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If you saw the Comedy Central Roast of Alec Baldwin, you know that these roasts are typically very funny and brutal too. But, Comedy Central came up with a great idea to balance things out. Next Sunday night, Comedy Central is airing a roast that appeals to those who aren’t comfortable with the traditional roast humor with Whitney Cummings, Henry Winkler, Jimmy Kimmel, Natasha Leggero and Jeff Ross.
Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down Democratic Debate esvid.net/video/vídeo-Ud6wHgFyS1c.html

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A No-Trigger Comedy Central Roast


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17 sep 2019






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Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown Hace 8 días
Sri Kruthardh
Sri Kruthardh Hace 24 días
It's hilarious how the narrator thinks that no one will be triggered
sghound Hace 29 días
the roast for those easily butthurt 2019
Scomany Hace un mes
When even liberals mock SJWs then you know SJWs have gone so far.
Nikola Bijeliti
Nikola Bijeliti Hace un mes
AFRICA FOR THE AFRICANS, ASIA FOR THE ASIANS, BUT WHITE COUNTRIES FOR EVERYONE? Anti-Whites tell us that White people and White countries don't exist. Then they flood ALL White countries and ONLY White countries with non-Whites until, within a few decades, there will be no more White countries and, eventually, no more White people. Under international law, that is genocide. Don't let the words "diversity" and "multiculturalism" fool you. They are simply codewords for White genocide. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.
Lalit Kulkarni
Lalit Kulkarni Hace un mes
Waiting for Jimmy’s video on Matt Damon in Ford vs Ferrari
DouglastheDragon 01
Ok but like this is cute
DJMichaelAngelo Hace un mes
*shudder :o this is terrifying :( if members of the handwringing perpetually-offended "outrage brigade" had their way, this is the kind of sad dreck that WOULD make up roasts nowadays! thank GOODNESS Comedy Central refuses to let themselves be held hostage by the snowflakes and SJW's of the world
Yafet Shibeshi
Yafet Shibeshi Hace un mes
I don't get this. Can someone explain
Dave Levy
Dave Levy Hace un mes
The great Norm MacDonald already did this.
John Doe
John Doe Hace un mes
Who else read the title wrong
ZedsterX Hace un mes
That last joke has me cramping up from laughing so hard. .....with Bea Arthur's.......
pheonixd2 Hace un mes
This will actually be a comedy Central roast next year
Sadie Hallinger
Sadie Hallinger Hace un mes
Everything's so damn PC these days. What are you doing, snowflakes! :) hahaha
Monique Ayala
Monique Ayala Hace un mes
1:50 Ha! Children’s Hospital! God I miss that
God Jihyo
God Jihyo Hace un mes
Wasn't he on hank zipzer?
Sebastian N. S. V.
Sebastian N. S. V. Hace un mes
Making fun of political correctness on Late night TV? Things are finally turning around!
Dan Bee
Dan Bee Hace un mes
"Everybody is equal" *crowd laughs* 🧐
All joking aside, this is how its going to be soon!
Jason Moyle
Jason Moyle Hace un mes
That is going to be piss weak.
Nex us
Nex us Hace un mes
Reed Brooks
Reed Brooks Hace un mes
Americans 2019
NicKeLas Hace un mes
Yeah, I never got that roasting thing and thought it was an awful show to come up with. This one, however, looks just pointless and pathetic. I can't believe they are going to make a whole show or even a series of those. A short parody on ESvid would've been enough for this premise. But who cares, I don't even have Comedy Central. So, carry on with whatever you think is a good idea for a show.
Robert Dziarmaga
Robert Dziarmaga Hace un mes
are you playing dumb
Offensive Defender
Offensive Defender Hace un mes
It's not Comedy Central it's comedy Cemetery
JeffC Brown
JeffC Brown Hace un mes
But like.............Melanie?
Fred Rodrigues
Fred Rodrigues Hace un mes
Lol bad move Jimmy, 90% of your audience is composed of whiny liberals sjws.
Pak RT
Pak RT Hace un mes
Funnier than the Alec Baldwin roast. Much funnier.
Real Paranormal Oahu
So, instead of being blatantly assholish they're being sarcastically assholish... 👍
Real Paranormal Oahu
mavfan1 yes, you did...
mavfan1 Hace un mes
Real Paranormal Oahu awww you missed the point entirely.
Freya Simpson
Freya Simpson Hace un mes
New Message
New Message Hace un mes
Kevin's even shorter now.. considering the spine crushing.
Taylor Marie
Taylor Marie Hace un mes
I love Henry Winkler so much. Sweetest man ever 😭😭💕💕💕
JustBE Hace un mes
This was just Andy Samberg’s roast set
Gurkirat Singh
Gurkirat Singh Hace un mes
Welcome to the snow flake era, YOU'RE WELCOME, I mean everyone's welcome he he 😬
Kai Elan
Kai Elan Hace un mes
Norm did it best 👍
Miguel Cotrich
Miguel Cotrich Hace un mes
That’s funny I would definitely love to see that Lol
Jordan Patriarca
Jordan Patriarca Hace un mes
Omg so funny
Vladimir Putin’s Clone
Jimmy didn’t look to happy about this one
MVP League
MVP League Hace un mes
I love it. There is so much negativity in society now of days like why not just compliment ppl and make it funny..... cheers ❤️😂😂😂
gn lilu
gn lilu Hace un mes
Jimmy I freaking love you 🤣 omg! This is funny
Daniel Romanski
