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Gaurav Taneja, being the man of many talents has lived his life being productive with whatever he does. He talks about his own journey and how he learnt that its never too late to change one's passion. He believes the key to being successful is to step out of your comfort zone, into the unknown, to discover yourself. Gaurav Taneja An aviator, Captain at Indigo, Civil Engineer from IIT Kharagpur, National Pro Athlete (IBBF) , A certified nutritionist, fitness expert and a vlogger. Known for giving logical and scientific information about fitness, he has gained over 800k subscribers over a short span of time for his Channel 'FitMuscle TV'. A man with a great sense of humour, unique storytelling ability he also took his vlogging channel 'Flying Beast' to another level. He is indeed 'The Renaissance Man'. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at www.ted.com/tedx

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1 feb 2019






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Nikhil Champ
Nikhil Champ Hace 3 horas
I think all are very hardworking who are successful on ESvid
Broken Gamer
Broken Gamer Hace 3 días
Audience ka koi to reaction hona chahiye bhai??!?!?!?!?!?! IITian ko dekh kar manipal wale marr gaye shayad.
Devansh Singh
Devansh Singh Hace 5 días
I am in the same school were Gaurav sir had studied, i.e. Dr.V.S.E.C. Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur......but i am not as good as him in studies😔😔
Megha Negi
Megha Negi Hace 5 días
He is the best you tuber .. literally m obsessed with his vlogs ..
YEFARplays Hace 5 días
Plz check out my funny exe video Im doing youtube very hardly Im sure you won't regret watching it I do really good editing Plz check it out
Josh Henry
Josh Henry Hace 5 días
He's no more a pilot just a fancy vlogger now
Factaddict TV
Factaddict TV Hace 6 días
Why is it in my recommended 1 year later?
Kamal Jeet
Kamal Jeet Hace 6 días
You are gem..so hardworking❤❤👍
Alita Angel
Alita Angel Hace 7 días
Jawani ki bhi demand hoti hai🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.
The best video to watch in this lockdown.. and to get your work done... Thank you for this suggestion you tube
Rohit Datta
Rohit Datta Hace 7 días
Just to mention jo log bol rahe hai manipal se hai iit ka baat nhi samjhenge Microsoft ka ceo manipal se hai
Naresh Koudagani
Naresh Koudagani Hace 8 días
Who's watching this in 2020 Like tokoo
No one
No one Hace 9 días
Shadi k baad Sylvester dikhte h bhai
Suyu’s World
Suyu’s World Hace 10 días
You are a fighter 👍
Vivek Tandel
Vivek Tandel Hace 10 días
My Favourite ESvidr 👌👌👌👌
_ unfuckwithable
_ unfuckwithable Hace 11 días
The audience came for the coffee, I think..yah it's good coffee not to blame them.
Devashish Rathour
Devashish Rathour Hace 13 días
The best talk I ever heard❣️
Devashish Rathour
Devashish Rathour Hace 13 días
The worst audience ..He is trying hard to entertain and motivate but crowd is fuckin morons
Megha Kumari
Megha Kumari Hace 13 días
6:08 audience response!🙏
Sandilya Kashyap
Sandilya Kashyap Hace 14 días
This man is an inspiration ♥️
Rajat Dubey
Rajat Dubey Hace 14 días
3.38 Nepotism spotted
yuva phalle
yuva phalle Hace 16 días
I Googled what to say at Google talk🌚
Anime With Aakash
Anime With Aakash Hace 16 días
Very bad jokes
Reyaz Hussain
Reyaz Hussain Hace 16 días
Just subscribed to his channel what an amazing guy😂
Saniya Kapila
Saniya Kapila Hace 16 días
Moo baa.....la la la
Sam Gallon
Sam Gallon Hace 16 días
I am fan of your dad 😁
Saniya Kapila
Saniya Kapila Hace 16 días
@Sam Gallon yes🙂
Sam Gallon
Sam Gallon Hace 16 días
Are you a raspberry?
Gagandeep Chanania
Gagandeep Chanania Hace 18 días
No one laughed on his jokes,I felt very bad for him because when the things don't go what you expect than it is very demotivating
Gagandeep Chanania
Gagandeep Chanania Hace 18 días
ESvid algorithm let's recommend a tedx video after 1 year
sangmesh kalasagond
sangmesh kalasagond Hace 18 días
lots of love to Rasbhari
YogaYog Hace 20 días
Kaun kaun "flying beast" fan hai like karo
Fre4k Hace 20 días
They are rich brats ...they can't relate to anything you said sir ....but it's most inspirational and related video I have ever seen.
