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A story about an attempted kiss kiss.
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27 ago 2018






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lauren lewis
lauren lewis Hace 56 minutos
iintriquinqii Hace 11 horas
You good bro?
Stephanie Sanchez
Stephanie Sanchez Hace 15 horas
Me: he is attached to you Also me: *RUN* den:okie
General Grievous
General Grievous Hace un día
Your Video Will Make A Fine Edition To My Collection
killer wolf
killer wolf Hace un día
It's night time right now and my cat he loves this foxy plushie that I have I keep moving it every time he moves and he will actually cuddle with that thing I think he loves the plushie
Kat A.
Kat A. Hace 2 días
Logan Gilley
Logan Gilley Hace 2 días
I feel like she’s doing good rn
Aditya Barnwal
Aditya Barnwal Hace 2 días
Cant u guys slap someone in (US/ forgot where u live)for comeing into your personal space or something.....
Shorthairedgirlie Hace 3 días
I get paid 3:50 an hour. That's worse.
Karin De Kock
Karin De Kock Hace 3 días
*bruh his lips in the thumbnail look like Kim Kardasian or something*
banana yeetaronicheese
For some reason my comments instantly deleted on live streams im not blocked and now mods deleted them can anyone help me
coo l
coo l Hace 4 días
Yo this is r/niceguys in real life
Jada Lin
Jada Lin Hace 4 días
Why didn’t you bang on the door
Natalie Geer
Natalie Geer Hace 4 días
My brothers friend became my friend because i accepted his offering of chaclate and then he typed his hangouts in my phone and i was like "parent might think im dating. NnnnnnoPe!" dElEtE
Beggo Ingi
Beggo Ingi Hace 5 días
he is a chad.
2026: Erin Melanie C. Goerres
guy> *put number on my phone* me> BISH I SIAD NO WHAT THE HECK DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND WHEN I SAY NO *calls friends for back up* my friends> *beats up the guy* me and my friends walk out of the store like😎😎😎
DN goat
DN goat Hace 6 días
“But i gave you fries” lmao 😂🤣
Cody Green
Cody Green Hace 6 días
I guess the sponsor was the guy he is gonna call her honey
Yolande O'Kelly
Yolande O'Kelly Hace 6 días
You were under age so he is spost to be in jail
Freesmart Hace 6 días
Man guess this guy doesent care about the law
Doodlefartt Hace 7 días
ProfessionalPogger Georgie
Hold up... wasn’t Den only 15?
Suraya Wahid
Suraya Wahid Hace 8 días
Girl don't accept food from boys They're not nice for nothing
Amy Lemon
Amy Lemon Hace 9 días
Me: *sees this* also me:I got a Sandler when can I get em
Nicholas Hrabusicky
Nicholas Hrabusicky Hace 9 días
It's fun to go outside not inside
Panda AU
Panda AU Hace 9 días
Because he had your number did he ever try to call you
Bluebird H.M
Bluebird H.M Hace 10 días
Paying with Yu-Gi-Oh cards lol
Ross Dinos
Ross Dinos Hace 10 días
does honey work in Australia
Austin Kellum
Austin Kellum Hace 11 días
You should beat the guy with a chair😈😅😂🤠
Leoncer GAMING!!!
Leoncer GAMING!!! Hace 12 días
I'm already too scared fto get a job.
Mr Monster
Mr Monster Hace 12 días
CypherDen: gets sponsored by honey Me: mrbeast?
Cristobal Paredes
Cristobal Paredes Hace 12 días
Omg I hate that guy
Jayden Sears
Jayden Sears Hace 13 días
2020 anyone?
Dog Bananas
Dog Bananas Hace 13 días
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
APotatoGuy LikesDogs Hace 13 días
Fries aww good.
Isaac Gaming
Isaac Gaming Hace 13 días
befor i kill this Man lets thank our sponcers honey
Buy The PLUSH578
Buy The PLUSH578 Hace 14 días
1:46 is this the Krusty Krab? *no this is cypher den*
Wut Is this magic
Wut Is this magic Hace 14 días
I hate hot days sweat and dying lol
Chrissie Chen
Chrissie Chen Hace 14 días
Honey! I love honey! But my parents don’t online shop with honey :(
Nathan Richards
Nathan Richards Hace 14 días
If he asked for my number I eould say yes and when I get home srnd him hi 😉 and then block him and if he tried so kiss me I would slap him
Tea Sroka
Tea Sroka Hace 15 días
She really does need peppers spray
Lucy m
Lucy m Hace 15 días
Every animator on ESvid has gotten sponsored by honey or crunchy roll
APotatoGuy LikesDogs
APotatoGuy LikesDogs Hace 16 días
Marco Quintero
Marco Quintero Hace 16 días
Den you should have kicked him and his group run away and never get caught with your free fries 😌🍟
OmegaMemeBoi2099 Hace 17 días
Den you have a lotta predators for being one person
Zachary W.
