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A mysterious, mystical marble brings Go Se-yeon (Park Bo-young) and Cha Min (Ahn Hyo-seop) back to life in entirely different bodies-one new and improved, the other not so much-but that doesn't stop them from meeting and falling in love.
Starring Park Bo-young and Ahn Hyo-seop.
Coming May 7 on Netflix.
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army forever
army forever Hace 9 días
Dios... Que linda serie like si con cuerdas conmigo 🥰🥰👍👍
Natia Jafarovi
Natia Jafarovi Hace 16 días
0:09 He is SEO IN GUK??? OMG i can't believe and she is JUNG SO MIN is here paradise or something??
Kinana Moly
Kinana Moly Hace 26 días
Minmin left the chat
Деница Б.
Деница Б. Hace 27 días
So CUTE 🥰🥰☺️
언니로비 Hace un mes
Is it just me or anyone realized that there's so many known actresses and actors in this drama? Lol
btseok Hace un mes
am i the only one who thinks that ahn hyo-seop reminds me of kim seokjin from bts?
Wooseok Bub
Wooseok Bub Hace un mes
.... everyone in the comments talked abt the actors but damn ma i'm looking for another short synopsis or something bcs i dont understand the trailer 😭😭😭 (no hate btw)
Akbar Rizqun Muhammad
This show just good for the first half season. The rest of them is very boring.
jiminieugotnojams _
I want a second season plzzzzzzzzzz I loved it so much but it's not enough!
Dabuku yay
Dabuku yay Hace un mes
They tried to make her look ugly so bad but girl be slaying 😍
Jane Marielle
Jane Marielle Hace 2 meses
hmm another kdrama that will 'cause sleepless nights
K B Hace 2 meses
I am personally new to korean dramas (life-changing) and somehow every single one I've watched has park boyoung in it. Not hating. She is one of my favourite actresses now lol
Summer Roetherford
Summer Roetherford Hace 2 meses
When I tell u this show is making me madddddd
Christian Pagco
Christian Pagco Hace 2 meses
Wtf at the first episode im waiting for park bo young not the illusional bitch long hair ass woman
Hershebed Dorcil
Hershebed Dorcil Hace 3 meses
This show is GREATTTTTTT, it’s like strong woman part 2 without the powers
Soft For The8.
Soft For The8. Hace 3 meses
I just finished this drama and DUDE I LOVED IT lol I usually skip parts in a drama but man I spent 2 DAYS watching this and I do not regret that THE ENDING HAD ME CRYING
lk _29
lk _29 Hace 3 meses
0:15 his hands are very big combared to her face that's really cute😭💜💜
SilentAutumnHues _09
I just finished the second episode and I wanna know if its worth watching? I don't want spoilers but if its them solving the murder mystery for 16 episodes, I'll stop right now. Someone please help (no spoilers please)
Dana MSA
Dana MSA Hace 3 meses
Can someone explain to me the hype over 0:09 Seo In Guk Jung So Min
Eliska Vanickova
Eliska Vanickova Hace 2 meses
Just watch The smile has left your eyes and you'll understand😁 It's a masterpiece❤
are you kirring mi irrriya??
Vetrivel Dhayalan
Vetrivel Dhayalan Hace 4 meses
Wrost play...watched few episodes in Netflix. Logic is wrost
Mister Orange
Mister Orange Hace 4 meses
worst script and scenes ever, this piece is a disgrace for all korean film makers. so awful and bad. the plot and scenarios makes me sick.
Taejun Kim
Taejun Kim Hace 4 meses
Someone knows Go Se Yeong's ringtone??? She has a Galaxy S10 Plus, but the ringtone doesn't exist in all Samsungs' phones! AAAH! HELP.
Aphaea Hace 5 meses
I like it so far but the only thing that’s bugging me is the enormous focus on appearance and that the female lead is considered ugly/less attractive for some reason?? I mean, HOW?
Diana Newman
Diana Newman Hace 5 meses
I loved this drama, it made me jump a few time's, pissed off, made me cry mostly at the end, had twist and turns and was romantic and funny. Great actors and actresses.
nor azidah
nor azidah Hace 5 meses
"on your wedding day" movie match again..love the couple
Michael Doronio
Michael Doronio Hace 5 meses
Lame direction, but great actors! I just hate how everything seems so lame. Meh!
