A Day In High School: South Korea Vs. USA

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"All you do is sit, solve problems, and go to class..."
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Ella Fields

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17 nov 2019






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Comentarios 80
Nash JacohDASAS
Nash JacohDASAS Hace 4 horas
What school you want to learn more
Valeria M Carrillo
Valeria M Carrillo Hace 8 horas
Wooow es muy diferente al horario en mi colegio (un colegio de alto rendimiento). 😆 Yo debo levantarme a las 6:00 am, las clases comienzan a las 7:00 am, cada una dura 1 hora y no hay descanso entre estas, el desayuno es a las 9:00 am (45 minutos), luego dos horas más, a las 11:45 salimos al almuerzo (otros 45 minutos), sigue el tercer periodo y terminamos a las 2:30 pm pero algunos tenemos clases extra como matemáticas, ingles y literaruta además de quedarnos a estudiar en pequeños grupos, así que en mi caso (me anoté a las tres y generalmente ayudo al resto en matemáticas, inglés, química y física) suelo irme a casa entre las 9:30 pm y las 10:15 pm, no dejan salir fuera del colegio en los descansos. ;-;
Zuella Quizon
Zuella Quizon Hace un día
we all commenting here as if it was uploaded yesterday
Zuella Quizon
Zuella Quizon Hace 4 horas
@byerats123 b idk either i happened to watch this for idk reason lmao
byerats123 b
byerats123 b Hace 4 horas
Zuella Quizon lol, why though? This was here 7 months ago, but all of a sudden we are all watching this now lol
Ice Nova Official
Ice Nova Official Hace un día
Korean education system is horrible
endri lika
endri lika Hace 11 horas
Korean education only wants to see the results
Flora Gacha
Flora Gacha Hace un día
its not "horrible", its just incredibly difficult. people study for like 15 hours a day or something and the english taught there barely makes any sense
Wilson Tran
Wilson Tran Hace un día
it's a good system it just very intense
Tenzin Y
Tenzin Y Hace un día
@Ice Nova how???
roveluv Hace 2 días
The Korean Girl is so pretty
rianne Hace 2 días
more of this please!!!!
Priya yadav
Priya yadav Hace 2 días
wow...I Love BTS.💕💕💕. I Think south korea is so amezing& lovely.😎🤔. korean schools are better than USA☺
Hannah Hogstad
Hannah Hogstad Hace 3 días
“What are Darcie’s interests?” Darcie: ummmmm... BTS?:) Ahahahh same xD
Nirja shrestha
Nirja shrestha Hace 3 días
First time i felt korean side lacking
Safa Malik
Safa Malik Hace 2 días
Maren LLanos
Maren LLanos Hace 3 días
3:13 what is that tall table for? I mean when do you use it?
DaylightMist Hace 2 días
Yeah we have tall tables in my school. I live in canada
michelle。 Hace 2 días
some school in america also use it. we have it in our classes
ナシェ• Hace 2 días
It's a method Korean ppl use. They use it for students who find themselves sleepy and it helps to regain energy and focus more
Mediana Ramadhani
Mediana Ramadhani Hace 2 días
I think it's for studying while standing up, some people might find it more effective to study while standing.
Jasvtt Hace 3 días
Wow I Guess everyone misses school
Jasvtt Hace 2 días
Pop Rocks actually same
Jasvtt Hace 2 días
Black live matter AAHAHHA they have nice food tho
Black live matter
Black live matter Hace 2 días
I only watch this because i know there gonna be food
Pop Rocks
Pop Rocks Hace 2 días
Nope lol
leax pea
leax pea Hace 3 días
This was posted 7 months ago and the comments are posted so recent
BbL Travels
BbL Travels Hace 3 días
I think Korean schools are better. Cos students are always focused while America schools students just hang around with friends. So it limits their time of concentration
yosie irawan 9j 13
yosie irawan 9j 13 Hace un día
From my point of view, wether better or not a school is, depends on how the curriculum and the learning subjects are like. So we can't just decide which school is better only from this video.
Jaehyun Just Wants Some Milk
Billy Liang
Billy Liang Hace 4 días
6:41 was that Sana’a part in Yes or Yes and then the chorus for Feel Special?
Billy Liang
Billy Liang Hace 4 días
It’s possibly because I’m Asian but is it just me when I say the korean food looked better?
