Adam Savage and Simone Giertz Make a Popcorn Machine!

Adam Savage’s Tested
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This very special One Day Build is an international collaboration with the newest member of the Tested family! Simone Giertz is an amazing maker who builds mesmerizing robots. To build her latest machine, she chats with Adam from her home in Sweden to design a mechanism to deploy popcorn from a helmet. Adam builds some parts in the cave using his trusty vacuum-form machine!
Watch the popcorn machine at work here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8AKZk2ldPWs.html
Find more of Simone's robots here! esvid.net/show-UC3KEoMzNz8eYnwBC34RaKCQ
Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks
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7 abr 2016






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Adam Savage’s Tested
Watch the popcorn machine at work here: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-8AKZk2ldPWs.html
Oliver Downing
Oliver Downing Hace 35 minutos
Surely you need a helmet that farms, dries, pops and then dispenses the popcorn
Ben-jamin Hace 5 horas
See, she's alone in most of her projects, put her with a team and she'd be essential
Ben-jamin Hace 5 horas
Her collabs with Adam are LeGEnDaRy
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Hace 6 horas
Coming here in 2020 and watching these all out of order, am I the only person who WINCED when Adam Savage drills a hole into the side of the mannequin's head on the same side in about the same spot as the surgeon went into Simone's head a year or two later? And Adam had said "This is Simone, for the time being". No way he could have known, back in 2016, what was going to happen later. They would have edited it out.
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Hace 9 horas
SIMONE: "I can't take myself seriously when I wear this." As opposed to when you are getting slapped in the head by the waker-upper machine and the hair-washing machines or wearing the toothbrushing helmet, which are when you look downright SOMBER. Heaven forbid you don't look SERIOUS at all times.
Ian Oomen
Ian Oomen Hace 18 horas
I'm affraid
Topher TheTenth
Topher TheTenth Hace 18 horas
Giovanni Battista Venturi's earliest experiments WERE on popcorn.
Jawad Hace un día
I do not want to think about people choking to death because of popcorn
Tony Kyle
Tony Kyle Hace 4 días
Death by popcorn feeding machine.
Josh RiffMonster
Josh RiffMonster Hace 4 días
I've been watching Mythbusters since I was a child, and now that I'm a young adult I started to watch Simone's videos *AND WATCHING THIS, IS THE BEST CROSSOVER FOR ME*
Adek Hace 6 días
I don't have skype anymore and I still wanted to check it... wtf
chosen2kill1 Hace 19 días
Epic foreshadowing how you screwed into 'Simone's head' right where she had a tumour removed.
Lasse Andresen
Lasse Andresen Hace 19 días
On a Simone Giertz binge for her unconditional awesomeness to lift my spirits in these shitty times.
A E Herman
A E Herman Hace 27 días
Anyone making a tally of how many times Adam says “I can’t believe I’ve never used the vacu-former on tested before”. Like literally every time he uses it on the channel.
Thomas.E. Jensen
Thomas.E. Jensen Hace un mes
Have that on in the cinema. and you will be leaving early with a black eye and no teeth..😂🤣
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty Hace un mes
You had better get that Long hair tied up with a scrunchy. LoL safety Third after engineering and Popcorn Carbeurateurs
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty Hace un mes
Should call it a Popcorn Carbeurateur LoL with the venturi tube
BeauBeau Kitty
BeauBeau Kitty Hace un mes
Simone has an awesome personality gotta Love that. I was sorry to see her sell Alfred her Homeowner tax evasion scheme LoL
Nolan Clements
Nolan Clements Hace un mes
What is the music at the very beginning for the first 5 seconds? Anyone who knows pls respond! Thanks
Amanda B
Amanda B Hace un mes
She sounds American, I'm confused
BigEnderTroll Zockt
BigEnderTroll Zockt Hace 2 meses
put it in a bag pack and then u can have more quantity and its more save
Armand Matossian
Armand Matossian Hace 2 meses
yeah holy shit he made that prototype fast
weRuniverse Hace 2 meses
they smoked pot before, i just know it
Carl Stevens
Carl Stevens Hace 2 meses
Yeap Simone Giertz is my hero.
