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Adam takes us through another spaceship model build, this time utilizing his trusty vacuum former, sheet styrene, and years of experience from his special effects modelmaking days. As the spaceship takes shape, Adam introduces several new tools and tips for this kind of modelmaking, and shows the versatility of this kind of build.
Sanding Sticks: amzn.to/2Oo0XBt
Adam's "bread and butter" Styrene: amzn.to/2qoR2nf
X-Acto Knife: amzn.to/2qg2DFj
Hobby Blades: amzn.to/37hVl4p
Surface Primer (Gray): amzn.to/2NZM2i3
Plastic Cement: amzn.to/35cvb0Z
Tweezers: amzn.to/2qg3shn
Reshape: www.freemansupply.com/products/machinable-media/renshape-modeling-and-styling-boards
Akfix 705 Fast Adhesive: amzn.to/2YMZubv
2P-10 Professional Activator: amzn.to/2K7DjsD
Easy Cutter: amzn.to/2WguPFW
Finally, if you want to kitbash, Tamiya and Hasegawa make beautiful models with crisp mold lines that make kitbashing a pleasure: amzn.to/2r8cE7a
Disclaimer: Tested may earn an affiliate commission when you buy through the links here.
Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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23 may 2019






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Adam Savage’s Tested
Here are some of the materials Adam uses in this build: Sanding Sticks: amzn.to/2Oo0XBt Adam's "bread and butter" Styrene: amzn.to/2qoR2nf X-Acto Knife: amzn.to/2qg2DFj Hobby Blades: amzn.to/37hVl4p Surface Primer (Gray): amzn.to/2NZM2i3 Plastic Cement: amzn.to/35cvb0Z Tweezers: amzn.to/2qg3shn Reshape: www.freemansupply.com/products/machinable-media/renshape-modeling-and-styling-boards Akfix 705 Fast Adhesive: amzn.to/2YMZubv 2P-10 Professional Activator: amzn.to/2K7DjsD Easy Cutter: amzn.to/2WguPFW
Mariah Hace 5 meses
Thank you so much for this supply list! I'm not a spaceship builder, but the easy of use of the styrene was catching my attention as I use cardboard, paperboard, and a little bit of solid wood to make doll houses and the like, but with the damage to my spine these materials are incredibly difficult to work with. Most days I can't stand the amount of hunching over, making the same cut again and again and again to cut the whole way through making projects take literal ages. The fact that styrene scores and then snaps had me doing a happy dance.
alex wilson
alex wilson Hace un día
Adam lives the type of life I can only dream of.
BobCurdoggs Hace 12 días
please please please, grant us a Bob Ross style scratch building series. Heck, do one model over multiple episodes if the shapes and details get too complex for a single video. I would eat that up.
John Aguilar
John Aguilar Hace 17 días
Adam, I also want to say that your videos have been so helpful and a source of invaluable information. Thank you so much for teaching us. I also plan on trying to initiate a class for my middle school art students at my school. God bless
John Aguilar
John Aguilar Hace 17 días
I am really getting into kit bashing and have enjoyed it very much especially during the shelter at home mandate in our area. I do need to know if there is any place that sells surplus model pieces as well as pieces to repair models that have lost parts over the years? Please help if possible. Thanks
palearagorn Hace 18 días
anybody else paranoid of accidentally sanding your finger
Rayyann Alqadry
Rayyann Alqadry Hace 20 días
27:18 But how much would the wood for the buck cost?
fred Ted
fred Ted Hace un mes
Those gnarley fingernails are a big distraction .
Phoenix Ascendant
Phoenix Ascendant Hace un mes
Hey, Adam! I just had a thought for what you can do to improve your vacuum former. I was watching your portable band saw tabletop mod, and I recall that you had a double pole double throw switch, one which always was passing current through it, either to one machine or to the other. If you were to put this on your vacuum former, you would be able to simply disconnect the heating element and engage the vacuum with one flip of the switch, and all you need would be a master disconnect to completely shut it off. I think that it would be beneficial to have, because that way when you're making the transition, you're only having to flip one switch and you're golden. Love the videos, can't wait to watch all the rest of your one day build content! Have a wonderful day!
Edward Deaney
Edward Deaney Hace un mes
I know this video has been here for a while, but I have always wanted a t-shirt with my name on it in the NASA style, just like Adam has. Is anyone able to shed any light on this?