Miss Astro
Miss Astro Hace 2 días
Cthulhu Sama yessss they have like 8 different things and condiments to every meal, and let’s say, they eat a lot of meals. I would love to go to Korea, mostly because of the views *i mean the food* ahaha.
jikook is real and yall know it
@Cthulhu Sama totaly would
Cthulhu Sama
Cthulhu Sama Hace 3 días
But would it fill you up?
Kaweewee Boy
Kaweewee Boy Hace 4 días
i see youtube's recommended videos have brought us together once again. may we see each other again next year when this video gets recommended again.
sugas bed
sugas bed Hace 4 días
Bts army
John Thang
John Thang Hace 3 días
Thiago mendez
Thiago mendez Hace 4 días
is the United States not America, America is the continent
Error 404 User Not Found
Thiago mendez I guess people just started calling it America since the country literally has “America” in it. When people are talking about one of the Americas they just say North or South. Americans do tend to mess things up in language. Idk, I’m no American.
Thiago mendez
Thiago mendez Hace 4 días
@Ian Fraider North America is a part of America
Ian Fraider
Ian Fraider Hace 4 días
Thiago mendez America is not a continent it’s a country North America is a continent
Popa Mihai Dan
Popa Mihai Dan Hace 4 días
Kim Jong Un will have something to say about this
Popa Mihai Dan
Popa Mihai Dan Hace 3 días
@eunice he says everything is better in north korea but if he sees the video he will see that school system in South korea is much better so he will have something to say in the comments.And it was a joke
Afiqah Bat
Afiqah Bat Hace 4 días
bro kim jong un is north korea and that girl is from south korea
eunice Hace 4 días
What? What does Kim jong un have anything to do with this?
Popa Mihai Dan
Popa Mihai Dan Hace 4 días
5:24 same
Nadia Malik
Nadia Malik Hace 4 días
Dracie my fav !! She is the BEST.
chairunnisa rnn.
chairunnisa rnn. Hace 4 días
When darcie said she studied for csat, suddenly i remember next week i will have utbk for my college entrance test.
Fahrul Razi
Fahrul Razi Hace 3 días
Same here lol good luck for both of us!
cloudie monie
cloudie monie Hace 5 días
Thereal apeccc legend
She studies film but she’s bad at it
Abigail Vasquez
Abigail Vasquez Hace 7 horas
@Brochirs the Korean girl has a ESvid channel.. and there are different types of "film" its not all just vlog please educate yourself
NoLoveOnAFrigidPlanet Hace 11 horas
Yeah..., that’s why she STUDIES it. Doesn’t mean she’s a professional
Brochirs Hace un día
@a mi I mean she's a film student but her recording is dizzy and confusing
a mi
a mi Hace 4 días
no, that is still rude.
pxponii Hace 4 días
@Andrea Gonzales no they're spitting facts
Yu Wei
Yu Wei Hace 5 días
@BuzzFeedVideo pls do more of these types of videos!! Maybe japan vs korea in school?
Emilie Nielsen
Emilie Nielsen Hace 6 días
Why ami watching this now ??
sareema _3
sareema _3 Hace 6 días
why are all the comments from like minutes or hours ago... .
Namjoon's Handshake
Namjoon's Handshake Hace 4 días
catherine anna
catherine anna Hace 6 días
USA is the best..
Ron Weasly
Ron Weasly Hace 2 días
Think again..
gülfem Hace 4 días
@Popa Mihai Dan northhhhh???????
a mi
a mi Hace 4 días
that’s North Korea?
Popa Mihai Dan
Popa Mihai Dan Hace 4 días
.......GO KOREA🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵
gülfem Hace 5 días
nope i think usa is so relaxxx
하눌민 Hace 6 días
darcie in the video * me : OMG ITS DARCIEEE SKSKSK
C l o u d y
C l o u d y Hace 6 días
하눌민 hahah lol
Student Katherine Sanchez
i became interested when i heard she liked bts lmaoo
Mr.sunshine right here
Same here😂💜💜
Kagura Yato
Kagura Yato Hace 6 días
I don't know how Koreans fill their appetite just with that amount of food.
