900 WHP 1987 Buick Grand National | The Perfect Drag Car??

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It blows my mind the power you can get out of these 6 cylinder motors! The owner Jerry takes us through everything he did to make this car what it is. Not just power but other tasteful mods to make it exactly what he wanted. And, this is one of 3 Buick Regals that Jerry owns so you gotta know he's a die hard fan.
Sit back and enjoy the ride!
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"Narcos" - Chuki Beats
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17 jul 2019






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Russell Schroeder
Russell Schroeder Hace 18 horas
If Darth Vader drove a car this would be it. Bad ass GN
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 horas
Great comment!! 👊
Carl Sanders
Carl Sanders Hace 23 horas
1/4 mile time?
Rob B
Rob B Hace un día
bad ass ride right there!
markas maclean
markas maclean Hace un día
8:58 that Cadillac got absolutely dusted 😂 I wish I could see some others test that thing out and get gapped
Orozconleche Hace un día
Props for the owner for letting it smash on it
Orozconleche Hace un día
That hood under thing is not original wonder if the car is a clone, non the less it’s a 13 out of10
Thought Police
Thought Police Hace un día
Does your buddy Beto have a shop? You should be named dropping that like a mother÷//=\\\**
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Contact Jerry if you’d like. His info is in the description
Daniel Thompson
Daniel Thompson Hace un día
The f this car up original would be worth so much money
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
He has 3 of them. One is completely stock and this one was built the way he wanted it
LSX KING Hace 2 días
Garage looks like Paul Walker's did with the BMW LIGHTWEIGHT and othwr cool rigs
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
I stored Paul’s cars until recently. It looks similar to the old AE shop
Gaylon Steenburgh Steenburgh
Beautiful GN all the way .
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Agreed and ridiculous power
Positive Energy
Positive Energy Hace 2 días
Fat BOY is thinking now I can GET too Krispy Kreme donuts FASTER 😳😂
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
However you look at it this is a killer GN
Mr. Nice
Mr. Nice Hace 2 días
Great job Jerry guys like you motivate me to do this one day thanks for sharing
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Jerry killed it on this GN
Motersickle Bum
Motersickle Bum Hace 2 días
huge improvement over the pos stock configuration. i had no idea that those 6cyl blocks could handle all that xtra power. GM must have made a mistake. ;-) it sounds like a Cummins.
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Crazy how much power can be made from these 6’s
Mark T
Mark T Hace 2 días
Why do all over weight guys have facial hair??? Do you think it hides the fact or???? I just don't get it...nice far though.
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
I’ll leave the comment alone other than it being a nice “far” which I think you meant car and yes, it’s a badass build here
John Goodwin
John Goodwin Hace 3 días
I'd be afraid of breaking an axle and slamming into the wall at 100+ and ruining such a cool car.
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
That’s why I didn’t go hard on it even though he said I could. Respect
nelson hued
nelson hued Hace 3 días
Mint. Id build one just the same way :)
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Awesome! Killer car for sure
Joel Williams
Joel Williams Hace 3 días
My face would hurt from smiling so much! Truthfully, mashing the pedal in that beast, would make me burst out in laughter from the speed.
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
It was a blast for sure and I never mashed it. Hit it good but out of respect I didn’t floor it
K13 Hace 3 días
Ok my turn Focker 😜
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Duke of Haphazard
Duke of Haphazard Hace 3 días
Beautiful car!!!
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
amorag59 Hace 3 días
Is this the same V6 engine Buick used in Indy for their "stock block" category?
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Good question. Check with Jerry on that. I honestly don’t know
Warpmine Hace 3 días
It's not just a v-6, it's a 12 valve V-6
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
eyelid81 Hace 3 días
Stupid question but why the owner of the car sounds like he has no idea about anything and what's into the car? Like "my friend did it?"
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
He was a bit nervous on camera. He knows every aspect of this build
roknroy1 Hace 4 días
hate the v6 sound, love the car
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Not the best tone but the pull makes up for it quickly
Advanced Chiropractic
Ruined the car
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
The owner would say otherwise
Lycanthropic Paranoia
Finally an owner that sup's it up and keeps the v6 in it. Thats the way to go! If you want a v8, get a v8 car...
GoldFish Ninja
GoldFish Ninja Hace 4 días
All the modifications and you don’t race it at all? You don’t drag race at the track so I’m pretty sure you don’t street race either. Waste
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Go invest what he did, then race it break it fix it and give me a call
Jason Hace 4 días
Yeah but turns. F a straight line, race me to the airport
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
I’m not a straight line guy either but for those that are I don’t knock em
Gene Hall
Gene Hall Hace 4 días
One of my best friends traded his 1986 924 Porsche for a new 1987 Buick Grand National ,at a small dealership in Prestonsburg Ky. Called Music Carter Hughes. He burnt them up . They gave him $6,000 in boot . He was an idiot though. In the deal ,because his girlfriend ," which is my first cousin, " that he is still married to . Well she wanted T tops ,yes my friends you see where this is heading. He had them get a professional place to actually install T tops in this Grand National coupe . I.told bim Doug man you are going to ruin the rigidity as well as the future value of this car . He still done it. Anyway bone stock this thing was quick as shit . I had a 1987 Porache 911 turbo ,and in a quarter mile ,I could only beat him by a few seconds. I know that's an eternity In a quarter ,but at the time the 930 .cost me 53,600 a d the GN turned out to cost him about 18,000 considering the burn he gave the dealership lol. . I had the chance to buy a brand new 1987 ,in 1987 GNX ,from Glenn Buick in Lexington Ky ,for 28500 and my stupid ass passed o. It.
