A confession and a kiss 20 years in the making | Abyss Ep 12 [ENG SUB]

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“Why do you think I stayed friends with you for over 20 years then?” Go Se-yeon (Park Bo-young) and Cha Min (Ahn Hyo-seop) thrash out their feelings for each other openly and honestly after 20 years. Turns out nice guys don’t always finish last! 😉
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Andrea Alexa Ramiro
Andrea Alexa Ramiro Hace 2 días
My Na Bong Sun, and my Bong soon Forever my bong bong 🥺♥️
just kpop
just kpop Hace 8 días
drama name
Gwendolyn Ho
Gwendolyn Ho Hace 9 días
Lee sung kyung is gonna be jealous
Bts Luv army
Bts Luv army Hace 10 días
Half of the comments are from army 😂😂 Yo army are everywhere 💜💜💜
Nayna Madavi
Nayna Madavi Hace 10 días
Where I can watch this drama with eng sub
siska kamil
siska kamil Hace 10 días
Where is this place? If someone know this place please let me know :(
Dana Rivera
Dana Rivera Hace 21 un día
This was the moment where he could have said "DON'T SHINK PEEL" and kiss her but he just let it pass smh
Dana Rivera
Dana Rivera Hace 17 días
@Siddhant Bhadoriya right?!
Siddhant Bhadoriya
Siddhant Bhadoriya Hace 17 días
Lmao that would've been epic 😂😂😂
Sugary Suga
Sugary Suga Hace 21 un día
I know im kinda late for this drama.. coming here after watching him in RDTK2.. all i can say is, his lips seduce more than his kiss.. ☺☺ Ok dont mind me, i just cant take my eyes off from his lips .. 1:33 😍😝
Kpop_Lovers Forever
Kpop_Lovers Forever Hace 23 días
My Theory: Since Childhood, Seyeon had a crush on Cha-Min ever since. And Cha-Min didn't know. Now Seyeon Became a Lawyer (?) And Cha Min tried to suicide. And he died but the Grim Ripper (?) Brought him back to life with the ABYSS and gave him A New Body, but same Soul. Since he was ugly in hes previous body, in order to give him a New but Easy life, Hes new body and Face is so godamn handsome. Now Seyeon got Murdered by Chul something (I forgot hes name), Now Cha Min is the new owner of ABYSS, he saw a person dying, and he didnt knew that the person that he Revived was the Killer who Murdered Seyeon. Now He found out that Seyeon Died. He revived Seyeon, but just like him Seyeon was Revived but with a New Body and the same Soul. Now, lets say its Episode 17 (Lol) (Even tho only 16 episode exists in the drama) So Seyeon and Cha Min was on a plane, and the plane crashed. Seyeon died but Cha Min was slowly dying, he can only last a Minute now. He tried to bring out Abyss from hes pocket as he tried to revive Seyeon. And the Grim Ripper apeared once again. The Grim Ripper said: The Abyss Wont work anymore, whatever you do. You wont be able to use Abyss Anymore. Grim Ripper: Despite all the good and Bad things you've done with Abyss, You shall be Rewarded. I'll give you 30 seconds to decide whether you'll want to be revived once again but in different body. Or, if you'll want me to give it to different person instead. Oh yeah, you can also decide whether who to give it to. (Cha Min Answered without hesitation) Cha Min: G-..go..S-e-y..eon. give..I-it, t..o h-e..r in..ste...ad Grim ripper: As you wish. As they say If your Destined together. Whatever happens. Wherever you go. In the end, You'll still end up together. Plot twist: Now Go seyeon was revived once again. With the same Looks, But diffirent Physical strength. She.Was. Revived as. Do.Bong.Soon. now that shes Living as Do Bong Soon, She doesn't remember anyone from her past, Including Cha Min. Now Bong Soon married a guy, Minhyuk A.k.a Min-Min. Plot twist: Min Min was Cha Min) But Min min also didn't knew that he was Cha Min in hes previous life. Min Min also dont remember anything. Ok I dont know how Cha min was revived again too Lol
Kpop_Lovers Forever
Kpop_Lovers Forever Hace 23 días
Looks like Min-Min made 100+ Accounts to unlike the video LOL
Venus Li
Venus Li Hace 26 días
Drama NAME?