Zachary W. Hace 17 días
I dont shop but I am like that lol bc I am always gaming and practicing do animations but me bad at them
bumblebubble gacha
bumblebubble gacha Hace 17 días
If this beach tryed to kiss me id slap this bish
Uf sans Play's
Uf sans Play's Hace 18 días
Who else thought den had a mustache at 5:06
Mushim_ Kun
Mushim_ Kun Hace 18 días
0:03 I mean
Mushim_ Kun
Mushim_ Kun Hace 18 días
0.03 wait is that... SATAIMA'S COSTUME!!??
βaNรHEE Hace 18 días
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Hace 18 días
Watch Jojo 😶
Star Sisters
Star Sisters Hace 18 días
I should slap him
Pamala Green
Pamala Green Hace 19 días
DA Frick???
Cat Car
Cat Car Hace 19 días
"This guy is like 24 or 25!" Bad boys bad boys whacha gonna do when they come for you
Lizzy CAN’T draw
Lizzy CAN’T draw Hace 19 días
5:59 Dat’s illegal
Grace Jones
Grace Jones Hace 20 días
6:40 who else is watching this in COVID-19
iiPhoenixBlxze Hace 20 días
just wait till 2020.. you wont need to go out side. teehee.
Patsy A. Randall
Patsy A. Randall Hace 20 días
" yup good times " that had me dying laughing lol
Totally Marcy
Totally Marcy Hace 20 días
I got an add to porn hub
Datchicken dude
Datchicken dude Hace 21 un día
Wearing a burito is normal. I wear one every Wednesday
Iris Huang
Iris Huang Hace 21 un día
Can you show his number to his to your Boss
Eli The fur_raptor
Eli The fur_raptor Hace 21 un día
Sounds like a r/niceguy o.o
cathrine goodman
cathrine goodman Hace 21 un día
I just like her videos
Ice Cube
Ice Cube Hace 21 un día
Why don't my bees are doing me just fine,i don need to buy honey
George Simmons
George Simmons Hace 21 un día
my dude why just why who raised you like was the creep raised in a barn you know i bet he has bad breath from all the pigs he kissed in that barn what a loser girl we got your back i hope this never happens to me btw i'm a girl but my best friends always watching my back like secret agents trying to catch a bad guy so say i ask somebody to dance at prom and they say no my girls be there yelling at them holding machine guns ready to attack that boy for saying no XD i have over protective friends but i am thankful for them
Edjiward is panget
Edjiward is panget Hace 22 días
do u need a body guard
Steven Gutierrez
Steven Gutierrez Hace 22 días
1:03 if you want to skip the add thing 😅
shane aizawa
shane aizawa Hace 22 días
I would have delete his number while looking him in the eye
Pandicorn 180
Pandicorn 180 Hace 23 días
What a simp-
fire player
fire player Hace 23 días
Wait this is all just for fries😅😅😅
William Lewer
William Lewer Hace 23 días
Omg this has 6.9k views
Furrie 64
Furrie 64 Hace 23 días
I use honey to buy fur suits
Evelyn Nance
Evelyn Nance Hace 24 días
in the thumbnail the guys lips look just like lisa vanderpumps from that show the real housewives crazy coincidence! ❤️❤️
Zachery Pines
Zachery Pines Hace 25 días
You should’ve became the next iconic Wendy on Twitter.
Cryptic Druid
Cryptic Druid Hace 25 días
Dangg i want something like this happen 2 me so i could beat a guy up >:D
Maily Thao
Maily Thao Hace 26 días
QuotedPizza6185 Hace 26 días
0:32 U ATE MY ARM!!! AaAaAaAaAaAhHhHhHhGgGgGgGgG!!!!!!!!!!!
Showtime888 Hace 26 días
Why didn't you punch him no why didn't you kick him in duck and then call the police and then a another kick in the duck
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