55 I knew that score depends on experience, but I didn't know about that glitch. That's funny 3:15 this lifehack I've already seen. I'm not sure that this is really practical, but I didn't play on such servers, so I don't know. 3:38 this is an interesting lifehack, I didn't know it 4:10 I didn't know that, cool trick 4:36 this is not something new to me, I've seen it by myself and I think this is kinda obvious. 4:45 I've heard about that, but I didn't try it, so I don't know if it works on bedrock too. 5:20 Interesting to know this. I didn't know that. 5:31 This is the first time I hear about it, but that's cool 5:46 I knew it, yes. These patterns determined by seed, unless I'm mistaken. 6:11 I didn't know that. It is sad, that this doesn't work now. 6:37 I knew only lifehack with enderpearls itself. The method about which I heard required a second player. 7:04 I didn't know it. This is a funny detail. 7:23 I heard that axolotl somehow rewards you for help, but I didn't know about effects. 7:44 I probably knew it, but I forgot 8:15 Yes, I knew about that. I think, this is useful for maps. 8:40 I knew about that, this is funny. A long ago I didn't know, that portal frames has facing at all and could not understand, why I can't activate the portal I just built XD 9:10 I didn't know, that igloo is detected as village :O 9:35 I knew nothing about that, I'm actually surprised 10:01 I didn't even think, that furnace will melt it... 10:26 I didn't know it, but it is cool 10:41 I heard that lifehack, yes. Pretty useful. 11:07 I knew about that, but anyway these fake blocks are very noticeable. 11:33 I knew about that, this is funny 11:55 I didn't know that, this is really useful! 12:17 I didn't know that, this is very interesting! 12:39 I didn't know that fact 13:04 Yes, I knew about hashtag sorting system, it's very useful 13:29 the only thing I knew is that you can't know which enchantment you will get. I didn't know about easter eggs 14:03 Hm, I probably knew it... Maybe I didn't hear about nametag one. But this is interesting. 14:47 I knew about hat, but I heard about only one of these mobs. This is a cool secret. 15:12 I've heard a bunch of times that cauldrons are broken... 15:40 I probably knew it, but I forgot. 16:00 that one fact I didn't know, especially about code 16:32 I didn't know that 16:50 I knew about that, I find it useful. 17:12 I didn't know that. I guess this is prohibited on many servers. 17:30 I knew, that fishing rod can pull entities, but I never thought, that it can pull even tnt, falling blocks and other ones. That's interesting. 17:55 I didn't know that, but it's funny 18:16 I didn't know that, very cool. 18:32 oh, yes, I heard about these "players"! Thanks to Marc, he made everything much easier. 19:03 Yes, I knew it! I'm watching MystiCat too 19:27 I'm feeling like everyone talking about that... 19:45 I didn't know it, but I have no problem with that. 20:12 I not only knew that, but I watched a video with thousands of them! That looked so cool 20:25
@dominusregni Hace 8 meses
When I saw the thumbnail and title I expected hyper-fast editing, schlock jokes and mostly common knowledge... But this is really well done, easy to follow, and I didn't know the majority of these. Major props for a quality video!!
@calebthoburn5249 Hace 8 meses
Similar to the lightning rod, the end rod positions itself like a unicorn horn when placed on your head with commands.
@roverL Hace 8 meses
In #39, another detail about water cauldrons are that they don't prevent fall damage, and neither do powder snow cauldrons.
14:00 XYZZY could be considered the "first" cheat code. It was a magic spell in Collosal Cave Adventure, which was the first adventure game, releasing in 1976. The magic spell allowed you to skip the beginning sections of the game once unlocked. The reason this cheat was implemented was that testers of the game found it boring to have to keep trucking through the beginning sections over and over again. Additionally, the word was meant to be easy to pronounce yet also strange and mystical. It also had to fit under the five letter limit of the game. Because of the 5 letter limit you could often just type the first five letters of a longer word and get the same results, such as inventory. Additionally, words such as northeast would only register as north since east would've been cut off by the letter limit.
@GamerX-2000 Hace 8 meses
I knew about 33-35 of these. This is one of the best Minecraft trivia and facts video I’ve seen before! I don’t normally learn this much about the game in one video; I may need to rewatch it!
