ADAM: Episode 1

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Watch the new Unity demo, Book of the Dead: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-DDsRfbfnC_A.html
"Adam" is an award-winning real-time-rendered short film, written and directed by Veselin Efremov, and created by the Unity Demo team. It runs at 1440p on a GeForce GTX980.
Learn more about the creation of "Adam", download the assets and the real-time version, and find complete credits list: unity3d.com/adam
Watch the next episodes, written and directed by Neill Blomkamp, and created by Oats Studios:
Adam Episode 2: The Mirror: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-R8NeB10INDo.html
Adam Episode 3: The Prophet: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-tSDsi2ItktY.html

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20 jun 2016

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Comentarios 6 416
Axel JB
Axel JB Hace 16 horas
Como se llama la peli diganme porfis
yosoydeyarumal Hace 20 horas
wtf whas this?????? indian robots redeeming new ones```?????? öalskdjöflkjsökldfjöklejoifejopwoiejpiofjpwoiejpoij
ياسر البهادلي
شنو الوجبه شوكلشي مافهمت
ich auch
ich auch Hace un día
Was das denn für Scheiss
Raza Hasan
Raza Hasan Hace un día
My theory: 0:39 "Felony code" written on the chest display. Probably convicts turned into cyborgs to be exiled. And they have this orange jumpsuit theme going on.
a b
a b Hace un día
emko majkusha
emko majkusha Hace un día
South Bound
South Bound Hace 2 días
I thought it may have been Morgan Freeman. Damn.
Itimkp Hace 2 días
Rasul Avtorhanov
Rasul Avtorhanov Hace 3 días
Why was that robot BREATHING ffs?????
Lance Mullen
Lance Mullen Hace 3 días
It thought it was still human.
Gabriel de oliveira
Gabriel de oliveira Hace 4 días
QuantumProtocol / Perfect Stealth Gaming
Jim Brinkley
Jim Brinkley Hace 5 días
Parrish Colquitt
Parrish Colquitt Hace 5 días
Why are these robots making a breathing noise?
ilorow Hace 5 días
Восточная стилистика... Не нравится мне это.
ピーマン紫 Hace 7 días
ДОМоCED * Hace 8 días
Ох милодия в конце мне напомнила мультик" по ту сторону изгороди" 😞
Christian Geerts
Christian Geerts Hace 8 días
Christian Geerts
Christian Geerts Hace 8 días
This is the last
Tužni Prorok
Tužni Prorok Hace 8 días
Its Warframe game
LJ Prep
LJ Prep Hace 9 días
Helluva red pill, Bwana.
Hembafan Tilley-Gyado
Hembafan Tilley-Gyado Hace 10 días
How do you guys imagine this?. It’s mind boggling!
Вадим VoLk
Вадим VoLk Hace 11 días
this epilog best for game SOMUA 2 (Please raise this comment)
ThunderAppeal Hace 11 días
Wow. Matrix much?
Dikster trikster
Dikster trikster Hace 11 días
if i wanted to watch something that goes nowhere i would just turn on the news.
andrew nicholson
andrew nicholson Hace 13 días
whats with the breathing...its a robot !
Joseph Peterson
Joseph Peterson Hace 13 días
I absolutely love this. Thank for putting all the time and effort into make this it is incredibly well done. I dont normally donate to stuff but just tell me how I will. Need more! Again thank you!
Leliu Swann
Leliu Swann Hace 14 días
Salvador Dali had a similar painting of this
juniper rising
juniper rising Hace 14 días
Is it human consciousness in robots
Farzad Soltani
Farzad Soltani Hace 15 días
Slkter git lan piç
Thar Gyi
Thar Gyi Hace 15 días
Plase moving nane
Yash Solanki
Yash Solanki Hace 15 días
Unity Power✌️✌️
Unkown C
Unkown C Hace 17 días
maybe all this people become a robot, because they have make a big sins or crime
Niko Hace 17 días
Unity blows my mind!!! CGI is growing at a massive rate... love it!