0623kaboom Hace un mes
yes you have had the vaccuum former out once before early on
Trevor Taylor
Trevor Taylor Hace un mes
Damn... I totally forgot how awesomely awesome Adam Savage is.! I used to be a Myth Busters addict back when this old thing called "Discovery Channel" was available to watch on a device known as a "Satellite Television Receiver" which was plugged into the big black flat thing we use to play video games on today. Crazy, I know.! We all used to sit around the TV at predetermined times & dates whereupon a single "Television Programme/Show" would be shown to us. Times certainly have moved on from those days.! I'm sitting in the passenger seat of a car travelling at sixty miles an hour through a glen in the Scottish Highlands while watching this.! Twenty five years ago it was almost impossible to get a mobile signal & the only way to watch TV was via Sky TV.. Even radio was an extremely hit or miss affair.! About thirty years ago my village community of about sixty people got together to buy a terrestrial TV receiver/booster/relay tower & have it built at the top of the glen. It didn't work... Unless you count being able to juuuu-ust about being able to watch channel 4 & ITV as a success.!
Slide84rik Hace 2 meses
I have never seen a height gauge before similar idea to a tenon gauge. Nice
Chaz Walley
Chaz Walley Hace 2 meses
That’s a quarter round cutter
Quinnyperks Hace 2 meses
So you vacuformed a fake radiator?
Robert Gaylor
Robert Gaylor Hace 2 meses
So about the vaccum former tripping a breaker if the heating element and vacuum are running at the same time. You could use a single pull double throw relay to switch between them and they won't operate at the same time
ReoTharmus Hace 2 meses
I love this. It feels like I’m actually in the shop just hanging out.
III Vance
III Vance Hace 2 meses
Could have used some stubby wings and pointy antenna arrays, as well as more detailing around the engines and adjustable blast shields. He himself didn't sound 100% happy with it and I know he's a professional, so it's kinda sad that he rushed it so much, could have been a two parter.
JC Hace 2 meses
Omg! Adam was coughing! He had covid 19 already, last June! 😲🤣
JC Hace 2 meses
I love how Adam is so sure of what he's doing at all times. So much so that he just goes for it and there is no "well, I wonder if..." 👍😎 I love how much enthusiasm he has for his craft, still, also. That's badass!
Rich Hace 2 meses
Why didn't you just used that blockof foam and carve it into the shape of the body! Seems the long way around the barn goingo all the trouble of forming the body then gluing together?
damonwebb813 Hace 2 meses
Fun to watch Question Is it possible to affix your model to a metal component? If yes how?
Myles Thomson
Myles Thomson Hace 2 meses
My wife will be stoked that I am going to start another hobby after word working. Thanks Adam.
Keith Hall
Keith Hall Hace 3 meses
So Adam..at 21:39 you either have a ghost in your cave, or there are people with you. That's not good quarantining!
Wyatt Dillon
Wyatt Dillon Hace 3 meses
Is this artform being lost to 3D printing?
Craig Davenport
Craig Davenport Hace 3 meses
Would this be strong enough to install actual rockets into the ship?
Matt Pastell
Matt Pastell Hace 3 meses
Love the T-shirt!
MrZelio Hace 3 meses
Can you make a device which allows me to message/ share someone My internet MBs or GB to my friends
Nick Anderson
Nick Anderson Hace 3 meses
Reminds me of the taxi from the fifth element.
Killian Brady
Killian Brady Hace 3 meses
Has anyone told you that your Evergreen stockpile is absolutely beautiful? Breathtaking, Enviable, Beautiful.
Fraser White
Fraser White Hace 3 meses
Absolutely brilliant! Totally mesmerised throughout! THIS is what I should be doing instead of sitting behind a laptop!
Buttermilk Biscuits
Buttermilk Biscuits Hace 3 meses
I didn't think this was going to be good, but after the primer was placed on, it started looking really cool.
sclogse1 Hace 3 meses
Adam, just reminding you, you should be making the leather coat that Rutger Hauer's Roy Batty character wore. It's San Francisco. You could wear it 80% of the evenings in this town. You have the right hair for this, too. It's really a no brainer. Why make a costume you only where once a year or less, when you could be strutting around in Batty style? Such a cool coat.....
