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Adam's latest prop build is a replica of Star-Lord's Walkman from Guardians of the Galaxy! This is a styrene scratch build using some of Adam's favorite modelmaking materials and techniques. And a few firsts for a One Day Build--the use of a vinyl cutter for the logos, as well as a minor injury mid-build!
Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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5 sep 2019






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Reg Lon
Reg Lon Hace un hora
9:06 adam looks 106 yo here, not a flattering angle...
Pedro Rivera
Pedro Rivera Hace 4 días
so cool
j.c sb
j.c sb Hace 4 días
Walkman diy template
Peter Sage
Peter Sage Hace 7 días
Using a shear/brake/roll scavenged from ILM to make a belt clip? That's the only problem I have with Tested - given the option of breaking out the museum piece and sacrificing a large piece of sheet metal to fabricobble widget vs. buying it from a fabric store for a few dollars or (in this case) scavenging it from a tool holster that he's never used, Adam will choose the former. EDIT: 31:23 You could "build this in a cave with a box of scraps!"
TheGreatAtario Hace 10 días
So much for anonymity -when- *if* con time comes
Jacob Marshall
Jacob Marshall Hace 10 días
I love how Adam comes up with a fully formed idea midway through talking to the camera and then quickly dashes off and does it in a minute better than most could do in an hour
Sophia Clapp
Sophia Clapp Hace 10 días
I though I am the only one that passes out when I get hurt. What i have learned is my body doesn't handle the adrenaline well Causing me to pass out. A week ago I almost passed out because I got stung by a bee.
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson Hace 11 días
On the real Walkman you'd see the spindles that turn the cassette. Might be worth adding.
Nick Simpson
Nick Simpson Hace 11 días
How about a 3D printer?
Paul W.
Paul W. Hace 14 días
Who is your sexy assistant?
Star fish
Star fish Hace 16 días
this is found footage
ALI ANALISA Hace 20 días
I wonder why he you didn't build AN ACTUAL WALKMAN that works, buying a cheap cassette player and inserting in the prop
ALI ANALISA Hace 20 días
j.c sb
j.c sb Hace 21 un día
Walkman diy template
Laura Irizarry
Laura Irizarry Hace 21 un día
It looks a little to pristine in the end with only the turpentine as a weathering material. I'm wondering if he realized that using some cheesecloth and mildly watered down dark gray paint would have given it a more used and abused but still loved and cared for look to it
Bart Verlaak
Bart Verlaak Hace 22 días
spraypainting with your speedy on.. Thats either being very confident in your painting skills or just not caring about 'patina' on your watch :)
James Bettis
James Bettis Hace 23 días
Don't know who he was talking about but nice build , I was in a local value village a few back and there where like 8 of those In a plastic Bin for 3$ each lol ..
Shaneey Hace 24 días
I sent 3 weeks making a 1:25 scale model with this material in 2016 for a college project. I was just about finished and I relied it was printed 96 percent instead of 100% size to fix box in autocad .So my model was 0.3 mm off the brief. I had to redo the model again in 1:25 in 2 days . Long story short. I hate this plastic material fomex. But I love it at the same time it great for doing weathering and paint techniques. its cool if you put PVA Glue on it and let it dry you can crack it and use a tooth brush to make scorch marks
Corey Seymour
Corey Seymour Hace 25 días
At 14:28 i thought Adam pulled his back out XD
Kristoff B
Kristoff B Hace 25 días
One criticism - the casette doesn't have the reel shafts in the tape reels.
FREE SPIRIT Hace un mes
Perhaps before you Start Any Project's First thing about a $800.000 PLUS Workshop like Adam's Got in his Backyard !!!
Lgavenger Hace un mes
Your a Genius Love your videos,,,, would love a Blade Runner Blaster
Random Memes Weekly
i wish i had one just for the sake of having one
m alv
m alv Hace un mes
ADAM: Sometimes accidents happens. ALSO ADAM: 30:09 *grabs a piece of plastic from the cutting table without turning off the blade*
Matthew Zarzeka
Matthew Zarzeka Hace un mes
I need to know what metallic spray paint he used in this build. Anybody have any idea?
