A famous singer loves me //Ep:2\\ ~The Accident~

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Kami is a gay and so is gray. Carly is date someone else is the future, will you be able to guess. Levi remains to get Jess's heart, but her heart is as cold as ice.

I will post on the weekend only :)

You might have to wait next week for uploads.

New characters coming soon!

Help wanted for character designs.


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12 ene 2019






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Janet Bullard
Janet Bullard Hace un día
In this there r 3 gay people and 2 straight people
Paula World
Paula World Hace 2 días
OMG they are guey who ever created this channel ur deas
Olivera Vulic
Olivera Vulic Hace 3 días
Vut I shipped Carly and Kami. Why my ships always must to be ruined
StarStruck _Gacha
StarStruck _Gacha Hace 3 días
Sorry this happens so much with a bunch of youtubers and I don’t get how It happens, but you said you were at 91 subscribers In January...GURL YOU HAVE 118k and it’s APRIL! Teach me your WAYS
Ellie Phoenix Fan#1
Ellie Phoenix Fan#1 Hace 3 días
Who else heard my name jeff at the end?
Pauline Stanley
Pauline Stanley Hace 5 días
i laughed spo hard on this part 1:24
Pauline Stanley
Pauline Stanley Hace 5 días
i actually meant this part: 6:24
Pauline Stanley
Pauline Stanley Hace 5 días
Edit: I meant this part 2:24
Diani Poppy
Diani Poppy Hace 6 días
I think gray is gay Am I right? ⬇️
mIsA Moon
mIsA Moon Hace 8 días
Ooooo in one part he say he is gay
CONNIE DELEON Hace 10 días
Emma Tian
Emma Tian Hace 10 días
fan_chancelMinhThu _chan
Randy Hace 11 días
Sorry I use tags ;-;
Randy Hace 11 días
Antonio Mendoza
Antonio Mendoza Hace 11 días
i knew it hes ganna sed kami stop killing me
3:27 I thought she turned into a lobster
Lucy dragoneel
Lucy dragoneel Hace 11 días
I mean idk Kami was gay soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...………. not every ppl knows
Anime Manga
Anime Manga Hace 12 días
I knew you would say I hate you!
Lei Remigio
Lei Remigio Hace 12 días
Hahaha kini got a boyfriend
Aboode Hace 12 días
His name is gray huh... remove the R so it would fit his relationship with kami :3
Fardowso Abdullahivaqqqz
Naz gamer
Naz gamer Hace 12 días
meh name is Jeff 6:24
nina sara
nina sara Hace 12 días
I hate you I love you!!!!!
Charles Fernandez
Charles Fernandez Hace 12 días
Is kami a girl??
Kawai Name Potato
Kawai Name Potato Hace 12 días
Jess:Levi I-I Carly: yesss say it Jess:I-I.....Hate u
Yabdielys Mejia
Yabdielys Mejia Hace 12 días
Levii I-I-I hate you jajjajaja
That guy a.k.a Peter
That guy a.k.a Peter Hace 12 días
I was gonna say my ship too in the beginning
Sadiya Mushtaq
Sadiya Mushtaq Hace 13 días
U said thx for 91 subscribe but u got 113k subscribes
Suzanne Bennett
Suzanne Bennett Hace 13 días
At 5:37 No wonder gray is gay because u just have to take away the r in gray to find out he is gay!😎
Missymoo Cat lover
Missymoo Cat lover Hace 13 días
Right when Gray walked through the door in liKE... THIS IS THE GAY SHIP ISNT IT?
Livingrightforthelord Harris
Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!im surrounded by gayness
Livingrightforthelord Harris
How!!!! I'm like a sidekick cause I no what people say
April D S
April D S Hace 13 días
My names Jeff 😂
Vasseli Chelioudakis
