A YANDERE AND A TSUNDERE | Gacha Life Story Reaction w/ Bijuu Mike

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Reacting to another Gacha Life, Gachaverse, or Gacha Studio story. This story is called "A Yandere And A Tsundere" and I thought it was perfect to read with Bijuu Mike!
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10 feb 2019

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Bijuu Mike
Bijuu Mike Hace 12 días
I do not remember ever being in this video
Cattyevelynxx Moreno
Cattyevelynxx Moreno Hace 12 horas
Probably ;-;
anne villamor
anne villamor Hace 4 días
theny y u there then lol
Peaches Toons always and 4 ever!
Bijuu Mike XD wow
mounia rhezzali
mounia rhezzali Hace 5 días
Well Lauren’s here
hello •••
hello ••• Hace 6 días
*mind control drugs*
kirsty armstrong
kirsty armstrong Hace 8 minutos
Bijuu Mike is in gacha life
fifa Sofea
fifa Sofea Hace 20 minutos
The word you were trying to say it was my language cause I know how to read it so in cause you didn’t know I am from Malaysia 🇲🇾 so that’s all for this comment
JAMES BURNS Hace 59 minutos
Backbitten means she says bad things about her
Duck Inez
Duck Inez Hace un hora
16:44 when ur boyfriend sees that you have killed someone...And When You See Ur EX boyfriend kill your boyfriend 17:54
Babbles Whitley
Babbles Whitley Hace un hora
Is Gacha mike a ESvidr XDDDDDDD😎😎😎
Alice And Co.
Alice And Co. Hace 2 horas
24:18 = remake of the Logan vs KSI fight
Francesca_ Gacha
Francesca_ Gacha Hace 2 horas
Her brother is like mine except I have two. And my dad -_- They will be on my first date they have said.... IM FREAKEN 10
vanza 2
vanza 2 Hace 2 horas
when summer says "perasan eh lelaki ni" in english"i`m sorry" ok i know how to speak english korean and indonesia because im indonesian i know~~
New Girl
New Girl Hace 4 horas
Dakota Blair
Dakota Blair Hace 4 horas
Um actually you’re aa wolf 🐺
taylor morin
taylor morin Hace 4 horas
;~; 10%10
taylor morin
taylor morin Hace 4 horas
taylor morin
taylor morin Hace 4 horas
taylor morin
taylor morin Hace 4 horas
taylor morin
taylor morin Hace 4 horas
;-; ;○; ♡ • ♡
Moltern Freddy
Moltern Freddy Hace 5 horas
Kaitlyn Samson
Kaitlyn Samson Hace 5 horas
I ship this now: Lauren and Bijuu Mike XD keep it up
Galaxy girl unicorn
Galaxy girl unicorn Hace 5 horas
9:25 it looks like his eye is closed
Eric Baker
Eric Baker Hace 7 horas
Tell mike i like the pink hair
Odie West
Odie West Hace 7 horas
I love u
Phoenix Liza
Phoenix Liza Hace 8 horas
Save: 7:14
ADogStoryBeg. Alexey
I thought you said Bijuu =^=
Xxxlovely BearxxX
Xxxlovely BearxxX Hace 9 horas
I laughed at this so bad I died
Rae68776 Hace 9 horas
Lily Taylor
Lily Taylor Hace 10 horas
ITS THE MICKY MOUSE CLUB HOUSE COME INSIDE ITS FUN INSIDE M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E *this is basicly a murdering video right???? I wanna kill my brothers so I can live in peace without being ANOOYED for ONCE*
Zara Strawberry
Zara Strawberry Hace 10 horas
Thats indonesian language lol en i think its supposed to mean “i feel like this man is uhh”
Amree Wilson
Amree Wilson Hace 10 horas
Can you do the 1 sister and 3 brothers gacha story?
Allison Jeffcoat
Allison Jeffcoat Hace 10 horas
When I see someone waste food 17:34
Sugar •Gacha Life Lover•
The thing that makes me annoyed is people DON'T ZIP THEIR MOUTHS I'm just kidding ...