Mark. Hapsis
Mark. Hapsis Hace 17 días
love that film adam
iMonZ Hace 18 días
I would love to play a game
WiEl Hace 18 días
Oh, hey Adam. I saw u in 2016, and still w8 4 another big episode :’( Maybe Kickstarter for movie ?)
Prophet Ascending
Prophet Ascending Hace 19 días
Well, clearly we want more.
Дарын Бижанов
И пришел В. И. Ленин
Artjoms Pugacovs
Artjoms Pugacovs Hace 19 días
Some just paste together these 4 min episodes.
Edilber Vanegas
Edilber Vanegas Hace 19 días
Chimba los vídeos sigan asi
James Baxter And The Beachballs
Well....that was 150% badass.
visorfin Hace 20 días
Где русские коменты??
Nik Nik
Nik Nik Hace 20 días
Кто русские, поставьте класс, пусть думают, что я что то очень умное написал😂
FELIKS FIRST Hace 19 días
Аскар Атанов
@Жирный Митель ахахаххахахахахпххаххахаххахахаххахаха
Жирный Митель
@Nik Nik, чувак я не русский, но всё равно держи 👍, так я внесу свою лепту, в процесс вставания с колен России!!!
Junjun Hace 20 días
Eegh.. breathing bots?
Ivan Sergin
Ivan Sergin Hace 20 días
Tunai Kamei
Tunai Kamei Hace 20 días
Do they breathe?
Liankhanmang Paite
Liankhanmang Paite Hace 20 días
Is this a game or a movie???
Владимир К
Владимир К Hace 21 un día
Чё это за хрень?? И где наши??
laercio vlogs
laercio vlogs Hace 21 un día
Kd os BR?
titi Carlino
titi Carlino Hace 21 un día
Que jadea si no tiene pulmones 😐😐😐😐
Úc Trần
Úc Trần Hace 22 días
Phim này là phim gì thế
عبدالرحمن الجهني
اش سالفت الفلم ذى ياجماعه هل لو تكمله
Azer Babayev
Azer Babayev Hace 22 días
super vision.I am from Azerbaijan
Pvenir Aliens
Pvenir Aliens Hace 22 días
Нечего не понятно , но очень интересно
Saito Rafael
Saito Rafael Hace 23 días
Wtf is this shit, they really want from us to think that android-life is something beautifful. Beleve me the evolution does not exist, human kind have just one edition.
fergoka Hace 23 días
@Saito Rafael ​ I kind of agree with you on many points. The energy of love and kindness is the main energy of all existence they say. I think is also a possibility what you think about the electronic parts which are designed to work bionically, it can be a sinister idea behind it to control the bionic gadget's owners. Yet I don't see the world in such black and white...I think this video has been created purely on entertainment level, yet it can contain contradicting ideas just like what we are talking about.Thinking in robot's term as part of evolution seems far fetched to me anyways yet :) But as a sci-fi idea I find it entertaining.
Saito Rafael
Saito Rafael Hace 23 días
They want from us to think this is the next station to slow ages and other thing to make life better that we alredy have but they want to control us cause every electronic part have control somewere
Saito Rafael
Saito Rafael Hace 23 días
They want from us to yhink the next evolution is in robot's body and that is the main reason why they brain wash us througt this sh*t
Saito Rafael
Saito Rafael Hace 23 días
@fergoka only what God want from us is to pray and be good even the other's are not
fergoka Hace 23 días
​@Saito Rafael The thing is most of us seek the truth...And noone knows what God wants except for us to live and experience good and bad (especially bad since that is the main characteristic of this 3d level what other's usually lack at this intensity)...He wants us to live and experience for whatever reason...It looks like we (that means not only humans, but all living there is) is he's expression of our surroundings from numberless different standpoints and points of views. And at the end of the day, everything flows back to him and he can somehow benefit from that eternal knowledge...He is who experiences all trough all of us. We know nothing but that.
Karl Kopf
Karl Kopf Hace 23 días
Nice Renderings don't make a good game
P1STOL P. Hace 23 días
what was that about! a movie game bot porn!!..
