ADAM: Episode 1

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Watch the new Unity demo, Book of the Dead: esvid.net/video/vídeo-DDsRfbfnC_A.html
"Adam" is an award-winning real-time-rendered short film, written and directed by Veselin Efremov, and created by the Unity Demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980.
Learn more about the creation of "Adam", download the assets and the real-time version, and find complete credits list: unity3d.com/adam
Watch the next episodes, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, and created by Oats Studios:
Adam Episode 2: The Mirror: esvid.net/video/vídeo-R8NeB10INDo.html
Adam Episode 3: The Prophet: esvid.net/video/vídeo-tSDsi2ItktY.html

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20 jun 2016

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Dave Avila
Dave Avila Hace 41 un minuto
Nocturne in C minor op 48 #1
Oh Yeah yeah
Oh Yeah yeah Hace 20 horas
There’s a video showing the model move irl
i Umer
i Umer Hace un día
Note 9 on each 🤖....😂
Kurt Adams
Kurt Adams Hace un día
Oh damn this is awesome
Rafy Leon
Rafy Leon Hace un día
B4nan0n Hace 2 días
Wait... gtx980 running this in real time???
Katastros No Mercy
Katastros No Mercy Hace 2 días
Usando la logica es estupido colocar efectos de respiracion a un robot que ni nariz ni pulmones tiene.... seria algo mejor sonidos bionicos o roboticos. ya que ni cuerdas vocales tiene para que le pongan sonidos de voz humana.
pwog arnex
pwog arnex Hace 2 días
4:24 pm ... 16/1-2/.2019 ... 55 alien ascernfdsance... feb sat... 3014 algiers branch..9 2 26 19 12 5 29 23r dcec... 204-891-9570...
ماركو العنقاء
ايه ده يعني لعبه ولا ايه
Максим Пироженко
Робот дышит? Чем (орган)? Моргает? Зачем? Че за?......
sojourn Traveler
sojourn Traveler Hace 3 días
Ricardo Franco Gerez
WOW! Excelent!
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy Hace 4 días
Matarese Circle
Matarese Circle Hace 4 días
Better than an "ordinary" Camera full HD movie!!!
Blackenblood Hace 4 días
So yea this makes no sense. I guess nowadays you don't need to make sense if you can make stupid shit look good.
Крачун Дмтрий
KarolosBiTzJ Hace 7 días
Cos o zyciu normalnych lufzi :(
Thingy67 Hace 7 días
2:24 Bottom right, little glitch. But really really impressive :)
Nosey Parker
Nosey Parker Hace 7 días
A Fukkin' "GAME ENGINE"..... >.>
Len Col
Len Col Hace 7 días
Bad bony bebe
Xan rusi
Xan rusi Hace 7 días
Human brain KZ
mir 124
mir 124 Hace 8 días
I want this and "rakka" as a series. It would be my favorite. I would even pay for it
Elizabeth Stetler
Elizabeth Stetler Hace 8 días
They breathe because they possess a half organic brain or possess parts of an organic body
Pizzasaurus Hace 8 días
Eveyone asking about the robots breathing and not about why all the robots are there in the first place. Or why did they get shot at. Or who were those other to android things...who gives a S*!+ why the robots breathe. Maybe its a way to cool down their core temperatures. Jeez, use that chunk of meat between your ears and imagine.
edi saputra
edi saputra Hace 9 días
The Best Film in the world
Krupesh Anadkat
Krupesh Anadkat Hace 9 días
Since when bots need to breath???
K B Hace 9 días
thumbs up but why did i do that?
Toaster Strooder
Toaster Strooder Hace 10 días
I would like to remind everyone here that 3D animation was first pioneered in the late 90's. This is where 3D animation is after a little under 3 decades. When you really think about it, that's... not a long time.
Paul Treslove
Paul Treslove Hace 10 días
Typical Hollywood
Pratama Rasta
Pratama Rasta Hace 11 días
This is a movie or......????
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ
ԋαɳʂ ωolʇ Hace 11 días
why is he breathing like that? did this mofo has a lung?
Gonzalo Fernando
Gonzalo Fernando Hace 11 días
gud owsm
batchagaloopyTV Hace 12 días
he needs to find eve so she can cure him of his toxic masculinity
Charles Salles
Charles Salles Hace 12 días
Filme de ação dublado
Samuel Gitita
Samuel Gitita Hace 12 días
Apo sawa, vida noma kabisa.
คนรักปลา ขายรถด้วย
SMARBA100 Hace 13 días
why are these films so dark. Its hard to see what's happenin'
Hanz Hace 13 días
Behold the evolution of Mankind. Immortality is finally in ones hands.
Antonio Hace 13 días
This is awesome
Elgun Memmedli
Elgun Memmedli Hace 13 días
bu ne mk
Brian Kopia
Brian Kopia Hace 13 días
It’s a fucking cartoon for adult children living in their parents basements.
Adeyemi Shittu
Adeyemi Shittu Hace 13 días
Fantastic but error is....how the heck can a non-organic ROBOT respire in the beginning. Gor respiratory system too.
7OF7 Hace 14 días
Johnny B
Johnny B Hace 15 días
its trying to show you , this is what its like when humans are changed into A,I's
Alex Santoso
Alex Santoso Hace 14 días
I think you are mistaken, human are human AI are AI what you meant are this is what its like when human started to abandon their biological body and transfer their conciousness into computer and a body that doesnt ages or decay
