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So last year I tweeted about how a lady tried to steal little Belle. Here's what happened. :O
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CypherDen Hace un año
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Izabela Kosterska
Izabela Kosterska Hace 9 días
I sadly cant buy it :(
Gwyn Stuckless
Gwyn Stuckless Hace 21 un día
CypherDen The final comment also by the way you’re awesome
Tsuki The Føøx
Tsuki The Føøx Hace un mes
LittleJenny 99
LittleJenny 99 Hace un mes
dog sounds like but in spanish so maybe she said spanish spanish spanish but for drugs
Rosie animations
Rosie animations Hace un mes
That lady wanted to trade you drugs for Belle
Luis Franco
Luis Franco Hace 5 horas
She meant she is for candys
John Mark Caluyo
John Mark Caluyo Hace 9 horas
3:44 is this filipino or spanish
Sun Light
Sun Light Hace 12 horas
Oh yay you filipino ako din
anime girl
anime girl Hace 19 horas
She asked for "candy" like saying she needs ur dog for drugs
wolfy pink wolf
wolfy pink wolf Hace un día
You said follow me
Nadeem Ali
Nadeem Ali Hace un día
She said : thats my dog!
Chlos Blog
Chlos Blog Hace un día
so she probably thought you were walking her to where she needed. And with the stepping in with the dog, she might have thought belle was running away so maybe she was tryna stop her from "running away" but that doesn't explain afterwards 😳
Nebula 51 -
Nebula 51 - Hace un día
The lady was saying ‘But for drugs!’ ‘My drugs’
Yaretzi Ferrer
Yaretzi Ferrer Hace un día
She probably wanted to get ur dog then sell her for candys also I know Spanish
nico incorporated
nico incorporated Hace un día
She said dog for drugs
Zenith Xarenix
Zenith Xarenix Hace un día
This is why New York is my official nope zone, because I know my jail time will be racked up from hole punching faces... I very violent... If I saw that though I would have probably put a hood on and screamed as loud and long as I could. Also that lady had no brains left if she wanted the dog for drugs, especially if she was on the "never will understand you" lane.
No entendí, pero los subtitulos están bien. I did not understand, but the subtitles are fine. Thanks traductor-chan.
Tristen Jefferson
Tristen Jefferson Hace 2 días
What happened to the lady after you call the police
Petr Král
Petr Král Hace 2 días
Love your animations!!! 😁😁
Antonio zamora Jr
Antonio zamora Jr Hace 2 días
yen theng liew
yen theng liew Hace 2 días
OMG that was a close one!
Olive The Nanday Conure
I hate you bletch
Luna Gamer6
Luna Gamer6 Hace 2 días
I’m Mexican so I can translate it means dog for drugs so she tried to grab and sell your dog
miguel mejia
miguel mejia Hace 3 días
I know spanish and i think she was trying to get the dog to sell for drugs
Win Alda
Win Alda Hace 4 días
Uy! Nag-sasalita ka ng filipino. (Hey! You speak philipino.)
Raed Tawill
Raed Tawill Hace 4 días
delilah lopez
delilah lopez Hace 5 días
She was going to sell the dog for candies
Bubby_o Hace 5 días
Well drogas is drugs
Shaggy UI
Shaggy UI Hace 5 días
Me when that gay kid in my neighborhood (that tried to suck one of my friend peen-us, and then lied and said that it was my friends fault) ask to pet my dog: 6:50
Bonita Hace 5 días
She wants you to give her belle and she will give you "candies"
•Reindeer_Spein• YT
Story: I was haveing lunch at my school and I was about to eat this apple until.. Apple: pls nu I was shocked and I made a face for the Apple.. I was gonna throw my lunch away and I was holding the apple until my Apple I mean.. the Apple and it fell off my hands.. then *someone stepped on it*
Quinn Tuplets
Quinn Tuplets Hace 5 días
Lookin good den
Kacie Franks
Kacie Franks Hace 6 días
I feel like she is saiying that is my dog just a guess
firewolf 4580
firewolf 4580 Hace 6 días
google translate
Creeeper Awww man
Creeeper Awww man Hace 6 días
What I think she said: give me your dog so I can sell her for drugs
angel ruiz
angel ruiz Hace 6 días
My simbiel is a mask of jason
angel ruiz
angel ruiz Hace 6 días
I cut help you for Spanish go to my Facebook in angel ruiz
Maiajo Robin-Underwood
N.y has more people in it then my country.....
Lupita Lopez
Lupita Lopez Hace 7 días
omg i see her
jonatan Trejo
jonatan Trejo Hace 7 días
She said ill give you drugs for the dog
BB Hace 7 días
Its not drogas its rocas also rocks in english
Eevee galaxy
Eevee galaxy Hace 7 días
Go away lady / vete señora
Eevee galaxy
Eevee galaxy Hace 7 días
He can't speak go away in Spanish vete
Pro Juniors
Pro Juniors Hace 7 días
She is saying that’s my dog it’s mine and I want it that’s what she said.