Jeff S
Jeff S Hace 3 meses
What is the purpose of the woman that shows up around 33:50? Why does this entity worry me?
Filip Hace 4 meses
29:57 what falcon model is that? its too big to be the 1/72 bandai one but doesnt look like a lego one either
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Hace 4 meses
Camera work is the worst, always cuts off what hes doing or just shows his face while he is working. Show the project!
Isaac Hace 4 meses
Damn, that looks amazing despite what Adam says, being rough and all. Compared to 3D printing, it's really if you're a hands on person or prefer to sit at your desk.
EsbeeSB Hace 4 meses
I watched every single episode of Mythbusters many times and while I loved it to death, Tested's methods of editing, shooting, technical explanations, lack of constant re-telling, lack of narration (i.e. just letting the sounds of the workshop be what they are with, at most, some light tinkling of the ivories), lack of what I guess you could call "overly produced/directed" vibes, lack of "reality" television tropes (simulated drama and all that), lack of the need to explode everything in ultra slow motion on a loop for half of the episode, etc. is exactly what I had wanted so badly from the show all those years. That said, I understand why MB was done the way it was done. Discovery had a target audience, and at best it was one that could potentially be hooked from something they caught sight of while flipping through the channels. It's just a shame that it never evolved the way it really (at least in my opinion) needed to. Tested is, it would seem, the logical conclusion, and a huge thank you to everyone involved for that!
John Spooner
John Spooner Hace 4 meses
It's over! Need more!
Kevin Conley
Kevin Conley Hace 4 meses
The ship reminds of of the "Tulip" Trans-Utopian from Starhunter. Excellent craftsmanship!
Sakthi Maheshkumar.V
I'm also trying to make some model *Spaceships.*
rodney adams
rodney adams Hace 4 meses
hey Adam I saw Vedic called turn huge floor vase with out steady rest. I know like wood turning. this was one most amazing builds ever seen. not only did cut out tree put when didn't enugh wood some part did segment turning. tennis glue peaces together even used bandsaw cut middle out some peaces. re uses this peace wood another project. Vedic edit, music and subtitles all great uses time lapse. so not good wood working but good tv edit as well. only thing mad said. wished wood burnt greek design and olive oiled it. or coated inside poliyetham protect it if water put in it. I hope check Vedic turn huge floor vase with out steady rest. maybe talk to guy.
rodney adams
rodney adams Hace 4 meses
that said not everyone on greek kick like I am looked collared one color.
Leath25 Hace 4 meses
Any chance you can build the 2002 movie, time machine with sound effects light and movement.small version or to scale now that would be worth a thumbs up.i know you can do it.waiting with bated breath.
BTLX Guitars
BTLX Guitars Hace 4 meses
Hey Adam, with regard to the Renshape. A thought occurs to me. Assuming we could find a way of controlling the bubble size in expanding foam, would that make a cost effective alternative to it? I'm thinking if we made cured blocks of expanding foam, it would be lightweight, easy to work, and would have the property of having an even texture throughout. I think the only challenge is in making sure the bubble size remains consistently small. Any thoughts on that as an idea?
Nick deJager
Nick deJager Hace 4 meses
I thought the little trapezoids would be like gun pods on the sides of the ship.
Darian Dare Ya Wasmer
Think in scale... While you're looking through part, think "cool piece."
Taylor Thomas
Taylor Thomas Hace 4 meses
I would love to see a video from you on Toy Prototyping (finding gigs, what it entails etc)
Beau Tanner
Beau Tanner Hace 4 meses
This is absolutely incredible...
Mr. Black
Mr. Black Hace 4 meses
What i learned from this is that its alot like painting models and miniatures. The materials are kinda expensive, but the materials last so long that each project costs less than a dollar in materials. The most expensive parts being the equipment, but ideally speaking, you only buy that stuff once. Definitely something id love to get into.
Jeanne Kepaan
Jeanne Kepaan Hace 4 meses
I used this technique to build a working model of a hairdryer concept I designed during my years as an Industrial Design student. It's so dope revisiting these model making techniques and I love watching you present them and talk about them in such a passionate and engaging way. Would have loved to have you as a lecturer, you're a total badass!
Jeanne Kepaan
Jeanne Kepaan Hace 4 meses
On a side note that's probably the coolest tattoo design I've seen in a long time.