Vasseli Chelioudakis Hace 13 días
"My name is jeff " My dogs name is Jeff so when my dog heared that he ran on me 😥 But it was cute 🤤
Foxy Phantom
Foxy Phantom Hace 13 días
Brother *explotions*🤯 He’s Gay😵 OMG respect yaoi Jess:L-Levi i-i Carly and us:say it, say it Jess:i hate u 😎 Carly:my ship Me:wow savage love it also why the ships been ruined mayday Also STOP PLAYING WITH THE SCREEN UR GONNA GIVE ME A HEADACHE
Joaquin Ayala
Joaquin Ayala Hace 13 días
Lol the end
Ida Glasscock
Ida Glasscock Hace 14 días
... I’m just. Like Levi and my brother is just like kami he never lets me get kills
kak teguh bagus Aja
kak teguh bagus Aja Hace 14 días
wait for minute kami? kami mean we are in indonesian kami
STORM_raiderXD Hace 14 días
"My name jeff:
Gacha Lizzly
Gacha Lizzly Hace 15 días
Levi: my name is jeff Me : hahahahahahhahahaahahahahahahahahahha tf what did he just say i-i cant breath beacuse its so funny hahahaahhaha
Gacha Lizzly
Gacha Lizzly Hace 15 días
Jess:l-l Carly:say it say it!!!! Jess: I hate you ( wears cool glasses ) >:) Carly:my ship.. :(
I Draw
I Draw Hace 15 días
Why!!!😭😭💔do you have to do this to as this story is great but why😭😭😭😭😭😭😥😢😥😢
Alexis (Student) LEUNG
Why doesn't kina talk?
Stanley Ley
Stanley Ley Hace 15 días
Gay a kissed
Monsta X
Monsta X Hace 15 días
0:04 Carly... sis... sorry to break it to you but... it was bound to happen... 0:54 EXCUSE ME IM WALKING LIKE ZOMBIE! (Only mon bebe will understand)
Guy Chaney
Guy Chaney Hace 15 días
uhhhhh u mean porkey jorckey!!!!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😜😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😝😝😝😝😝 love u plz give me a shout out anytime lyyyyyyyyyyylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylylyly ly (means love you)
Gacha, Vikki And gaming
Poor ship.. R.I.P Carly
Dark Wxlf
Dark Wxlf Hace 16 días
Levi: you guys suck Jess: you swallow Me: OOOH EXPOSED XD
Hector Agosto
Hector Agosto Hace 16 días
Aimee Calderon
Aimee Calderon Hace 17 días
YASSSSS a gay couple 😍😍
Gurneer Araich
Gurneer Araich Hace 17 días
61 subs? GURL YOU HAVE 111K !!!!
Jennifer Porter
Jennifer Porter Hace 17 días
Jess is a savage
Plasmatic Hace 17 días
Kami and gray are gay
bana Natour
bana Natour Hace 17 días
WTF HOW DID THEY FREAKING MAKE OUT LIKE IN A SECOND 1.im talking about jesses bro 2. that was so uncomfortable 😢
Alto Paringitermsultimate
Kami is not gay not at all it is half! not that all hes right is BISEXUAL! >.> "wth is freakin going on meh?"
Alto Paringitermsultimate
Ahahahahahahahahahaha So funny I really want to laugh loud XD Kami and Jess brother are together :3
Hufflepufflez :3
Hufflepufflez :3 Hace 17 días
The first part was normal but then _WHAT_
a wild Gazelle
a wild Gazelle Hace 17 días
6:26 *HUFF* BOI
xKingJay33 x
xKingJay33 x Hace 17 días
5:42 wat did I just see
Nikita and Dhari
Nikita and Dhari Hace 17 días
91 subs? I checked and you now have 110k subs
Kayce-plays 239
Kayce-plays 239 Hace 18 días
I hope you have a good day because Jess won’t be easy for Levi to get #SadMoment
Animegirl Otaku
Animegirl Otaku Hace 18 días
*“mY nAmE iS jEfF“*
Someone U don’t need to know
I’m laughing my but off at the start
Devan Horton
Devan Horton Hace 18 días
Can someone list all the roasts in this video?
Alexia Bejan
Alexia Bejan Hace 18 días
I love the ending ‘mah names jeff’