Tauno Kekkonen
Tauno Kekkonen Hace 2 meses
Anyone else notice how quickly Adam went into maker-mode? He had one moment of "wtf a popcorn helmet?" but then immediately was trying to solve it by asking "does it feed them one at a time?"
Emanuele Peragallo
Emanuele Peragallo Hace 2 meses
damn he drilled the mannequin head right where simone got surgery
jeetu Hace 2 meses
I don't even use skype anymore but I checked it
Kahsimiah Hace 2 meses
12:11 was that an effort- fart?! :-D
Poisonous Cheesecake
This cannot make me any happier
Jyv Ben
Jyv Ben Hace 2 meses
This head drilling was prophetic ? A few years later, she had ... on that side of her head
Sankalp B
Sankalp B Hace 2 meses
Adam: Simone, this mannequin is your stand-in for this project. Also Adam: *immediately drills holes into Simone's head*
Pinkyysquare Hace 2 meses
Scientific collab of the century
bob bobbinson
bob bobbinson Hace 2 meses
Simone Giertz is a sweet girl and all but.... the stuff she makes is just crap with zero purposes. Simone Giertz is a smart alien child, learning how to use tools and make things for the first time.
nonamecat Hace 2 meses
It’s about as effective at distributing popcorn onto the theatre seats as a human eating popcorn normally! Well done 👍
Rene Z
Rene Z Hace 3 meses
@SimoneGiertz: Do you believe in voodoo puppets? Because the scene around 7:54 could be the cause of Brian the brain tumor...
Peter Kelley
Peter Kelley Hace 3 meses
AT time 14:54: I can see popcorn all over the floor even before it gets to the mouth. AT time 22:49 It needs a lot of work, but the prototype is fascinating. I say keep working on it. It has a chance to work.
Edmond2008 GT
Edmond2008 GT Hace 3 meses
corona virus
Jess Lynne
Jess Lynne Hace 3 meses
the absurdity of this earns it a like :D
Camiboom Hace 3 meses
@7:00 hjonk hjonk am goose
ap6982 Hace 3 meses
That's a great Caractacus Pots style invention.
moleary42 Hace 3 meses
It's trying its best
inshadowz Hace 4 meses
And it's not at all like I panicked right at the beginning because, dang it, I was SURE I'd deactivated Skype AGES ago, and who the hell is calling me NOW?
alienated 686
alienated 686 Hace 4 meses
That last little bit was hilarious!! Even though the machine didn't work perfectly, it did a great job of making me laugh! Thank you!
Rockettospace Hace 4 meses
He hand built a vacuformer and now he's vacuum forming a hand.
Mark Green
Mark Green Hace 5 meses
I could see someone trying to crowd fund something like this...
TheMightyBeorn Hace 5 meses
12:11 Jesus that noise
VF6 Hace 5 meses
i love both simone and adam, they both have unique projects. but i noticed just how much of a perfectionist adam is compared to simone in this episode lmao. probably just the years and years adam has compared to simone. but ya, funny thing i noticed.
Philipp S
Philipp S Hace 5 meses
You should have done the laser beam thing
DarkGrisen Hace 5 meses
What if you attach a a string on your yaw so when you open your mouth the strings will move the hands somehow
Blue Square
Blue Square Hace 5 meses
7:40 You can’t say that Simone and then go and drill into her head.
Ben Hawkins
Ben Hawkins Hace 5 meses
Adam : sorry Simone this is going to be you for the time being Immediately Drills holes in the mannikins Head
Douglas Blair
Douglas Blair Hace 5 meses
Another user of the hands on the helmet.. Many people who laugh or smile in public put a hand over their mouth when they smile or smile (strangers or friends). Using an automated robot to cover their mouth would keep their hands free for other things. you would only need to queue on a smile, tied to a specific muscle group.