Lance Marion Mico
Lance Marion Mico Hace 7 días
Schleich horse lover 46
She wanted to trade candies for your dog... just why?
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez Hace 7 días
I think she sed trocas
Alfredo Lopez
Alfredo Lopez Hace 7 días
That means for trucks😊
Karina Ivanov
Karina Ivanov Hace 8 días
Go away in spanish means vete and you were right drogas means candys
Dante Moreno
Dante Moreno Hace 8 días
drogas meen drugs i now cuse i speak Spanish
Irean- Dere
Irean- Dere Hace 8 días
From my communication skills in other languages I think the lady was saying at the beginning that she was asking if she could pet your dog. But I could be wrong knowing Im not great at other languages besides Russian, and Japanese.
SparkItUpJohnny Hace 8 días
i would have got tons of vaporeons
Jennifer Navarro
Jennifer Navarro Hace 8 días
Go away in Spanish is: Sal
Gacha Gurl
Gacha Gurl Hace 9 días
Den and her dad: **Talking in Filipini** Me: FINALLY! A LANGUAGE I DON'T NEED ENGLISH SUBTITLES FOR!!
Greencxffe̸ Hace 3 días
Skykiller Gacha_patatoe
oohhh fleas on rats fleas on rats
leonardo decandia
leonardo decandia Hace 10 días
dangerous cat
dangerous cat Hace 11 días
Grill I love your hair😚
Bella Gonzalez
Bella Gonzalez Hace 11 días
She wanted to sell your dog to get drugs
Purple Guy Navoa
Purple Guy Navoa Hace 11 días
NAG pilipino ka ako then e
YA LIKE JAZZ Hace 11 días
La mierda no sabia que no TENÍAN DROGAS The shit didn’t know THAT THEY DIDNT KNOW DRUGS
Yailine Gonzalez
Yailine Gonzalez Hace 11 días
Dog for drugs
angela hall
angela hall Hace 12 días
Belle is so cute!!😱😱😱
Lovisa Andersson
Lovisa Andersson Hace 12 días
Why lady why if I saw a lady or a boy trying to snatch my PETI would literally called the police and wonder out of jail and they do the same thing I will snatch her start sneaking her like eight I don’t know her as a killer
Nikan Hamoonpou
Nikan Hamoonpou Hace 12 días
I wont do candys but i will do drugs
Lps ActionTV
Lps ActionTV Hace 12 días
I am always talkin spanish and transaltion:dog dor drugs.she wanted to trade for Belle!!!!!😤😤😤SHES TOOOO CUTE
ritali85 Hace 12 días
Hey go away is '' vete'' in spanish
ritali85 Hace 12 días
Autolike 😢
Ashley Hill
Ashley Hill Hace 13 días
New stalker me I subscribed
I Love kittens
I Love kittens Hace 13 días
Candy like kid 🍭candy:👍 Drugs 💊:👎
Marchella Casaol
Marchella Casaol Hace 13 días
Filipino ka pala
Sitora Art
Sitora Art Hace 13 días
Like on my comment of russian girl im uzbek but i talk to russian i love CypherDen love you so much😻
Nicole Salazar
Nicole Salazar Hace 13 días
Penguin Polar bears what.
Raul Astudillo
Raul Astudillo Hace 14 días
My cousin also has a pomerainian but it's white and brown called cocao
Gaming Villager Twins
Gaming Villager Twins Hace 14 días
The lady said to give the dog to sell for the stuff
Saki B Hoyu
Saki B Hoyu Hace 14 días
Probably wanted the dog to pay for drugs
Southern Wulf
Southern Wulf Hace 14 días
Ew New York
Martha Aguilar
Martha Aguilar Hace 14 días
What language do you speak
The Bleach Drinker
The Bleach Drinker Hace 14 días
The lady wanted to sell the dog for “candies”
clayton singleton
clayton singleton Hace 15 días
She was saying i want that dog i will sell some drugs to you or i think
『Wonder Chan』
『Wonder Chan』 Hace 15 días
I think she said I will trade drugs for dOg
Larken Raine
Larken Raine Hace 16 días
Lean 1234
Lean 1234 Hace 17 días
She said dog for drugs
Kurt Hamphrey
Kurt Hamphrey Hace 17 días
Are you a filipino ok rin ikaw pala filipino
sea fun with junior
sea fun with junior Hace 17 días
I think she to take belle and use her hair for candys
Shalvi Kumar
Shalvi Kumar Hace 18 días
Drogas is not candies at all, it dog
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