Please park Jimin in my garage
Let's be honest here, they were never friends. They've always liked each other and just said they're friends
Sauh Anjarwulan
Sauh Anjarwulan Hace 27 días
Yaa seo woo jin❤️
Phuong Tran
Phuong Tran Hace 28 días
Có ai người Việt Nam không cho mình hỏi phim j vậy
예주 Hace 28 días
아ㅜ진짜 어떡하지ㅜㅜ서우진이 여기까지 이끌엇어ㅠ
Hà An
Hà An Hace 29 días
Ahn Hyo Seop ♥️
SeoEnjae ChaWoojin
SeoEnjae ChaWoojin Hace un mes
Cha eunjae be like: I will kill u🔪
Not your প্রিয়ংবদা
Like seriously 😑😒 man ..you two have kissed..have slept together and now your telling her be my gf..like then what she was before...
Daisy Nalini
Daisy Nalini Hace un mes
I swear I will see this video every morning.....
nhok ngan
nhok ngan Hace un mes
Phim tên gì z mn
I have a BIG CRUSH ON Johnny Seo
Did I see it wrong or her shoulder flinch when he move his lips?😅..its sure was intense...😂
juliet idala
juliet idala Hace 6 días
aHS sips her lip maybe....got intense
babe babebabe
babe babebabe Hace un mes
He is my crush 😘😭😍
Đặng Trang
Đặng Trang Hace un mes
Bao giờ anh định như này với bác sĩ cha ??😭😭
李松波 Hace un mes
ming m_m
ming m_m Hace un mes
진짜 한결같은 순애보다 안효섭,, ㅂ..벼..별로야? ㅈ..자..잠깐만 졸귄뎈ㅋㅋㅋ 혼자 약혼자 뭔뎈ㅋㅋㅋ
내사랑김로운 Hace un mes
나도 많이 좋아해 효섭오빠.. (아련..)
내사랑김로운 Hace un mes
ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 귀여워~
내사랑김로운 Hace un mes
오모~ 아주 진~한 키스네~ 으흐흐흐흐 근데 노래 왜케 좋아? 이드라마 재밌기도 한데 배우도 좋고 노래는 슬퍼서 좋고 헤헤~
Luna Mz
Luna Mz Hace un mes
At the beginning he seemed like chanyeol from exo :)
Rebekah Johnson
Rebekah Johnson Hace un mes
Drama lover
Drama lover Hace un mes
0:33 20 YEARS!?!? That's long I wish I can have a true friend for that long💕
Huỳnh Võ
Huỳnh Võ Hace un mes
Park po young💓💓💓💓
kyoongbaekie Hace 2 meses
cha min is so pure he's so precious 🥺🥺
kyoongbaekie Hace 2 meses
"I'm good at turning a blind eye, you know" lolll
kyoongbaekie Hace 2 meses
SO CUTE 😭😭💖💖
Andrew Reed
Andrew Reed Hace 2 meses
Love sucks get out while y'all can
vj 24
vj 24 Hace 2 meses
What drama name?
소졔 Hace 2 meses
hu rt26 ABYSS
Parra MTZ Jireth
Parra MTZ Jireth Hace 2 meses
He gets so red whenever they kiss, it's so cute 💕
Светлана Пестерева
Актриса старая,актер молодой,хоть тресните но это видно
Amisha G.
Amisha G. Hace 2 meses
Lol I heard hotel California here 😂😂😂
Army 4Life
Army 4Life Hace 2 meses
Hyungsik would be Jealous If He See This😁😁😁😁😃
Fangirl김태형, Hace 2 meses
Title pl
Skidz the human
Skidz the human Hace 2 meses
Love her she’s excellent actress 👏🏼
Quách Ngọc Bích
Quách Ngọc Bích Hace 2 meses
Min min
THE J _ LINZY FANS Hace 2 meses
1:58 hyoseop ganteng tidak manusiawi
Lovки lov
Lovки lov Hace 2 meses
Люди русские, что за дорама????
