A3 Pro 5500mW 300 x 380mm DIY Laser Engraver Build,Test and Review!

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Hi Guys! Check the unboxing, build, test and review of this powerful 5.5W laser engraver. Here are the links if some of you guys want to make order:
From Banggood:
New version! 16W of power! -- goo.gl/uw2JBg
A3 Pro 5500mW -- goo.gl/gVawt4
A3 Pro 2500mW -- goo.gl/R27JH3
From Amazon:
Even bigger size:
5500mW 40x50cm -- amzn.to/2MbrS5x

GearBest --- goo.gl/pqKf6h
Banggood --- goo.gl/9CpYMJ
Aliexpress --- goo.gl/C8ndaT
Amazon --- goo.gl/amhHWX
Ebay --- goo.gl/VXLdte
Software: goo.gl/hYuv4Z

● Maximum engraving area: 30cm x 38cm
● Control board: Eleks Mana SE
● Carving materials: bamboo, wood, paper, plastic, leather, etc.
● Power supply: AC 110 - 220V
● Adjustable laser focus
● Support Micro USB
● Stepper motor: 1.3A 42 stepper motor, Y-axis dual track
● Stainless steel and acrylic acid frame is stable and pretty
● It is an unfinished DIY kit
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Thank you so much for your support.
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10 abr 2017