Ans Surfer
Ans Surfer Hace 6 meses
Love the serie Abyss
4 P
4 P Hace 6 meses
Ok so I’m watching it and the plot honestly is good it keeps me on edge. The characters are super annoying though. I like the story but the character man super annoying
Yandere Bear
Yandere Bear Hace 7 meses
s u g a n
s u g a n Hace 7 meses
HOW FUCKING CRAZY I was just thinking and feeling disassociated with my body and now this trailer comes at me like 👀👀 I obviously have to watch this now
Giz Vardar
Giz Vardar Hace 7 meses
Park Bo Young. It isn’t aloud to be so hot.
sangita sanasam
sangita sanasam Hace 7 meses
In this drama I love HeeJin and JiWook more than Main role HeeJin love Chamin before he turn into handsome guy but SoYeon love Chamin after he is becoming handsome ... HeeJin really wanted to protect Chamin from her father .... Actually I really wanted to kill Writer & Director. Casts are OK but story line I hate it... Boring romance 😈😈😈
Nicole Ann Asistio
Nicole Ann Asistio Hace 7 meses
is this a good drama?
sangita sanasam
sangita sanasam Hace 7 meses
In my opinion it is not gud side role story are more interest than main role
Abiram Raveendran
Abiram Raveendran Hace 7 meses
i love 😍😍💕 best drama
Hilda A
Hilda A Hace 7 meses
Completely be honest I think this story too prolix. And then they said go se yeon such a beautiful girl (Kim Sa-rang) changed into ordinary girl (park bo-young). Seriously!!!! Park bo young wayyy beautiful. So go se yeon changes into a beautiful girl after death
Hyun Seo
Hyun Seo Hace 7 meses
where can i watch this drama can you recommend to me ♡♡♡
Mimi Johnny
Mimi Johnny Hace 8 meses
he’s like a mixture of Exo’s Chanyeol and Nam Joo Hyuk 🥺
Inah Joy Nailes
Inah Joy Nailes Hace 8 meses
Don't. Think.Feel
Exo Exo
Exo Exo Hace 8 meses
I dont know why people didn’t like this kdrama ,i was in love and also cried so much watching this kdrama it became one of my top 3 kdramas dont know why people are so hateful this is a masterpiece 🤷🏻‍♀️
aslia didato
aslia didato Hace 8 meses
waiting 😀😀
minyoongi Hace 8 meses
Annie Nguyen
Annie Nguyen Hace 8 meses
This was a terrible drama that was so predictable and the character's actions never made any sense.. So sad that I finished it hoping that there would be a redeemable ending. God I'm irritated because the romance was boring too and usually that saves dramas for me.
Ridzuan Nazir
Ridzuan Nazir Hace 5 meses
So true, the character's action always so stupid beyond help.. Feel irritated when they do it.. So easily get kidnapped
tiger adventurer
tiger adventurer Hace 8 meses
Abyss is kinda the opposite to Death Note.
Fatah Kent
Fatah Kent Hace 8 meses
Just watched this entire series and I'm sad its over. Time to rewatch it
Rohina Ibrahim
Rohina Ibrahim Hace 8 meses
Destinee Hace 9 meses
I started watching this bc the preview Netflix plays when you’re reading the description made it look funny episode 1 was funny for like 5 seconds now I finished episode 2 and niggas just keep getting murdered
Destinee Hace 9 meses
what did I get myself into
I'm Jisoo, I'm ok
I'm Jisoo, I'm ok Hace 9 meses
It's finished ahhh I don't want to watch the last 2 ep
Kim Rivvan
Kim Rivvan Hace 9 meses
Park bo young low hair always like bong soon
Christine Jones
Christine Jones Hace 9 meses
🙋🏻‍♀️. From. 🇺🇸. 2019. I just finished this drama and really loved the story and the cast especially Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seob . Unique and interesting concept 👍. I don’t get some of the negative comments that there was no chemistry between the leads. Either they weren’t paying attention or left before the end 🤷🏻‍♀️. Honestly, I was so moved by their love ❤️ and at times was tearing because it was beautiful to see. 🎬 👏👏 🙆🏻‍♀️ ❌⭕️❌⭕️
Violet Evergarden
Violet Evergarden Hace 9 meses
I just finished yesterday
Suzana Amin
Suzana Amin Hace 9 meses
I came for Park Bo-Young,i still cant move on over Strong Woman Do Bong Soon
yuqicutie Hace 9 meses
bruh I can’t believe jung so min and seo in guk and that one young cop from the smile has left your eyes was in this it’s like a reunion lol
maitea Hace 9 meses
This might be a unpopular opinion but I can't connect with the leading characters romance story, I keep feeling sorry to Jang Hee-Jin character, like she had to do a lot of crap to stay alive with her psycho dad after having to leave her fiance who must had made her feel safe. She loses everything, the guy she loves, brother, mom and literally is left alone while they expect me to ship Ko Se-Yeon and Cha Min which kinda is annoying since Se-Yeon had been so unattracted to the guy and not even interested (pretty much thought he was disgusting and she has higher standards) before he turnined into the good looking guy, just makes me not ship them, feels very superficial. Have a nice day :).
