A Hospital Run By Tik Tokers

Drew Gooden
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Welcome to Attaway General, a hospital full of unqualified teenage doctors who don't even want to be here. Seems like a good idea!
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16 jun 2020






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Zoe Hoffman
Zoe Hoffman Hace 10 meses
i waiting for you to make this video
Dragonify Amazing
Dragonify Amazing Hace 6 días
@Mopolo you
:espresso: Hace 19 días
3CH0 Hace 28 días
Blen Hace un mes
I'm so glad the person didn't edit their comment to correct it lmfao
Pillow Case
Pillow Case Hace un mes
We waiting 🤝 **soviet anthem plays**
Tatiana Blackthorn
Tatiana Blackthorn Hace 3 horas
I have no desire to watch the show, but I'm addicted to hearing his thoughts and love whatever he shows xD He can review the rest and season 2 now!!
Drew Hace 9 horas
Captain Weird
Captain Weird Hace 11 horas
I smell burning rubber. I wonder if its my brain cells
Fantasy Vibes
Fantasy Vibes Hace 20 horas
Can we talk about the fact that every single time anyone says anything they put as much passion into it as I put into math class on Mondays?
filza Hace un día
I rather die
Ducky 7677 Sloth
Ducky 7677 Sloth Hace un día
“So I’m supposed to offer you pudding or juice or something?... wanna smoke a joint” was waiting for w how bad ass that kid is
Ducky 7677 Sloth
Ducky 7677 Sloth Hace un día
People are strange when your a stranger faces look ugly... when u casted this show w these creeper scenes wtf is going on here all around. I’ll go to closest hospital across town plz
Ariana Blum
Ariana Blum Hace un día
potatopouf Hace un día
just dance. why would you do that for the "show"?
Amber McLain
Amber McLain Hace 2 días
Breaking hippa for the saddest looking chocolate bar ever made. That thing was like 1/16th of an inch thick.
DH Hace 2 días
Imagine going to the hospital for literally anything and these people are your doctors
C Kaner
C Kaner Hace 3 días
mr gooden you make good vids
Gamerschmitt Hace 3 días
Carl wasn't getting it done on Shameless so he decided to play a damaged heart patient on Attaway Hosptial. Wait.. That's NOT Carl Gallagher??
PJ Schott
PJ Schott Hace 3 días
I can't they made a season 2 LMAO
PJ Schott
PJ Schott Hace 3 días
Mr. DD
Mr. DD Hace 5 días
Wow picking medical school sure was dumb, 5000 usd in charity per week, that's more than I make in a month...
Joey Dollas
Joey Dollas Hace 5 días
When’s season2?
dean Hace 6 días
I cringed when she put gauze on his arm without even having in mind to clean the arm up or disinfect anything,,,, come on, it’s basic hygiene to at least try to not get an infection,,, and she wants to _work_ there
Reamae Flor Gelacio
Reamae Flor Gelacio Hace 6 días
Okay, I know BratTV makes the stereotypical High-School series things, but I did like their series "Crown Lake" and the spin-off "Stage Fright". They're average in a critical standpoint, but in an objective standpoint, I liked the idea of the girls side of the school having a tradition called "Heather Masterson".
Connor Lloyd
Connor Lloyd Hace 7 días
at 11:24 there is 1 frame of uncut video.
Combo Zombo
Combo Zombo Hace 7 días
The quick cutaway shot literally had me laughing so hard. I had already watched this video and for some reason I never noticed it before.
Rayan Boutrig
Rayan Boutrig Hace 7 días
hey my sisters arm was chopped off "sorry that is not a disease" cassually slips chocolate
Kamakshi Kiran
Kamakshi Kiran Hace 7 días
6:56, you're welcome.
Kevin Feeney
Kevin Feeney Hace 7 días
Very badly made
Døn't Førget Abøut TØP
This while thing has House of Anubis vibes. Love it
Døn't Førget Abøut TØP
Do they know how hard it is to get work experience in a hospital 😭😭 when i wanted to be a surgeon i literally couldn't get any, glad I chose biochemistry instead
leigh bee
leigh bee Hace 8 días
Yasmin M
Yasmin M Hace 8 días
my favorite scene is at 9:50 nurse on phone: "attaway general. no, that is not a disease." *hangs up*
LazyEmmy 542
LazyEmmy 542 Hace 8 días
No matter how many times I go back and watch this video, the Chess ad always seems like another one of those ads that I have to wait through before the video starts. Then it turns out it's not and it gets me every time.