xXKookMonXx Hace 3 días
@isabel rlly? wow I guess I'm a Lil pig lmao
isabel Hace 3 días
@xXKookMonXx nah, that's pretty much the normal amount of food we're used to eating lol rice + all those side dishes are pretty filling
Abhipsha Scott
Abhipsha Scott Hace 4 días
Rice is filling, and with all the side dishes it's a complete meal. I know bcoz I'm an Asian too and that's usually what we have.😃😃
Petsforlife119 Hace 5 días
Usually the food I try is very filling but very small, don’t know about that school ouch though, unless that was breakfast....
xXKookMonXx Hace 6 días
I don't think they do, I think they diet :/
Kagura Yato
Kagura Yato Hace 6 días
When she say think before study in Korea....I feel her there
The AVL Hace 6 días
Is she a crazy fan of BTS like me
Dom._. ._.
Dom._. ._. Hace 6 días
HarryPotato Hace 6 días
good thing there are subtitles for the korean parts or i will just hear "jcnnjwhfhahhaidjipkajiajincavuowahshfahjajfoahihahihsdoahf"
Olivia Newman
Olivia Newman Hace 6 días
I’m not Korean and I go to American school but I study after school at the library for hours as well 😂
Miley Oconnor
Miley Oconnor Hace 5 días
When you realise others have a longer hour in school than you do but your struggling to even cope with your school hours
TWICEStan90995 Hace 7 días
Darcue casually doing the dances to Yes or Yes and Feel Special in the hallway is such a mood
Loreimy H
Loreimy H Hace 7 días
Here my school routine in the spring semester Sophomore in a new York public school 6:50 wake up Between 7:00 to 7:50 I just all those basic things when you wake up. 7:55 wait for bus 8:10 get on bus 8:50 get to school 9:00 Earth science 9:50 Spanish L3 10:43 AP English language and composition 11:33 Design digital world 12:23 Swimming 1:13PM Lunch 2:03PM AP world history 2:53 Algebra 2 3:39 End of classes 3:43 to 5:19 Dance clases this is only Monday and Thursday,Wednesday and Friday I have tennis practices 5:35 bus come 6:00 I get home
HarryPotato Hace 6 días
anybody else clicked on the time stamps?
yui421 Hace 7 días
Tina Lane
Tina Lane Hace 7 días
dang korean school are interesting , "they wake us up, we have 10 minutes to get ready, we go out for roll call" 😳 boot camp vibes
Tina Lane
Tina Lane Hace 4 días
Avril interesting !! thanks !:)
Avril Hace 5 días
Not the entire schools in Korea do. The school Darcie attends is "Foreign Language High School" which is established specifically for the students who are good at languages or studying. Also not all schools have dorms, in a normal high school, people just study till 11pm and get back home.
lil meow meow
lil meow meow Hace 7 días
Is she army?
Catherine A
Catherine A Hace 7 días
Lmao probably
yoongi had me like
yoongi had me like Hace 7 días
Why are the comments only minutes or just hours away when this was uploaded 7 months ago??
Kagura Yato
Kagura Yato Hace 6 días
frappuccinoaddict Hace 7 días
check which option the comments are being sorted by. Mine did the same thing since it was set to "newest". Just switched it back to "top comments"
Livliv Ahhh
Livliv Ahhh Hace 7 días
I go to a British school and I wake up at 5:30 get bus at 7 get in at 8:30 and on certain days I would stay till 6 to do extra revision and catch so my art work then it would take an hour to get home and then I would have to revise for my exams just to find out they all got cancelled and we are just getting predicted grades I’m pretty sad I put all that effort into my work just to find out it was a waste of time
Melysa Chan
Melysa Chan Hace 7 días
its not a waste of time, youre learning not memorizing
hobis_sprite :D
hobis_sprite :D Hace 7 días
Scrolling through the comments I just find armies lol
Charlie Lewis
Charlie Lewis Hace 7 días
_stoopid Hace 7 días
the american girl's video makes me dizzy
Adrita Chowdhury
Adrita Chowdhury Hace 7 días
The girl belongs to Taehyung's birth place.
bea endaya
bea endaya Hace 7 días
the five things darcie (and other people) say at school are EXACTLY the things we say as well
와 고딩이 차를??? ㅎㄷㄷ
타레이 Hace 9 horas
긍정적으로 생각하면 차가 있으니까 편리하겠네요...
Ellen Ping
Ellen Ping Hace 8 días
Korean school nurse: Here, have a heating pad and lie down. American school nurse: You’re fine. Have a mint and go back to class.
