A Day In High School: South Korea Vs. USA

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"All you do is sit, solve problems, and go to class..."
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Ella Fields


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17 nov 2019






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달씨Darcie Hace 18 días
Hi friends!!! This is Darcie ❤️ Thank you so much for all your comments! I feel so warm😘 And again thank you so much buzzfeed for such an amazing experience! I hope I can meet you guys again💕
Ananta Adhitama
Ananta Adhitama Hace un día
I see u dancing to twice
Jungkookie _Fan
Jungkookie _Fan Hace 2 días
달씨Darcie I am ARMY TOO!!
total good asmr artist
good luck on your CSAT 😁😁
Naomi Paeng
Naomi Paeng Hace 6 días
수능 준비하느라 스트레스 엄췽이 싸였을텐데.... 마음 아프다 ㅠㅠ 수능 잘보고 열심히 놀아! 너무 열심히 공부만하면 어느새 인생이 지나가버린다.... 재미있고 건강하게 지내 달씨 굿럭! ~~
Lei Lei
Lei Lei Hace 7 días
Love you Darcieeee💖💞💗
Riana Suhandi
Riana Suhandi Hace 3 horas
Yo,if u think if going to school in America is hard well u need to think twice cuz school in Korea is a lot more harder.
정의로운세상 Hace 5 horas
비교대상이 일단 잘못되었고 일반 공립고등학교가 아닌 기숙학교를 한국의 학 교인 것처럼 보이게한 잘못도 있네...전체적으로 엉망인 영상이라 평가해본다.
땡이 Hace 6 horas
한국은 미쳤어..
john tran
john tran Hace 9 horas
High school in the states doesnt even matter which school. The most famous high-school. There subject , homework. Everything is easy compare to korea. I been to both. School is damn easy in america. More break time. 8 hrs which is also less than korea. Korea pay and study more after school. SAT exam in high school is damn easy compare to the korean one. SAT even without studying at all you still have a 70% of passing. For the korea one you have to study a lot a whole lot to try and pass.
Pathetic Cat
Pathetic Cat Hace 11 horas
im in Indonesia and im related to 95% of what Darcie goes through in a day. it's so rare to me to sleep 8 hrs a day. i usually sleep for 4-5 hrs a night. getting extra sleep hours is even what i'm most grateful of
Farah Ismi 3
Farah Ismi 3 Hace 6 horas
Pasti lo sekolah swasta It's not general asian students Even tho turkey, japan, india etc "rich school" def different with public/mid class (free) school Facilities and time have *contrast*
brea seroto
brea seroto Hace 11 horas
I am a Korean. This girl is in a minority. Not every Korean student study that much.
LY Dcrit
LY Dcrit Hace 21 un minuto
@brea seroto nope your wrong the average sleep time for highschool students in Korea is about 5 hours plus she is in grade 3 in highschool so they sleep about 4 hours
brea seroto
brea seroto Hace 39 minutos
@nik man idiot?
nik man
nik man Hace un hora
@brea seroto North korean?
brea seroto
brea seroto Hace 9 horas
@Mason K You think you know more than me a Korean who lived in Korea for entire life because you lived 1 year here? You think every Korean student sleep 5 hour per day? A lot of students are not interested in Study. Even though they are in school after dinner they don't really study. And they don't really study outside of school. Only minority of people study that much.
Rachel From Staples
Rachel From Staples Hace 12 horas
Senior year & junior year I practically lived in the nursesoffice. I was close with the nurses😂. I held the highest record for most nurse visits in a year in the school. I visited the nurse 27 times in a span of less than a year.
Christian Walsh
Christian Walsh Hace 14 horas
Nothing like a typical US high school. These videos are pathetic
ᄌᄉᄋ Hace 5 horas
@Kermit Hates Everyone Having sympathy for those with a lack of knowledge on US high schools doesn't mean this video is any less horrible lol
Kermit Hates Everyone
Don't be rude, not everyone lives in America and knows what it's like
Rie Kumar
Rie Kumar Hace 15 horas
I stopped watching after I noticed that this was a Buzz Feed video.
Ara Ceria
Ara Ceria Hace 16 horas
That korean girl attend a boarding school isn't it? I never thought that Korea have a boarding school?
