A REALLY Weird PC… - System76 Thelio Review

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There’s more than one company that makes its own operating system and hardware, and today, we’re taking a look at System76’s Thelio, an open source design you can build yourself.
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16 jun 2019






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Comentarios 4 421
Linus Tech Tips
Linus Tech Tips Hace 5 meses
Use offer code LINUS to get 20% off everything on lmg.gg/mospack4
C P Hace 3 meses
Kian Moore
Kian Moore Hace 4 meses
Do a review on SuperTuxKart. Just so you can be confused
midnightwolf Hace 4 meses
Still not big enough to replace my old Targus built for 2 very thick laptops, and tons of accessories.
alysdexia Hace 4 meses
@lazypizzaguy gibberish
rae Hace un día
everything is wrong.that operating system is based on ubuntu, which is a shit distro.that desktop environment is bloated garbage.the price is INCREDIBLY high.
Моргана Ле Фай
Please Sir sorry for nobbie question, I installed pop os on hp probook 6475b it has amd dual core AMD A6-4400M and 8 Gb ram is it ok to install it on it or it heavy on this laptop because it's dual core, I disabled animations from gnome tweaks thanks
coleslaw Hace 7 días
This is gonna inspire me to keep tinkering with the shit laptop I installed Linux on again :) thanks Linus
rimil murmu
rimil murmu Hace 8 días
just moved to pop-os
maybe real
maybe real Hace 8 días
The games fell behind, hah, ha, hahahaha
Christian Golden
Christian Golden Hace 8 días
9:41 linus says woof. UWU
Not Needed
Not Needed Hace 8 días
Its all about that wood
Chris Warren-Smith
Chris Warren-Smith Hace 10 días
What the hell are you talking about dude, as a linux user i haven't bothered compiling a kernel since the 90s
JMiskovsky Hace 10 días
They should offer ARM, Risc V or Power processors doe to Backdoors on x86-64.
Hasan Iqbal
Hasan Iqbal Hace 13 días
yo I really want to switch to Linux cuz I'm dun with windows but Linux doesn't have everything like windows and it takes a bit more effort to make it work and you lose some performance
Tim Seguine
Tim Seguine Hace 13 días
I know it isn't a typical use case for most, but when it comes to developer tools, you actually normally have to compile more things yourself on windows than on linux. The package managers on most distributions are dead simple: you type the name of the software you want and boom it is installed and ready to use. TBH the biggest problem I have with linux desktops nowadays is that they try too hard to take the "apple" route of "we know what's best for you". I use windows at home but linux at work, because in my opinion that's what they're both best for(With the exception that LibreOffice is kind of junk).
Kelly Masuda
Kelly Masuda Hace 15 días
BTW, i have z270 and x399 e gaming mobo. You can patch the kernel and OpenAuraSDK to get the RGB and and OpenAura (a python program) to get addressable RGBs working. I believe the openaura RGB python program had support for thermaltake USB and corsair devices.
Kelly Masuda
Kelly Masuda Hace 15 días
POP OS is what ive been using for my professional environment. I love it.
J.B Locke
J.B Locke Hace 15 días
Woodgrain LGR would be proud
Leadius USA
Leadius USA Hace 15 días
It is OK. Not great or bad... I would build from teh ground up myself.
dpcdpc11 Hace 15 días
Sweet hardware deserves nice looking software as well. So why not customize it properly using an awesome Windows Theme and a matching wallpaper? If you feel inspired check out deviantart.com for such great resources like www.deviantart.com/dpcdpc11 Enjoy your new hardware in great style!
impact0r Hace 16 días
"... bring Linux to folks who can't be bothered to compile their kernel and hunt down repos"? Check your calendar - it's no longer 1995.
Rob Ch.
Rob Ch. Hace 17 días
As a Linux enthusiast I will buy this pc, not because I can’t build one for my own but Linux is a philosophy, helping a new company of entrepreneurs that care for our community is really awesome and you requiere a lot of guts to do it, so I’m in with this project, tho I use Manjaro
Ditao Hace 19 días
How did you fix the hi dpi scaling? I've been having it bad on Manjaro on my laptop for 4k
gilkesisking Hace 17 días
because he's using PopOS not Manjaro.
