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james Quarles Jr.
james Quarles Jr. Hace un mes
it made a complete pass with out grenading that is a good day
Chris Kubond
Chris Kubond Hace 2 meses
Nice to see that truck go down the track. Eventually its gonna be a BEAST!
James Holbrook
James Holbrook Hace 3 meses
Is it the stock converter
Evil_goat_garage Hace 3 meses
Glad to see you make it, was great meeting you at the half mile in va/wva a few years back
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
Congrats on the clean pulls
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
Ramp it up more on the launch ..
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
Much better of a launch man
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
I have been off line for 3 month's but I'll catch up on the uploads
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
I used the big soup cans on my old civic .lol
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
Trucks looking gd man
Jared THISDELLE Hace 4 meses
Oh ya let's go
Charlesbjtown Hace 5 meses
So basically, it runs like a stone stock 2000 z28.
TPV Productions
TPV Productions Hace 5 meses
Good to see it making a pass. And Yo! Randy with the stone cold Steve Austin face right before the coffee hit!🤣🤣🤣
Klean Kustomz
Klean Kustomz Hace 5 meses
13.6 on your first pass is a great foundation for a truck! Way to keep fighting because it payed off! Great work on it followed your build from the begining, take care and God bless man!
John Miley
John Miley Hace 5 meses
Hey man I love the truck, and I love how you are so honest about your self and your experiences. You make me more confident that I could possibly do something like this in the future. Cant wait for the next video on your truck!!!
D Maczko
D Maczko Hace 5 meses
4L80E? Do the Sloppy transbrake mod
MayhemVideos Hace 5 meses
Try holding the brake pedal as hard as you can, put it in neutral and rev it to 5k or so real quick while holding the pedal still. You'll feel the brake pedal sink down some more
buttermilk biscuits
buttermilk biscuits Hace 5 meses
funny as fucck
Justin Walker
Justin Walker Hace 5 meses
You earned that 13 second pass
Norman Fab
Norman Fab Hace 5 meses
a good converter will make all the difference in the world
Marc Stone
Marc Stone Hace 5 meses
She's definitely got alot more in it, you'll get it!
Bradley Slusser
Bradley Slusser Hace 5 meses
Some good tires, a trans brake, and it could run low 13's high 12's.
Ant Man
Ant Man Hace 5 meses
Congrats broo
can i get a joe
can i get a joe Hace 5 meses
You got a new sub. When your dad threw the coffee. That's real content and shows how loud them cars are. People don't get how loud they are and fast.. like people are going to say his truck is slow. 13s are fast for a street truck. My Dakota RT ran high 12s and on MTs Street slicks it would light them up and get crazy sideways for the first hundred or so feet. It would scared the s*** out of people..🤗 PLEASE STOP.LET ME THE F*** OUT NOW.😂☠️😎
John Norman
John Norman Hace 5 meses
Sfi flexplate stall converter and trans break will change youre life lol
juiced71 Hace 5 meses
Doesn’t matter what it runs ! You made it to the track! Congrats bro!
Ian Skeeters
Ian Skeeters Hace 5 meses
Silverado and Silverado action against itsjusta6 coming soon???
Winfred Fuller
Winfred Fuller Hace 5 meses
So happy for u
Johnny Wolf
Johnny Wolf Hace 5 meses
Omg I'm dying over here after seeing the coffee launch. Congrats on getting the truck on the track but your pops stole the show! Great upload man.
dominic nix
dominic nix Hace 5 meses
Curious to see how fast the truck can go
Chris Hace 5 meses
Coffee shower was great!
Sidney Johnson
Sidney Johnson Hace 5 meses
Lol I've seen a video clip of that reaction. I didn't know it was your dad. It was funny as hell. lol
Spinnin McWinnin
Spinnin McWinnin Hace 5 meses
man that headliner is bugging me. :) just my personal preference. Also jealous you get to work on stuff with your dad. I kinda missed that boat in life.
Toob247 Toob247
Toob247 Toob247 Hace 5 meses
1:05 . He wasn't ready But the 📷 was
Boosted GTO
Boosted GTO Hace 5 meses
I learned to drive stick at 12 in the Glasgow high school parking lot! LOL
Boosted GTO
Boosted GTO Hace 5 meses
That is fucking hilarious!
Hemi Lyfestyle
Hemi Lyfestyle Hace 5 meses
Lmao dad is hella cool!!
Nicholas Rodrigues
Nicholas Rodrigues Hace 5 meses
Gave you a like when your dad tossed the coffee lol
GLENN Cooper
GLENN Cooper Hace 5 meses
Good job great content enjoy your learning curve it will always be better.
lucian kristov
lucian kristov Hace 5 meses
I'm not into the LS stuff but dude right on man. You well deserved this! Good job man. Love the content keep up the good work!