Daniel Romanski Hace un mes
If the loud minority had its way this is the kind of world we would be living in.
These Nuts
These Nuts Hace un mes
Damn I didn’t realize how much Natasha wants everyone to know she’s Jewish now
diana Hace un mes
Elle Hull
Elle Hull Hace un mes
Ummmm Winston Bishop invented this. It’s a honey roast
Rainbow Unicorn Empress
Elle Hull 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 🙌🏽 Yes!
Pedro Silva
Pedro Silva Hace un mes
Hey, Snoop is here. Someone said its to smoke the pipes of peace. He just heard the smoke part. Heh.
snipes wesley bartel
Norm Macdonald started doing this first. 💙🌞🐓😿🎵🎶🌟👑🏆🌙😨💰🍷🚬⛵🌎🐝🎂🎧🌊🌈😉⚡🎅🍺😈🔥💜 -snipes wesley bartel
Rob Li
Rob Li Hace un mes
I miss Greg Giraldo. Anybody remember him? RIP my friend.
Victoria V19
Victoria V19 Hace un mes
Melanie! Melanie! Melanie!
Alex McCaffrey
Alex McCaffrey Hace un mes
There's nothing funny about these jokes. I don't get American humour.
Alex McCaffrey
Alex McCaffrey Hace un mes
@rawrbro69 I think this is why I don't find it funny. The jokes are to lame to be funny. Do it properly or don't do it.
rawrbro69 Hace un mes
Alex McCaffrey so he was saying here’s a roast that dose not offend anyone
rawrbro69 Hace un mes
Alex McCaffrey because in the real roast they crack jokes about eachother but like low blows but in America everyone is overly sensitive
Alex McCaffrey
Alex McCaffrey Hace un mes
@hamd52 oh thanks. How's that funny though?
hamd52 Hace un mes
Of course, if a joke has to be explained, maybe it's not so funny after all, but just in case you're serious: The joke is that it's a lame roast where no one viciously rips into anyone. That would just completely suck.
Joshua Nguyen
Joshua Nguyen Hace un mes
What Michael Scott from The Office was expecting
Bryan-Dylan Weast
Bryan-Dylan Weast Hace un mes
Socialism is championing and the World narrative is sickening... The power struggle of left(liberal, socialist, extremist, communist) against the right(conservative, Nationalist, Federalist, progressive, populist) will use these narratives to continue its double loop arguments that create the decline of the quality of our lives. Too bad they are going to lose against the center (Transhumanism, posthumanism, technocrats, silicon Valley, neocapitalist) agenda because they figured out a way to slip in between this social Marxism dialogue and use advancement of open source society(AI, DL, ML, software, algorithms, psychology theory) to persuade us to agree with their views(Cambridge Analyitca) by taking a alternative application of oration to achieve their ideology. (Innovation) (IT)
Bryan-Dylan Weast
Bryan-Dylan Weast Hace un mes
To be more specific as to where I stand. I believe in self understanding and not trying to define everything into requiring a meaning. Sadly to define something is to say it's irrefutable fact.. although in my opinion it seems to represents my ideological perception of the social environment. Creates a dialogue for these double loop arguments that give way to undue suffering by short term disproportionate gains of the deplorable construct at and wins that lead to no long term solution for humanity. Living in the duality and awareness of suffering for me is the key to OPEN dialogue to suggestion and change as long the intention of the incoming information isn't deceptive. With the internet and youtube I ADMIT I am not above persuasive influence and error, my initial comment was out of haste and not fully formed. I apologize for that.
Bryan-Dylan Weast
Bryan-Dylan Weast Hace un mes
I'm for neither of these. The center political and social party is the advantageous use of advancements of science, technology or pseudo justice the deplorable party uses to induce predictable dialogue between right and left.. BOTH sides are complicity synonymous of one another in that people do bad things whens it's convenient.
elissa f
elissa f Hace un mes
You make zero sense and you have no clue what you're talking about. It's the far right whose been attacking us with Cambridge Analytica, and your equating social democracy with fascism is utter bollocks, when it's the right that is screaming towards fascism. Get a clue.
Nathen Kawaii
Nathen Kawaii Hace un mes
We need melanieee
Lilly H
Lilly H Hace un mes
Monique Ayala
Monique Ayala Hace un mes
Then watch the Melanie clip. This is not it.
Nathen Kawaii
Nathen Kawaii Hace un mes
Plz post melanieee
M Z Hace un mes
Kevin hart is dying that's not nice
eric brown
eric brown Hace un mes
almost looks like what comedy has become
Sr Drugs
Sr Drugs Hace un mes
Cadê a Melanie porra?
Gladys Salazar
Gladys Salazar Hace un mes
I see Henry Winkler, I click
marine47ncaa25 Hace un mes
I just really wanna know...what present does Henry Winkler have in his trunk....
Rohan M
Rohan M Hace 29 días
its ur mom
Mastema Hace un mes
im guessing bricks of weed.
Steven O
Steven O Hace un mes
a dead detective
marine47ncaa25 Hace un mes
Jesse Torres made my day lmfaooo
Jesse Torres
Jesse Torres Hace un mes
A foot long joint?
Luke Loberg
Luke Loberg Hace un mes
Im getting mad that you havent had spice adams on yet
moiraine_damodred Hace un mes
welp Jimmy stole Andy Samberg's bit from the Bieber roast...
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