* I luv uuu*
* I luv uuu* Hace 4 días
You either get an ice bag or nothing
The dumpling Jimin and Tae fough for with *WAR*
Here in India we get a "magic syrup" and are kicked back to class but the people are nice they just act rock hard
Sreeja Lakshmi
Sreeja Lakshmi Hace 7 días
Wait you have nurse in your school.
japan iraq
japan iraq Hace 8 días
Wait i'm confused...why do their high school's have dorms is that a thing in korea if so that's cool asf
MoneyFace Hace 7 días
Some schools in Asia have dorms . I know about 3-4 in my country
Suga O v e r l o a d
japan iraq meanwhile schools in london are trash
Tanish Kaushik
Tanish Kaushik Hace 8 días
Korean schools give off serious office vibes ngl
japan iraq
japan iraq Hace 8 días
yea i love it
Angel Chan
Angel Chan Hace 8 días
is it just me that smiled when Darcie said she liked bts, lol no armys here? ok. :(
Angel Chan
Angel Chan Hace 5 días
@Hla ElRegaily honestly same
Angel Chan
Angel Chan Hace 5 días
@hobis_sprite :D your my hope
Angel Chan
Angel Chan Hace 5 días
@King of the sock gym Bruh jin cult :)
Hla ElRegaily
Hla ElRegaily Hace 7 días
I didn't only smile I low-key screeched
hobis_sprite :D
hobis_sprite :D Hace 8 días
I'm your sprite
Sweetie수민 Hace 8 días
Oh the korean schools are kinda weird 😂😂 I feel like they're living at school idk they just have a very long day 🧐
Alice L
Alice L Hace 8 días
It’s called dormitories xD
Sweetie수민 Hace 8 días
@Clarice Tan and that's weird 😂😂
jaclyn nguyen
jaclyn nguyen Hace 8 días
they basically do lol and they brush their teeth there lmfao
Clarice Tan
Clarice Tan Hace 8 días
they are living in school
heecheuri Hace 8 días
If you’re somehow curious at how my classes in the phil works then- Class starts at 8:30 am 7:00: wakes up 7:05: takes a bath 7:15: starts to dress up 7:25: eats breakfast 7:40: go outside to wait for jeeps and tricycles 8:00 arrive at school 8:10: at my class then I’ll just sleep for the whole twenty minutes Then in the evening, our class ends at 6:00 pm 6:20 I’ll go eat some street foods outside with my friends 6:50 starts to wait for a jeep with my friends to go back home 7:00 arrives at home then dinners waiting 7:30 rest for a bit 8:30 does assignments and advance review 10:00 sleep time
Sins FN
Sins FN Hace 8 días
Im a college student and this is pretty relatable I just sleep more
Namita Singh
Namita Singh Hace 8 días
Lol the Korean school's routine is so much like my school.
Suga Malfoy
Suga Malfoy Hace 7 días
What!!!! HOW??
higgameep 00
higgameep 00 Hace 9 días
My gal is extremely busy only gets 5 hr sleep . Yet still has time for youtube.
DOFAIRY Hace 9 días
here’s my school routine freshman & texas public school 5:00 wake up 5:15 shower 5:30 brush teeth, wash face, dry hair 5:50 get dressed 5:52 grab snacks, bags, cards, keys 6:00 put on shoes, refill waterbottle 6:05 wait for bus 6:15 get on bus 7:45 get to school 8:05 world geo 9:00 fitness 9:55 science 10:45 lunch 11:15 algebra 12:15 floral 1:05 audio visuals 2:05 hospitality 3:00 english 3:50 dismissal 4:10 bus comes 4:45-5:05 get home 5:10 eat 5:40 shower 6:45 sleep
byerats123 b
byerats123 b Hace 5 días
가비•Gabi my school ends at 3:30 but I stay after school till 6 because I either have a studies class or basketball practice, or game.
Pragati Singh
Pragati Singh Hace 7 días
@𝓗𝓮𝓻𝓶𝓲𝓸𝓷𝓮 In indian school we go home by 1:50
Wth 3:50 is your dismissal? We go home around 6:00 pm, im literally jealous :(
Paul ice
Paul ice Hace 8 días
Wow i don't think i could do this every day for a year..
