A Quiet Place: Day One | Official Trailer (2024 Movie) - Lupita Nyong'o, Joseph Quinn 

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Discover why our world went quiet. Watch the new trailer for #AQuietPlace: Day One - only in theatres June 28.
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6 feb 2024






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@paramountpictures Hace 14 días
@LemonyLemonOfficial Hace 14 días
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
Finally it’s completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i4M1FY8lT7Q.html
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
But please, no spoilers
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
It’s about to start :)
@vritra-kidzone2673 Hace 14 días
@AllgoodthingsTv Hace 14 días
Has a bigger budget Cloverfield vibe to it. Has potential!
@shadea.3827 Hace 14 días
That’s exactly what I thought. Been missing “Cloverfield” like movies.
@alexflores4262 Hace 14 días
@@shadea.3827frrr I heard they’re making a cloverfield 4 that’s a direct sequel to the 1st movie tho
@luxraee Hace 14 días
ugh love cloverfield
@UrbanNoizeMusic Hace 14 días
Lol my thoughts it exactly. This is what i wanted for Cloverfield
@Lori-lp6uc Hace 14 días
​@@shadea.3827 You said it!!❤
@StraightUpRC Hace 9 días
I WAS soooooooooooooooooooooo hoping for more from this universe! Can't wait! they could do "Day 1" films for SO MANY places experiencing day 1.
@crispycream6385 Hace 8 días
Yes. Kinda how they did with bird box. I hope they make more movies in that universe to
@FruityPranks Hace 7 días
Not diverse. We want more Indian cast for this franchise
@shyamgopal3327 Hace 7 días
@@FruityPranks Okay.
@sayantanmazumdar3 Hace 7 días
@@FruityPranks As an Indian, I think we should keep this diversity bullshit out of art. If a person has talent, they will get cast regardless of their race. Just like the actors ( Lupita & Djimon) in this film. Also judging from your pfp and name, it seems like you are a troll account.
@Notfakeultra Hace 6 días
@@FruityPranksjust because there’s no Indians doesn’t mean it isn’t diverse… you’re dense
@gojeta1982 Hace 9 días
The cat will give away thier position at least once 😂
@niles8102 Hace 8 días
Hace 7 días
😄 All cats go to...🤔...😄 yeah 9 lives is up for Bunker the Cat lol.
@nikkicat254 Hace 4 días
Rather have a cat then a dog, the dog would have started barking when it first happened, she wouldn't even be in the rest of the movie, then, lol!
@ZombehPanda Hace 4 días
I don't know if this is true for all cats but I know that when my cat is scared it stays quiet. Anytime we are in unfamiliar places traveling she stays silent. She only makes noises when comfortable at home. Still... I know at some point it will make noise and that makes me so sad already.
@michirumaeda Hace 3 días
Hope the cat survives
@karishmashaikh188 Hace 6 días
Congratulations John Kransisky... You did it🎉
@kayliean Hace 2 días
an excellent artist deserving of all success
A Quiet Place in June and Deadpool 3 in July. It’s going to be a fun summer, I am ready!!!
@imdbhd Hace 6 días
deadpool is already dead movie. don't know why sequels are coming
@josefmengele181 Hace 6 días
And a civil war in November
@snakeeye209 Hace 5 días
cringe opinions@@imdbhd
Godzilla in march
@Wilfordquotes Hace 4 días
April...we gonna have rebel moon 2 ' The Scargiver
@Chuy426 Hace 6 días
A quiet place has been by far my favorite set of movies, I have watched the first and second over and over
@deescott8312 Hace 3 días
@BomermanRules Hace 2 días
Really, saw the first thought it was mid.
@MinersLoveGames Hace 14 días
Having it start out noisy and crowded only to taper off into silence and emptiness is going to make this movie even scarier.
@nickcharles1284 Hace 14 días
Hello bot.
@dl30wpb Hace 14 días
@Rofflestomper Hace 14 días
@@nickcharles1284hello bot.
