A Simple Favor (2018) Movie Ending Explained

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In this video, I summarize the entire plot of the Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively-starring thriller A Simple Favor in under 6 minutes. Leave a comment below telling me what you thought of the film and its many twists and turns! Also, remember to like the video and subscribe to my channel for more movie-related content. Thanks for watching!

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14 sep 2018






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softbatch! Hace 3 días
Thanks, I fell asleep and just couldn't be bothered to watch from where I left off. I think I would have thought this movie was everything if I were 15 again. Don't they make movies anymore for grown folks?
Alissa Hace 4 días
Okay but why is no one talking about how HOT Blake Lively is in this movie?
Simon Valerie
Simon Valerie Hace 6 días
That her friend is a damn bitch ! A wicked person! Your friend dies and within weeks you start fucking her husband, living in her house, testing her clothes, mothering her son and gets jealous of the man talking to another woman!!! What a devil !
will_draw4java Hace 14 días
I wanna know what happened between the graveyard meeting "there is another way we could make this work. Mommy to mommy." And emily wrenching herself in the face and then lying to the police, much to Stephanie's surprise. I thought emily brought stephanie on board but then quickly became so lost
Robert Lord
Robert Lord Hace 2 meses
Décevant voir Blake faire ca
Robert Lord
Robert Lord Hace 2 meses
Dont go man. Stupid story
Connor Evans
Connor Evans Hace 2 meses
Armoredlore Hace 3 meses
This is a very good, flim
Joe 711
Joe 711 Hace 3 meses
Thank you for explaining this. I’m a straight 16 year old guy and of course what are the odds that I happen to stumble upon this movie. Blake lively is very sexy and she is the only reason that I became obsessed with this movie. I started watching it more and more and then I became interested in the plot so I just happened to stop by your video.
Sonal Garg
Sonal Garg Hace 4 meses
I mostly watched if cause of the cast But i loved it
Uncle Bands
Uncle Bands Hace 4 meses
Whoever wrote that ending should be drowned in a camp lake!
Longo Movie reviews
Longo Movie reviews Hace 5 meses
This movie was a masterpiece and will definitely be a cult classic some day
Lin Hace 5 meses
I am obsessed with this movie I know what happens
Zora Dunne
Zora Dunne Hace 6 meses
What about the triplet?
Caroline Oliveira
Caroline Oliveira Hace 7 meses
It was preposterous and they're completely aware of it. Stephanie mentions that french movie, Emily puts that ridiculous housewife costume, calls her husband Brando and remarks how extra the act is... it's part of what makes this movie so fun.
X1XNIKITAX1X Hace 8 meses
Emily should have won.
RandomAF Hace 10 meses
I hated the cheesy lines at the end. All that good acting just to go all goof ball was odd.
Kavily ・
Kavily ・ Hace 10 meses
Watch it on Stan?
Gianna Kelly
Gianna Kelly Hace 10 meses
The only problem I had with the movie is Ana Kendricks character. Her personality in the beginning is so drastically different than her character in the end, polar opposites. I don’t think her character would ever change this drastically
kayla peoples
kayla peoples Hace 10 meses
i was on emily side the whole time . stephanie and sean were trash asf
Ava Hace 10 meses
*UNPOPULAR or popular? opinion but I LOVED emily with a passion, and hated stephanie with the same passion* Emily was authentic. I trusted her and she was symphathetic, as she had a hard life and her actions were morally understandable. Whereas, Stephanie was legitimately psychotic, bipolar and morally inept. All her actions were chaotic which I suppose played well off Emily's unpredictability, but Stephanie was so evil I believe. I hate that she got the good ending, it should've been Emily.
Darpan Budhathoki
Darpan Budhathoki Hace 10 meses
Who is the father of anna kendrick's son???
DragonXStrikes Hace 10 meses
Her half brother
witchy_psycho Hace 11 meses
who was bruce tho like what was his relationship to emilys mum
L̶a̶d̶y̶ Fox Ŵøłfæ
I just assumed they all three had ASPD and also were bad manipulative people. It was a great movie, with great acting.
