9 DIY Weird Ways To Survive School / Funny School Pranks!

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Squishy Food vs Slime Food Challenge / Unicorn vs Granny Challenge - 8 Ideas: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E754t7ZY1jk.html
If you get bored at school, try out one of our new ideas! An edible volcano in Geography class! A blackboard with a sky view! Or dominoes made from notebooks! Pick any idea from our new video!
Supplies and tools:
• Big piece of paper
• Acrylic paints
• Brushes
• Sponge
• Clear plastic
• Gouache
• Double sided tape
• Oreo cookies
• Milk
• Empty 50 fluid ounce plastic bottle
• 17 fluid ounce plastic bottle of soda
• Foam plastic
• Parchment paper
• Marker
• Utility knife
• Hot glue gun
• Egg white
• Sugar
• Mixer
• Red food coloring
• Green fondant
• Cookie cutter
• Toothpicks
• Dinosaur toy
• Notebook
• Carton of chocolate milk
• Ruler
• Sweater
• Safety pins
• Polyester fiber filling
• Needle and thread
• Hoodie
• Knitting yarn
• Ring binder
• Foam rubber sheet
• Net
• Ribbons
• Foam plastic ball
• Pushpins
• Side release buckle
• Zipper
• Toys
• Abacus
• Sponge
• Squishy
• Slime
• Lock
• Rope
• Decorative clothes pins
• Squishy cat
• Velcro
• Felt
• Graph paper notebook
• Book with fabric bookmark
• Identical little notebooks
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Question of the Day: what funny school pranks you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below!
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Emerlin cervantes
Emerlin cervantes Hace 13 horas
Thinking about food or my crush😍😍😍
Alirockpopstar Imagination
This is Lilac , she has no food, no home, and no family 1 like = one piece of food 1 comment = five pieces of food 1 subscriber = A friend Lilac ⬇ [●●] [ ___ ]
Alirockpopstar Imagination
This is how you die in school not survive
TurtleboigamingPlayz 2
*yeah every school definitely has a hot glue gun at school*
jasmine narylie
jasmine narylie Hace 2 días
I actually did that I got in trouble you lie
Nehad Zain
Nehad Zain Hace 2 días
eplatel1 Hace 3 días
Maybe if you guys got caught by a few teachers, I would advise you not to.
Nae Nae
Nae Nae Hace 3 días
Me: *accidentally clicks video* Also Me: 😮NOOOOO I gave them a view!
Julie Majova
Julie Majova Hace 3 días
Stefani Shoteva
Stefani Shoteva Hace 5 días
Nothing I am just trying to stey allayk
Ruth Mcghee
Ruth Mcghee Hace 6 días
me aixa
Shatha Yaser
Shatha Yaser Hace 6 días
My desk is literally next to my teachers desk and in front of the class .-.
Sugar Lau
Sugar Lau Hace 7 días
Vanna Bananna
Vanna Bananna Hace 7 días
0:43 When it’s picture day
Hong-Yen Nguyen
Hong-Yen Nguyen Hace 8 días
I love your video
Galaxy zside
Galaxy zside Hace 8 días
How do you not get caught eating a volcano with a metal spoon and these are all idots
Neelu Hayagriva
Neelu Hayagriva Hace 9 días
what if the teachers are also watching troom troom we could get caught
Neelu Hayagriva
Neelu Hayagriva Hace 9 días
if you noticed when the teacher took cristi s phone she did not cry
Charlotte VanderWaal
I hate your Videos so much!😡😈
Cee Loud
Cee Loud Hace 9 días
All these ideas are like 9 Great ways to get ISS.
Cee Loud
Cee Loud Hace 9 días
I dont even have a pencil in class why would i have a paper THE SIZE OF A CHALKBOARD.whyyyyyyyy
Gavyn. G
Gavyn. G Hace 9 días
3:57 ... Wtf is wrong with that milk?