@shitface1704 Hace 14 días
Kinda like what the 2nd movie did? Lol
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
It’s finally completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i4M1FY8lT7Q.html
@Ironhart Hace 9 días
Whole cinematic universe he has created! And he keeps expanding it! Love it
@MyZ001 Hace 5 días
no, it's just a movie with a sequel and now a prequel. There is no "cinematic universe". That would mean spinoffs that are indirectly connected but take place in the same universe
@jean6515 Hace 2 días
​@@MyZ001 well,to some,it's a cinematic universe. There is so much that Krasinski can do with it....but I do understand where your coming from
@averyb.476 Hace 7 días
Here for it! A Quiet Place is setting up to be an all time great trilogy. Loved both of the first two movies
@mikeeferrer Hace 4 días
This had me on the edge of my seat. Nothing beats the incredible soundtrack, atmosphere, screenwriting, and construction of this film from the ground up.
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 3 días
thank you very much for your comments and support
@alejandrocastro211 Hace 9 días
so happy of seen this becoming a growing franchise!
@user-ei4wo3np4i Hace 4 días
The first two were bangers and I absolutely plan on seeing this one, too! The Quiet Place and Don't Breathe franchises are two of my favorite suspense/thriller franchises to have come out in modern times!
@paramountmovies Hace 14 días
Spooky season in June? Yes please! 🤫
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
Finally it’s completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i4M1FY8lT7Q.html
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
Let’s get it !
@RyanRennoIds Hace 14 días
This will be massive
@ProductOfGodReturnz Hace 14 días
@HyperHrishiHD Hace 14 días
@sh4llowsz Hace 8 días
props to the lady for carrying her cat even though theyre being chased
@That1Gamer-sx9zx Hace 9 días
Me and my mom love this series of the quiet place (I’m 14) and the month of June is in my birthday 🎂 so this will be a great birthday this year
@jubilee.x6440 Hace 2 días
Happy early birthday!!
@bob8686 Hace 2 días
Happy early birthday! Hope you have the most fabulous day and enjoy the movie with your mum :)
@nibadii6849 Hace 4 días
Lupita Manze umeweza kwa him movie much love from Kenya
@greenplasticgun Hace 9 días
I tell you who refuses to age, Djimon Hounsou refuses to age.
@yourgirltheory Hace 6 días
YESSS I am so excited to see Lupita Nyong'o in another horror film! I love the way she brings her characters to life with such intention and emotion. Day 1 is going to be epic
@JP0411 Hace 2 días
Is this Lupita? I cant tell
@ChoppedCheese311 Hace 2 días
@@JP0411Read the title..
@chicken Hace 10 días
Was that Djimon Hounsou again? That dude is such a great actor -so much emotion in his roles. Dude doesn’t get enough recognition.
@artembentsionov Hace 9 días
He has an excellent episode about his character in the second season of Wayward Pines
@thenate49x34 Hace 9 días
Not yet... Not yet ;)
@jgrant4736 Hace 9 días
He was in movie #2
@Pinkkkkk Hace 9 días
Dj mom is amazing
@DudditsXCII Hace 9 días
Yea this is his character from part 2's back story
@Anonymous-cn6zl Hace 9 días
Loved Lupita in US. Can't wait to see this ❤❤❤
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 8 días
thank you very much for your comments
Yes she is a great actress ‼️
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BukezFinezt Hace 9 días
Looooved the first two ones! Excited for this!
@shyanj3160 Hace 6 días
The last two was awesome I can’t wait to see this one!!!!
@emersonsims9503 Hace 8 días
In the second movie of "A Quiet Place"; the start showed supposedy how it happened when John Krasinski was still alive (Day 1)... This was during the baseball seen when everyone looked up and saw the creatures coming to Earth in the sky
@qadreya Hace 7 días
Yaaaaay im soo glad Dijimon is back
@ShotsAnimals Hace 11 días
Save cat ❤
@TheNomadicJamaican Hace 10 días
Must be saved!