Simply Life
Simply Life Hace 9 días
Korean school looks lowkey more fun, when I say lowkey, i really mean lowkey. Imagine having a dorm and getting breakfast to dinner at school (AND THE FOOD ACTUALLY LOOKS GOOD). A decent dream, but that's all i want. Good food and a dorm. I hear korean schools are quite strict and from the video work, it's very boring. SO to conclude my comment, I want a U.S. based highschool that actually has good meals all throughout the day, and a dorm room. ALSO a open rule policy and fun based work zone. I know this will never happen, but why not dream it? 😁
japan iraq
japan iraq Hace 8 días
right i'd much rather go to a school in korea but why tf do they have dorms in the high schools
DeathX Animation-24 years ago
I can’t get over the fact of how messy the Korean kid’s desk are
min bro
min bro Hace 8 días
its partly cuz we have like 4 books per subject but shes not the cleanest either
valeria gutierrez figueroa
Lillie ༊*· ̊
Lillie ༊*· ̊ Hace 9 días
Ok but when school stopped for quarantine, any routine I had did not exist anymore..
Livliv Ahhh
Livliv Ahhh Hace 7 días
I just finished high school 4 months short and will never go back
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 9 días
The Korean girl must be a blogger !!! Damn her blog was so wonderful
M -
M - Hace 8 días
She has a ESvid channel where she posts vlogs (really well filmed and edited I should mention) so she’s more skilled :)
Park Jimin
Park Jimin Hace 9 días
When she said bts😂😂😂
japan iraq
japan iraq Hace 8 días
are you army too
Rasengan FN
Rasengan FN Hace 9 días
Online schools over in Canada and it’s SUMMER BREAK for 2 months but my usual routine would be. 7:30 AM: wake up 7:40 AM: Brush teeth 8:00 AM: Drink Tea and eat some toast 8:05 AM: Pack lunch 8:15 AM: Go to Bus Stop 8:35: I’m now at school ( This is only my morning routine )
Rasengan FN
Rasengan FN Hace 7 días
Paul ice Yeah it helps me get active faster as I feel more alive and fresh and everyone has their different routines, anyways have a GOOD one.
Paul ice
Paul ice Hace 8 días
You brush your teeth before eating ?
Elen Balayan
Elen Balayan Hace 9 días
Same here
r e d
r e d Hace 10 días
My day as a Fil Student; Cuz I'm bored and quarantine is getting to me 5:00 am - wake up 5:20 am - done bathing and clothes 5:30 am - done cooking breakfast 5:45 am - eaten and done the dishes 5:50 am - go to school 6:00 am - start school 9:30-10:00 am - recess 11:30 am - done at morning classes 11:30 am - lunch 1:00 pm - start of afternoon classes 3:00 - 3:25 pm - recess 4:50 pm - done with school 5:00 pm - arrive home 5:10 pm - eat a snacc 5:10 - 6:40 pm - do chores 6:40-7:00 pm - go on my phone 7:00-7:30 pm - cook cuz im the only person who knows how to cook in the household 8:00 pm - done eating 8:30 pm - done taking a bath&skincare 8:30-9:00 pm - draw cuz i like to ;w; 9:00-11:00 pm - study 11:00 pm - sleep then repeat that all over again ps. have a cookie (>•♡•)>🍪
Ingrid Petit
Ingrid Petit Hace 10 días
Did someone noticed in 3:15 that she has a Shooky plush... she's an ARMY !!!