Bunny Lover
Bunny Lover Hace 9 días
I do
London :3
London :3 Hace 9 días
How to ACUALLY survive school Do your work. Do your homework. Don't eat,drink or sleep in class. Listen to your teacher. You will get a good job if you want to survive school Sorry if I sound too serious
John Ngep
John Ngep Hace 10 días
A_A ____[[]
Aliza Lia
Aliza Lia Hace 11 días
Siapa yg orang Indonesia likeeee
Why would you need chocolate milk to school you know you have breakfast right in your school if you don't have breakfast in your school then there is something going on in your school
Adam Dominika
Adam Dominika Hace 12 días
It's amazing
Gopalakrishna Naick
Gopalakrishna Naick Hace 13 días
I love to see your videos
Dalila And Friends
Dalila And Friends Hace 14 días
Omg food I am fasting
Camille Johnson
Camille Johnson Hace 14 días
Jessica is kinda pretty
Arianna Florea
Arianna Florea Hace 14 días
*jessica has a biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg forehead*
kawaii patato
kawaii patato Hace 14 días
This is patato 🦄 I like =1 wish
Ho'lee Chit
Ho'lee Chit Hace 15 días
Wow it is weird to assume the teacher is gonna “enter” the sky
Queen Potato
Queen Potato Hace 15 días
These aren’t pranks btw
Moonlight _ Playz
Moonlight _ Playz Hace 15 días
Dawn Cawthra
Dawn Cawthra Hace 15 días
I am making the Oreo volcano!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Olivia Jones
Olivia Jones Hace 15 días
Ohhhhh give me some when its made!!!
Pinkie Kay
Pinkie Kay Hace 15 días
The way I stay awake is having a 8hr sleep and actually waking up, Other then sleeping 3 hrs and don’t wake up
Black 'N Girly with Miss Riley
Well deserved carbs... nice job troom troom
Nelly Lin
Nelly Lin Hace 16 días
Sleeping (at lunch ) helps me stay awake in class
Vloging With Lamar
Vloging With Lamar Hace 16 días
I dunt half to do what you say
Letsile Kgoladisa
Letsile Kgoladisa Hace 19 días
Classes are for learning but not eating
Rachel Greer
Rachel Greer Hace 19 días
The chalk bored can you do that with a white bored
Abigail TheGymstar
Abigail TheGymstar Hace 20 días
6:35-6:41 Anna And Elsa 😂😂😂😂 (Frozen)
Maria Hernandez
Maria Hernandez Hace 21 un día
Eat Soap
Spencer Lambert
Spencer Lambert Hace 22 días
My watch helps me
DRK_Graphite Hace 22 días
Legend has it she never got her phone back
MelodyPlay’Z With potato’s
Who’s talking?
MelodyPlay’Z With potato’s
• • •
MelodyPlay’Z With potato’s
*• • •*
banana NANA
banana NANA Hace 23 días
The Reebstir
The Reebstir Hace 23 días
wtf is goo-ash
Violet Hace 24 días
why is there chocolate in her pencil case? thats just disgusting.
Nylah Stallworth
Nylah Stallworth Hace 24 días
When miss smith wanted to go to the clouds and then the girl with the curly hairs shirt said hey sorry
Song Videos
Song Videos Hace 24 días
W Wh Who Who e Who el Who els Who else Who else w Who else wa Who else wat Who else watc Who else watch Who else watche Who else watches Who else watches t Nope I’m not gonna waist my time doing this anymore Help this -->. ¥ - ¥
Michelle Francis Kovalik
I don't get it
Lazukki Hace 24 días
What kind of video is this and once you make that notebook with the carton of milk in it it’s a complete waste of supplies and money
Alisa Sahitaj
Alisa Sahitaj Hace 25 días
Is a very nice👍👍
Roxy Camile
Roxy Camile Hace 25 días
Î lôvê thêßê vêdêôß
xXtilleyXx xXraibows magicXx
have u guys ever made a squishy pencil i have
Boston Keenum
Boston Keenum Hace 28 días
i hate this
Wiola Musioil
Wiola Musioil Hace 29 días
I liked your super pranks ☺
Roblox girl loves squishies loves squishys
Were not all in middle school
jiang qween angelica
jiang qween angelica Hace 29 días
DO NOT watch Troom vids their horrible! They don't even show you the real thing on the cover from the video and the REAL vid! :(
Hemant Naik
Hemant Naik Hace un mes
OMG I luv U guys
snike Games
snike Games Hace un mes
Do these ppl know what geography is? EDIT: these ppl definitely don't know what geography is.