@jaefrmbk2k Hace 10 días
It's a wrap for the cat 😄
@ihatemyownsocks Hace 10 días
@amieclay8409 Hace 10 días
I only want to know one thing… does her cat live 🐈‍⬛🐈
@kyderahwilson Hace 8 días
Yes I’m excited this looks truly amazing
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
thank you very much for your comments and support
@ayushshukla9_ Hace 7 días
waiting for it...huge fan of this franchise
@shailasingh5684 Hace 6 días
So lyupita you got a new movie congratulations
@deepeshbasnet1974 Hace 7 días
So excited for the sequel but the story is gonna be a prequel and being a fan of a quiet place movie the ticket is sold in advance because i don't wanna miss it. Besides i love Lupita in the horror movies and can't think of others except her.😍😍😍
@user-hp8ix8px2c Hace 3 días
The first two movies were perfect. I cant believe how they keep making it better with each movie also the casting keeps getting better and better too. I am so excited for this!!!
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 3 días
thank you very much for your comments and support
Not the second one
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace un día
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace un día
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace un día
@antonioparamo2048 Hace 13 días
You know what’s great? To see movies not following the path of others….. this franchise has so much stories to tell. And this is one of them.
True. It's great that they are making another point of view of the story.
@dazzamurray8407 Hace 13 días
Same actor from quiet place 2
@antonioparamo2048 Hace 13 días
@@dazzamurray8407 yes! It’s like they gonna show how he ended up on that island
@raskolnikov1461 Hace 13 días
This movie is totally predictable. Stop lying.
@federicofavilli3277 Hace 13 días
​@@raskolnikov1461 Totally agree
@sumitmastud4804 Hace 9 días
what an idea. first they create something which is not contemporary. 2 parts. now they are with contemporary one. Day one. Kudos. great strategy. This franchise is ground shaking.
@dillardjish6864 Hace 7 días
Exactly what the people wanted to see action somewhere loud where its impossible to be quiet thank you
@Girlust Hace 6 días
I love this movie series. I hope it will continue every year 🎉 I have never seen such experience before.
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 3 días
thank you very much for your comments and support
I bless your generosity, my highest gratitude and appreciation for all the love and support you have been showing me and my music, I’m grateful
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 2 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 2 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 2 días
@dogdog4173 Hace 8 días
exactly what we needed
@WildWoofGaming Hace 4 días
Dude this movie series just proves how a movie series should be made. No cash grabs, just a coherent story for the love of making the story
@511kinderheim. Hace 11 días
we seen the country side of things, now we get to see how it went down in the city. excited
@dennis3753 Hace 11 días
the scene with the herd was just insane...like where they going lol
@theclashking2697 Hace 11 días
@@dennis3753 probably a similar scene to war of the worlds when the military comes in force thinking they can smash them with firepower but end up getting slaughered
@nel1962 Hace 11 días
Also how these things defeated the military. Hopefully.
@nel1962 Hace 11 días
@@theclashking2697 I was always curious about how they beat the military. In war of the worlds it was superior tech, firepower and shields. But how did the aliens here overcome air power?
@godfreyodenigbo95 Hace 11 días
@nel1962 so far, too deal damage to them, they need to open up rust shell thing
@TyanahDove Hace 9 días
Still haven’t seen the second one yet so I can’t wait to binge watch 1 and 2 and then head to the theaters 🥰
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 8 días
thank you very much for your comments ❤
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 6 días
Having Lupita Nyong'o and Djimon Hansou together is the selling point for me. If not for them, I wouldn't consider seeing this movie, but now I will.
@urielgalvan1095 Hace 4 días
Right I like them both.
@Ajay-Sheoran Hace 4 días
This is a very different and best story movie. Salute to the thinking of the writer and even more to the producer who supported this story and invested money on this story. 
@loukabutahe8747 Hace 9 días
The episodic style and nested stories each of the previous two movies incorporated was simply mind blowing of a concept to incorporate with such an awesome narrative and plot. This is going to be fabulous~ 🤩🤩
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 8 días
thank you very much for your comments
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 21 un hora
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 21 un hora
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 21 un hora
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 21 un hora
@traceydavis4774 Hace 7 días
Djimon Hounsou AND Lupita Nyong'o???? Oh I'm there!!!!
@chicken Hace 10 días
I'm so excited to see Lupita and Joseph on the big screen together 🤩🤩
u are an interesting fellow Mr.Chicken i have been watching all the new trailers and you ae always one of the top comments. i tip my cap
@chambersr1176 Hace 9 días
Why? Because they're both African?