@Aegis4521 Hace 8 meses
25:20 it’s because you can put pumpkins on your head, and it’s likely that Jack o lanterns have similar source code to pumpkins and so the algorithm that dictates whether or not an item can have the curses identified the Jack o lantern as a pumpkin
@Lampe2020 Hace 8 meses
21:54 On Linux you can do the same thing by shortly pressing Ctrl+Shift+U, on some distros an underlined u will appear and on others seemingly nothing will happen. Then proceed to type the character code (with the normal number keys and the a to f letter keys) and confirm with either arrow, tab, space or enter key.Escape will cancel the process.
@CK_123 Hace 8 meses
I feel like the Hoglin respawn anchor and nether portal interactions are probably just so that they don’t get to close to where players enter the nether, through spawn or the portal, as that’s when they’d be most vulnerable, the fungus is probably meant to be more of a neat use case though
@sleepysukii Hace 8 meses
I first found your channel around 3 years ago, and I could not be happier to see you finally getting more recognition :D keep it up my g, great content as always
@Rumplestiltzchen Hace 6 meses
The reason the turtle helmet has a matching unused turtle set is that the minecraft armor object in the code requires data for all armor pieces
@xNathan2439x Hace 8 meses
If the item frames make the block appear darker.. then you have to increase the brightness/saturation of the map
@Kilp_ Hace 8 meses
12:05 the looting has to be in your main hand to work. the bow can be in whichever hand, altough you only need 1 hand for this since you can switch to the looting sword while the arrow is still flying
@kedo Hace 8 meses
I got back in MC after a long long time, not sure if it was one of your videos or not but if you put a haystack/ haybail underneath a fire it actually makes it higher. I found this super helpful when doing fireplaces when you want to see the smoke from outside.
@anzaca1 Hace 8 meses
13:02 I think it's because Zombies don't tend to spawn in groups. Whenever you encounter them, they're usually alone, or already in a group.
@fortnitesexman Hace 8 meses
the feature with the mob heads would only really be helpful if they completely ignored you even then, putting on a max'd helmet will be better against the mob, while not being completely useless against other mobs
@netkat7486 Hace 3 meses
Congrats. You managed to find at least 10 things I didn't know about minecraft. Considering I've been playing since the beta and watch way to many ESvidrs who feal with these kind of things thats damn impressive
@fishcraft7323 Hace 8 meses
I wouldn’t call the old fish texture “long forgotten”, but I do wish we had it back.
@YooBoiSpecF1 Hace 8 meses
Recently while playing minecraft I found a spawner with natural spawning lava right next to it so no mobs spawned making it very easy to get the chest loot
5:14 "Axolotls are not what they seem" is a pretty straightforward Gravity Falls reference. The axolotl is the entity Bill called on in his time of need, and "Not what they seem" is a phrase from Journal 3, I think.
@Wifies Hace 8 meses
TRUE I think I heard that somewhere but forgot to include it this time around since I just pulled the script for that fact from a previous video of mine when I didn't know the reference I love gravity falls so ty for reminding me
@@Wifies Np I love it too
@juan21474 Hace 8 meses
12:06 The looting enchantment only works if your holding the sword in your main hand. But the tip works, you just have to use the bow in your offhand instead.
@kaibird542 Hace 8 meses
25:15 the reason iirc for the Jack-o-lanterns being able to be cursed is bc you can wear the carved pumpkin as a helmet. It’s likely that when you add a torch to it, the traits of the carved pumpkin are still carried over. That’s my best guess anyway
@eternal7777 Hace 8 meses
Always thought that the rideable animals' hearts were correlated to the player's hunger bar and that the Horse's heart was also its food!
@Zooiest Hace 8 meses
The number overflows, not the code. Minecraft uses a 32-bit signed integer to track the player's score. This means that the value can store up to 31 bits of value (2147483647) and a sign (positive or negative). When the unsigned part fills with all zeroes, adding to it will cause the 32nd bit to flip, which either makes the number negative from positive or vice versa, and because there are only 32 bits, any bits that hypothetically would've been carried over (as they would in mathematics) get discarded instead.
