Abandoned Waterpark Shred Session in Mexico in a Ford Explorer

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Ah Mexico - a place where a wild Hoon's dreams can really come true. Tacos, racing, good people and even better off-roading features. Manmade or otherwise. Where else would you be able to spot an empty swimming pool on the side of the road, session it, then catch some quality short course truck racing immediately after?
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14 ago 2019






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Comentarios 838
Garage Time - Restomod
I thought this was an RC car vid!
Nate Silva
Nate Silva Hace 9 días
i just thought oj started racing and jumping broncos
YOWTF Hace 25 días
how can an rc car bigger than human
FDB 7 Hace un mes
It's Hoonigan what do you expect... lol.
tr0n Hace un mes
@UpInSmOkEoG420 Rlmc i'm pretty sure they ended up buying the truck and donating the money.
UpInSmOkEoG420 Rlmc
I thought blake wilkey won that build off and got to keep his truck and the #3 truck was to be sold for charity...
John Adams
John Adams Hace un día
I fukn love 91-94 Explorers. Used to have one with stupid wide beams in 04. This things a beast!
K0nst4nt1n Hace 2 días
Bored in GTA Reallife
Will Spicer
Will Spicer Hace 3 días
Is there a Build Biology or anything on this truck? It sounds almost stock (especially the infamous power steering pump lol), with just a lot of nice suspension and cage. Still tho id like to know what all has been done to it anyway. Definatly a Send It! & ask questions later kinda truck tho. I love it
QuikTv Hace 6 días
Someone in need of a rack and pinion lol
who cares
who cares Hace 6 días
Do do the awesome job building that ramp
RON WRIGHT Hace 7 días
Take 4 trophy trucks
HELLO Hace 8 días
HELLO Hace 8 días
tj hoff
tj hoff Hace 12 días
I can already tell that's gonna tip
dubya TF
dubya TF Hace 13 días
Dan does a "Casey" @ 8:03. LOL!! Nice work Team!!
Kyle Van Tassel
Kyle Van Tassel Hace 13 días
THat was flipping Beautiful !!!! Best Hoonigan yet , Explorer flew with purpose like an arrow from a long bow.... Best jump Ive ever seen done with you all.
boosted vette
boosted vette Hace 13 días
Lol so badass. Won't lie I was nervous for that sand jump landing 😂
Isatnt Moved channel
Isatnt Moved channel Hace 14 días
Those tires look like a traxxas slash wheel!
DeadlyHydra888 Hace 14 días
SchwuppDieWupp Hace 15 días
Wait...no RC-car Video??
classic gamer
classic gamer Hace 15 días
Lol a "backhoe"
Bezzy Russell
Bezzy Russell Hace 16 días
*says backhoe shows front loader
the random guy
the random guy Hace 20 días
San Thomas Baja California
I farted
I farted Hace 20 días
that is the best looking ford I've ever seen A+++
TypeUsername34 Hace 21 un día
You guys went to la bufadora! Should've pet the tigers they have
Beaudoin Motorsports
Beaudoin Motorsports Hace 22 días
that is definitely not a backhoe. *BAJA UPDATE*
Carlos Rivera
Carlos Rivera Hace 22 días
Well God Bless, Vince the dapper bi-baller, fire bird chested, mustache twirlin-ist BAMF North or South of the San Andreas. What a LEGEND, that's a full commit on the brands you love.
Jacob Aslin
Jacob Aslin Hace 22 días
Driving starts at 3:07
Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes Hace 25 días
You guys are great fun to watch and all but... Cole is a certified A1 grain fed Farm Boy with the neck as thick as a tree stump and has probably been jumping trucks all his life. Obviously it shows. What an absolute weapon on the track you are sir. I'll definitely be keeping up with you. Cheers
Ricky107 Hace 26 días
the pro light trucks are so close to the groundd
Robert Vice
Robert Vice Hace 26 días
never did see a backhoe
GI Joe
GI Joe Hace 26 días
Sir William Goes
Sir William Goes Hace 26 días
SICK AF!!!!!