AutotopiaLA Hace un día
Thanks for the story here 👊
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks Hace 4 días
beautiful build..nice job fellas..
FD30 Hace 4 días
One of my Dream cars
vargo hoat
vargo hoat Hace 4 días
that silly thing the perfect drag car? sure if you like getting smoked
Turkey Man
Turkey Man Hace 5 días
Fricking beautiful!
Vivian Stimpson
Vivian Stimpson Hace 5 días
5:33 Those Weld wheels really suit the car.
Mike W
Mike W Hace 5 días
"It doesn't sound like a v6" - actually, ya it sounds exactly like a v6.
Jeremy Legge
Jeremy Legge Hace 5 días
so essentially it might as well have stock brakes with those skinny ass tires up front lol....
campsite a
campsite a Hace 5 días
you didn't lower that grand national enough to actually be allowed to legitimately play that music
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
😂 funny
Corey Ford
Corey Ford Hace 5 días
Haha... Nice repin florida heavy, champion racing heads and Cal Hartline on the tune!! Awesome!!
Corey Ford
Corey Ford Hace 5 días
@AutotopiaLA For Sure!!!
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
Gotta love this build right?
BimmerM5e39 Hace 5 días
It's like a 80's Chevy V8 missing 2 cylinders. A 350 IROC Z TPI w a turbo is a monster.
james musisca
james musisca Hace 5 días
why do you want to ruin a good car that's sad you really need nine hundred HP
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
He owns 3 GN’s and built this one the way he wanted not the way you wanted it
Joel Noble
Joel Noble Hace 6 días
The Mighty Buzzin Half-Dozen.
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
Perfect title
Manny Flores
Manny Flores Hace 6 días
I want that car 😫but I have 3 sons and a wife sucking me dry
Manny Flores
Manny Flores Hace 5 días
AutotopiaLA 🤣it’s all good I wouldn’t change it for the world but yea that car is a monster
AutotopiaLA Hace 6 días
Sorry buddy...this is such a cool car 😎
Papa Mac
Papa Mac Hace 6 días
1:25 in, thumbs up! I love the old 'Beef in the rear, skinny in the front" look!! Only thing better is more beef in the rear and taller-n-wider in the front. IMO
AutotopiaLA Hace 6 días
He did a great job building the GN he wanted
Oj Martin
Oj Martin Hace 7 días
Oj Martin
Oj Martin Hace 5 días
@AutotopiaLA dream. Car
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
Truly a killer set up on this GN
blackericdenice Hace 7 días
Only stupid people think you have to have a v8 to be fast. This is why I bought a new 2016 F165. Now people who don't know about me or my channel are wondering. What in the Bi-Bull-sht is he talking about? A F165 is a 2015 or newer F150 with the 2.7 v6 ecoboost (165 cuin) engine.
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
You can make from anything these days even little 4 cylinders with boost
So it's not actually 900HP WTF?? If you are going to drive the car, then get in there DRIVE it, otherwise let the owner drive and see if it'll turn a wheel.
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
Obviously you don’t spend much time taking on the liability of other people’s vehicles. I do it daily and enjoy driving them but I don’t pretend like it’s mine. I learned this thing when I was a kid called respect
n/a n/a
n/a n/a Hace 8 días
A grand piano on wheels.
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
ls1killa Hace 8 días
what people don't understand if you LS swap it ruins the value of the vehicle
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
That it does. And these can be built to have more than enough HP as seen here
Elias Leyva
Elias Leyva Hace 8 días
Camera car with 3 people and equipment made it look weak
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
Give us budget to shoot like Leno and we’ll make sure the camera car doesn’t show up
monmixer Hace 9 días
there were only like 550 of these made and that was it, nobody bought them because all the extras that made it grand national were a little over 10 grand.
AutotopiaLA Hace 5 días
These are and always will be great cars 👊
Jojon Cruz
Jojon Cruz Hace 16 días
Checking for cops 😂😂😂 9:00-9:08 Such a sick ride! I 🤘
Boxcar Ent.
Boxcar Ent. Hace 21 un día
Needs bigger brakes in the front.
Joshingya Hace 23 días
I know a guy who wrecked a GN doing 120 mph in 1989 and lived, he's actually mentally handicapped because of it extremely, but he's alive and still says if he were driving a mustang he wouldn't have even hit 120 and it woulda killed him..still has a sense of humor! He is called Doobie..he has never been back in a GN as they're quite rare now but i'd love to get him a ride in one.
Cali Graffiti &ART
Cali Graffiti &ART Hace 25 días
Did he pay for the gas after tho
AutotopiaLA Hace 25 días
luis amezcua
luis amezcua Hace 26 días
Where is the shop that built this car and phone number i need my car gn done by them ???
AutotopiaLA Hace 25 días
Check with the owner. I put his info in the description
Wynn Mac
Wynn Mac Hace 26 días
How do I get in contact with the owner/builder?
AutotopiaLA Hace 25 días
In the description of the video is Jerry’s info
Edmond Cooper
Edmond Cooper Hace 27 días
That's amazing that it's the v6 block...
AutotopiaLA Hace 25 días
That’s what I said. Unreal power from a V6!
407ForRent Hace un mes
I want to see how the drivers door bar is setup
AutotopiaLA Hace un mes
I love that it swings out of the way for easy in/out
Edgar Alvarez
Edgar Alvarez Hace un mes
thanks jerry......thatwas very nice...!!
Sounds stupid! (nice car though)
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