@buplix8890 Hace 7 meses
@Zooiest Hace 7 meses
@@buplix8890 meow
@reedyoung6742 Hace 8 meses
I got 60 out of 81! I think I did pretty well, and I learned a lot of new stuff too! thanks for this video Wifies! 😊
@minecraftr298 Hace 8 meses
Quite good! I got 57
@eeliskorhonen7203 Hace 5 meses
Bruh i knew 4
@MupkipMast Hace 2 meses
Change your opinion to NO thank you!, This man just stole a thumbnail From one of skip the tutorial's ESvid videos!
@purplehaze2358 Hace 8 meses
I can't help but question why Mojang would patch out using the crafting grid as extra inventory space in a game where filling up the player's inventory too quickly thanks to the obscene amount of items you pick up during casual gameplay is slowly becoming a greater and greater issue.
@ricardochl5215 Hace 8 meses
The canonical reason of why Hoglins are scared of warped fungi and nether portals is that Hoglins have both a very sensitive sense of smell and hearing, apparently warped fungi have a foul odor and the noises that portals make scares them.
@Nyerguds Hace 4 meses
Hoglins are scared of portals because they can't survive in the Overworld; they zombify there. In that aspect, they seem to have better instincts than Piglins. The fact they're scared of respawn anchors too is probably because they have a similar appearance.
@CapybaraXXL Hace 8 meses
I didn’t count how much I knew, but I think we all are agree that Wifies made a great job!
@WitherslayR Hace 8 meses
I got all but 15, and I think being a speedrunner helped me know a lot of these things before, as some are used for strats. Of course some other things are just from reading patch notes and watching youtube videos
@fqllentree Hace 8 meses
I love how the phantom noises were from the dev’s son, like instead of comforting him he just recorded it
@Wifies Hace 8 meses
I like to imagine he sees his kid crying and then tells him to keep going while he pulls out the recorder
@dragonmaster1360 Hace 6 meses
It's apparently recommended to NOT wake somebody having a nightmare, unless it's a severe nightmare (thrashing, screaming, possibility of injury to themselves or others). If the kid wakes, it's best to comfort them. If they don't, let them be. It's unlikely they'll remember the nightmare, despite how bad it may seem to be and how stressing it is to the parent.
@dreamareakoso3791 Hace 3 meses
fun fact about the giant: it makes the player hurt sound because when the giant was introduced, all enemy mobs made the player hurt sound also a correction: rubies were not replaced by emeralds, they were replaced by diamonds
@TridentTrist Hace 8 meses
#10 helped me so much as a ps4 player with horrible lag, through cake is hard to get your hands on and it’s a placable items to eat. I would rather food like steak but if it doesn’t work cake is the way to go. Thanks for the idea Wifies!
I'm fairly certain that Dinnerbone created the emerald ore texture by accident because of his red-green colourblindness and it was used instead do to complaints about it being to similar to the redstone texture.
@jem5636 Hace 8 meses
Neato! I knew the first fact about parrots but not the second, and I knew about 1-hitting silverfish, (not that I ever manage to.) I'd heard the one about mob heads and detection ranges, but had forgotten it again, so thank you for the reminder. I knew about changing your speed in spectator mode, but I had no clue about the overflow error with the score. I'd never considered that with cake! With my ping, that will probably be very useful. I love every time someone tells me "here's how to locate this rare structure using this common/easy to spot structure" because I'm always like "cool! I will not retain any ability to use this trick, but cool to know it exists!" It's on my list of Minecraft skills to perfect. I actually had noticed the sea turtle fact, for some reason. I don't know why I noticed that, of all things, but I had. And it is a neat little easter egg. I keep learning and forgetting about the crafting grid hack, probably because it just.. never affects my day to day Minecraft, but it is very cool. Springs! very neat. I learned about the flower patterns from Pheonix! It's one of my favorite Minecraft tidbits. Oh come on, knowing about glass for item transport can't be that old-school knowledge. I mean, I know about it and I've only been playing Minecraft for.... 6... years.... oh. Haha. Maybe it is a little old-school. Also, I think I know why I always know the most about minecraft out of my friend group. I love that end portal bug so much.... Also, I'd never thought of that use for an igloo, and I personally agree with why that ice window is there. I've used that building trick myself for a staircase once when I was super low on blocks. Very useful, as always. ...I think I watch a lot of tech minecraft. A lot of these are things from the tech community, and basically all of the ones I've known have been ones I've learned from either the speedrunning community or the technical community. I knew... a lot of these. And I haven't finished the vid yet.