@chambersr1176 Hace 9 días
Why? Just because of their shared heritage? 👀
@Opraissuu Hace 9 días
​@@bubbapumpkinsfour8142he's farming😂
@milanlawson9341 Hace 9 días
@@chambersr1176 they do not have shared heritage...
@warrenreid6109 Hace 4 días
The thing I love about prequels is that if done well it makes you want to go check out the movies that follow that you had for some reason never seen. This is going to be one of those movies.
@samlin1968 Hace 6 días
Ooh, I think THAT's why Djimon Hounsou had to decline being in Gladiator 2. Such a shame, I would've loved to see him in it. But I'm so happy to see him in this one. One of my favorite actors, really underrated.
@danarthur771 Hace 4 días
yes!! it's Djimon Hounsou. love the man since blood diamond. WHAT IS LEFT!?!? ughh, so epic
@startune-wr9ot Hace 7 días
It's gonna be a masterpiece 🫶
@angelramos2680 Hace 6 días
So excited ! I’ve been binging on part one and two of this film 🎥
@LM22102 Hace 13 días
I love how the cat is so chill, while everything is happening. It's like .. yep.
@KeenEyeStudios Hace 12 días
It’s a cat. It’s just like “yeah I could take em’.” The little high and mighty fluff ball.
@tamarachirwa2024 Hace 12 días
😅Here hoping it doesnt meow 😬
@Ankhakaru Hace 12 días
For all we know it was the Cats that masterminded the whole thing 😅
@GodhandPhemto Hace 12 días
Spoiler: Cats are actually the scouts for the creatures
@stellacaerulea6015 Hace 12 días
Because it’s not a cat it’s a flerken.
@latoryafiske7135 Hace un día
I can't wait to see part 3 frfr!!! 💯 💯... part 1 was incredible and part 2 was so incredibly sad and uplifting. The preparations for her delivery and their survival and the scene of her giving birth and how it all unfolded 😔 and the scene of the dad screaming/sacrificing himself for his family 😔 😢 😔 😢.. And then part 2 picking up where it left off while showing the backstory as well!! This is how you tell a visual story at its finest frfr!!!! I love everything about this movie from start to finish frfr. The visuals, the actors, the direction of photography *Chef's Kiss* 😘 💯
@thestarseeker8196 Hace 9 días
Lupita now part of the franchise turns this from a day one to an hour one for me
@dmd406 Hace 2 días
its been a long time i have'nt been in a cinema(theater). surely i'm going to watch this on a big screen.
@merlinho0t Hace 6 días
I love Lupita Nyong’o and this franchise so I’m very excited for this one.
@GodGotYou212 Hace 6 días
When I tell you I am HYPE for this film! Ms. Lupita?? AND Mr. Djimon Hounsou?!? That man know he stay in some roles lol I'll be there. Though I am tired of Hollywood's prequels/sequels/remakes, I would love to see this origin story!
@piusdoe8984 Hace 14 días
I could watch various people from around the world go through these disaster first contacts endlessly. Can't wait
@TheCriticaIDrikner Hace 14 días
Finally it’s completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i4M1FY8lT7Q.html
@TheCriticaIDrikner Hace 14 días
Everything okay piusdoe?
@@TheCriticaIDriknerbot 🤖
@chiquita683 Hace 14 días
Walk outside
@MSinistrari Hace 14 días
Same here. For how many of these are set in the UK or America, seeing other countries responses is a breath of fresh air.
@kreagle Hace 9 días
Enjoyed parts one and two. This new version looks fantastic
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 8 días
beautiful thank you very much for your comments and support
@BillyJoel-up6xl Hace 8 días
thank you very much for your comments and support
@h__u__g__x Hace 5 días
Cilian Murphy running is hilarious 😂
@uallisonpaula6378 Hace 4 días
Smart move to go back to day one, see how it all began. Have so much to work with. I’m all in. Can’t wait
@BS-dq1kz Hace 9 días
I simply cannot wait! It can’t get here fast enough!