TheLPGucker Hace un mes
What Blue Color are you using? Looks beautiful
White Blogger Black Specs
Adam you rock! 🤘🏻
Robert Ruiz
Robert Ruiz Hace un mes
$400 for a bulshit $15 Walkman what the fuck?
Temujin Norris
Temujin Norris Hace un mes
i think his favorite cuss is "shit"
Harry. B. Renner. jr.
I like the gatting gun. I really like it I would like to have one of those. ofcorce a working example. But if you use nitro cellulose it seems like it's never dry. Deuteronomy pronunciation duderonomy. I know people that say that. LMAO LMAO!!!!!!
PASSATA Hace un mes
to whomever it may concern 0:55 thank you
Riley Finn
Riley Finn Hace un mes
That’s what Adam should make, a completely over the top medical kit/box for when he cuts his hands
Fayrz Hace un mes
mccobsta Hace 2 meses
Atleast this time he didn't burn off half his hair
Paul MacEoghain
Paul MacEoghain Hace 2 meses
Nice. But I think I'll just use the real one I found in a house clearance. Still in it's original packaging too...
Beef Ingot
Beef Ingot Hace 2 meses
I know a lot of previous work experience and talent goes into something like this, but I cant help but think 3d printing would have chopped off half the work from this task. An SLA printer would have gotten phenomenal detail in less than a day just leaving the painting to be done.
Santiago Vento
Santiago Vento Hace 2 meses
Or you can make a flux capacitor and time travel to 1979 and buy a new walkman for half price.
Adam Eberbach
Adam Eberbach Hace 2 meses
Spraying lacquer without a mask? Look after yourself...
John Lemon
John Lemon Hace 2 meses
Does it play tho? No
Ralph Donn
Ralph Donn Hace 2 meses
Your hands look so small in the thumbnail
DRAPOSIS Hace 2 meses
Dawm daniel
cmdmd Hace 2 meses
Disclaimer: I’m Glad you didn’t hurt yourself badly. I’m not happy when people get hurt. However, I remember hearing Jamie saying: “I always enjoy seeing Adam in pain”. Did he say that? Correct me if I am wrong. Be well.
Charles Jirkovsky
Charles Jirkovsky Hace 2 meses
He doesn't have $400 . . .
keith norman
keith norman Hace 2 meses
Why not put a MP3 player inside?
Steve Feinstein
Steve Feinstein Hace 2 meses
It's such beautiful work, and the attention to details is amazing, but the lack of tape drive spindles does bother me. Was that intentional?
Andrew Storie
Andrew Storie Hace 2 meses
14:28 insert Professor Farnsworth sound effect.
ElZamo92 Hace 2 meses
Just buy a Walkman and you’re done!
BigDaddyBanks 90
BigDaddyBanks 90 Hace 2 meses
I think Adam is a great dude but my god he’s a pussy over workshop bumps and scrapes.
Dennis P
Dennis P Hace 2 meses
don't want to spend $ 300 on the walkman. proceeds to cut $ 300 peli lol
Sam 420
Sam 420 Hace 2 meses
Dog you can find a Walkman for like $10 on eBay
Jensis Welt / Moba / Reportagen und mehr
now I understand why it has become so expensive
Chris g
Chris g Hace 2 meses
Yup, accidents in the shop happen sometimes. I’ve had that same light headedness when I smashed my thumb between my breaker bar and the cars body when I was changing my wheel hubs on my car. I had to lay down for a bit and take an ibuprofen. By next wk my nail fell out 😂
Titanius Anglesmith
Titanius Anglesmith Hace 2 meses
I do feel he could of bought a real Walkman, and then modified it to look like the one from the movie. Then he could make a mixtape with those songs on it and actually listen to it.
Bob C
Bob C Hace 2 meses
nuts man, you can make anything, but have bought a piece of spring steel for 16 dollars that you could likely tool yourself xD great video man, thanks!