Taylor Anderson
Taylor Anderson Hace 11 horas
0:35 he’s the only one aloud on my channel What about Yammy?M
Frynee Castillo
Frynee Castillo Hace 11 horas
*Top 10 Anime Battles*
MyCrazy_GachaLife •
MyCrazy_GachaLife • Hace 11 horas
This made me laugh so much!
Cattyevelynxx Moreno
Cattyevelynxx Moreno Hace 12 horas
At school was horible, Cuz I was told to lie to my friend then he wink ?.......
Remoel Basa
Remoel Basa Hace 12 horas
She is a 🐺
sloth geek
sloth geek Hace 12 horas
Bad Ending
Hanako Moonrised
Hanako Moonrised Hace 12 horas
Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis Hace 12 horas
梁BlackBerry Hace 13 horas
Tbh the story is kind of rushed. Like, one minute it's like the girl didnt like the other dude, and the next minute she does.
Ana Garcia
Ana Garcia Hace 13 horas
At 5:56 I noticed that the yandere music was playing BAKAAAAA
Why do people think patty mayo is fake?
Shahad Alhashemi
Shahad Alhashemi Hace 13 horas
I love you Lauren! XD I do gacha life movie’s as well but I don’t have a ESvid channel but that was sooooooooo funny! Love you!
WHAT HAPPENED Hace 13 horas
Love this!
Luna Plays
Luna Plays Hace 14 horas
Lauren The Brown haired girl is not a cat girl she’s a wolf sorry Lauren I’m still a big fan please give me a shout out!!! Ps gotcha Mike you sure look like and sound like buiju Mike 😏
Moka chan
Moka chan Hace 14 horas
Daimya Jones
Daimya Jones Hace 15 horas
dats bijju mike
Abigail Hace 15 horas
a backbiter is A person who says nasty things about another person behind the second person's back: that is, out of their sight and hearing.
Lina The Wolf
Lina The Wolf Hace 15 horas
Wow best voice acting EVER XD
XxShadow WolfyxX
XxShadow WolfyxX Hace 15 horas
They’re wolves not cats
poopy pants 1234
poopy pants 1234 Hace 16 horas
pls do more of these with bijuu Mike pls......
Dream Colo
Dream Colo Hace 16 horas
I’m gonna ship this gacha hard baby!
: Aquatic The savage :
Hey Lauren, fun fact: Baka is not stupid in Japanese. It’s bakageta.
Dragon Princess
Dragon Princess Hace 17 horas
Monika Hace 17 horas
Omg he's a PINK highlighter!
Fortnite Girl
Fortnite Girl Hace 17 horas
Hey she did see
Rachel Leete
Rachel Leete Hace 17 horas
Amazing winking
donut fox34
donut fox34 Hace 19 horas
_blackpink_ Cookie_
_blackpink_ Cookie_ Hace 19 horas
She ain’t no cat she a wolf
YT Cassie Bee
YT Cassie Bee Hace 19 horas
What does Tsundere mean?
Miss Caly
Miss Caly Hace 20 horas
GamerKitty Hace 20 horas
20:04 I just died XD
Marianime 10
Marianime 10 Hace 20 horas
You should do a video with a story from a creepypasta on gacha videos.....
Xox silent shadow Xox
Xox silent shadow Xox Hace 21 un hora
Okey hai I'm gone ( watch cutespud that one mute girl ) pleaseeeeeeeee :3
Unicorn Gal116622
Unicorn Gal116622 Hace 21 un hora
Can you react to gachagirls plz
Madelyn McCoy
Madelyn McCoy Hace 21 un hora
well then........ummmm........that went downhill
I am Hello Lina
I am Hello Lina Hace 22 horas
Why is Mike has pink hair
Brad The Guy
Brad The Guy Hace 23 horas
I guess you can say he is a smooth criminal
kantaphorn sayod
kantaphorn sayod Hace 23 horas
H He Hel Hell Hello
sarah qistinasa
sarah qistinasa Hace 23 horas
that words are in malaysian i know it cause im malaysian XD drunk boi:BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH summer:perasan betul eh lelaki ni i know what that meanssss
xXUltimate _ ShadowXx
0:17 GAh! The red jacket the dude is wearing reminds me of the Thriller jacket.