Acethon jonker
Acethon jonker Hace 8 días
My attention span is so small that I could only pay attention to the Radiohead album in the back😂
Spoodle Noodle Productions
6:57 jarring cut
Magdalena J.
Magdalena J. Hace 9 días
The acting is so baaad....
Kerly Lanchi
Kerly Lanchi Hace 9 días
The scenes are so cringe that I can’t even watch them, I literally can’t, my eyes close or I put my phone away
ever huh
ever huh Hace 9 días
the emotion in dixies voice is immaculate
i am and idot
i am and idot Hace 9 días
cool oh its boring
Your Mom
Your Mom Hace 9 días
tv- teen volunteer
•Itz Claire Mejia•
I thought the ad was not part of the vid LOL
liv i.
liv i. Hace 10 días
The parts where you didn’t interrupt I almost couldn’t watch
Fish on Water
Fish on Water Hace 10 días
It's funny because even student nurses aren't allowed to do shit in the hospital but "volunteers" can touch whatever
Cassey Yuson
Cassey Yuson Hace 10 días
Drew it's almost been a year... please where is part 2
kukuroo Hace 4 días
yess i need a part two of this vid
The white eyed Reader
The white eyed Reader Hace 10 días
I was just watching Danny Gonzales and I thought you where Danny lol
Catherine Goyette
Catherine Goyette Hace 10 días
The acting is so bad, they may be okay tik tokkers but horrible acting.
chilledstudentvloggr Hace 11 días
"Knock yourself out" Then jumpcuts to him fainting. Lol u r genius
I don’t know
I don’t know Hace 11 días
I feel like they asked the cast what their favorite T.V show is and they all said Greys Anatomy, and they were like okay let’s just do that.
TSchiap Hace 11 días
ugh dixie needs to never act ever again... also no music
Jasp Dy
Jasp Dy Hace 11 días
And also I am not a doctor or anything but when the nurse told the smart girl about Holden or whatever that is a HIPAA violation which could cause bad problems
Kyle Hace 11 días
“Hello.” “No that is not a disease”
TenTonNuke Hace 11 días
Wait. I don't understand. Is this supposed to be a hospital run by children? Like a "What would happen if we showed adult situations but kids play the adults?" Is this the opposite of Big? Why is that small child with no medical knowledge whatsoever wrapping gauze around a dirty, untreated wound? Why are they all wearing coats that suggest they work there?
NewComic ?
NewComic ? Hace 12 días
11:56 I was born with a hole in my heart granted I was a week old and that hole grew in tumor that was removed and dosen't affect me at all except for yearly doctors appointments so can't really relate
3nz0 Hace 13 días
curly hair guy's face looks like a frickin ghost
2edge 2cool
2edge 2cool Hace 13 días
Is anyone getting recommended this video again randomly?
Disn3yNia Hace 14 días
Lol I died “ oh this that’s shit for brains Kevin “
John W
John W Hace 14 días
This show looks like comedy gold for a blind and deaf person (btw I'm waiting for part 2!)
Léo Hace 15 días
Oh I hate the Elon Musk lookalike I hate him
rice machine
rice machine Hace 15 días
Now we need a Tiktok run by doctors
Skate Spots
Skate Spots Hace 15 días
I wonder what the fatality and recovery rate is.
gwenosaurusrex Hace 16 días
the hair net and the stupidity cause they want to still look cute
Sara Carr
Sara Carr Hace 16 días
I really, truly, had a moment of “what, I thought I skipped ad, what is - are they joking??? 2020 election chess game?! -ohhh it’s a bit”
dancincoolkid Hace 17 días
wait what does that chess set actually exist
Kyla Price
Kyla Price Hace 17 días
Omg that quick cit of you is terrifying
volcanicviridian Hace 19 días
ngl, some of the lines and tropes are actually good but the acting is so soulless and the chemistry between characters is so forced it’s horrible.
