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So once upon a time George and I went to a hotel.... it was pretty bad.
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20 oct 2018






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CypherDen Hace un año
You can get Quidd here ►►► bit.ly/2L8lICs Add me at "THECypherDen" so we can trade some face stickers! :D
Olivia Wilson
Olivia Wilson Hace 6 días
She had a ruby sticker!
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy Hace un mes
Gacha_Miho Hace un mes
Thank you my friends think I’m crazy for like bakugo
Satomi Gacha anime
Satomi Gacha anime Hace un mes
CypherDen love u
Jeffrey Blue
Jeffrey Blue Hace un mes
I thought it was king explosion murder
Lashun Mitchell
Lashun Mitchell Hace 8 horas
I love my hero academia and if your a fan then I take the stickers of my here academia you amzing
Arnold Siqueiros
Arnold Siqueiros Hace 13 horas
I love the farting glitter part super much XD
Winona Arias
Winona Arias Hace un día
Ligma balls
Pokemon Trainer John
bruh the hotel sounds like the one from Baguio XD
Maiyah Brown
Maiyah Brown Hace un día
OMG you know my hero academia 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌❤️❤️
Kyle Kuharevicz
Kyle Kuharevicz Hace 2 días
My friend ran into my schools gym wall and chipped his tooth
Guess What Animation
Try the Cecil hotel in Calgary. One person got accidental kill about once a week.
Phoenix Fire cat
Phoenix Fire cat Hace 2 días
So I watch a lot of scary movies and play a lot of horror games. I’ve kinda desensitized myself to a lot of it. But let me tell ya. Staying in a cheep roadside motel as a schizophrenic is really fucking terrifying. Was that my fucked up head or a shadow creature down the hall? Did I really hear a scream or not? At least when I’m at home I know where the gun is and don’t have to worry about killing a innocent child!
joanneds75 Hace 3 días
Bakugo is the best but deku is better
joanneds75 Hace 3 días
I’m abscessed with my hero academia
gamer guy with pets
gamer guy with pets Hace 3 días
I have extreme paranoia so if I was in that hotel I would probably freeze up as soon as I saw the red door
Elliah Oliphant
Elliah Oliphant Hace 3 días
You give me Todoroki stickers i give you bakugo stickers
Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon Hace 5 días
There is one thing two say two questions for you... Who is Joe and what is ligma
Victor Castillo
Victor Castillo Hace 5 días
Story time: When I was 9 years old, I woke up to go to the bathroom( I have a 2 story house) it was around probably 3 or 2AM when I was about to walk out of my room, I saw a black bald man which I thought it was my stepdad standing behind the wall near the stairs(it was too dark to see), when I said his name he didn't respond. I freaked out and went back to my bed, thinking that it wasn't my stepdad and afraid that it would come in to our room (I slept with 3 of my brothers in the same room).
meaty marley fan
meaty marley fan Hace 5 días
11 min vid what is this a movie
Oliver 60x
Oliver 60x Hace 5 días
I have realized that there was ruby in her marriage outfit from Steven universe on her face
Cienna Strode
Cienna Strode Hace 5 días
I love my hero academia❤️
Holiday Yeargin
Holiday Yeargin Hace 6 días
I see RUBBY!
Sniper Beast
Sniper Beast Hace 6 días
The ESvid jessii vee should go there
Jordan Harding the meme
0:03 Who sees a ruby Wearing the wedding dress
Lazy Kitsune
Lazy Kitsune Hace 6 días
Red riot is best boi but Lord explosion murderer has the best.. Hero name?(lord explosion murderer nor Ground Zero)
SudoWoofie Animations!
0:07 The first thing I notice is Ruby from Steven Universe lol
Guess What Animation
Steve is so cool, love the lion.
Gustav Povlsen
Gustav Povlsen Hace 6 días
Gustav Povlsen
Gustav Povlsen Hace 6 días
That,s not a real dino
Broccoli Pink Glasses
Was it Bally’s? We went to Atlantic City and went inside and it looked and smelled how you described. We stayed at Golden Nugget though.