Anna Amin
Anna Amin Hace un día
I love how people say yandere: "yandareyy"
716 Figs
716 Figs Hace un día
Lauren! Why did you write BJIUU mike in the title
Alise Dupane
Alise Dupane Hace un día
Please react to one of my videos!
Galaxy Gacha Maddie
Galaxy Gacha Maddie Hace un día
Backbiting means Back stabbing
john paul Asis
john paul Asis Hace un día
Oh my god
Blinku ku
Blinku ku Hace un día
Lauren. React to Ophelia.
YT Frozy Game YT
YT Frozy Game YT Hace un día
The Creator Of The Gacha Video Is Indonesian
Vanilla Lover
Vanilla Lover Hace un día
OMG....u reacted to it...
Nova Faillo
Nova Faillo Hace un día
it gacha mike not bijuu mike
lps love lps
lps love lps Hace un día
My favourite carrier is summer
Alya Zahirah
Alya Zahirah Hace un día
24:07 she was talking in Malay >^
dimond crystal
dimond crystal Hace un día
I can help you with that language. The language is malay its easy if you kepp learning malay word you can understand the language. Btw I'm from Singapore 🇸🇬
Rose Thorne
Rose Thorne Hace un día
Wait what if gacha mike and Bijuu mike ate the same person BOOM
Midnight Phantom
Midnight Phantom Hace un día
Gacha mike Uh huh?
#uglyworms worm
#uglyworms worm Hace un día
*bootofull headphones mah guy*
Feliscia Koban
Feliscia Koban Hace un día
If you guys don't know what "perasaan sangat eh lelaki ni" it's an Indonesia word it means feeling it's so...eh..boy thing
Starlight Studios
Starlight Studios Hace un día
iv allreedy wached this but i'm waching it agen becuse it has Gacha mike in it
Starlight Studios
Starlight Studios Hace un día
yoooooooooooooooosssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Bijuu Mike i'm even Subscribed to him YAY!!!!
Shaylia Reihana
Shaylia Reihana Hace un día
Aaahahahahahahaha fricking funny!!!
Turtle Lover
Turtle Lover Hace un día
Why!? I hate bijuu mike!! 😡😡
Zilly Hace un día
OMG XD Bijuu Mike is pretending he wasn't here! BUT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I already accepted to the terms and condition that Mike once liked Lauren!!! >:3
Chhandama Hlawndo
Chhandama Hlawndo Hace un día
LaurenzSide bobby/your husband i think lauren/ LDshadowlady yammy xox bijuu mike orionsound seapekay smallishBeans popularmmos gamingwithjen funneh and the krew danTDM games minecraft roblox yandere simulator some other app games
lile lack lile lack
lile lack lile lack Hace un día
This story seems so sad but with you guys its not even close
Dzafri Dzulkiflee
Dzafri Dzulkiflee Hace un día
The thing that mike said a different language is malay
B00P YT Hace un día
Bijuu has some magical invisible headphones. 🎧
JiminMemes95 Hace un día
lol rigjt when they said so this is wen he killls it played an add T^T
arnel ramirez
arnel ramirez Hace un día
She is not a ct she is a wolf
Nara Gacha :3
Nara Gacha :3 Hace un día
SHE PLAYED YOU DIRTY SHE CALLED U BIJUU MIKE WHEN YOU IS NO U IS DE GACHA MIKE >:0 ( i DUNNO why mah english so baad i'm australian BUT ABORIGINAL THAT HAS ITS OWN LANGUAGE WHICH IS OML after writing all that I dont even understand it :))))
Ana the loner1
Ana the loner1 Hace un día
forgive me but.. hit or miss? i guess i still care about him HUH? lord have mercy
Hola Pfttt
Hola Pfttt Hace un día
You should make your own glmm (gacha life mini movie)
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