Simply Life
Simply Life Hace 9 días
Ava Ramirez
Ava Ramirez Hace 9 días
It's not Shooky it's a Kakao character( Ryan ) but I can see why you got them mixed up💜💜(:
Shaun Lee
Shaun Lee Hace 9 días
Ofc I noticed Army💜💜💜
Stu Pedasso
Stu Pedasso Hace 10 días
My whole day routine -Indonesia private school - Junior in high school 1. Wake up (6.30 a.m.) 2. Take a shower and change (6.35 a.m.) 3. Eat breakfast (6.55 a.m.) 4. Get in my car (7.05 a.m.) 5. Arrive at school (7.13 a.m.) 6. Fix my hijab in bathroom (7.20 a.m.) 6. Rush to ceremony (7. 27 a.m.) 7. Start class (8.00 a.m.) 8. Recess (9. 30 a.m.) 9. Start class (10.00 a.m.) 10. Lunch (11.20 a.m.) 11. Shalah Dzuhur in mosque (12.00 p.m.) 12. Start class (1.10 p.m.) 13. End class (3.45 p.m.) 15. Get out of school (3. 55 p.m.) 16. Shalah ashar (4. 00 p.m.) 17. Go to a coffee shop near me and hangout with my friends (4.10 p.m.) 18. Go home (4. 40 p.m.) 19. Run (5.20 p.m.) 20. Go back home (6.10 p.m.) 21. Take a shower (6. 20 p.m.) 22. Shalah maghrib (6.40 p.m.) 23. Make dinner, for my self. (6.50 p.m.) 24. Eat dinner (7. 10 p.m.) 25. Shalah isha (7. 40 p.m.) 26. Go to local hangout place (7. 50 p.m.) 27. Go back home (8. 55 p.m.) 28. Change (9.00 p.m.) 29. Watch netflix (9. 30 p.m.) 30. Do my homework that i forgot (10.00 p.m.) 31. Sleep (10. 55)
Elaine Tjandra
Elaine Tjandra Hace 7 días
Albert Einstein i think its prayers done by muslims. Sorry if I am wrong!
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein Hace 8 días
What are these "Shalah ashar and shalah magrib" things?
Elaine Tjandra
Elaine Tjandra Hace 8 días
Simply Life i think its a prayer done by muslims. Sorry if i am wrong :)
Simply Life
Simply Life Hace 9 días
What is Shalah ashar? I'm curious! I'm American btw
Zero __xx
Zero __xx Hace 10 días
Hong Knog schools start at 8 am and goes untill 3:30 pm. I usually wake up at 6 for revision and leave home at 7. I also have after school activities which always make me stay at school until 5pm. NIGHTMARE 😨
pxxk_aboo Hace 10 días
korean school looks so fun omg
a l e x i s
a l e x i s Hace 9 días
korean school is stricter than us schools
Shaun Lee
Shaun Lee Hace 9 días
It's not as fun as you think
SailorJoon Hace 10 días
i wake up at like 4am and my service gets to my house at like 5 or 6 am school starts at 8 then school end at 5 in the afternoon lol
K K Hace 10 días
Haha, my school starts at 8:35am and goes until 3:10pm.
Rasengan FN
Rasengan FN Hace 9 días
Mines is 8:30 AM to 2:30 PM
YNicole7 Hace 9 días
Mine is 7:00 a.m until 4:45 p.m
Stu Pedasso
Stu Pedasso Hace 10 días
Mine is at 7.30 a.m. until 3.25p.m.
Ceiling Fan TM
Ceiling Fan TM Hace 10 días
-Confused screaming- So many new comments what’s going on? Lol
BlueMinecraftPup 07
BlueMinecraftPup 07 Hace 10 días
I like how people are commenting their school schedule in the comments it’s so cool
Gameplay Central
Gameplay Central Hace 10 días
We use a block schedule at my school. I haven't had more than 4 periods in a long time lol.
Nawabzadi Khan
Nawabzadi Khan Hace 10 días
darcie i like bts too
Nabam Yopu
Nabam Yopu Hace 10 días
Koreans are faster
Jethro Feb B. Brao
Jethro Feb B. Brao Hace 11 días
I like korean
cate linda ann
cate linda ann Hace 11 días
so this was posted a while ago but does anyone know where darcie got her sweater?
cate linda ann
cate linda ann Hace 11 días
Lexie Foxx thank you! super appreciated:)
Lexie Foxx
Lexie Foxx Hace 11 días
Wow, I’m surprised I saw this, and darcie has a ESvid channel and used some of this footage in a similar video, she says that she checks and reads all of her comments (I can testify) and she speaks English so I suggest asking her
Alice :D
Alice :D Hace 11 días
In my school ( Indonesia ) we don’t go to different classes instead, the teacher goes to our classes
Sophie Holland
Sophie Holland Hace 5 días
In the uk they come to your class in primary but in high school you have to go to the classes
That COD Gamer
That COD Gamer Hace 10 días
Same in Greece
sanjay singh
sanjay singh Hace 10 días
Rio Baman
Rio Baman Hace 10 días
Same in Philippines
Jack Crip
Jack Crip Hace 10 días
Same in almost every Asian country Well, for me, I have to go to the computer class on my own
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