XxGamerBlastxX Hace 2 meses
Esther Lira
Esther Lira Hace 3 meses
Park bo younggg cutee,,✨✨✨
Ethena Black
Ethena Black Hace 3 meses
Who's single?? 👐
Roselyn Almuete
Roselyn Almuete Hace 3 meses
Whats the tittle of this drama? Thanks
Roselyn Almuete
Roselyn Almuete Hace 3 meses
@juliet idala thanks
juliet idala
juliet idala Hace 3 meses
Abyss you can watch at neflix and kisssian
Estrella Genaro
Estrella Genaro Hace 3 meses
Recomend this rilly goog show
خالد علي حسين
شو اسم المسلسل او الفيلم بليز
xuân mai võ
xuân mai võ Hace 3 meses
Cho xin tên phim đi bạn
S I M P L E Hace un mes
xuân mai võ phim:ABYSS viên đá bí ẩn á bạn
flwerose Hace 4 meses
3:32 is the cutest thing i've ever seen 😆
Vy Tran Hai
Vy Tran Hai Hace 4 meses
I don't like her feeling .Maybe she love him when he become handsome man
Vy Tran Hai
Vy Tran Hai Hace 2 meses
@juliet idala I watched all episodes of this .I only hate the way she talked to when he was ugly. It looks different than then
juliet idala
juliet idala Hace 2 meses
She said sometimes like you during high school then give a chocolate..
Sheena Hace 4 meses
Wow..she really doesn't age. 😊 I remember her from werewolf boy and scandal makers. I liked her acting in were wolf boy.
Ok Rape ur mom next week '
WGM park bo young with ahn hyo seop pls lol
Kerry Mac
Kerry Mac Hace 4 meses
Did I swoon? I sure did😍😍😍
Susana yuriko Quinte miota
Park Hyung sik 💔😭😭
วาฬ ตุ้ยนุ้ย
Chamin really charming.seyeon so cute.perfect match!!
Sandhya V
Sandhya V Hace 4 meses
Do bong soon and cheolsu really make a cute pair 😍😍😍
Melek İnanç
Melek İnanç Hace 4 meses
Drama name???
kirti nunkoo
kirti nunkoo Hace 4 meses
Where's my single and lonely squad at?
Owlcitylove2001 Booboo500
I love it so bittersweet and romantic!!!...❤️🥰😄😍💯👏🏻😮😱😎😀🤩😘☺️😆😁😊😃👍🏼💑💏💄👄💋🇰🇷
mikrowave girl
mikrowave girl Hace 5 meses
The '' right now '' had me wheezing 😂😂
grazeila shin
grazeila shin Hace 5 meses
Is the necklace a bear? Huhu I need to know if it's a bear and that she is a lawyer? I don't know the video it just appeared as random recommendation.
David Stuntz
David Stuntz Hace 5 meses
wow!love the kiss they have...
Quách Ngọc Bích
Quách Ngọc Bích Hace 5 meses
Phim rất hay,, giờ mới bt
Quách Ngọc Bích
Quách Ngọc Bích Hace 3 meses
Viên đá bí ẩn
Hue dao Cao
Hue dao Cao Hace 3 meses
Tên gì vậy bn
Santi Sutinah
Santi Sutinah Hace 5 meses
2:49 What is the title of the song??
Its me Bitches
Its me Bitches Hace 5 meses
He looks like gong myung and kookheon I can't:(
K. Z. Min
K. Z. Min Hace 5 meses
So this is the picnic scene after piano scene 😝😝?
Naneun Ailin
Naneun Ailin Hace 5 meses
O when💕
midnight3am Hace 5 meses
im tearing idk why.... Bcs im too single?
Jenniffer Madelei
Jenniffer Madelei Hace 5 meses
I loved this confession 😍
summer desire
summer desire Hace 6 meses
3:14 can anyone please tell me what is the phone name and model Ann hyo seop used ? Please
blue min
blue min Hace 6 meses
Why do I see Nam Joo Hyuk in him? He looks like Joo Hyuk (only my opinion)
budi prasetyo
budi prasetyo Hace 6 meses
miss them so much😢
Swagging Sugar
Swagging Sugar Hace 6 meses
Aaaaaaaaaaaaa... Sooooo good to be true 😍🥰😊☺🤗🥳🤩😭😭😭😭😭
Rafaella Hace 6 meses
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