ᄌᄉᄋ Hace 3 horas
@Ara Ceria No problem. K-drama is super inaccurate when it comes to school haha, school uniforms aren't /that/ pretty and drama between friends isn't that dramatic
Ara Ceria
Ara Ceria Hace 3 horas
@Impossible yeah.. actually I attend a boarding school too.. pretty common here
Ara Ceria
Ara Ceria Hace 3 horas
@ᄌᄉᄋ tq for that info. I just never thought that korea have a boarding school too...because I never seen anything like that in Kdrama. hihi
ᄌᄉᄋ Hace 5 horas
Normal public schools don't have dorms, but some elite schools or schools that fixates on certain subjects like chemistry or technology do. Some Korean parents also send their children to schools with dorms to make them study harder because the learning environment is filled with hard-working students and tools to aid you in your studying
Hayomi 하요미
Hayomi 하요미 Hace 9 horas
@Hanna Liljedahl It's not really normal, but there are some boading schools.
Ace Newgate
Ace Newgate Hace 17 horas
This was my highschool morning. Shower then dress in all black hoodie shirt pants chucks. Dont forget to pack a pocket knife or the strap. Smoke trees on the walk to school see a couple fight get into on thats why you where black because the blood. Then walk threw a metal dtector get your bag checked but you stashed yo weapon b4 u got in so you good. Study cuz this life aint for you even tho its kinda fun. Eat cardboard box pizza or chicken sandwich. Smoke in bathroom or in class but dont forget to blow smoke in your bag n let the smoke out when you ask to go to the bathroom. Sell the teacher a dub cuz they smoke to shout out to mr sims haha. After school stay in school n study cuz you aint bout that life. Then go home as fast as you can cuz you can get shot at any moment. Repeat
Julia Foster
Julia Foster Hace un hora
and then everyone clapped, right
Ace Newgate
Ace Newgate Hace 2 horas
@TronWOT somw days are worse than others. But wasnt all that bad. You learn how to act in certain situations or just avoid it. Big rule is just mind ya buisness.
TronWOT Hace 3 horas
Bro is this real??
Khushi Bist
Khushi Bist Hace 20 horas
Do a video on Japan Vs India school system 🙂 I know who will be win
HIMANSHU SORI Hace 4 horas
Please don't. I don't want india to get more hate
Khushi Bist
Khushi Bist Hace 20 horas
Ok so what school do you choose ? America or south korea ? I choose school not just Because I like kpop just because I like her schoollife more then American
LY Dcrit
LY Dcrit Hace 19 minutos
If you like to study subjects like math and Korean.. you can come to Korean schools but I dont recommend it
ᄌᄉᄋ Hace 5 horas
Liking Kpop shouldn't be a factor in choosing a school lmao that's like saying you'll attend a US high school because of Beyonce
Rex Dog
Rex Dog Hace 11 horas
Bro what??
xanni?¿ Hace 23 horas
You should do elementary school cause I am from usa too
Joe Yuri
Joe Yuri Hace 8 horas
You shouldnt have yt if you are in elementary
Not your ordinary fangirl
meanwhile my college life be like 7:30 am to 7:30 pm with only 30 min break, I dont even know why they squeeze our schedule so much
Bano Puxxi
Bano Puxxi Hace un día
Her school is in Daegu, Taehyung is from Daegu too , *YOU WANT TO END ME?*
Bano Puxxi
Bano Puxxi Hace un hora
@Lizel Banuelos yess our sugar👶🏻
misamoes Hace 2 horas
Bano Puxxi ???
Lizel Banuelos
Lizel Banuelos Hace 18 horas
And yoongi our d boy
Richard Gemma
Richard Gemma Hace un día
The American girl is an awful person to use as an example
LY Dcrit
LY Dcrit Hace 18 minutos
The Korean girl was also not that much of an average example
Mint y
Mint y Hace un día
The American girl can’t film, I got a headache from watching her;;
jclulu Hace un día
Boarding school in Korea vs Art school in the US...and you want to say this is typical Korean high school life vs American high school life? ridiculous and so malicious!!
Paoツ Hace un día
Dancing to Yes or Yes & Feel Special 😂
Marice Adraneda
Marice Adraneda Hace un día
5:24 SAME, DARCIE, SAME. 💜💜💜💜💜💜
Leanne Chan
Leanne Chan Hace un día
If u close ur eyes and listen to ella speak, she sounds like robin from stranger things XD just me?
