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So last year I tweeted about how a lady tried to steal little Belle. Here's what happened. :O
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23 dic 2018






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CypherDen Hace un año
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I’m the biggest Weeb
Thehe the last comment no one can’t comment anymore couz this is the 500 comment
RatHumanQWQ Hace 20 días
CypherDen a
MrPatrickhfisher Hace 2 meses
hi this is my first time watching your videos btw
ande7370 ande7370
ande7370 ande7370 Hace 3 meses
She wanted ur dogs for drugs!!! Oh nooo!
Wrench Hace 3 meses
The lady wated to stil youre dog to buy drogs
Jeremiah Gomez
Jeremiah Gomez Hace 9 horas
it means bog for the candy
ZoeHotDog HD
ZoeHotDog HD Hace 9 horas
Samantha Patricio
Samantha Patricio Hace 13 horas
She said for the truck
Aiden Debora
Aiden Debora Hace 16 horas
That a cute doggo it cute
JT of The unseen
JT of The unseen Hace un día
Listen if belle tried to attack me my dog josi would literally destroy belle
v i b e f o r e v e r
Dont do drugs kids or you die
??? Ramirez
??? Ramirez Hace un día
But for the grugs I think that is what she said..
Banana man
Banana man Hace un día
Yeah kids don't do candies it makes your *CrAzY* and see some *wEirD* stuff That's why kids just do *dRuGs* Note: this is just a joke
Banana man
Banana man Hace un día
Ahhh Filipino ka :D I don't need the subtitles because I'm Filipino :3
•• Hace un día
Okay , but why does her dog remind me of yeontan 🤔
Bambam Doh
Bambam Doh Hace un día
You know philipine words girl well thats swell
SyncEatsNoodles Animations and Stuff
looks like Yeontan to me.
Vips909 Hace un día
Go away = vete
Sarah Vazquez
Sarah Vazquez Hace un día
Crazy lady: I'm going to need your dog Cypherden: touch my dog and you wish you were never born
Cyber Kat :V
Cyber Kat :V Hace un día
Keep your raccoon safe
Area51Addiction 858
Area51Addiction 858 Hace 2 días
Since i Know Spanish She Said "Dog For Drugs" So She Wanted The Dog For Drugs So She Was Intoxicaded Or On Drugs.
Choc21 ui
Choc21 ui Hace 2 días
JD Gallegos
JD Gallegos Hace 2 días
She meant give mah your dog for drugs
Sneha Upadhyaya
Sneha Upadhyaya Hace 2 días
Just telling ya . I know Spanish so I think she was going to sell your dog for “ candy “ you know cause perro means dog , para means for and drogas is candy or you know what ...
BT 7274
BT 7274 Hace 2 días
Im a Filipino to
agent powie616
agent powie616 Hace 3 días
me dougas means you drug me LOL LMAO LMFAO
10K subscribers with no videos challenge lol
Boiiiiiii yo so prettttyyyy gallll
Alex Molonitas
Alex Molonitas Hace 3 días
She said give me you dog for dr*gs
Jostein Ulnes
Jostein Ulnes Hace 3 días
Omg this is my first time u
Puffy and friends Dragon
Me when I here someone lives in New York their done
Alejandro Santana
Alejandro Santana Hace 3 días
It means truck
Charles Ivan Dionisio
Yo if this happens to my husky ill be rushing just to save my precious doggo
Mikey and Leo Turtle time
If tried to grab my dog *grabs gun leave me alone with your big long nose looking self*
shamika timilsina
shamika timilsina Hace 4 días
she probly thought you siad follow me
Asui JC
Asui JC Hace 4 días
I think she thought u were leading her to the destination or something
seua.draws.cebollas Hace 4 días
she wanted to sell belle for drugs Den
Peep Egg
Peep Egg Hace 4 días
She said dog for the trucks
Clockwork Natalie
Clockwork Natalie Hace 4 días
Gems Camarena
Gems Camarena Hace 4 días
The lady said dog for drugs
Student Madison Cardenas
I think when she said "But for the drugs”
Sans The Skeleton
Sans The Skeleton Hace 5 días
She actually wanted to trade her for candys/drugs
CallMeSnoozy Hace 5 días
She was trying to steal your dog and sell it for drugs I mean candies
Dajana moon
Dajana moon Hace 5 días
Knine Gaming
Knine Gaming Hace 5 días
In case people need to tell people to frick off in Spanish this is how Frick fuera
2026: Erin Melanie C. Goerres
this bish wanted to sell your dog for "candy" thats a big no no
Kimation Productions
Pero para las drogas translates to either But, for the drugs Or Dog, for the drugs Because Pero = But and Perro = Dog
Yolande O'Kelly
Yolande O'Kelly Hace 6 días
Oh she want to stell your dog and sell it for candys
James Lorenz Arias
James Lorenz Arias Hace 6 días
Support all Pilipino Animators❤😇
Angelina Hernandez
Angelina Hernandez Hace 6 días
I'd give them a chancla if I were you
Kareena Beatty
Kareena Beatty Hace 7 días
I think she thought that you were giving her directions. O>O
Luciana Bonilla
Luciana Bonilla Hace 7 días
Who here is Ecuadorian Ecuador is so cool :3
Evan Castillo
Evan Castillo Hace 8 días
I think she's what to sell the dog
haylie 97
haylie 97 Hace 8 días
With my little knowledge of Spanish I think she's saying dog for drugs
haylie 97
haylie 97 Hace 8 días
Like as if you get for the dog and she can get herself drugs
Hi den! Since i know i know how to speak Spanish just a litte What the lady said was "But for the drugs"
Ryan K
Ryan K Hace 9 días
You said my mom wants my mom
Comix comic
Comix comic Hace 9 días
ecuadorian is lithuania i live there🇱🇹 and its hard speaking it cuz i always mix english and lithuania words so yeh have a nice day guys! (lithuanian) turėkit gera diena visi!