@yonycka16 Hace 7 días
I'm so into this movie!!! What an amazing team behind. Love it! Lookin' forward 🤩
@ThirdEchoMedia Hace 14 días
I think the novelty alone of seeing these creatures invade on a mass scale is enough for me to go see this
@nickcharles1284 Hace 14 días
And... what would be novel about it?
@knightmare5097 Hace 14 días
@@nickcharles1284 We haven’t seen these creatures on a mass scale attack people also on a mass scale. We got a taste in the beginning of Part 2. But this is even bigger.
@Logypoo Hace 14 días
@@nickcharles1284the fact that they were barely shown at all in part one, and still not very much in part two. It’s novel because we now have a better understanding of just how many of these things there are and how hopeless it makes us feel
@bat1579 Hace 14 días
@@Logypoothe CG is horrible and the creatures design is goofy, they never scare me
@nickcharles1284 Hace 14 días
Story telling is different than originality. There isn't an original (novel) idea or concept on display here. That is we have seen it all before. The only question is - once we set aside our disbelief in the ludicrous plot - is how well they tell the story. We have seen this setup over and over. I would point out that the reason "Jaws" and "Alien" and "Predator' were so successful was because of the very fact that the monsters were barely seen in most of the movie. This made the horror and suspense all the greater. Now consider the extended Jaws and Aliens franchises, and what bad movies they produiced. When your monster is not only revealed, but becomes major star in the films, their suspense value is eliminated and all you have to rely on is script and filmmaking: something modern Hollywood is virtually incapable of doing well. @@Logypoo
@Tiannoran Hace un día
YES!!! A Quiet Place has turned into a Trilogy!!! I admit, I was hoping to see what came ofter the events of the 2nd movie, but this will do. The guy at the end helping the woman is the guy who brought everyone to the island. I did want to explore more of how the island strong hold came to be, since it was explained in the second movie. Now we get more insight on that!
@april4149 Hace 3 días
Can't wait to see lupita, I love her acting since she joined in Us movies
@iqbaalali9110 Hace 3 días
This year gonna be Joseph Quiinn’s era!
@azeralovesthis6240 Hace 9 días
Need to watch this! Can't wait
Love thid kind of movie where you work on your survival instinct
@hudsontge1203 Hace 14 días
You can already tell Lupita is going to nail this role!
@TheCriticaIDrikner Hace 14 días
Finally it’s completed: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i4M1FY8lT7Q.html
@TheCriticaIDrikner Hace 14 días
Oh absolutely
@TheCriticaIDrikner Hace 14 días
This was nailed
@HaTer-xs8sh Hace 14 días
She's overrated
@vampiregraves Hace 14 días
​@@HaTer-xs8shnah shes perfectly rated, other talented actors are just underrated 🤷
@alpinestarzR1000 Hace 9 días
Bruh the short screams that turn into one long scream while showing clips of the movie make the trailer intense
@user-gp6yc5kf5c Hace 5 días
Whys the music giving me chills bro😅
@thedudeabides7652 Hace 8 días
I truly love origin movies when it tells the details. Not just throwing you into the movie.
@chorizojoe8282 Hace 7 días
NO WAY! I can’t wait for this!
@silver292 Hace 14 días
This whole franchise is just the gift that keeps on giving.
@ryany2882 Hace 14 días
Gotta get them black lives
@_.12Midnight Hace 14 días
​@@ryany2882 what?
@brownprincess7189 Hace 14 días
Yaaasss 😅
@@ryany2882 your race is being replaced in front of your own very eyes and there's mothing you can do about it
@onceafetus426 Hace 14 días
I'm glad these movies kept going, the concept is too unique for them to discard it
@hemanthkumarb767 Hace 8 días
Have been waiting for this kind of movie for so long...... Finally it's here😍😍😍
@NorthStarCinema Hace 7 días
The cinematography goes crazy! Kudos to the DP and director!
@amer.nur8884 Hace 5 días
I knew this day would come. Making a movie that starts from out of nowhere, will have a chance to make a prequel/the beginning of the story
@HIpigoRE1 Hace 3 días
Ohoo this would be mental...I liked pretty much the first two movies and the tension they've brought on to the screen. Hopefully this would be again a nice movie to watch.