Антон Редькин
Прикольные чуваки! 👍
CROW_STW _MX Hace 26 días
Ensenada Yeeeah!!!
Charles Galvin
Charles Galvin Hace 26 días
You guys are a bunch of fake cool guys that try way too hard...
Hoonigan Hace 23 días
But here you are watching us in your parent’s basement.
Chase Maher
Chase Maher Hace 27 días
8:03, that high five tho
Yah Yeet
Yah Yeet Hace 27 días
Should put some air ride trucker seats in the Intimidator
Rodney LaValley
Rodney LaValley Hace 27 días
You bleep out other cuss words. But don't bleep out G.D.
Frank Sköld Cortés
Frank Sköld Cortés Hace 27 días
So cool that you guys enjoy México, for me is the best place to live, regardless of what other people, news, or even government says
Hoonigan Hace 23 días
We ❤️ Mexico
djm jr
djm jr Hace 27 días
I was waiting for the dukes of hazzard horn to go off during that jump on the beach .. lol !! Awesome guys !!
Roberto Martínez
Roberto Martínez Hace 27 días
come on a Sunday here to Ensenada BC where they recorded those videos it gets really good
Bramantiyo Nasrul
Bramantiyo Nasrul Hace 27 días
Joss mbahh...
Aiden Cox
Aiden Cox Hace 27 días
What kind of loser has the last name Cox? Oh wait
IceBlock Hace 27 días
This is real freedom. Go try that in your country 😅
Austin Moody
Austin Moody Hace 27 días
LMAO nice loader
Kaiser Lex
Kaiser Lex Hace 28 días
9:40 be carefull guys its remind me Jeremy´s wood/handbrake from africa special :D
JifeLacket Hace 28 días
Dude he SENT it, that was some serious air!
Hoonigan Hace 27 días
Home made jumps and big Hucks. That’s the only way to vacation in Mexico.
Twinny Ate
Twinny Ate Hace 28 días
Bo and Luke would be proud!!
Romance Hace 28 días
15:16 no chance ill drive that good with my dead cat reflexes!!
ScottCo98 Hace 28 días
I love how un straight the steering wheel is lol
Hoonigan Hace 28 días
As soon as you fix it, the wheel goes right back to what ever position it wants too...
Black Venom
Black Venom Hace 28 días
What is the red chevy UTE/car pickup @2:17???
Hoonigan Hace 28 días
Good call out Venom! Thanks for getting that info for us.
Black Venom
Black Venom Hace 28 días
Chevy Tornado
Manuel Tovar
Manuel Tovar Hace 28 días
So they wouldnt do this in the states cuz it would be traspassing so they think they could come to mexico and get away with everything .....
Stirling Moore
Stirling Moore Hace 28 días
Not to be a stickler that's not a backhoe it's a front end loader
Khy SLAVINSKIS Hace 28 días
Jim Sedd
Jim Sedd Hace 28 días
I broke it in out there.
P Henry
P Henry Hace 28 días
Thats not a 2002 yukon, but okay...
lorenz Ivan Causing
lorenz Ivan Causing Hace 28 días
mike cox build hella tough truck.. one wheel landing no broken parts.. thats tough
Monte Maguire
Monte Maguire Hace 28 días
I skipped through all the talking because its better that way .
N English
N English Hace 28 días
I want that f'ing truck
shanmandude Hace 28 días
Must of been a CBM motor...Junk
Angry Yankee
Angry Yankee Hace 28 días
I thought the loser of the Build Battle was supposed to sell the truck and give the money to charity.. Did he buy it?
Hoonigan Hace 23 días
Yeah, there is a video on Bonus about it. He bought it from us, we gave the money to a Charity.
Ratbiker Hace 28 días
Early 90’s explorer 2dr have always been my favorite SUV. If only they were still around where I live.
Bilbob Baggins
Bilbob Baggins Hace 28 días
8.1s are pretty sweet, they sound rad and pull hard
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