9 DIY Weird Ways To Survive School / Funny School Pranks!

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Squishy Food vs Slime Food Challenge / Unicorn vs Granny Challenge - 8 Ideas: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-E754t7ZY1jk.html
If you get bored at school, try out one of our new ideas! An edible volcano in Geography class! A blackboard with a sky view! Or dominoes made from notebooks! Pick any idea from our new video!
Supplies and tools:
• Big piece of paper
• Acrylic paints
• Brushes
• Sponge
• Clear plastic
• Gouache
• Double sided tape
• Oreo cookies
• Milk
• Empty 50 fluid ounce plastic bottle
• 17 fluid ounce plastic bottle of soda
• Foam plastic
• Parchment paper
• Marker
• Utility knife
• Hot glue gun
• Egg white
• Sugar
• Mixer
• Red food coloring
• Green fondant
• Cookie cutter
• Toothpicks
• Dinosaur toy
• Notebook
• Carton of chocolate milk
• Ruler
• Sweater
• Safety pins
• Polyester fiber filling
• Needle and thread
• Hoodie
• Knitting yarn
• Ring binder
• Foam rubber sheet
• Net
• Ribbons
• Foam plastic ball
• Pushpins
• Side release buckle
• Zipper
• Toys
• Abacus
• Sponge
• Squishy
• Slime
• Lock
• Rope
• Decorative clothes pins
• Squishy cat
• Velcro
• Felt
• Graph paper notebook
• Book with fabric bookmark
• Identical little notebooks
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Question of the Day: what funny school pranks you’ve ever encountered? Comment Below!
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8 oct 2018

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Savage Kk
Savage Kk Hace 6 horas
Ok ummmm great video but I'm pretty sure some middle schools/highschool are allowed to have a healthy snack then and there
ビールMarshy Hace 8 días
They finally added real names.
tanisha keller
tanisha keller Hace 8 días
I do
BLOODYMARY Hace 8 días
i lost all 10 of my remaining brain cells watching this. thank troom troom
Prakob Siratharanont
Prakob Siratharanont Hace 14 días
Who watches there vids and never make it
Attila Szalay
Attila Szalay Hace 16 días
Isn't wearing a hoodie inside bad
Vixara Hace 17 días
Yay let's pour milk into our chocolate notebooks :D
Bryceyboy 58
Bryceyboy 58 Hace 17 días
10:41 people always do that and it is annoying
April Hall
April Hall Hace 19 días
when they smash oreoes :THATS HOW THE COOCKY CRUMMBLS HAHAHHHhahahe its not that funny one like one funnyer joke
Omg this is amazing imma do that too cause my teacher don't want me eating in class
Crystal Bubble aj
Crystal Bubble aj Hace 19 días
AKA how to get to detention
Happy_Flower137 -
Happy_Flower137 - Hace 19 días
Can’t you just get a notebook and drink behind it while holding it
thxtbabii._ maddiè
thxtbabii._ maddiè Hace 20 días
that did not look like milk it looks like milk mixed with water
Vijay Sharma
Vijay Sharma Hace 22 días
Guys look below for some awesome dialogues 👇 Me (before the vid): wow now I can eat in class coool 😍😍😍 Me (after the vid): oooh now I get it....a perfect way to get diabetes in class😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 Like plz
sophie ward
sophie ward Hace 22 días
those people look like they are in the 4th grade
Look Around Lucy
Look Around Lucy Hace 24 días
Wait it says this is troom troom but it’s actually 123 go
brianna klocek
brianna klocek Hace 25 días
7:26 where they "stomping" on the cat ._.
Dinosaur Dikes
Dinosaur Dikes Hace 25 días
plot twist mrs smith goes sicko mode and bans school supplies that look different than. the original
Toblix20 Our gameplays are kinda
I love i I love it so much
Ita Francis
Ita Francis Hace 27 días
The second life hack I don't understand how Ms Smith didn't take the juice box away?! Lmao🤣
Lyndsie Ferrell
Lyndsie Ferrell Hace 28 días
Sansy chan
Sansy chan Hace 29 días
TheSlayilolsGang -Fight For Forgiveness
Hugh Jluktttfffdfg uh hi Ji
Bella Kk
Bella Kk Hace un mes
I eat cheese sneakretly
J A K ARI winbush
J A K ARI winbush Hace un mes
Andreea Capusan
Andreea Capusan Hace un mes
Chocolate left randomly in pencil case
Celia Downey
Celia Downey Hace un mes
If you get bored in school, try out one of our new ideas! 1. Work. 2. Work. 3. Work. 4. At least do something generally productive?!?!?
Chan tiv
Chan tiv Hace un mes
like your video
Francois De Wet
Francois De Wet Hace un mes
Heart GaCHa
Heart GaCHa Hace un mes
SURVEY: troom troom or 123 go? SURVEY: pewdiepie or T- series?
Heart GaCHa
Heart GaCHa Hace un mes
My answers: 1.) troom troom 2.) pewdiepie
pvanremor Hace un mes
How come miss smith’s face always looks like she at a sour lemon?
Kim D.
Kim D. Hace un mes
i am losing brain cells watching these videos
Kamran Sabir
Kamran Sabir Hace un mes
Jessica Escoto
Jessica Escoto Hace un mes
yeah im not eating oreo and egg whites
Nur Fatin Aqilah
Nur Fatin Aqilah Hace un mes
That stay me awake is my teacher shout at me to what up everytime l sleep at class 😑 that why k wash my face 😂
abdul jaleel
abdul jaleel Hace un mes
i don,t like the curly hair
Teresa C
Teresa C Hace un mes
SHE Stole my frozen diry
Deli 20051229
Deli 20051229 Hace un mes
Half of these you can get suspended for if you do this
Milly the magical mermaid !
Your going to get suspended if you do this
Fun ‘n more
Fun ‘n more Hace un mes
Mrs Smith wouldn’t just wipe off the paint and not notice. She even got that sponge green she would notice that it’s paint before wiping a lot off it off 1:37
Fun ‘n more
Fun ‘n more Hace un mes
They take out their spoons like they have them in their pockets
Xavier Whelan
Xavier Whelan Hace un mes
When I'm tired at school, all I can think of is polesther fyber filling!
Rebekah Webb
Rebekah Webb Hace un mes
Samantha Pretty
Samantha Pretty Hace un mes
I mean its just weird and i dunno :/
Ismael Ortiz
Ismael Ortiz Hace un mes
Its 1:12 am 😵😵😵
Robert Jackson
Robert Jackson Hace un mes
Kitty Kitten
Kitty Kitten Hace un mes
Anyone els come for the tumnail
will robinson
will robinson Hace un mes
Kathy Santizo
Kathy Santizo Hace un mes
Iwot wn av NEBK
Unas Kulamukk
Unas Kulamukk Hace un mes
She liked 👩 👚 🧦👠👠
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