TooLazy4Names Hace 4 meses
A lot of the details where from a Tamiya m4 Sherman
VidVoyeur612 Hace 4 meses
I wish you and your channel were around when I was a P.A./apprentice model maker!
Himmel Blau
Himmel Blau Hace 4 meses
i realy love watching / listening to basically everything Adam does while designing 3D Models to print out on my 3D Printers...... i would never be able to do what he does with simple Tools and techniques.
Ramon Rodriguez
Ramon Rodriguez Hace 4 meses
Those fingernails... Nasty.
Adrian train
Adrian train Hace 5 meses
I just got out of hospital last week, was in a coma and very nearly died. That being said, fine and grose motor skills were gone, and so did speach. Really scary stuff as I'm usually quite susinct and direct with what i want to communicate, and being a maker and not being able to touch my nose or thumbs and fore fingers thumb and middle and so on........ was very scary. Like texting my wife, couldn't do it...... was a scary week waiting for things to come back, each day was thrilling as I could do somthing new each day, so each started back first, grose motor skills, eg lifting my hands above my head then fine motor skills came, now im just exhausted but all my shit is working again........
Clashman 05
Clashman 05 Hace 5 meses
Oh my goodness! The buck looks like a Wiimote
darkwyndigo Hace 5 meses
Make a race car hot wheels
NCEV Hace 5 meses
Poli Wag
Poli Wag Hace 5 meses
What i would do to have access to that shop and materials for a week.... oh man
Guy Person
Guy Person Hace 5 meses
ZzrzZ2012 Hace 5 meses
16:56 Such a satisfying sound
Jeff Wantz
Jeff Wantz Hace 5 meses
Adam, why not use CA on the entire model? I'm a woodwork and not familiar with the other glue.
Basil don
Basil don Hace 5 meses
Watching this was a joy.
GrayF0XX Hace 5 meses
23:35 Makes me wonder if I ever owned a toy that Adam did the original prototype for
Charlie Rumsfeld
Charlie Rumsfeld Hace 5 meses
Thickness of the styrene? I missed that
Charlie Rumsfeld
Charlie Rumsfeld Hace 5 meses
Never mind.
John Weecks
John Weecks Hace 5 meses
Where can on buy RenShape blocks or assorted sheets?
David Gibson
David Gibson Hace 5 meses
This is such a cool video, well done Adam your very good at what you do, love watching the vids keep up the good work
Now We Eats
Now We Eats Hace 5 meses
I enjoy watching these videos for the big word drops. Today's word, recalcitrant... No shame in saying I had to look it up.
waaarrrrr Hace 5 meses
is it a wii controller or is it just me
Asger Emil Didriksen
when vacuum forming, a good way to get a tight fit positive out of the plastic, is a quick blast of compressed air! works almost every time :)
bruffmeister1 Hace 5 meses
I find Adams videos very relaxing. Wish I had his skills and knowledge.
JustA SaladBro
JustA SaladBro Hace 5 meses
How does someone attend one of your classes?
Joshua Betcher
Joshua Betcher Hace 5 meses
I love how you emphasize the simplicity of the tools and materials needed so anyone can get started if they really want. Now I just need to upgrade from building in my closet to something with a little more space :)
Holzmann Hace 5 meses
You need a tripod dude. Whomever is wiggling the camera around and pacing back and forth nervously is not helping.
Uniongamers Hace 5 meses
Person at an aquarium: I wonder where all these sea creatures come from? Adam Savage at an aquarium: I wonder how they make their fish tanks?
Kenny Hace 5 meses
FPV Adam Savage video. Adam building stuff from his own perspective with voiceover. Strap a GoPro to his head!
Rob Bagel
Rob Bagel Hace 5 meses
Imagine Adam savage doing 40k
Scott H
Scott H Hace 5 meses
Hey Adam, you go ahead and make these videos as long as you like. They are packed with info and I'm sure the majority of us have nothing but appreciation for all the great info and techniques your sharing. Thank You madman.
Slippery Sauce
Slippery Sauce Hace 5 meses
I could totally see high school Adam making penis chocolate bars.
Eremon1 Hace 5 meses
Could you imagine signing up for a model making class and Adam walks in as the teacher? How friggen cool would that be?!
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