The Ghost
The Ghost Hace 2 meses
Come and get your love, come and get your love... -So he's and idiot? -Yeah..
join the fist 10
join the fist 10 Hace 2 meses
I have those exact same tweezers, but I think I bet a tip a little bit
Chris Bennetch
Chris Bennetch Hace 2 meses
Missed opportunity to install a small mp3 player where the jack sits so you can actually listen to music.
Dennis Sotelo
Dennis Sotelo Hace 2 meses
Omg that was a good pelican case you could have 3d printed that little part but whos got time for that lets just cut that useless pelican case haha
Elizabeth Schuon
Elizabeth Schuon Hace 2 meses
When he goes ”this is going to be overkill” I'm thinking ”yeah but that's kinda your thing” When I see how the piece turns out ”oooh, that's gorgeous overkill” Also, I cannot tell the difference between sanding sticks and high-quality nail files. Are they the same thing?
Salera Hace un mes
I think they are basically the same thing. In one video Adam talked about how he used to stick sandpaper to thin wood in order to get sanding sticks until he realised he could use nail files instead...
Bartas Kšivickas
Bartas Kšivickas Hace 2 meses
It's so weird without the background music
Christopher Lacroix
Christopher Lacroix Hace 2 meses
This episode is most dramatic one yet! I love the gore. Keep making these.
Cephalon Daddy
Cephalon Daddy Hace 2 meses
Ah yes! *_The Basic Knife-blade Of Steel!_*
Jason Webster
Jason Webster Hace 2 meses
i find it interesting that you often have some one else on screen but you dont introduce them for those of us watching
David Piçarra
David Piçarra Hace 2 meses
Why not buy one?
Максим Кузьмин
Adam: I can build it out of styrene. Me: Is it the only material that exist? I start to think there is nothing except styrene.
Bob Werner
Bob Werner Hace 2 meses
watch your fingers Love a good box and pan brake
TheIngotHouse Hace 3 meses
Between 6:12 and 6:45 Adam Savage almost cuts himself about a dozen times within 30 seconds. Talking with your hands while holding a knife is way too cavalier. I could see it coming before it happened. Even people with expert dexterity wouldn't do that kind of stuff... and you're a savage! At least slow down.
Synchronized Cell
Synchronized Cell Hace 3 meses
I have my own... although that one looks mutch cooler than my black turd of a walkman
toe kie
toe kie Hace 3 meses
wait it isnt functional?? But you can get old casette players for like 5 second hand and most are smaller then this case so can be easely fitted??
Sooner Science Nerd
Sooner Science Nerd Hace 3 meses
i took a sony am/fm digital radio /tape player, combined it with a tiny speaker from a sony tape player with speaker and now have a 40- pre-set channel am/fm digital radio. both cost $5 each.
Tad Lautner
Tad Lautner Hace 3 meses
so $400 walkman that works or a $400 plastic thing that doesn't? because come on you make more than $100 an hour! Sorry for being so blunt. love all your builds.
evoulution gamein-
evoulution gamein- Hace 3 meses
I’m still very new to your channel do you make your costume ? Or do you buy them cuz bruh there always so dope during Comic-Con
KillRideMasterJ Hace 3 meses
Is that Adam savages daughter?
The Fossil Academy
The Fossil Academy Hace 3 meses
Awesome work dude!
tony pina
tony pina Hace 3 meses
I would love to see Marty McFly's Walkman from back to the future
Futuramacomicboy Hace 3 meses
18:39: I thought he was going to do a Peter Lorre impression. Does Adam like classic horror films?
Olegario_ART Hace 3 meses
Я не могу, оранжевый ящик ради кнопки распилил. Мог бы эту кнопку так же из пластика или дерева сделать и покрасить, а ящик мне отдать.
DWells52189 Hace 3 meses
Minor injuries like that are pretty common in construction As well.
Top Ñotch
Top Ñotch Hace 3 meses
Why does YOUR sanding machinery make no sound
Red Hace 3 meses
The best way to describe how bad a cut is: "I cut the SHIT out of my hand"
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