Just when I thought that these films couldn't get any better, they went ahead and cast Djimon Hounsou!
@dessys2754 Hace 6 días
He was in the second one. I guess this is before he got on the ferry to the island.
@SpookyBibi24 Hace 14 días
The Quiet Place movies are all about eye acting and they always get the perfect actors for that (Emily, Cillian and now Lupita). 💯
@kevinsb70 Hace 14 días
What is a lupita?
@@kevinsb70 What are you? Just another troll.
@kevinsb70 Hace 14 días
@@yevgeniyaleshchenko849 ?
@jameswilliams-zr8co Hace 14 días
this looks like crap lol
@exyclone9086 Hace 14 días
John also?
@xXimakidXx Hace un día
man i can't wait for this one, i keep rewatching the trailer every couple days
@danrleisassaro2626 Hace 7 días
Grande história, personagens bem construídos, não tem como não assistir esse filme mais de uma vez 🎉
@ProfessorHobo Hace 9 días
This is exactly what I wanted when the first movie came out. Just different stories in the same universe! Can't wait!
@TDUBZ_Crispy Hace 6 días
I’ve been waiting for this next one for sooo long.
@michael_mj2592 Hace 2 días
this is some out of the box thinking, bringing us back to the first day of the invasion but from a different perspective, i feel like this one will be more suspenseful and bring out the true horror of these creatures
@ryanr9299 Hace 6 días
Kind of surprise they're not having a quiet place part three but a prequel instead. definitely excited for it can't wait to watch it
@harrar8 Hace 7 días
looks very stunning and brave
@Preus-by8ru Hace 2 días
I love the fact that this prequel is taking place in a metropolitan city, because I always wanted to see what the invasion looked like in Manhattan, New York.
@rhythmtibo Hace un día
🔊 Nice „Alien“ / „Prometheus“ trailer sound-design reference! Love it!
@AMM-zo6go Hace un día
"sound-design reference" they literally stole it
@KaidePH Hace 9 días
The scream at the background gives the trailer a 100 score
@hannacastMAKEUP Hace 8 días
This feels like a cinematic experience. Definitely one you see AT the theater
@rlfdavin Hace 4 días
Djimon is int it!? great actor... this man does not age a bit 🤣
@ozcankose9931 Hace 16 horas
Yes. The movie seems gripping, we are waiting for the sequel. 💥
@shanetrudeau86 Hace 2 días
How are you able to fast forward the video to the exact spot you want to go?? Just yesterday I was able to press on to the end of the video and then go there and now all of a sudden I have to wait until the end of the video which takes a few minutes. How do I skip through the video?
@MovieZ- Hace 12 días
Thriller is coming!!
But I remember in the first one, there were news articles detailing that they were attracted to sound. From what I see, HOW TF did ANYONE have time to type print and distribute such a thing IN SILENCE! 😂 Can’t wait to see the movie though…
@user-tm9lx7ri2t Hace 16 horas
An excellent and gripping movie, those who don't watch it will lose a lot.
Can't wait to see it. Looks awesome.
Well we were all hoping and now we are receiving what looks like another John Kransisky masterpiece! This is a nice turn from the first two, because we already know what happens in they're small little town, but now we get a glimpse of what happens in a big city with lots of people, and A LOT MORE NOISE!😱
@AaeronArick Hace 3 días
The movie is legit, it wasn't made by the fans, it's a sequel to Quite Place, I'm excited to watch it, Pinoy Fan here 🇵🇭⭐️⭐️⭐️🇵🇭💪🏻😎🦊
@BurnsAfterReading Hace 14 días
I hope the central plot line is her getting her cat back. Finally, a character motivation I can relate to!
@Judasbyladygaga Hace 14 días
Lupita Nyong'o running around an apocalyptic New York looking for her cat is definitely my kind of movie lol
@CamaroSS2009 Hace 14 días
The 3rd act of Alien is Ripley saving the ship's cat 😂
@dirtymack Hace 14 días
Until the cat's food dish is 2% empty and it starts meowing at you to feed them 😆
cat people try too hard
@neilmurphy966 Hace 14 días
the cat is toast..long with birds and most wildlife 😮