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Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 2 años
Cutting 3mm plywood instagram.com/p/BVk-UJNhLZI/
Shazil Malik Jaan Official
Hi can anyone find this laser machine and can it work on metal please answer
Nicholas Ryan Lussier
Howdy, we are looking to cut a design an 1/8th inch into wood. Think the 2500 mw laser could handle that?
Mike Kiske
Mike Kiske Hace 2 años
tried on leather or faux leather? thank you.
Bane Sibinovic
Bane Sibinovic Hace un día
what is the thinnest line that laser can engrave? is that adjusted in software?
Radja Lingga
Radja Lingga Hace 18 días
Sir, please make a video for making a stamp with that laser machine.
Samsallam Alabsi
Samsallam Alabsi Hace 19 días
Can cutting wood 4mm in this machine with 5500mw
YN Photography
YN Photography Hace un mes
Hi, my laser keeps staying on. So it burns anything I put into when not engraving. What should I do?
ilove pti
ilove pti Hace un mes
Price please??
IllI lIIl
IllI lIIl Hace un mes
Do you think I can make stencils on A4 normal papers with the A3 Pro 2500mW ? Thanks.
IllI lIIl
IllI lIIl Hace un mes
The lines missing are what we call "bridges" when we make stencils I think. Is 300x380mm the maximum size of the paper we want to cut ?
JT Hace un mes
Your phone back isn't ABS is it?
blah 123
blah 123 Hace un mes
can it cut paper?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace un mes
Ana Falé
Ana Falé Hace 2 meses
Sorry for the silly question, but I'm a bit confused since sometimes I see advertised 2500mW and some other times 2500MW, regarding the laser power. MW and mW are different powers... In the end, how much potency it requires and is it possible in a regular household?
A 2500 MW (Mega [or Million] Watts) laser would cut a hole through your floor, while consuming the power of your whole neighborhood. So they're all 2500mW (2500 Milli Watts = 2.5 Watts), and this is rather little, considering your microwave oven would use about 1000 Watts :)
Quality Control Services
Where can I download software for this engraver?
dell vos
dell vos Hace 2 meses
Hello Nexi, can we customize the region of the laser up to 1000x1000 mm, and is it compatible with the software to cover up the 1000x1000 mm region? What type of picture format that the software can process ? Thank you
My Beauty
My Beauty Hace 3 meses
Do I need to change the LASER time to time? Is there any lifetime of the laser? What;s the price of the laser separately? Thanks
Yass Chat
Yass Chat Hace 3 meses
Dix thé printer islam supplied Smith a video instruction manuel for installaient lobbying and using offre software
fedeyoutub Hace 3 meses
this machine have great worksize, but for this price i have buy a chinese co2 40w, 30x20cm, small, but more powerful
Shekiart Designs
Shekiart Designs Hace 3 meses
Hello! Is it necessary to use a smoke extractor?
Shekiart Designs
Shekiart Designs Hace 3 meses
@Nexi Tech Thank you very much for answering my question,...
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 3 meses
It's good idea if you use laser for longer periods of time. For home use you need to open windows in the room.
Petersilius Zwackelmann
I‘d personally use a 500 mW 405nm laser because it‘s a single mode diode and produces much better engraving results
the heavy nation
the heavy nation Hace 4 meses
Hi. Wil this be able to do a photo on granite for tombstones?
יותם משה מלכה
i think the most importent to show bro is how the machine cuts and engravers
Eric Van Nostrand
Eric Van Nostrand Hace 4 meses
Can this unit cut 1/8” Balsa wood? If so about how fast? How about thin modeling plywood? Thanks
Justin Wesley
Justin Wesley Hace 4 meses
Where can I buy the machine you are using? 🙏
Anton W.
Anton W. Hace 4 meses
I might be a bit late, but you can buy it from ebay or amazon, just search for Elekslaser A3 Pro :-)
MarbleFadeYT Hace 4 meses
Hi, do you know if this will cut through like inch thick acrylic sheets?
kakxor Hace 5 meses
can you cut 12mm foam ?
Joseph Liu
Joseph Liu Hace 5 meses
Can you laser mark metal using this machine? Metal marking with cermark or any dry moly marking sprays?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 5 meses
Joseph Liu This laser engraver can not engrave or cut metal. You need way more power for that type of work.
excuse me, i looking for one machine like this but more bigger like 100cm×200cm, it's possible or not ? thank you
Gelai Galman
Gelai Galman Hace 5 meses
Can it engrave 3d objects such as wooden brush, cup, etc?
Rusovich Hace 5 meses
can this laser cutt 9mm mdf
Oday Graf
Oday Graf Hace 6 meses
FARIG ADMI Hace 6 meses
can you please tell me does this machine use for fabric cutting like polyester or cotton.
Martin Ahlgren
Martin Ahlgren Hace 6 meses
hi how is it work on plexiglass ?
Rayalbert Gonzalez
Rayalbert Gonzalez Hace 6 meses
I bought a 7000 or a 7 watt engraver, is it powerful enough to cut thin wood? I'm just a beginner at this. The only one's I see demonstrated are the 2.5's and the 5's. Also does anyone know what the best software to use is? I'm not too crazy about eleks software.
Waseem Mughal King
Waseem Mughal King Hace 6 meses
Antonio Visconti
Antonio Visconti Hace 6 meses
If I want to add an additional fan to cool the area hit by the laser beam, what type of fan do I buy? And, for support, is there anything in Thingiverse?
Dana Schoen
Dana Schoen Hace 7 meses
Tried the link you listed for the US version. Pop up says "out of stock" then I get directed to 3d printers. Customer service seems to be completely nonexistent.
aa aa
aa aa Hace 7 meses
I wonder if this could cut eva foam up to 10mm?
faisal yunanto
faisal yunanto Hace 7 meses
Will it work on Akrilik?
faisal yunanto
faisal yunanto Hace 7 meses
@Nexi Techall transparent material right?? Ok, thanks for your answer
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 7 meses
faisal yunanto Acrylic sheets? Yes but not on the transparent color. Black Acrylic sheet would engrave and cut the best.
Glenn møller
Glenn møller Hace 7 meses
can it cut 10mm plywood
Gromsicle Hace 7 meses
How do I install the software if I have a Mac???
Paresh Sharma
Paresh Sharma Hace 8 meses
I can use it for jeans engraving? Did u tried on it?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 8 meses
Paresh Sharma It will burn them :) You have to go slow and adjust power output.
Tsofik Tee
Tsofik Tee Hace 9 meses
Does any one know if i can print onto a support 2 meter away from the laser extruder??
Bryan Hauschild
Bryan Hauschild Hace 9 meses
Did yours come with assembly instructions
MJ Hace 10 meses
And what about a metal?
MJ Hace 10 meses
@Nexi Tech ok thanks :)
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 10 meses
It can't engrave metal. You need way more power for that.
Felipe Morais
Felipe Morais Hace 10 meses
5500mw does it cut MDF and Acrylic 4mm?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 10 meses
Francisco Valdez
Francisco Valdez Hace 10 meses
Mas bien parece un "pirografo laser"
Marius Herrmann
Marius Herrmann Hace 10 meses
Did someone managed to load DFX files into the Vigo software ?
280zjammer Hace 10 meses
Pointless. Not for makers. Only for crafts.
Get outside
Get outside Hace 10 meses
Now that you have had it awhile does it still work properly? Would you recommend this?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 10 meses
Yes it's still works like charm.
JAWAD MEHAR Hace 10 meses
Can this engraving machine print on metal?
Nexi Tech
Nexi Tech Hace 10 meses
JAWAD MEHAR No it can't.
kiran kumar
kiran kumar Hace 10 meses
Mic Mac
Mic Mac Hace 10 meses
i wonder if one can make silk screen stensil using this laser. Can it be programmed to punch microholes in a suitable material? it could eliminate having to use emulsion and burn masters?
Doug York
Doug York Hace 10 meses
Very Nice! Thank You!
Abdul Editor
Abdul Editor Hace 10 meses
Please my help
Abdul Editor
Abdul Editor Hace 10 meses
Sir please send your contact number
ona mandla
ona mandla Hace 11 meses
thank you for sharing , good presentation
Gerson Roberto Zorn
Gerson Roberto Zorn Hace 11 meses
es posible importar archivos .dxf ?
NxvaSix Hace 11 meses
I bought a laser cutter, only a small a4 one to start with, and I spent a whole day fiddling around trying to flash Grbl and get the steps/mm correct. I nearly bashed it against a wall but I held back and succeeded
NxvaSix Hace 10 meses
RAKESH JADHAV got my 2.5W A4 laser cutter off eBay for around £90
RAKESH JADHAV Hace 10 meses
From where you got A4 ?
Vikki L. Y.
Vikki L. Y. Hace 11 meses
can it cut regular WOVEN fabric? how about printing on it? with ink? can I put something under a transparency for it to cut the transparency? Can I upload my own pictures on a jpg, png or PDF? thxs
Narayanlaldangi Chopra
I need rubber seets Laser engraving size 60x90 cm please help me
Hello , i have Eleksmaker A3 pro ,do i need to calibrate the machine? I have installed the program, I choοse the COM and the machine. , what do button set home and home? I can move the laser manually, but when I select the photo while it shows to the computer that it reads the design it does not move the laser at all. Could you help me? Thank you
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