ZuboyTV Hace un día
Hamre bharat ke patsala mei ghar se khana kha na school mei bhi khana kha na aur raat mei porn dhek ke so jana
aesthetic lil cloudy
Omg that's rude
GHANI T Hace un día
I usually wake up at 5 am
Huang Xuxi
Huang Xuxi Hace 12 horas
I usually wake up at 6:40
aesthetic lil cloudy
That's nice for yourself
Etchel Puno
Etchel Puno Hace un día
Sakura Light
Sakura Light Hace un día
My life of high school is always going to school at 8:15 or 8:20
AvgJane19 Hace un día
When i was in HS it was 7:15
Sakura Light
Sakura Light Hace un día
nienoi mango that’s the time I’ll be arriving at to school always since my first class is a college course then after is my high school classes
nienoi mango
nienoi mango Hace un día
Me too but I kinda go at 8 50 or something
bursts endflow
bursts endflow Hace un día
나만 한국학교 존나안좋아보이냨ㅋㅋㅋ
김선중 Hace 2 horas
비교된곳이 미국입니다.. 차이가 날수밖에요..
N . N
N . N Hace un día
Wowwww my high school strats at 9am and I wake up at like 8:10 and do my brothers breakfast and mine and make his snack and lunch and take money from my mum to buy food or just take something
Huang Xuxi
Huang Xuxi Hace 12 horas
Mines starts at 8:30 and since im a bus student I usually wake up at 6:40
Mint y
Mint y Hace un día
I wish mine started at 9! I would be so much happier. Instead I wake up at 6 and leave at 7 :(
Yoona26 Lee
Yoona26 Lee Hace un día
My high school starts at 7.15am 🤣 wake up at 5.30am
ღpєnguíí ѕtudíσѕღ
I can’t get over this part; *screams* Give me some!!!
Kat nx
Kat nx Hace un día
I've always wanted to study or migrate to Korea when i gets older but sadly idk how to speak korean LoL
Anna Edler
Anna Edler Hace un día
Yo same tho
하잌 Hace un día
I malik
I malik Hace un día
can the american girl stop zooming in so muchhhhh
Rashiyha Kareen VEVO
Wait 19?
sundae6969 Hace 11 horas
@Huang Xuxi So you don't age on your birthday?
Huang Xuxi
Huang Xuxi Hace 12 horas
Thats her korean age, Shes actually only 17/18. In korea when you are born you are 1 year old, and every new year you age one more year. If you are born in December 31 you are one, and then its January 1st you are 2 years old, even tho you are only 2 days old
sundae6969 Hace 19 horas
@AvgJane19 Never knew that. Thanks for the info
sundae6969 Hace 19 horas
I was confused too cause at 19 you're already in college
AvgJane19 Hace un día
@FAZe Elf People around the world count ages differently, look it up, it's really interesting.
Kit Kat
Kit Kat Hace un día
Why would you get macaroni for breakfast?
Noelle's Nerlies
Noelle's Nerlies Hace 15 horas
That’s what I have sometimes.
Bred_genie 1
Bred_genie 1 Hace un día
I mean I wouldn’t mind 🥴
Rocío Corrales E
Rocío Corrales E Hace un día
That can be normal in her country! 🤷🏽‍♀️
L E L E Hace un día
The South Korea food looks soooooo good compared to my school ugh 😩
epic_mass _of_distruction
They both go to super good schools can we have low middle class schools. What school gives their students pizza from a whole pizza oven in America? I dont know if all this stuff is standard in Korea but I assume it isn't usually as nice as the girl in this video has
ᄌᄉᄋ Hace 5 horas
The Korean girl attends a high school with a dorm, which is pretty unusual right off the bat. If they wanted to describe the experience of attending a Korean school using a singular video, they should've found someone who attended a regular public school. People who attend schools with dorms are often students with amazing scores/has plans on majoring in certain subjects such as chemistry/ has pretty average to bad grades and their parents wanted to stick them in a rigid studying environment. The school food looks pretty normal though lmao
Kylee Harper
Kylee Harper Hace 13 horas
Liana Kong I’m a senior yet my school doesn’t let us go and get food. I wish my school was like yours
Riley Kim
Riley Kim Hace un día
I'm Korean and NO, our school's lunch sucks:(
Liana Kong
Liana Kong Hace un día
epic_mass _of_distruction the girl from America is probably allowed to go off campus for lunch... juniors and seniors in my school often go off campus to get food 🤷🏻‍♀️
JTB The gamer and vlogger
6:42 Yes or Yes twice? 😂😂😂
Axzal Music
Axzal Music Hace un día
Yeah I'd prefer the Korean school for some reason, I know it's hard but I just really like it a lot more
liceskata Hace un día
i’m a simple person. i see darcie in the thumbnail, i click
W W Hace un día
do private vs public school lmaoo
This Is Me
This Is Me Hace un día
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