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Day breaks over a landscape consecrated by blood and steel. A battle begins as a new dawn rises.
Behind The Scenes: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Q40IfQbYlSw.html
Explore more: na.leagueoflegends.com/en/creative-spotlight/new-dawn


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22 jul 2014






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The Loobis
The Loobis Hace 9 minutos
WTF is this?
Arviansyah Mu'arifat Sidiq
So Good cinematic
Nshan tv
Nshan tv Hace 4 horas
Nice anime
SomeGuyXD65 Hace 8 horas
Ahri and Leona deadass chasing into enemy jg with no vision, getting hard carried by this Graves and Rengar just for Ahri to KS at the end
Bisorelion S.O.L
Bisorelion S.O.L Hace 8 horas
3:20 no one wanna talk how the head of katarina is BOOM?
Kosti Hace 10 horas
2:00 adc 2k20
Alexey Popov
Alexey Popov Hace 19 horas
C HLIRY Hace 19 horas
1:58 2020 AD ...
LegenDTriX Hace 22 horas
Moral of the story: kung may magpapahabol, alam mong gank yan. Kaya atras kaagad.
Kevin Jonathan Sianturi
End of the line
martyyykun Hace un día
The Graphics and quality is so very nice, hindi katulad ng isa jan puro update hmm HAHAHAHA
Mayara profeta
Mayara profeta Hace un día
Ahri you r the best
TriceraToast Hace un día
Gilang Pranoto
Gilang Pranoto Hace un día
When Leona is not a milf
Nathan Hace un día
Can we talk about that Nautilus' E?
YAM YAM Hace un día
Nautilus' "E" is Badass.
Gramy Garciano
Gramy Garciano Hace un día
Graves is so cool. My champion in Wildrift
Ken Justine Rapista
Ken Justine Rapista Hace un día
2:11 This is where they've got Roger in Mobile Legends... wtf
JokerIGNA Liberato-toliongco-deFiesta
2020 🙂🙂🙂
ᴇᴍᴇғ ᴅOᴏ
ᴇᴍᴇғ ᴅOᴏ Hace un día
Mobile legends cinematic left the group
Jorge Basulto
Jorge Basulto Hace un día
8 passengers
Bernabel Torres
Bernabel Torres Hace 2 días
She a nine taild fox
Ralph Gumarang
Ralph Gumarang Hace 2 días
Imagine tyler1 and nightblue fighting in this cinematcs😂😂
Benji4 Sir re
Benji4 Sir re Hace 2 días
my breath stinks.
MisterJohnsonCruise Hace 2 días
What a bloodbath...a perfect illustration of League of Legends!
Giorno Giovanna
Giorno Giovanna Hace 2 días
How many deathcaps was Nautilus wearing under that armor to one shot Jax?
Jay Lawrence De Luna
6years ago wow
Lil Red eye
Lil Red eye Hace 2 días
I speak English
Jabami Yumeko呼ばし
1:55 draven giving zyra's plant some water
Rika Tadu Hungu
Rika Tadu Hungu Hace 3 días
This video more older than game name ML
Kevin Villarmia
Kevin Villarmia Hace 3 días
League of Legends is a copy of Mobile Legends
Beast Sapro ツ
Beast Sapro ツ Hace 3 días
Ahri is more like a nana in ml
Sivaramakrishna Shriraam Sundaram
This hasn’t changed. You still need 3 players to kill Darius. He is a bully basically
Andres Chairez
Andres Chairez Hace 3 días
i am dying i need more
Valdéz Quirós Mauro
I hate Ahri :c
Temtor Hace 3 días
24 7
24 7 Hace 3 días
The grahpics is so cool
little teemo
little teemo Hace 3 días
Who feeded nautilus
B U M B L E B E E Hace 3 días
Bro Jaxx trash
Lloyd David
Lloyd David Hace 3 días
When Graves was still an ADC
Mojo the Evil Monkey
I can't believe that Ahri has come this far. From being chased by enemies to being chased by paparazzi's and music lovers
Pee Noise
Pee Noise Hace 3 días
It's already 6 years and still better than Mobile Legends animation 😂 *triggered kids incoming*
RENGOD main Hace 4 horas
no triggered kids here cuz even they agree
Nice One
Nice One Hace 4 días
3:17 I love this part 🤣🤣🤣
YEBER MLB Hace 4 días
Incredible the great changes that iso RIOT in the game.I can't stop watching this cinematic!!
Gameable Droid
Gameable Droid Hace 4 días
Erdal Ekin Buyru
Erdal Ekin Buyru Hace 4 días
The best cinematic in lol whos here in 2020?
rainn0 Hace 4 días
3:19 LOOL
Xejiro Hace 4 días
5:59 * Draven respawns *
Kyle Desu
Kyle Desu Hace 4 días
This is 6 years ago but still better than ml
Gabriel Wong
Gabriel Wong Hace 4 días
Can’t wait for Wild Rift!