Jago Hace 5 meses
Oh god the intro to this video gave me weird flashbacks to when I played wow and my entire social circle communicated through skype
KrisnNikki Hace 5 meses
Im sorry Simone....but I watch this video after your bout with Brian... I couldn't help but feel uneasy when Adam was drilling into "your" model's head... Im glad you are well and Brian is no longer! You and your ESvid content is absolutely awesome!!
Dan's Creations
Dan's Creations Hace 5 meses
I super love Adam's thought process. He says one word and it's like AH HA!!!!
nzlemming Hace 5 meses
7:43 Pretty prophetic for Simone!
Justin Elliott
Justin Elliott Hace 5 meses
Could have done it better
Bronisław Kunczyński
this is the largest science
Al Holsbo
Al Holsbo Hace 5 meses
Absolutely pointless I love it 🍿
Al Holsbo
Al Holsbo Hace 5 meses
I just started watching......holy crap the things to think of WOW🍿🍿
californiakayaker N6GRG
Wow, if youtube will pay you for this, take not lol. . Guess I shuldn't be laughing, tested has an estimated income of 5.8 mill. Says these guys ... www.owler.com/reports/tested/tested-posted-a-video--adam-savage-and-simone-gier/1460505602151
Gio Espósito
Gio Espósito Hace 5 meses
Give this man a medal.
psmirage Hace 6 meses
Geez, Adam! At 10:57, you reach back and grab that block off the bandsaw platform - without looking. The blade was still moving. Good thing you didn't lose a finger there!
Eliad654 Hace 6 meses
If you put the popcorn containers (and the starting position of the hand, which goes right under it) a bit forward rather than in line with the server motors, it might actually reach the mouth all the way. It's also probably going to get way too front-heavy and either tilt your head down or fall on your legs.
Ric Schmeelk
Ric Schmeelk Hace 6 meses
I can't believe there are 680 down thumbs. I doubt any _one_ of them could make anything one-tenth as cool as this helmet. Wow! What an amazing video.
Dorian Demetrulias
Dorian Demetrulias Hace 6 meses
I hate your face Adam you fucking lying ass sell out.
Alientcp Hace 6 meses
Its so stupid, yet brilliantly engineered. Thats how scientists become mad scientist. Building crazy stuff. What a laugh you gave me.
Drewheeler Hace 7 meses
7:10 inflatable of the cosmic microwave background! I want one
thepixelpusher Hace 7 meses
Sweden is depressed because of Simone!
thepixelpusher Hace 7 meses
Simone is like a block of wood Adam Cnc’d!
Dragon maid
Dragon maid Hace 9 meses
Surely just eating them with your hands is easier. I mean guys.
WouterZtube Hace 9 meses
Too funny 😂. Just wait a month and it will be sold on Aliexpres
Polifeet Hace 9 meses
adam is amazing
Polifeet Hace 9 meses
me thinking about 2:42 conversation... noone: me: Popcorn air gun
Wroger Wroger
Wroger Wroger Hace 9 meses
Technically - this will require a great deal of ingenuity because of weight, space, high temperatures, and that popped corn is both very light voluminous and the puffed corn shape is an interlocking variety of shapes..... It's totally different to M&M's or liquids etc... It's not that it cannot be done, but it will require a high degree of joyous ingenuity to figure this out... to get the best solutions.... I would have gone super light Archimedes screws and a set of sloping feed ramps to the face.
leengee Hace 9 meses
Drilling into "Simone's" head. This is foreshadowing boys and girls.
ATZIN Hace 10 meses
Did she say fucking on tested?
Daniel Irvine
Daniel Irvine Hace 10 meses
50% of people checked their skype, the other 50% are lying about checking their skype.
Brashnir Hace 10 meses
Normal Person: Has dumb idea and thinks "That's dumb." Simone Giertz: Has a dumb idea and thinks, "That's dumb. I'm making it."
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