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose Hace 7 días
I have heard my name at night when everyone wos asleep like Mal no Marley 🦊👿👿
Joshua Rose
Joshua Rose Hace 7 días
Isabella de Champlain
Cane the official
Cane the official Hace 7 días
"Dinosaur eats somone" Cypher: I TOLD YOU
F L O W E R G E E K 1 2 3
How do you make Quidd stickers?🙃 Plus AMAZING video!
Elijah Mckinney
Elijah Mckinney Hace 7 días
Fight or Flight LOL
Matteo Carolissen
Matteo Carolissen Hace 7 días
Do you like Steven Universe
Jen Jenly
Jen Jenly Hace 8 días
Team dakugo Leave a like if u in team bakugo
Jen Jenly
Jen Jenly Hace 8 días
Put a like if you whatch my hero acidamiya 😄
Jen Jenly
Jen Jenly Hace 8 días
Yassssssss my hero acidamiya 😄😄😄😄
Gamer with glasses
Gamer with glasses Hace 8 días
Why did she say George my lovely boyfriend “ at the time” 1:09
Gamer with glasses
Gamer with glasses Hace 5 días
things yes makes sense thank you
Dabi Does things
Dabi Does things Hace 5 días
Gamer with glasses cause they married now
Hano H
Hano H Hace 8 días
Well the hotel was old timey for sure lol
Itz_Moon the Best singer??
No one’s gonna talk about Freddy Fazbear with lipstick?
Joliet Magaña
Joliet Magaña Hace 9 días
Wait is Jorge still your boyfriend or are you marriage with him.
LAaliyah Dixon
LAaliyah Dixon Hace 10 días
If I’m not crazy, I heard spinal palm
Avagamer 18
Avagamer 18 Hace 11 días
why do i feel like i've heard this story before
Honey Bear
Honey Bear Hace 11 días
QuotedPizza6185 Hace 11 días
I click: ok this not gonna be to scary 5 seconds later: MOM! DAD! THERES A GHOST IN HERE! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yameili perez
yameili perez Hace 11 días
Bakugou is my Senpai💗💍😍 he's my favorite all the way! #teambakugou
Sarah Lamothe
Sarah Lamothe Hace 11 días
cool find a knife well my bro scardy cat
Marta Walker
Marta Walker Hace 11 días
Xander Hendricks
Xander Hendricks Hace 12 días
Babys building a tower in to space. Space where he's going to find his daaad daddy has a arm and babby going to harm his arm by taring it of his dad
Insane cupcake 1983
Insane cupcake 1983 Hace 12 días
Deku you Beep
Talking with Tony
Talking with Tony Hace 12 días
I'm a youtube channel too maybe subscribe... no ok
tb emerald vlog
tb emerald vlog Hace 12 días
five nights at Fredd's is this were you want to be i just don't getit
Melvin Merkelhopper
Melvin Merkelhopper Hace 13 días
So has anyone actually figured out what hotel in Atlantic City Den went to? Because I go to Atlantic City once a year for vacation and would like to see what is up.
fnaf gamer2
fnaf gamer2 Hace 13 días
Cyber Princess
Cyber Princess Hace 13 días
all my katsuki fans up in here katsuki/bakugo katsuki is his real name bakugo is his last (i think)
Mama Sue Panciocco
Mama Sue Panciocco Hace 13 días
Yes queen
SoggyCookiz Hace 15 días
"DAMN IT KIRISHIMA, YOUR JUST AS CUTE AS THAT DAMN NERD" were bakugo's last words befor he was put into a coma by a kick to a face by a living cinnimon roll
Potato Queen
Potato Queen Hace 15 días
StEvEn UnIvErSe I saw the sticker
Benji Perez
Benji Perez Hace 16 días
I have a long hallway and it was like 2 in the morning and I went to go get a midnight snack and I didn't know my dad was up as well and I punched him in the face by an accident
itstimetocraft green
itstimetocraft green Hace 16 días
You like Steven universe?
CreeperSolitary Gameplay
Ruby From Steven Universe in her wedding gown
My art LE
My art LE Hace 17 días
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