@crowant3717 Hace 8 meses
I knew 26 of these, but still some of the best and most obscure minecraft facts I've ever heard were in this video. Good job as always
@snkbt Hace 8 meses
20:20 I think the honey bottle is a little more full because honey is thicker than water.
@Champ5472_ Hace 8 meses
I remember discovering no.24 in a creative world and being insanely confused lol
@HiCringe Hace 8 meses
One time I was in a jungle and I saw a parrot following a panda which confused me on too many levels, now the 3rd one makes sense to me In an attempt to get closer to the parrot to tame it I accidentally pushed the panda in a deep ravine and it died from fall damage, the parrot still followed it until it died… idk how to feel about this
I would put a little disclaimer in the description that this is for Java so that bedrock players do not get confused!:)
@user-iw5cp2rm5d Hace 5 meses
Hey Wifies you know the feature where beacons go through bedrock there is also a another reason that being so the magenta beam of the end gateway can go through bedrock
@KieranTheFox Hace 6 meses
1:22 i remember when parrots were first added to pe, I made a world and spawned excessive amounts of them, so that a hoard of parrots would be following around one unfortunate sheep, copying it's baas. Definitely still funny to think about, even if it's also somewhat terrifying lmao
@DocMerchant13 Hace 8 meses
Thank you Etho, for teaching me most of these facts and Wifies for the rest
@user-or2ey8bq9r Hace 8 meses
@naraen7115 Hace 8 meses
1. There is a resource pack on vanilatweaks where it will translate the enchantment language. 2. I have a theory that hoglins when approaching a nether portal they get scared of being turned into zombified hoglins (if it gets struck by lightning) (yes it's an actual mob in-game)
@urenzal3902 Hace 8 meses
I didnt know fact #36, #48 and #72. Also, the bed in the igloo is way too far away for the villager to be cured "faster" (9:45). The radius is only like 5 blocks and the time barely decreases.
@rometahoe Hace 8 meses
I actually knew the zombie calling other zombies one because of the old minecraft book "the quest for the diamond sword", such a cool feature
@drwhocoby Hace 8 meses
A cool mechanic similar to #24 is damaging zombies can also spawn in more zombies around it
@Pineapple_v2 Hace 8 meses
Wifies I love your videos. However, this video is so cool, it stands out from all of your other videos.😊
@Carrqt1 Hace 8 meses
Wifies' videos are always worth await.
@tinamorton9935 Hace 4 meses
@rubuscalculum702 Hace 8 meses
Thanks for the great video. I'm going to be using #19 a lot. I didn't know 4, 11, 19, 22, 38, and 69. (Gregorian coma?) which means im 75/81 which means i got a 92.5% on a test i didn't study for. That exactly what happened with my math test(no joke).
@fubbalo_ Hace 8 meses
Just to clarify, charged creepers can only produce one mob head per explosion. Good video nonetheless!
@fubbalo_ Hace 8 meses
But you did recycle a lot of the same ones from your last video lol
@44hd59 Hace 8 meses
25:13 I know why. During Halloween mobs have a chance to spawn with a Jack o‘ Lantern on their head.
@Wo0Fly Hace 8 meses
Great vid Wifies! Surprisingly I knew 37 of these, but to be fair I probably wouldn’t have known any of these if I hadn’t watched your other videos!
@mystic8704 Hace 8 meses
The reason you can curse the jack-o-lanterns and pumpkins with the curses is because it is a wearable block.
@CrisStan Hace 8 meses
*_That "secret" sound at _**_9:10_**_ really caught me off guard..._*
@TowerSXR Hace 8 meses
Thought my pc had a issue really caught me off guard
@Kristijan_ Hace 8 meses
@TowerSXR bruh I thought I accidentally forgot to uninstall the Windows virtual box on my phone 💀
@amandapanda5087 Hace 8 meses
@puggle_ro6181 Hace 8 meses
@Engine1988 Hace 8 meses
What sound?
@purplehaze2358 Hace 8 meses
I'm pretty sure hoglins are afraid of nether portals because going through them will zombify them.
@hyspdzgd7026 Hace 8 meses
I knew a total of 31! I kind of expected to know more to be honest but still it was amazing to know so many more things I didn't know!