Jonny 616-999-6669
Jonny 616-999-6669 Hace 16 días
How can a machine act so organic?
JonatasMonte Hace 16 días
What are the guards actually saying? Is it just gibberish or just too low to hear on purpose? It would explain a lot of things but the guy is literally whispering.
JonatasMonte Hace 16 días
The amount of blur/motion blur is infuriating!
Mark Watson
Mark Watson Hace 16 días
Unreal Engine is feeling salty right about now
Green Hace 17 días
Release day when the closed beta testers get to keep their gear
Panda Hace 11 horas
Lol its very much like that
Arnò Mezzanotte
Arnò Mezzanotte Hace 14 días
haha nice one
Ilsimpatico Magnifico
Ilsimpatico Magnifico Hace 17 días
انت جزاائر عرفتك ..اسلخ جام وفووت 😂
Kdog Hace 17 días
are they not able to speak?
Yosep Walewangko95
Yosep Walewangko95 Hace 17 días
Tolong dong kaseh ada sub indonesia
BAHKAN Hace 18 días
oh..no dick.... what kind of fun was that!!! coz i thout that designing the dick was D most important part.. now you already live forever BUT NO DICK... i kill the engineer for christ sake no more Christmas 🎄 for them forever... God help me with the government, how can they choose those engineers!!! please make it perfect GODDDD
BAHKAN Hace 18 días
the only way to put your self as a robot and live longer withit was by making it fart.. if you can design it to make it fart .. maybe you already close to it.. mean denying death, and the only next thing that you need to worry about is armageddon... getit.
Ebola 2
Ebola 2 Hace 18 días
Better Than Fortnite
BLazeShoTZy Hace 18 días
whyisnt this a game
Canadian Tapezoid
Canadian Tapezoid Hace 18 días
What if we could make robots that breath in carbon dioxide and breath out Oxygen
satendra satendra
satendra satendra Hace 18 días
Plz full upload movie
IceCream Samuel
IceCream Samuel Hace 19 días
this is so fucking well directed,better than %80 actual sci fi movies
Lan Morgan
Lan Morgan Hace 19 días
What movie is this? Looks freaking cool
Pumpelche Hace 21 un día
I basically never max out the clip to full screen - until now.
Jason9Avila Hace 21 un día
This reminded me of that PSP game Rengoku: stairway to heaven
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez Hace 21 un día
Wich card better for Unity, quadro or a 1060 3gb will work?
Alex Star
Alex Star Hace 21 un día
что за музыка ?
Angeal27d 3rd
Angeal27d 3rd Hace 21 un día
Is it or is it not a game?
Arnold Orellana
Arnold Orellana Hace 22 días
Hem ok :v
ZiTZ Viktor
ZiTZ Viktor Hace 22 días
What that FUCK?
CYRAX Hace 22 días
Это что блять за хуйня?
Mr Incognito
Mr Incognito Hace 23 días
Why the hell does this reminds me of death stranding that game hasn't come out yet
Alessio axm
Alessio axm Hace 23 días
This isnt a game? :'''(
Oluwatobiloba Eniola
Oluwatobiloba Eniola Hace 25 días
What the hell the robot is fucking breathing 😕
A li
A li Hace 25 días
1freethinkr Hace 25 días
What a very cool & imaginative flick! Awesome job both with the writing and the production as well. Excellent job to all involved!!
AdityaH Cikal
AdityaH Cikal Hace 26 días
Good song copin
StarFox85 Hace 26 días
Ferdinan Permana
Ferdinan Permana Hace 27 días
PasscodeAdvance Hace 28 días
Unreal is dead.
Luke Tuxworth
Luke Tuxworth Hace 28 días
What’s the song?
WitheredArrest Hace 29 días
This is awesome
Tony B
Tony B Hace 29 días
This is like "I,Robot" at the end of the movie
Lockmelon Hace 29 días
Detroit become human 2: I’m the android enduring prison life
salman alfarizi
salman alfarizi Hace 29 días
Machine can breafthing?
Jeff Martin
Jeff Martin Hace 29 días
More please. I would donate / help crowd fund further episodes 👍🏻
Sathish Kumar
Sathish Kumar Hace un mes
Wait for moment is this completely a cgi Thing right . . OMG OMG
Z M Hace un mes
возможно они прекратили путь в матрице которой находились(умерли) их встретили проводники(лодочник) считали инфу ну а дальше по распределению - один из вариантов
Shivlal Sawale
Shivlal Sawale Hace un mes
Hindi me do
Waleed Hazem
Waleed Hazem Hace un mes
Correction: "Made by Oats Studio" Why not give them credit?
Naveed Akhtar
Naveed Akhtar Hace un mes
this is brilliaaaaaant!
مرت اِبن احنف
Где можно посмотреть полную версию?
Mattheo Telonidis
Mattheo Telonidis Hace un mes
Destiny 3
كجا كوردا الربیع
Felipe Campos Fernandes
I want more!!!!
Dian Saputro
Dian Saputro Hace un mes
Piano outro United States Euresia - Muse
Pak Hansip
Pak Hansip Hace un mes
Ternyata robot bisa bernafas..gkgkkk
benjamin rios
benjamin rios Hace un mes
which is the music that plays in the background ?
Ninoy Taheer
Ninoy Taheer Hace un mes
A breathing robot makes me think theres humanity/sanity inside it, not AI.. Creepy yet awesome at the same time
NotAFurryIntruder Hace un mes
4:20sec kinda x-men movie villain
the 1st seen remind me metrix movie 😂
Rokin Roco2000
Rokin Roco2000 Hace un mes
They are alive ? I think they are breathing
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