Ramon kalvik
Ramon kalvik Hace 9 días
perro para las drogas means dog for drugs so she wanted to trade bell for drugs or give you drugs for bell
Simona Lazar
Simona Lazar Hace 9 días
7:05 you are that blue yellow red flag?? I think thats romania cuz im from there and i know my country so its romania
Sarraya Lopez
Sarraya Lopez Hace 9 días
I don’t know Spanish but my family speaks Spanish some times and it was so fricken funny
Twins Hace 9 días
Uriel Noyola
Uriel Noyola Hace 10 días
Yo I'm Hispanic and it was perfect Spanish but all she was doing was following you cuz she thought you had drugs as you're trying to use your dog for drugs two
Ashley Pilsner
Ashley Pilsner Hace 10 días
Oh the lady was following you cuz she thought you were giving her the direcitons (sorry if i spelled something wrong my grahamer is bad)
Lizabelle Stockman
Lizabelle Stockman Hace 10 días
And I no your Twitter name from the stalker vid
Lizabelle Stockman
Lizabelle Stockman Hace 10 días
And den2cypher is cool too
Lizabelle Stockman
Lizabelle Stockman Hace 10 días
Aàyyy Alex can you make a lil joke plz this is Ethan by the way
Jay Mat
Jay Mat Hace 10 días
Me encanta este youtuber este es el mejor youtuber del mundo jeje! I speak spanish lol!
AdrianTheWolf Animation
Ya better hide ya kids,hide ya wife,hide ya racoons,hide ya dad,hide ya mom,hide ya sister,and hide ya precious lil baby
Ayden Anderson
Ayden Anderson Hace 10 días
Fuck you
Cash Cantu
Cash Cantu Hace 11 días
A Flareon is what they need
Oh Lol so
Oh Lol so Hace 11 días
DROGAS is dog go to hell
Yoshimasa 「 よしまさ 」
Britt Ritter
Britt Ritter Hace 11 días
😭😭😭 he’s so cute!!!!
Monkiki Power
Monkiki Power Hace 11 días
I mean I know Spanish and I think she wanted to steal your dog to sell it and get DrUgS and then with the kid, IDK she was/ might be mentally ill
Blue charmander 95
Blue charmander 95 Hace 11 días
I think she wanted ur dog for drugs
lego yoda
lego yoda Hace 11 días
Pretty sure she wanted bell to trade her for candys
Ok Ok
Ok Ok Hace 11 días
These kinda stories get me so paranoid of this actually happening to me.
Juliancito Torres
Juliancito Torres Hace 12 días
She said drugs
》N'tet_playz Gacha《
My dog got stolen. That boy claimed that Cielo(yap u heard that right) went missing for 5 years when my puppy, Cielo, was just born -_-. Frick him
Wolf fox pack girl
Wolf fox pack girl Hace 12 días
I think she said I give Canby for dog
Melody the wolf
Melody the wolf Hace 12 días
Oh my gosh if that lady trying to steal your dog KICK HER IN THE FACE!!!!!
Chris Najarro
Chris Najarro Hace 12 días
That lady is on drugs and mentally
ÉĽÏ FÃ Hace 12 días
Omg god your so cool i like your hair dye
Alma Gutierrez
Alma Gutierrez Hace 13 días
JT of The unseen
JT of The unseen Hace 13 días
I am gonna sub anyway
A continuación
rest in peace Mia
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