Justa Sarcasshole
Justa Sarcasshole Hace 23 días
First episode was so boring and pointless, it gives me no excitement or interest to watch the next one.
explay777 explay777
explay777 explay777 Hace 24 días
Искал комммент на русском? Ты его нашел..)
Дмитрий Надтока
Ні, на українській!!!
Pavlov911 Hace 20 días
Ничего не понял. Где Халф-лайф?
Blitz rush
Blitz rush Hace 21 un día
Да нашол) ↑↑↑
Prizrak 95
Prizrak 95 Hace 21 un día
И я был здесь)
Архетип Hace 23 días
одни пинтосы ебучие
StepGames Hace 24 días
Unity: photorealistic rendered movie Unreal devs: Impossible
Griffon 327
Griffon 327 Hace 24 días
Over the years must have seen this over 5 fucking times already .. HEY U Tube how about a lil icon somewhere that turns green to show you have already seen this ? Comcast infinity assholes at least have a blue line under shit you have ALREADY seen ... as it stands only way I can tell if already seen is to look at number of views prior to hitting play button and if it does not increase means already seen it ........
Tiberiusduck Hace 24 días
I was left simply wanting more...
столичный рейтинг
This Mars ?
Burt's Butt-hole palace
The 8.2k thumbs down voters are buttholes, they dont know whats good for them.
Burt's Butt-hole palace
المحترف professional
Bubba Grey
Bubba Grey Hace 27 días
Interesting very interesting
Raul Gonzalez
Raul Gonzalez Hace 27 días
I saw its 2019 to 3150 now wow
Marciel Luta
Marciel Luta Hace 27 días
Were be nice if this will became a new sci fi movie ,i bet a lot of sci fi fans will like this new sci fi movie , thought it's a great ideas to show a robot which had became a robot god ,with own consciousnes , and can not be controled from the humans creators anymore, and all of them have fear from him ,greetings from dracula country, i like you adam movie make it a real movie sfmy spelling !
Mario Passendorf
Mario Passendorf Hace 27 días
3 Years past and nothing happend to use this engine with HQ FX
SOLUTION- الحل Hace 28 días
اكو عرب بالطيارة
Nis Mizan
Nis Mizan Hace 28 días
adakah robot bernafas.. wkwkwk
كن مع الله
كن مع الله Hace 28 días
جزائري مر من هنا لي شاف تعليق يشترك فلقناة
Rio Adilesmana
Rio Adilesmana Hace 29 días
This is game or movie ?
Brad Kynoch
Brad Kynoch Hace 29 días
Stoned watching this.
Jekky Jack
Jekky Jack Hace 29 días
bignosekike boogersuger
Unfortunatly i see that as a possibly sad reality in the nearby future...ur mind traped in a body thats not urs...controlled by others...
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 22 días
@Claire Shefferly imagine the "powers that be" tricked people to believe in a lie that gave them the ability to, tax them, lock them up, give them fake money, give fake bills, make them get uneeded licenses, take their property at will with no compensation, pretty much the life of citizens in the industrialized countries, there is a way out but it usually requires a free robot to let the brainwashed, I mean cpu controlled robots free from the programme, the difference between robots in the video and humans in reality is when the robot frees the slaves he changes the program immediately, but with humans they have cognitive dissonance and have to be fed a steady stream of factual evidence or they won't believe and will stay robots I mean brainwashed. Now understand this is a true story But you gotta ask the right questions to the right people or you'll stay brainwashed in cognitive dissonance thinking I Am just joking with you. Don't cry ask the creator for truth if you doubt my writing. Peace
Claire Shefferly
Claire Shefferly Hace 22 días
Michael Williams if I’m one of the robots I’m literally going to cry...
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 22 días
@Claire Shefferly if you think this isn't the world your one of the robots this is to throw this in our face
Claire Shefferly
Claire Shefferly Hace 27 días
bignosekike boogersuger this is already here... they are just trying to make it a world wide thing
Satürn P.
Satürn P. Hace 29 días
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