J B Hace 21 un día
Linux doesn't require you to compile anything, add obscure repos (repos are what the App store and Play store are, you generally don't need more, like how most people don't use F-Droid), and a common use of it is to repurpose a computer for a grandma or kid. My nephew loves his Linux laptop. Now try and get a "normie" to install Windows, hunt down drivers, etc. A reason Linux is so liked, one of many, is that if there's a problem, you CAN get down and dirty and fix it, usually very easily. Windows and Mac might not let you do something easily, and it's at least as complex and requires looking around on websites to learn the difficult, obscure commands and tools. Things break or don't work out of the box all the time, but when things work on Linux they kinda stay working. We can't even talk about out of the box customisation, Linux blows Windows out of the water, and even if you add third party tools (and disable the telemetry) it stays blown away. Linux is good. I use it as my daily driver, Windows is mostly only ever needed when work specifically chooses to use a sh*tty Microsoft application they don't need to. Or for gaming sometimes, and not everyone is an avid gamer. Don't be a victim of the baby duck syndrome. :D
quarkie Hace 21 un día
I think the subliminal background might be a seizure hazard for some folks.
Robert Tanksley
Robert Tanksley Hace 22 días
This is is just Lindows all over again.
arcticblue2 Hace 22 días
The biggest problem is Gnome. The Gnome devs start working on a longstanding issue, such as application names being cut short in the app grid, but never finish and move on to a new shiny thing. The dev that was last working on the app grid issue stopped and is not working on GTK 4 stuff. The Gnome devs also keep trying to re-invent things under the hood and strip out features in the process like transparent terminal windows or sorting options in Nautilus. The constant refactoring of under-the-hood things in Gnome holds them back from improving the user experience and addressing very, very old bugs. Gnome 4 will be out before issues that have existed since the early days of Gnome 3 will be fixed.
Shelby Shum
Shelby Shum Hace 22 días
A lot of laptops used to have a bunch of driver compatibility issues with linux back then. System76 just guarantees compatibility. It's not so much of an issue anymore.
Shantanu Sharma
Shantanu Sharma Hace 22 días
I want to buy their laptop. I am very confused between Oryx Pro and Adder Ws. Please review these.
Chuckles Hace 23 días
Hearing Linus casually say °normies° was oddly cursed for me lmao
The Void Consumes
The Void Consumes Hace 24 días
System 76? does it play Fallout 76?
LSD Pepe
LSD Pepe Hace 24 días
Pop os master race
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Lawrence D’Oliveiro Hace 24 días
9:09 Also worth mentioning that they’ve disabled the Intel Management Engine.
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Lawrence D’Oliveiro Hace 24 días
7:19 Linux idle is more idle than Windows idle. No big surprise there ...
jbfeelings Drinumist
jbfeelings Drinumist Hace 24 días
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Lawrence D’Oliveiro Hace 24 días
5:37 ... or maybe the Greek word for “nipple” ...
Lazy Ox
Lazy Ox Hace 17 días
Not really, there's not such a Greek word thelio the closed one is thilia which means hoop
Lawrence D’Oliveiro
Lawrence D’Oliveiro Hace 24 días
4:46 Tools used by a lot of ESvidrs *are* available on Linux, and usually run better there. What do they say about “disruptive technologies” ... ?
Berserkasaurus Rex
Berserkasaurus Rex Hace 25 días
Who the hell thought "flickering tv" was a good backdrop idea? I've got a damn migraine now.
Gage Stewart
Gage Stewart Hace 26 días
My favorite part is when he says the pc could be made 1000 dollars cheaper woof...
loqk loqkson
loqk loqkson Hace 29 días
I was just recommending this video to my friends when I realised the flashing screen behind the product from about 5:30 would take out my friend with epilepsy. I do see that it appears to be from the original product advertising, it's just that they can't watch this.
