A Legal Slave Uprising? | United States v. The Amistad

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For more about the Amistad Case, check out "Mutiny on the Amistad: The Saga of a Slave Revolt and Its Impact on American Abolition, Law, and Diplomacy" by Howard Jones, available here: amzn.to/2OhyMmM
In episode 37 of Supreme Court Briefs, a slave uprising on a ship called The Amistad leads it to the shores of the United States, where the Supreme Court eventually determines their fate.
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Havana, Cuba
June 27, 1839
A Spanish ship called The Amistad (ahmichad) leaves for the Province of Puerto Principe (prince e pay), another part of Cuba. On board, 53 illegally purchased African slaves. On July 2nd, one of the slaves broke free and freed others on the ship. Soon there was an uprising. After a big struggle that resulted in the deaths of the captain of the ship and at least three others, the slaves took over the ship, forcing two dudes named Jose Ruiz and Pedro Montez to redirect the ship across the Atlantic Ocean to Africa. Ruiz and Montez deceived the Africans, however, and ended up sailing the Amistad up the east coast of the United States, dropping anchor just off the coast of Long Island, New York, on August 26, 1839.
The United States Revenue Cutter Service...wait wait a second...What the heck is this organization? Well just think of them as the Coast Guard before the Coast Guard existed. Anyway, the United States Revenue Cutter Service, led by Americans Thomas Gedney and Richard Meade, arrested the Africans after they reached the shore and took custody of the Amistad. Gedney and Meade made sure the Africans were brought to Connecticut, since slavery was still technically legal in that state.
After President Martin Van Buren found out about them, he was like, send them back to Cuba to go on trial. Spain, who controlled Cuba at the time, was like “yeah, bring them here.” After all, the Amistad was a Spanish ship and Ruiz and Montez were Spanish citizens. Britain chimed in since they had a deal with Spain prohibiting the slave trade south of the equator and said that this slave uprising at sea fell under international law. But a bunch of abolitionists were ultimately able to pressure the United States government to keep the Africans in the country, and they got a trial in the District of Connecticut. Keep in mind that at the time, the slave trade was illegal in the United States. The Africans were charged with mutiny and murder.
In court, there were a lot of people involved and wanting stuff. First, Ruiz and Montez argued the Africans were slaves and their property. They also argued that since the slave trade was legal in Spain, they had a right to regain control of them. And then there was a lawyer representing Spain, who argued the the slaves rightfully be returned to Ruiz and Montez or sent back to Africa. The Africans, who were represented by an abolitionist group called the Amistad Committee, all argued that they were born free in their native Africa and unlawfully kidnapped to be sold as slaves. Plus, they landed in New York, where slavery was illegal. The Amistad Committee also accused Ruiz and Montez of assault, kidnapping, and false imprisonment. And then, Gedney, as well as several others who helped Ruiz and Montez “rescue” the “cargo,” aka Africans, argued they deserved a piece of the pie. They were like, we helped you get your slaves, so can we have a few? Another Spanish dude named Antonio Vega tried to get the captain’s personal slave, claiming he actually owned him. Whew. What a mess of a case.
The district court ruled that the Africans aboard the Amistad were unlawfully kidnapped, and ordered the U.S. government to return them to Africa. It was appealed by Martin Van Buren to the Circuit Court and then to the Supreme Court.

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mitzvah golem Hace un mes
Haiti uprising
Kyle Maljevac
Kyle Maljevac Hace 3 meses
Interesting that Roger B. Taney voted in favour for Amistad, cause he's the supreme court judge that gave the Dred Scott decision. The worst Supreme Court decision in American History!
Tom Patterson
Tom Patterson Hace 5 meses
United States v. Ninety-Five Barrels Alleged Apple Cider Vinegar
crushsatan Hace 8 meses
Please discuss the legal case for or against reparations for the descendants of slaves, thanks.
Thomas Kolter
Thomas Kolter Hace 9 meses
The movie was excellent and I recommend seeing it. *Amistad*
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please keep making videos...Its going to be special.
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When I first heard of the Revenue Cutter Service, I first thought it was just a fancy name for tax collectors
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The Supreme Court briefs are the best, it's a shame not so much people get to see them, please keep them coming!
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Carl Clausewitz
Carl Clausewitz Hace un año
It is interesting that Taney voted for the Africans in this case, but voted differently in the Dred Scott v. Sandford.
Ian Moore
Ian Moore Hace un año
The coast guard did exist
Jose Starks
Jose Starks Hace un año
Wow! Slaves earn the right to not be called slaves and to go back home in the 1840s! That's astounding!
mr knocc down a flower chongo killa flower killa
Only because they was kidnapped a lot was and never returned 😭😭
Christian Topayung
Christian Topayung Hace un año
It's amazing that Chief Justice Taney vote in support for The Amistad
TheSSUltimateGoku Hace un año
So the one justice died before giving his opinion which means they would’ve only had eight justices at the time so it could have ended in a tie which is not a good thing luckily only one person vote against the africans. Making it a landslide victory and not needing a tiebreaker.
Mr. Beat
Mr. Beat Hace un año
If it is a tie it goes to the lower decision.
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This US Supreme Court ruling was one of the few noteworthy events that happened during William Henry Harrison's month long Presidency,
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Mr. Beat
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That means so much. Thank you!
Mr. Hooty
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Please never stop making this show! It’s a perfect blend of being educational and interesting! Sometimes real life is just really fascinating and Supreme Court cases offer a treasure trove of fascinating history (both in good and bad decisions).
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What I find really ironic is the ship's name. "Amistad" means friendship in Spanish. There's nothing more friendly than slavery, right?
Mr. Beat
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All my friends are my slaves!
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