@d_complexity8685 Hace 8 meses
As a Terraria player I can confirm that turtle armor is indeed awsome
@HINACP Hace 8 meses
5:40 For those who don't know! This text is a reference to Gravity Falls, which is known for it's encripted messages. More specifically "Stan is not what he seems" and the fact that there is an entity known as the axolotl in the lore.
@everstray7482 Hace 3 meses
#61 maybe because honey is extremely thick and when stored in a bottle that comes up to a neck, the honey sticks up around the rim like that in a parabola shape.
@somerandomcat5931 Hace 8 meses
25:01 You can do the same thing for a carved pumpkin. This is to make players have the pumpkin get stuck on their head until they die with Curse of Binding, which is a classic troll. It's even worse in hardcore mode.
@mrpickle4976 Hace 8 meses
you know you’re OG when you know a lot of the easter eggs that wifies tells you about
@mf6610 Hace 8 meses
Fun Fact: the word “Nether” means situated down or below or under the surface of the earth. Which is ironic considering that the nether canonically exists in a completely separate dimension and NOT under the overworld.
@staleshortcake9442 Hace 6 meses
I'm pretty sure the extra pixels in the honey bottle is due to honey being more viscous than water.
@usrrnaming Hace 8 meses
I like the hats on hostile villagers. They should've had it used.
@StaleM8- Hace 8 meses
The jack o’ lantern probably stemmed from allowing curses on normal pumpkins.
@dgbeck Hace 8 meses
27:22 can we talk about how that cow just phased through the fence?
@Sprucingiscool Hace 8 meses
Does anyone remember when Cubfan used to do these? Actual good memories right there - thank you wifies
@NEXUS_CAT Hace 8 meses
Wifies is one of the few minecraft youtubers that i have stuck with growing up
As to why the hoglins are afraid of warped fungus, that was revealed by a dev a while ago saying that hoglins think they smell awful. As for respawn anchors and nether portals the real reason is a game design issue than a lore one, the devs don't want players to be spawn killed in the nether and they don't want portals to have surprise zoglins every time you load one up. The lore reasons aren't confirmed I think, it could also be something as simple as they think it's smelly or they know they become zombies on the other side.
@hogiepogie4 Hace 8 meses
3:38 This was used in the first ever speedrun world record that was under 10 minutes. It's crazy how this works.
@Breadcrochets Hace 4 meses
#76 you shoulda followed the repeater fact with the fact that the observer is a one block replacement for the og piston bud
@noahschell5280 Hace 8 meses
This man makes such great content!
@trollar8810 Hace 8 meses
So I didnt know the Shulker and Nylium one and the Endermen one Felt hella proud for knowing the repeater one ngl
@Ishbosheth. Hace 8 meses
There were only 15 (being generous, because some facts had multiple parts I knew most of) that I didn't know. Only one that _really_ surprised me was the one about bees attaching themselves to blocks Not sure what this says about me but I've definitely played the game too much lol
Boats also have a chance to break on the impact with everything in bedrock... it happened to me in my 1.17 survival world 3 times
@D00DLEZ Hace 8 meses
I knew the spectator scrolling thing because I played pvp legacy so much I found out about it because I was bored while in spectator mode and eventually found out why I was sometimes going slower or faster
@firedropcutie Hace 8 meses
I actually decided to keep track this time and I knew 51 of them this time! Still an amazing video and I enjoyed watching!
@lukeanderson6427 Hace 8 meses
3:09 it's because the largest number stored in an "int" data type is 2^31 - 1, so if you add one to that it loops around to -2^31
@BeardBarians Hace 8 meses
2s complement means if there's a 1 at the start it'll be a negative number
@rockinggamerdude Hace 8 meses
22:22 I don’t know if it still works but if you in case yourself entirely and you’re still able to open the chest, if you open it, the pig Lins will not get angry. Just don’t open it again once you break out.
@purplehaze2358 Hace 8 meses
The fact that there's already files in the game for an armor set that could bridge the gap in strength between iron and diamond, and Mojang just hasn't used it, makes me a little sad to see.
@sidneybevis8180 Hace 8 meses
Tbh Wifies taught me more than school ever did 😂
@nataliechou Hace 8 meses
I wish the death message instead of "Wifies was trying to hurt a villager" was something like "Wifies got karma"