Jeff Stewart
Jeff Stewart Hace un mes
Salina and dacat
gacha nevaeh girl Lucas
If I did the chocolate one I would probably not even eat the chocolate
Joshua Warrick
Joshua Warrick Hace un mes
Nothing keeps me awake except a bad headache nice vid I'll try to make it
Michelle Heaslip
Michelle Heaslip Hace un mes
No I have a better place to build a better world 30th to
Queen panda
Queen panda Hace un mes
TroomTroom vs Me on how we stay awake TroomTroom:does work and listens Me:slap myself in the face
Queen panda
Queen panda Hace un mes
Soundfreeks Hace un mes
*WE TRIED OUT TROOM TROOM'S AWFUL CRAFTS* esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-VpEeGygTb0Q.html
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace un mes
have you ever been to a school with uniforms? Because You are not allowed to have out of uniform ( the hoodies) and not to have your hood up on your head and you can't have your head down
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace 29 días
About the schools in England
Sophia Garcia
Sophia Garcia Hace 29 días
Nagito Komaeda /Just Monika I know
Nagito Komaeda
Nagito Komaeda Hace un mes
Sophia Garcia My school has a uniform, most schools in England do
Nigel Hagin
Nigel Hagin Hace un mes
Wow. I can’t believe these kids would step on a car smh
woopee dooda
woopee dooda Hace un mes
That’s a bunny. Not a cat....
Sam MyFathersSon
Sam MyFathersSon Hace un mes
So what ur trying to do is get us in trouble in class
Ryleigh Place
Ryleigh Place Hace un mes
2:03 why the heck is there chocolate in her pencil case¿?
Laura LeMar
Laura LeMar Hace un mes
How the hell do you find a paper that's the size of a blackboard?! (0:49)
peacelovechocolate Hace un mes
That’s the only thing you question about this video?
Sarah Harper
Sarah Harper Hace un mes
ThEsE aRe TrEeS
I have no life
I have no life Hace un mes
7:28 animal abuse
Lightmaster Hace un mes
"Because your teachers won't see that you are drinking Milk from a notebook"
Confessions of an Online Consumer
Omg I was sick for a week and I missed school
Addie's Creations
Addie's Creations Hace un mes
Averie Star
Averie Star Hace un mes
Who else is so mad that they used the ya frozen book 😵😵😡🤬
Elfot Hace un mes
This is me🤧i am sick because these videos are so bad
Bingbong199_ YT
Bingbong199_ YT Hace un mes
read more
Jess Martinez
Jess Martinez Hace un mes
All y’all are virgins
Christian Minecraft Server
No one : Troom Troom’s logic :Let’s make a bigger distraction so the teachers won’t notice us eating and sleeping. Especially who has time for any of these. smh
Gabriel Martinez
Gabriel Martinez Hace un mes
Can you do a how to get not wet
Melon_lol Melon_lol
Wow I want to try but I can’t I don’t want to get in trouble I hope u guys have a great day and I hope you do!
Meow Kat
Meow Kat Hace un mes
Uhm guys you know that cat is a bunny, right?
hina Khan
hina Khan Hace un mes
Hmm but we can't prank with teachers
Stefani Lukovа
Stefani Lukovа Hace un mes
Rz tlin
ItzMinellaPlayz GalaxyGirl
Ms. Smith are you talk in about Alvin's teacher in "Alvin and the chipmunks" oh and I love you guy's vids
*--* Hace un mes
How would you we able to do all of that in elementary school? I would get caught. I’m only 10
Tanya Britland
Tanya Britland Hace un mes
I love eating school supplies that you can eat
Lauryn Jirby
Lauryn Jirby Hace un mes
I love the black girls shirt! “ Hey, sorry ”
Fellow Brotherin Cleetus
Narrater: The girls are feed up with writing Girls: *Stop Writing* *Please notice there is no writing in the notebooks*
StarryCloud Tv
StarryCloud Tv Hace un mes
It not a problem anymore~
PewDiePie Woodard
PewDiePie Woodard Hace un mes
I’m pretty sure teachers aren’t that stupid🙄
Chris Jones
Chris Jones Hace un mes
I like the video
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