Matthew Bartlett
Matthew Bartlett Hace 19 días
idky but everything about Charlie Demilio pisses me off. Whenever she's on screen I just want to throw something at my screen
Basic Hace 19 días
I can't watch this anymore. I will be dead by the time I finish this
Jacob saggypoo
Jacob saggypoo Hace 20 días
Do part two
Trey Stone
Trey Stone Hace 20 días
"Tell me more about how you suck at your job." "I bribed a nurse with a chocolate bar to get your confidential health information."
sarah lynn
sarah lynn Hace 20 días
10:58 PLSSSS
Stoat the Mammal
Stoat the Mammal Hace 20 días
Where is part 2 Drew? Its been a little longer than a month.
Madison Thompson
Madison Thompson Hace 21 un día
Part 2 or else
Sophie Benjamin
Sophie Benjamin Hace 21 un día
this is literally grey’s anatomy for children wtf down to the characters 😭😭😭
whoop Hace 21 un día
its like the producers read one enemies to lovers fanfic on ao3 and thought they could do the same thing in the course of two videos
k dc
k dc Hace 22 días
That main girl reminds me of bella from twilight, the monotone voice....I can’t even
Dread Pirate Robin
Dread Pirate Robin Hace 22 días
"This time with less blood." Very good, Drew! That's how bleeding works!
Ethan Aguirre
Ethan Aguirre Hace 22 días
Emma Hace 22 días
Why did I think that the chess commercial in the beginning was a real ad?
Emma Hace 22 días
@Tydyman200 sorry, I meant i thought it was a ESvid ad before the video started
Tydyman200 Hace 22 días
It most likely is, cause its an actual chess set
Chloe T
Chloe T Hace 22 días
not “jack” of the show being recently exposed for sexual assault. dude is gonna go to prison for real
Synth 8908
Synth 8908 Hace 22 días
Michelle Browne
Michelle Browne Hace 23 días
None of them have their hair tied up, either! It's a health hazard!
Sarah Power
Sarah Power Hace 23 días
Who on earth would leave these dumbass kids in charge of peoples lives
Joy Lawes
Joy Lawes Hace 24 días
Ohh I had no idea shes her sister Lern something new eveyday
Shaquille Biffee
Shaquille Biffee Hace 24 días
The "rebel" kid is the softest character on the show..
7ofSpades Hace 24 días
ᴼʰ, ʸᵒᵘ ʳᵉᵃᵈ ᵗᵒᵒˀ
Laney Hace 24 días
I think about the first thirty seconds of this video all the time. Really was the 2020 mood
Rowan Hace 24 días
The imagination games my friends and I played in third grade had more plot and character development than this professional show
a g
a g Hace 25 días
my grandparents got my dad the political chess set
HurricaneSZN Hace 25 días
Putting criminal teens in charge of others wellbeing seems to be a remarkable idea Edit: I thought it was gonna be Amanda behind you on the couch
E E Hace 25 días
I waited through the whole ad to see your cat. I was not disappointed
Rachel Counts
Rachel Counts Hace 26 días
I have the chess set that was at the begging
JuneFlower OG
JuneFlower OG Hace 26 días
Jokes on them, I’m an “adult” 😉
Lucy Thompson
Lucy Thompson Hace 26 días
Why are they all acting like reanimated corpses
Kit Hace 26 días
the fact that you can hear all of their horrible mouth noises is so gross oh my god
VaidVilson Hace 27 días
10:58 "Knock yourself out"
Reality Hace 27 días
Knock yourself out *faints*
madeleine dasilva
madeleine dasilva Hace 27 días
9:51 "attaway general. no that is not a disease" LMFAO WHAT
Malaika Wazeer
Malaika Wazeer Hace 28 días
do mani lmao its sad
moony Hace 28 días
Did the show just forget that this holden kid was admitted because of an accident? like sure someone can have a rare heart disease and also get into an accident but why even introduce him like that lmao
TheBendalorianBricks Hace 29 días
They talk like robots. It has no f***ing emotion. Why are these so bad. This video is so much better than these f***ing “episodes”
Skillfire .Six'o'clock
Couldn't finish the video
Kachungawunga Hace 29 días
this show is a masterclass on how to speedrun a hospital drama
Maria Poley
Maria Poley Hace 29 días
this- this is really bad. that’s all I really have to say cries
Sam Schaefer
Sam Schaefer Hace 29 días
This is literally greys tf
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