Catjoy meowFam_FAN_
Catjoy meowFam_FAN_ Hace 18 días
6:23 me:"Guess waht... " random,guy:waht mah naem jeff
Holly B
Holly B Hace 18 días
I absolutely love it other than the gay part no offense I just feel uncomfortable
EDM TravelandTours
EDM TravelandTours Hace 18 días
Gray should be gay remove r fron gray gay
LOL “My name is jeff”
FrostBite Baby
FrostBite Baby Hace 18 días
*Best quote of the day* "Wanna be friends with benefits for now? "
i steal cupcakes
i steal cupcakes Hace 19 días
*and my ship has sailed* 😎
Beor Bertrem
Beor Bertrem Hace 19 días
The end my name is jeff😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕😕
Fathimath Yasha
Fathimath Yasha Hace 19 días
Those glasses... 4:04 that part was really funny!😂😂😂😂
sandy louise rivas
sandy louise rivas Hace 19 días
Jess: Levi... I-i ...hate you!!!! Carly: my ship have sink!!! Noooo Jess: I'm super savageeeew
pineapple lily
pineapple lily Hace 19 días
I’m just here..... enjoying the vid..... even eating popcorn 😂 the vid is good
Xx WolfiesqudxX
Xx WolfiesqudxX Hace 19 días
TᕼE ᒪᗩᔕT ᑭᗩᖇT I ᗩᗰ ᒍEᖴᖴ ᗯᗩᔕ ᔕᑌᑭEᖇ ᔕO ᐯEᖇY ᖴᑌᑎᑎY I ᑎEᗩᖇᒪY ᗪIEᗪ Oᖴ ᒪᗩᑌGᕼTEᖇ
Kenth Reno
Kenth Reno Hace 19 días
Kami: I’m gay Me: Holy crap.
Kenth Reno
Kenth Reno Hace 19 días
No one prob knows this but DAN7EH is a Fortnite youtuber lol
9I9JA Hace 19 días
When gray is walking to kami i was like No stop stap STHAP noh sthop (I because i watch this 2 times now)
Kylie Smith
Kylie Smith Hace 19 días
My name is Jeff - Levi the weird d00d
Wolfe’s gacha Rozi
Wolfe’s gacha Rozi Hace 20 días
al7adidi55 AJPW
al7adidi55 AJPW Hace 20 días
Me : Bro did you get a girlfriend today? Bro : *I'M GAY*
Michel Genon
Michel Genon Hace 18 horas
HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH ha.. ha.. ha.. * dies of laughter *
l.a quinto
l.a quinto Hace 20 días
Levi 70 yrs ago Levi started fighting titans like a boss
Edward Lames
Edward Lames Hace 20 días
I need 100 episode pls its funny not only 4!!!!
Raina Quizon
Raina Quizon Hace 21 un día
6:23 is funny
Raina Quizon
Raina Quizon Hace 21 un día
0:01 is funny and 0:39 is funny
Kiahthegreat Hace 21 un día
Um at exactly 2:30 ish can you um send help cuz im fricking dieing rn Aaaaaggghghggg
Luminous VioletGrace
Luminous VioletGrace Hace 21 un día
Next part please
Luminous VioletGrace
Luminous VioletGrace Hace 21 un día
Hahah where is ep3?
al7adidi55 AJPW
al7adidi55 AJPW Hace 21 un día
4:15 A celebrity is crawling like a baby. *G A C H A L O G I C*
stitch oc
stitch oc Hace 21 un día
Kevin Hargett
Kevin Hargett Hace 21 un día
Fardowso Abdullahivaqqqz
Me too
Cauley Trout
Cauley Trout Hace 21 un día
Haha me names Jeff hehe
Corina Magureanu
Corina Magureanu Hace 21 un día
Sophie Edwards
Sophie Edwards Hace 22 días
Reginna Gacha19
Reginna Gacha19 Hace 22 días
Awh :( I shipped Carly with Kami tho
alexis aguilera
alexis aguilera Hace 22 días
3:29 that tail tho
Andre Jed Eufemio
Andre Jed Eufemio Hace 22 días
Seriously levi said my name is jeff
sheila mari torralba
sheila mari torralba Hace 22 días
Jess:L-levi i-i Carly:I KNEW IT Jess:Hate you Carly:My ship... :'( XD XD XD
Oh in gray u can drop the r and his name we will be named “gay”
jency mercado
jency mercado Hace 22 días
My name is jeff
jency mercado
jency mercado Hace 22 días
Lol dats funny😂😂😂😂😂
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