Scammer Smackdown
Scammer Smackdown Hace un mes
KDE does good at the shopping store as well
Prime Royal
Prime Royal Hace un mes
I think it is more workstation than a gaming rig.Similar to iMac Pro.
Chris CSS
Chris CSS Hace un mes
Install Windows 10 on System76 Thelio, Please
Blue Square
Blue Square Hace un mes
Real men run gentoo on a ti83 calculator.
SDSW TV Hace un mes
Linu(x)s Tech Tips
Alexander Misch
Alexander Misch Hace un mes
I have one with a Ryzen 9 12 core AMD processor. I dislike the default Pop OS desktop environment immensely. It's too much like a tablet, which does not make sense when you have a desktop. This is also my major complaint of Ubuntu though. I have had no problems with sound though. I regularly build OS's on it and have 100% load on all threads with no sound at all.
who8myfish Hace un mes
Gaming. Gaming is THE ONLY THING keeping Microsoft alive. Nobody likes windows but everyone likes at least one video game they CANT play on the objectively superior Linux.
HappyTrix Hace un mes
My mans said Normies
Byron Joel
Byron Joel Hace un mes
What is 'UBANTU'?
Lincoln Sand
Lincoln Sand Hace un mes
Linus is still pretty clueless about linux
Tigran Tovmasyan
Tigran Tovmasyan Hace un mes
Tbh, I've used Pop!_OS to revive my laptop and it's just awesome and easy!
Robert S.
Robert S. Hace un mes
It’s solid. I use it for my vfio host. Some distros I have tried sometimes slowly crumble. Not PopO!
Emmett Boudreau
Emmett Boudreau Hace un mes
Pop! user here, not on a system76 rig. Really considering buying one of their laptops that switch between RTX and integrated graphics. I like their " No exceptions" approach, giving a real keyboard, rgb backlights, system integration, build quality, etc. I often find laptops have one thing I want, but not all of it, and it right about checks every box. I will say I don't LUKS encrypt my drives though, mostly because of the pain in the butt workaround when it goes wrong; And how possible it is to go wrong. You'll only do that once to save your 1 byte encrypted drive to never do it again. Additionally, gparted used to not be able to mount luks partitions, neither could disks, in ubuntu or gnome disks, but the problem has since resolved itself with an update at some point. Overall, very satisfied.
jj cogburn
jj cogburn Hace un mes
At about 9:40 what is the website being used?
Garka Bana
Garka Bana Hace un mes
1000$ for a linux inux pc!!! madness, i prefer the mac stand.
Wot Wot
Wot Wot Hace un mes
"Free and Open-Source" NOT "Open-Source". There is a world of difference!
Wot Wot
Wot Wot Hace un mes
Wait, Linus is a non-linux user?
Anonym Unsichtbar
Anonym Unsichtbar Hace un mes
Fridays for Linux!
DJ Soru
DJ Soru Hace un mes
The Linux is interesting but I think in my household only my dad would make use of this pc, and even then... he'd install windows because as Linus said... the industry standards don't have Linux versions, and he outright REFUSES to work with nonstandard software (but makes an exception for Cakewalk Sonar as he HATES Pro Tools, preferring to use Adobe Audition instead). Still, the woodgrain with matte black metal and bezled corners of the case are something that appeals to his "newfound" hipster lifestyle.
GeneralGuts1 Hace un mes
If only pop os came with 'minimise tabs' by default in browser...tough for new users to accept
HchQue Hace un mes
Do they disable intel management engine?
Andrzej Waśko
Andrzej Waśko Hace un mes
santa please bring me one of theese this year!
Gordon Chin
Gordon Chin Hace un mes
Has the company gone belly up yet?
gilkesisking Hace un mes
No, they've recently got new warehouse and production space and taken on new staff. Doing quite well actually. Since Hawaii announced they'll no longer be shipping laptops with Windows in the east many OEMS have started putting out more Linux machines, seems they're on the up.
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