Monochrome Hace 4 días
I kinda wanna see Cho, zac, and Galio next to this Naut.
3rdINFINITE Hace 4 días
Do they plan to make this canon!?
MP9 .M
MP9 .M Hace 4 días
O my God this game is so cool
Mark Raniel Dadea
Mark Raniel Dadea Hace 4 días
2:55 oohh
Nicolle Dubon
Nicolle Dubon Hace 5 días
Someone should totally make movies about all this it would be awesome
/fit/ is dead
/fit/ is dead Hace 5 días
This is still the best league cinematic
Main Yasuo
Main Yasuo Hace 5 días
esta cinematica justifica porque ahri es tan odiada
PSYCKディオゴ Hace 5 días
ALGUEM 2020 ?
Shaina Calma
Shaina Calma Hace 5 días
Time gone so fast, I still can’t believe 6 years passed- Such great animation
Arganta Mirza
Arganta Mirza Hace 5 días
And Then Come LCU ( Legend Cinematic Universe ) :V
Martin's Anims
Martin's Anims Hace 5 días
I love how Draven dies first during the clash, *The accuracy*
João Dutra
João Dutra Hace 5 días
Mano esse rengar apelao
sultan dimaik
sultan dimaik Hace 5 días
Pls bring back the old fiora. Pls
Sprintz 4k
Sprintz 4k Hace 5 días
Nooo why did my fav champions get slatured ;__;
荒.神 Hace 5 días
in real: darius penta kill
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Buồn Thiệt Chứ!
Buồn Thiệt Chứ! Hace 18 horas
Lâu xem lại hay phết
psycho gaming
psycho gaming Hace 6 días
Pangit Ng video mo
N I Z A R Hace 6 días
Better than mobile legends cinematic
la peste negra 124
la peste negra 124 Hace 6 días
3 doritos despues: darius: ff al 15 no team nautilus: jaja me hice una doble siendo el supp
Birch Boy
Birch Boy Hace 6 días
Wtf why isn't Ahri using charm report.
Santiago Hace 6 días
Darius: Report Draven afk
Akbar Pasaribu
Akbar Pasaribu Hace 6 días
Why did y'all just standing, hurry push
ElkayLive Hace 6 días
Leona :")
PitBloc Hace 6 días
Legends say that Darius still 1v9 fights up to this day
No Sirve
No Sirve Hace 6 días
this is where all started
John Paul Breguiles
John Paul Breguiles Hace 6 días
Noob Ahri. What happen t.o her charm ability?
Ian Labaro
Ian Labaro Hace 6 días
All of those for a sly vastayan
Fuwosjgx Yeuusgz
Fuwosjgx Yeuusgz Hace 7 días
ya allah plz forgive me stop watching this
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 7 días
Ainda será o melhor trailer
Mayrom Cori
Mayrom Cori Hace 7 días
yo quería que gane el team de noxus:c
Jan Grzenkowicz
Jan Grzenkowicz Hace 7 días
woowangkgoodk Hace 7 días
어웨이큰이랑 워리어스에선 칼들고 패는척만 하고 피 한방울도 안나오는데 이 때가 진또배기였네 ㄹㅇㅋㅋ
golden otis
golden otis Hace 7 días
Even adcs go the same way in animations lol
Bolwing Hace 7 días
2:54 Rule 34 artists: Write that down!
gp 504
gp 504 Hace 7 días
Pos gg
kyline pine
kyline pine Hace 7 días
Katarina mains??
hayori _chan
hayori _chan Hace 7 días
Nautlius: haha ap go *BONK*
Christian Paller
Christian Paller Hace 7 días
9yrog Hace 8 días
Jesus that was violent
Sal Sushi
Sal Sushi Hace 8 días
just realized that the "bad team" vs " the new team" is really just bad guys/noxus vs junglers.
Sal Sushi
Sal Sushi Hace 8 días
When Leona W so op it saves her from darius R
Vojtěch Rybnikár
Vojtěch Rybnikár Hace 8 días
jg diff
Anti FBI account
Anti FBI account Hace 8 días
I like how darius is OP even in cinematic
Jermaine Lontoc
Jermaine Lontoc Hace 8 días
Why did Nautilus afk half of the game?
Mugar Yolo
Mugar Yolo Hace 8 días
old graves :(
Iain Leadbeater
Iain Leadbeater Hace 8 días
How did graves and a ahri survive against nautlius' attacks? The fore from naut knocked them back so hard that they didn't lose any height and they both smashed their heads
burak erdogan
burak erdogan Hace 8 días
2:56 gren brother do not see
Robby Naftaly Matulessy
Who cames here after wild rift?
Papa Gengu
Papa Gengu Hace 9 días
It's funny that I hate every single champion in that cinematic...
G0RD Hace 9 días
grabe ang lupet,, walang ganito kagandang cinema ang ML. 😂
khaled samy
khaled samy Hace 9 días
leona looks amazing
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