WhatIsZerk Rs
WhatIsZerk Rs Hace 11 meses
Does anyone know if this is actually based on a true story? I cant find any Information that suggests it is. The film is based on a book, which the author of the book was Inspired to write it from her readings of other books. So I confused as to why at the end of the film it tells us what the real people are doing now? Does anyone have any Information
Bethany Hawkins
Bethany Hawkins Hace 11 meses
The end was terrible, like genuinely so disappointing, it starts off great with both ladies bonding and their relationship growing but then in just becomes ridiculous in the second half which was such a let down :((
Ade George
Ade George Hace 11 meses
But what REALLY happened in the car crash with the brother and husband? Did the husband kill them both purposely or did the brother do it? Or did Stephanie know? Weird
Stacy Cash
Stacy Cash Hace un año
I loved the movie. The ending wasn't quite as satisfying as I would like, but I'm not sure what would have satisfied me more, so...I still liked it and would recommend it. The only thing I didn't like was the "Aviation Gin" product placement. I know Blake's hubby owns the company, but it just kind of took me out of the movie every time I saw it, because I knew why it was there.
Aditi Chauhan
Aditi Chauhan Hace un año
Can someone please clear this up.. I didn't get the scene when Stephanie logs into sean's computer & put some papers in the car... Then suddenly police was at his college .. At last Sean said to Emily that it was you who put those files on my computer what files was he talking about....?? Besides this everything was great! Loved the movie!! & your take as well!!😊
the heat
the heat Hace un año
She would have gotten away with it if she didn't try to scare Stephanie.
BrandonSeattle Hace un año
It started out good. but since Paul Feig directed it, I knew he would find a way to fuck it up. At the turning point, where there were at the cemetery, having martinis, on the Tombstones, it went down hill quick. and became cartoon like. if Blake and Anna weren't in this movie, it would suck ass. That Spanish director, who made The shallows with blake, should of made this movie.
Kaitlin McDavid
Kaitlin McDavid Hace un año
Did the writers for this film even read the book??😂🤣
Jessi G
Jessi G Hace un año
Can some one explain this again but slower im so lost thanks
EsotericOccultist Hace un año
I really enjoyed this movie and I'm not just saying that because Anna Kendrick is hot.
LydiA Jkessi
LydiA Jkessi Hace un año
It was a good movie. But i ddnt like ending. I think its better if they were real friends and helped each other it wld make the ending more interesting
Ella Winberg
Ella Winberg Hace un año
Same! I thought that is how it's going to end and Stephanie moves in with Emiliy.
LydiA Jkessi
LydiA Jkessi Hace un año
I didnt like fact that the husband forgets emilie so fast and falls in love with a girl so soon. So just because she is crazy e.th is over ?
EJ Samar
EJ Samar Hace un año
Brother fvcker!!!
Jagdish Parikh
Jagdish Parikh Hace un año
It is not a satisfying video.
Melissa Yavuz
Melissa Yavuz Hace un año
let me explain my theory. *spoilers* I think hope and faith killed the 3rd sister charity and it makes sense because no one knows she was born
Ella Winberg
Ella Winberg Hace un año
The third sister was a stillborn, she was born dead.
Barb Hace un año
i havent seen the movie,,,but they are great together,,thank you ;)
Debbie Axil
Debbie Axil Hace un año
I’m here because I didn’t really want to watch the movie so thank you 🙏 for telling everyone what happened😃
summer b
summer b Hace un año
damn they just tried to twist up gone girl...
“Movie ending explained“ Literally just spent seven minutes telling us the entire plot of the movie.
kaybee Hace un año
I thought the ending was perfect 👌🏻
Sam West
Sam West Hace un año
Nothing like the book then. Disappointing 😡
Bobbie Hace un año
Very well explained. Thank you!
The Human Spider
The Human Spider Hace un año
After I saw some of it I realized that the whole movie was essentially just Jennifer's Body but less interesting lol
Amanda H
Amanda H Hace un año
Sounds twisted 😐
English Rose
English Rose Hace un año
I liked it but.. They made Emily so glamour mum hard working.. They made Stephanie the stay at home mum she always look lovely and like she had time.. As a stay at home mum of a baby who has no time we don't look like that haha I have to much to do why couldn't she be bit more rough days and tiredness
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Hace un año
Well, people are different My mom always looked great and she was a single mom and working
Red Dazo
Red Dazo Hace un año
Im expecting an explanation but no he just tell the whole story ☹️ i was so disappointed
theycallmeangie Hace un año
I loved this movie it was a total roller coaster but even though the movie was long, I felt like the ending was EXTREMELY RUSHED idkwhy???
Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz Hace un año
What happened to charity.
silkq Hace un año
I loved this movie!
Juan Carlos Domínguez
this didn't need an explanation, are you stupid Justin Cook?
Nom De Plume
Nom De Plume Hace un año
I loved the movie, I thought it was great, very entertaining and it exceeded my expectations, I'd excepted some weird cheesy movie but it wasn't. I loved the mystery elements cause they were actually mysterious, I was scratching my head a lot wondering if Emily was really dead, who could've done it, did her husband do it for the $4m insurance, did Stephanie Smothers smother her so she could have her life, her husband and the perfect home, but would Stephanie actually do that? Yeah I was asking myself a whole lot of questions... and I liked comedic elements and I thought they melded together very well. I liked the characters, the two main characters were very interesting and I liked their friendship dynamic and if I'm being quite honest I was hoping Emily got away with it all cause I just loved her character. I mean, she's fucked up of course and her actions are questionable, murdered father, drowned her sister, faked her own death so that she could claim that $4 million insurance, then tried to frame her husband-the list is fucking endless. But Stephanie ain't all that much better, the girl who fucked her half brother and may or may not have had his baby and had an affair with him, then when her best friend goes missing and is found dead she fucks her husband and has a relationship with him... Acca-scuse me? so ummm yeah they're both pretty fucked up, may have done some questionable things and...I still wish Emily got away with it, I was honestly rooting for her and I was kinda bummed by the ending😂 Yeah, she's a cold-blooded murderer, and may be kind of a manipulative sociopath but still something about Anna Kendrick's character kind of irked me, so even though I liked her I found myself rooting for Blake Lively's character more.
Tiffany Taylor
Tiffany Taylor Hace un año
Bruuuuttthheerrr FUCKER Ha! He said it explained where Stephanie's child was really from the brother.. I didn't see that part.....?????
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Hace un año
It is book canon
Lucija.cotic Hace un año
Katja Golden
Katja Golden Hace un año
I loved the movie
Owen wandy
Owen wandy Hace un año
You nailed it, very accurate
I confused everything from Climax
Erwin Rolls
Erwin Rolls Hace un año
There is no way she would only get 20 years in prison for two murders and several attempted murders
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Hace un año
Brook Turner got only 6 months and no criminal record for a brutal rape wtf are you talking about
Blueyellow Love
Blueyellow Love Hace un año
So I just watched the movie before I watched this it was more of a twist than I expected. I did really like the movie and part of me is glad non of them ended up together in the end
Airbear Hace un año
The movie was pretty predictable. I knew it must have been a twin since they said she had needle marks all over her arms when they found her, but made a point to show her arms early on in the film when she taking her cuffs off, no needle marks. And I guessed they were going to record her admitting what she did. But I don’t care, still thought it was a good movie. I enjoyed it.
Maya W
Maya W Hace un año
I loved Emily’s character😂😂
gucci tea
gucci tea Hace un año
Am I the only one that wanted Emily and Stephanie to like run away together and leave Sean in jail...
Stefan Makara
Stefan Makara Hace un año
Jesus fucking Christ It would make for a nice twist or whatever It doesn't mean they support that kind of thing in real life It has nothing to do with feminism ffs I like Crimson Peak and I wish Thomas lived and stayed with Edith, does that mean I think it is okay to murder in real life?
gucci tea
gucci tea Hace un año
Muhammad Maaz 1) You do not know what I think is ok or not ok so do not act like you do. 2) I’m not being a “hypocrite” I never mentioned anything about “equality” and either if Sean’s character was a man or a woman I still would’ve liked the both of them to run away together which would have ended up in Sean’s character in jail.
Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz Hace un año
@gucci tea 1) "and leave sean in jail" suggests that you think it IS ok 2) I'm not mad at the movie , I'm mad at your sadistic hypocrisy.
gucci tea
gucci tea Hace un año
Muhammad Maaz I never its ok for an innocent man or woman to go to jail, it’s just a movie calm down
Muhammad Maaz
Muhammad Maaz Hace un año
@gucci tea so it's ok for an innocent man to remain in jail? Ok
gucci tea
gucci tea Hace un año
Ngl, I kinda liked Emily🤷‍♀️
Longo Movie reviews
Longo Movie reviews Hace 5 meses
Same she is hilarious. The end with her in prison 😝
It’s a Bunnay
It’s a Bunnay Hace 7 meses
Ava ya Stephanie was annoying that face and voice alone makes me want to click off
Ava Hace 10 meses
i LOVED emily, screw stephanie i hated her. i was rooting for emily throughout the entire movie.
shady boots
shady boots Hace un año
I feel like Stephanie's personality shifted really fast, it was kind of jarring to see her turn from a nerdy suburban mom to a sharp master detective.
Letty Delacruz
Letty Delacruz Hace un año
I really liked the movie ,watched the special features and they did not use the flash mob dance scene, do you all know the name of that song on the flash mob dance scene, it’s not on the credits, would like to know the name of the artist and song please
valentina Hace un año
Was I the only one who wanted Emily and Stephanie to just become together and run away like I wanted Stephanie to become crazy and become like Emily, that part where both the mothers were in the graveyard and Emily said something about another way of getting Sean out of their lives. I don't why I wanted the movie to end but it was still an excellent and great movie.
Trisha Legacion
Trisha Legacion Hace un año
The moment Emily got out of her Porsche, I knew I’d be rooting for her 😂 Blake is too fine 😍
Damian Starks
Damian Starks Hace 27 días
Agreed also true on Blake being fine as fuck.
Wajiha Kaludi
Wajiha Kaludi Hace un año
what a clickbait title. Please change it to "plot explained"
ivar the bonlesse
ivar the bonlesse Hace un año
I watch this movie it is very nice
Van Ness
Van Ness Hace un año
The guy that played the husband is sexy😍
puathepufekc Hace un año
Ya'll do yourself a favor and read the book!
puathepufekc Hace un año
How on earth the author of the book could let those film makers to change the ending completely????!!!!! 😡😡😡
Kimberly Denny
Kimberly Denny Hace un año
Must read now! This was a crazy movie but honestly I loved all the mysteries, the secrets, the creepiness, the wardrobe of Emily, it was really good but confusing but I have to watch it again even though I watch this video, but it did help a lot more since I just finished it.. one thing is: I wanna know if her half brother of Stephanie is the real Father to Stephanie’s son and number 2: (about the jealous husband bc he she’s her like flirty with her brother but first off that didn’t seem like flirting they were playing with the kind but anyways I wanna know if the accident that happened was on purpose because Stephanie’s husband or just an accident because when the scene Stephanie’s and her husband fight about her half brother about being like flirty and stuff. I feel like her husband had a motive to kill him but maybe he kill him self by accident, there is so many questions I want answered but I don’t wanna spoil it if nobody has seen if yet. Also IF ANYONE HAS OTHER weird questions like I did or didn’t understand something.. COMMENT ON THIS POST so we can chat about it, I wanna hear what other people’s theories are! Thanks a ton! xo leave a comment underneath (I’m sure you know how to use ESvid lol) and also do you agree with what I have thought about ? Okay now I’m dont: write those comments friends of the ESvid world! #aSimpleFavor xx - Kimberly
Emily Donahue
Emily Donahue Hace un año
Thank you! I missed the end of this film and wanted to know what happened.
EggsForSale Hace un año
It was a bloody great movie. All the parts were played perfectly and its hard to loose focus on the movie unlike other thrillers. Well rounded great movie 10/10
Azzah Aziz
Azzah Aziz Hace un año
omg i havent watched this but now that i've seen the spoiler explanation, i wanna watch it
Dennis Reynolds
Dennis Reynolds Hace un año
Literally the most average and generic a film can get. Gone-girl mixed with 50 Shades of Grey. It's fucking lame. Don't watch it unless your the type of moron who enjoys nonsense like _Justice League_
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