Harpreet kaur
Harpreet kaur Hace 22 días
outstanding sir finally u r on tedx talk,u r the best 😊
yes star
yes star Hace 22 días
If he was middle class how did he afford piolet training cost
Rakshit Bisht
Rakshit Bisht Hace 20 días
loan bhi milte hai dost. baap manager h unka.
p s
p s Hace 22 días
He is my inspiration🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
shabana Baloch
shabana Baloch Hace 22 días
Sir You are amazing 🙌 u inspired me alot
P D Singh
P D Singh Hace 23 días
Who's watching after Sushant Singh incidence
Binee Z
Binee Z Hace 24 días
Waooo Gaurav on Ted
Akshay kumar
Akshay kumar Hace 25 días
Best imperfect speech ever
Harsh Gupta
Harsh Gupta Hace 25 días
This was a perfect motivation speech for teenagers. He discussed those daily life problems whether it is related to career or it is household chores. He explained it all through his experience.
Vaibhav Mavani
Vaibhav Mavani Hace 27 días
I don't know how time went while watching this video. Really great TedX Talks I've ever seen. Thank You, Sir.
BULBUL SINGH Hace 27 días
Full inspiring
INDER ASLA Hace 27 días
Same happened nd happening with me..I hope will happen continue 🤣
Chetan Apandkar.
Chetan Apandkar. Hace un mes
Worth laga video dekh.
Ujwal Athawale.
Ujwal Athawale. Hace un mes
Crux : Life me kuch bhi karo, lekin poori jee-jaan laga do and finally one day success is yours.
kunal bharti
kunal bharti Hace un mes
Bunch off fools were sitting in the audience .
SUMAN KUMARI Hace un mes
Thnc sar for the right way to think about lyf
yashi p
yashi p Hace un mes
Vijay Shankaran
Vijay Shankaran Hace un mes
Funny. Students getting inspired from this drama company guy. 😜
S Nandra
S Nandra Hace un mes
Can't decide whether to speak Hindi or English. You are so confused.
Shalabh Ranjan
Shalabh Ranjan Hace un mes
This man always inspire to work hard to fulfill your dreams.
Vijay Solanki
Vijay Solanki Hace un mes
Piranjal Kumari
Piranjal Kumari Hace un mes
he is a gem
Rahul Singh
Rahul Singh Hace un mes
You are not a good speaker bro!!! Lacks content
Priya Chauhan
Priya Chauhan Hace un mes
Now that's what we call a talk !! Huge respect for sir 🙏
M Guru
M Guru Hace un mes
Hey I'm here from flying beast army.....
Adarsh Rana
Adarsh Rana Hace un mes
Fa18 BSCS 314 HAFIZ Usama
Zabardast Bhai🔥 Stay blessed 🙌
hima sri
hima sri Hace un mes
Am a flying beast fan and came across this video today and idk how but he just said exactly what I needed and what I was searching for♥️♥️♥️....Jin jwabo ko mein dhundh rhi thi wo mujhe milgye 🥺♥️
kshama mishra
kshama mishra Hace un mes
He is an inspiration ❤️❤️
AJAY KUMAR Hace un mes
Extraordinary person with that kinda hardwork...
Niraj Kamble
Niraj Kamble Hace un mes
ANIL GODARA Hace un mes
Khushal Singh
Khushal Singh Hace un mes
Great Sirji..💪👏
Ananya De
Ananya De Hace un mes
Two things, please have motivation but remember stability. He did not give out stabilize forms to feed himself and just feed on his motivation.
manas panigrahi
manas panigrahi Hace un mes
The most inspiring social media influencer
sachin rathod
sachin rathod Hace un mes
Teamgaurav 😁
shrey sethi
shrey sethi Hace un mes
FlyingBeast army💪💪❤❤💯
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh Hace un mes
Nobody: Gaurav: I graduated from IIT Kharagpur
inspiring :D
akshat sao
akshat sao Hace un mes
Best part of video 18:45
Amol Kale
Amol Kale Hace un mes
Bhai hindi mai bolate hai bohot badiya lagta hai 👍
Ayesha Nayak
Ayesha Nayak Hace un mes
Love u sir....my favorite utuber.
🙌🙌🙌🙌 🙌🙌🙌
MiKuSa Hace un mes
Respect from bottom of my heart...♥️👍
klikbykanika Hace un mes
Really inspiring video.. you can follow your passion at any age
Minakshi's Interest & Passion
One word Passion!! Loved it👍👍
Reyansh Mishra
Reyansh Mishra Hace un mes
16:16 relatable hai ekdum, muje lga mai MBA krunga books leli classes lga liye mja ni aya drop kr diya plan.
Himani Malik
Himani Malik Hace un mes
Dead crowd
Priya Chowdhury
Priya Chowdhury Hace un mes
Flying beast ❤
Ankit Kumar
Ankit Kumar Hace un mes
Dil se bol diye aapne sir. The only video which is so honest to me. Thanks a ton to everyone and Sir.
Sarah Chowdhury
Sarah Chowdhury Hace un mes
8:01❤ It should be enough for every student 😌
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