sangita sanasam
sangita sanasam Hace 7 meses
I agreed
kola bear
kola bear Hace 9 meses
This drama is extremely stupid. I cant believe someone can write a stupid drama like this. No wonder the ratings were really low in korea.
Assia B
Assia B Hace 9 meses
How is Park Bo Young ugly??? BITCH WHERE?? She’s beautiful so i dont get it 😅
Ashley vanessa Batista peña
Soy la única dominada que le gusta ?
taeyongcafé Hace 9 meses
Love Feyre
Love Feyre Hace 10 meses
Do Bong Soon 🥰
SeJeongyeon JeongyeonXSejeong
Oh so its like. Please come back mr ahjussi.
stan loona
stan loona Hace 10 meses
omg this drama is really good, and the two leads are so cute together
Lilly Chan
Lilly Chan Hace 10 meses
So wait... Korean guys look like cute girls While Korean girls look like babies?!
JungshOOk nOOdles
JungshOOk nOOdles Hace 10 meses
Who loves themselves so e parkboyoung
NeonMinx Hace 10 meses
loving this
Angie Bak-A
Angie Bak-A Hace 10 meses
It seems nice
Andrea ceron
Andrea ceron Hace 10 meses
Esa serie esta en Netflix?
Sasha Moral
Sasha Moral Hace 10 meses
Jung So min is there! Omg! ❤️
Gulcan Akagunduz
Gulcan Akagunduz Hace 10 meses
What is the directory name ???
Marisela Hace 10 meses
Waiting for the next episode it’s so good😭
he woof
he woof Hace 10 meses
so far, this is such a good drama! TW though, there are scenes where stabbing, killing, shamelessly admitting to murder, and so much blood exposure are evident. Watch at your own risk, everyone!!
imbelxox Hace 10 meses
↠ Dreams ↞
↠ Dreams ↞ Hace 10 meses
I just realized that the girl in this drama is from Strong Girl Bong - Soon :O Btw I already watched episode 1, it’s really good!! 💗💗
john reyes
john reyes Hace 10 meses
i have watched the episode 1 and 2 but who’s the other bo young?
Elf forever
Elf forever Hace 10 meses
Is it just me or does Ahn Hyo-Seop remind anyone else of Nam Joo-hyuk?
Ji-sin Hace 10 meses
Yo I need that OST cause issa bop
antonio picazo
antonio picazo Hace 10 meses
what’s the ending soundtrack to this show !! I must know !
antonio picazo
antonio picazo Hace 9 meses
@Christine Jones thank you so much!! I found the song !
Christine Jones
Christine Jones Hace 9 meses
antonio picazo The vocalist is Kim Feel an awesome singer 🎶🎵🎤👍
nad Hace 10 meses
i just watched the first 2 episodes and im obsessed and love the ost at the end, does anyone know what its called i cant find it
Prabakar Ranganathan
Prabakar Ranganathan Hace 10 meses
Was just swooning over Hyp seop in Still 17 and was heartbroken as he was the second lead..BUT THIS CAME!,AHH
Romeo Chhut
Romeo Chhut Hace 10 meses
Jskajaja i didn't even recognize 효섭 bc his hair is so different from "Still 17" 👁👄👁
Hyungwon is a living meme
Is it just me? At a first glance, I thought that the first guy is Chanyeol
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