Mike Clay
Mike Clay Hace 5 meses
Epic coffee toss! Congrats on the pass
Daniel Upchurch
Daniel Upchurch Hace 5 meses
U need a 2 step
ponypwr Hace 5 meses
Should go 12s with a dr and leaving on some psi. Perfect daily.
Mark Belmontes
Mark Belmontes Hace 5 meses
Throw that truck away already🤣 turbo truck doing 13s that shit is trash
jamest 43
jamest 43 Hace 5 meses
Time for a trans brake and a 5k RPM converter
LOBOOST Hace 5 meses
Glad to see this thing make a pass use some of that ESvid money and get yourself some tires turn up the boost and get that thing rollin
gsppuffer Hace 5 meses
Dam is that exhaust actually hooked up coming out the rear?If so holy shit that's some serious back pressure and you need a dump valve
gsppuffer Hace 5 meses
Dam 12.90 NA in that wagon is moving
rich 570
rich 570 Hace 5 meses
That is sooo damn funny
Danderson GM
Danderson GM Hace 5 meses
Hell yeah man!! Looked good like you said it’s a base. Seat time and some tuning, you’ll get there. Your buddy in the wagon ran the same mph.... it’s a 12 second truck with seat time. Love you build I’m currently building a red RCSB sport side. Keep the videos coming
kvng._ shvt
kvng._ shvt Hace 5 meses
topping it off cause our 2-3 is doing 4l60 things 😂😂😂
Joe Dugas
Joe Dugas Hace 5 meses
should get at least a 1.6 60ft. low 13's at 108mph is realistic. Not bad for a budget build in a heavy truck! btw..... lose the tailgate!!!
mcfero1 Hace 5 meses
There’s no way that was on 10 pounds. The mph would of been way higher or the engine isn’t making power. Hope you get it figured out bud.
Carlos Finch
Carlos Finch Hace 5 meses
Drag racing is all about practice, keep making runs, it'll come together.
underwatermortgage Hace 5 meses
Been watching for years, and the truck build & what you learn on the way is by far my favorite content.
underwatermortgage Hace 5 meses
See if you can make the sloppy 3rd gear "trans brake" work with a stock ECU. Might keep you from pushing thru the brakes. A 3500 converter might help too $$$.
Not Here
Not Here Hace 5 meses
Funny, years ago I went to Detroit Dragway with a neighbor girl and her b/f. There were a few T/F cars there well her & I had' seen them before and knew to cover our ears, sadly neither of us thought to tell him. He damn near fell off the bleacher row reacting to Hit!
Stacy Dornan
Stacy Dornan Hace 5 meses
Happy to see the old girl make it down the track with no issues,on the right road now big fella.Wish you all the best have fun and be safe
Jerry Esposito
Jerry Esposito Hace 5 meses
AndyLSX Hace 5 meses
How the hell is he running 13.61 our N/A truck hits 13.439 at 101mph
Sonos45 Hace 5 meses
It's still together. That's a win. Keep your head high. Enjoy your hotrod.
JMG_2 _SLOW Hace 5 meses
Can we get a hoodie with the truck in it
a21bravo Hace 5 meses
Nice work! Clean pass on the first attempt is all you can ask for.
Diet Coke
Diet Coke Hace 5 meses
what gears are in that thig
TN Royal
TN Royal Hace 5 meses
Best story ever lmao
JetLife Sr
JetLife Sr Hace 5 meses
I love this build i haven’t said much but I’ve been here the whole time can’t wait to get my hoodie and shirts bro keep up these type of videos also fuck the haters Turbos to the front the truck is amazing can’t wait to see more of it
MD 5Slow
MD 5Slow Hace 5 meses
A honda blowing up happens at least once everytime I hit Capital Raceway
Mod Everything
Mod Everything Hace 5 meses
Always a great feeling completing that first pass on a new build!
BoostedVette Hace 5 meses
Just happy to see it finally make a pass good stuff man 👍🏻👍🏻
SlowwwEVO Hace 5 meses
I think your exhaust may justtttt may be restricting some flow.....
vrm Hace 5 meses
Glad you got the truck to the track!
Randy Beuttell
Randy Beuttell Hace 5 meses
Congratulations bro , its been a long time coming ! It held together and you made a clean first pass👍!!
Liana Ilardi
Liana Ilardi Hace 5 meses
Holy shit I called a 1360 and runs a 1350 horrible I would be crying
L8 APEX Hace 5 meses
NOOOOO you NEVER use the brush on your car ever. You just scratched and swirled the bejesus out of it even more
Kevin Tucker
Kevin Tucker Hace 5 meses
That photographer was ready for your dad! That was awesome.
Track Days
Track Days Hace 5 meses
😭😂 cracking up at the beginning while on the toilet at work
The Immortal Redneck
Outstanding work Sir! Solid first run. Can't wait to see more
Aldo Cazares
Aldo Cazares Hace 5 meses
Congrats bro. Your finally enjoying the truck.
Travis Peoples
Travis Peoples Hace 5 meses
Spoolinawd Hace 5 meses
Way more left in it
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