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Adam's latest prop build is a replica of Star-Lord's Walkman from Guardians of the Galaxy! This is a styrene scratch build using some of Adam's favorite modelmaking materials and techniques. And a few firsts for a One Day Build--the use of a vinyl cutter for the logos, as well as a minor injury mid-build!
Shot and edited by Gunther Kirsch
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5 sep 2019






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teags mid
teags mid Hace 13 horas
From mythbusters
jase dobson
jase dobson Hace un día
does anybody know what thickness the styrene is that adam used?
fuelerr Hace 2 días
That music during the 1st build montage was simply the worst EVER ! I'm sorry Adam but I just cannot hit the like button based on that music.
Daniel Kennedy
Daniel Kennedy Hace 2 días
Don't say my name in vain lmao
Jerry Hace 3 días
Forgot one small detail that might not be important in a far look of it but in a closer look the spindles for the tape transport. Without those just doesn't look real unless your a good distance away. Also, those with the rest of the build shouldn't be difficult to do and have in there without damaging the actual cassette tape. Just a suggestion a bit out from your posting date but just saw the video.
Anthony Battillo
Anthony Battillo Hace 4 días
You should put amazon affiliate links to products like that bendy square light tbjng your using I want those.
Nathan Taylor
Nathan Taylor Hace 4 días
I have that vaso vagle or however you spell it with needles no matter the size. 😬
max bobo
max bobo Hace 5 días
why not just buy a real one, or a similar one to mod, instead of this wooden block?
David Ribeiro
David Ribeiro Hace 4 días
You missed the point.
Lewis Mealing
Lewis Mealing Hace 7 días
I haven't kept up with the channel in a while - who's Kate? Seems like she knows what she's talking about, and a great build as always :)
Ben Dewey
Ben Dewey Hace 8 días
Saves $400 and then the video itself makes like $4000. 😂
An Nguyen
An Nguyen Hace 8 días
I'm so glad to hear somebody else have the same reaction to their own blood as I do.
lil' Azoidoid
lil' Azoidoid Hace 9 días
Adam : probably isn't a murderer Also Adam : mutilates pelican case
Emilie Corsiero
Emilie Corsiero Hace 10 días
That momnt when Adam accidentaly turned into Jesus Christ... ** No rage, I know that the stigmas are on the wrists, just a joke **
Duncan Pope
Duncan Pope Hace 10 días
more plastic? nice one bro...
miso k
miso k Hace 12 días
7:20 Injury is indeed a part of the shop, any shop.
bakerman Hace 15 días
I could watch the whole day just Adam having his sudden inspirations.
GraysonStone Hace 18 días
you could stick an old iPod inside it so you could rock some tunes
Anthony Neelands
Anthony Neelands Hace 19 días
I think this is Adam's 2019 moment. Cosplay is passion. Hours of labor to be on the floor for half the day... PASSION. Smiles during these moments are 100% true. Here's to next yr. Congrats on the upcoming!
hardrivethrutown Hace 20 días
It's been 40 years... why haven't they started making them again...
Jonathan Bédard
Jonathan Bédard Hace 21 un día
wewe Hace 22 días
my mans almost died of fear of a little cut on his hand but happily jumped on a car to get thrown in a river to film a mythbusters episode
Spencer Morse
Spencer Morse Hace 23 días
I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesnt like the site of my own blood on my hands 😅
A random F
A random F Hace 23 días
pour guy he was so excited to cut stairyn but he cut himself accidentally
joekyu Goodall
joekyu Goodall Hace 23 días
dude if i stabbed my hand that deep with a exacto blade i wouldnt be using a hammer after like 45mins id be in bed for the rest of the day lol
EmeraldFalcon Hace 24 días
As a Queenslander, it is great to see a Bundaberg product in a video. Especially when the video isn't filmed in Australia.
spiderdroid10 Hace 24 días
I needed an orange button. To show you the power of Adam, I SAWED THIS CASE IN HALF!
Sets Hace 24 días
80s music jump scare
Curtis Melnichuk
Curtis Melnichuk Hace 25 días
Just need to add a MP3 player inside to listen to the awesome mix.
allu50 Hace 26 días
for sealing cuts like that dab a little of SA glue on it it should prevent tearing while continuing work!
Omoshne Hace 26 días
Star-man's Walklord.
Cabbage Quest
Cabbage Quest Hace 27 días
Probably...this could be just printed on 3d printer since we have such technology and then polished to the max but still, Adam shows his skills and overall love for this geeky stuff! Love it!
alan thunder
alan thunder Hace 27 días
Do you think that adam has realized that he has come full circle and now HE is the crazy woodshop teacher?
T Vela
T Vela Hace 27 días
Adam can just snap whatever he wants into existence
Alex Popa
Alex Popa Hace 27 días
Why not make it functional thought...
HingaSPL Hace 28 días
A bit nipplely
Damien's Armoury
Damien's Armoury Hace 28 días
I've been wanting to build a Walkman ipod case and I can't for the life of me find any of the size dimensions for the Walkman
Barbara Wagar
Barbara Wagar Hace 29 días
Adam Savage: You used reference images from my son's 3D Model of that Sony Walkman!!!! We are absolutely certain of it. He did not scan the walkman image, he made it himself from scratch and created an actual working 3D image of it on his own for his demo real. He is a 3D modeler from BCIT and graduated with distinction. I wonder if you might contact us to verify your source to give him credit for his work?
Jonathan Wagar
Jonathan Wagar Hace 29 días
I noticed Adam was using my walkman model from my art station in his reference folder and I gushed a bit. Really cool stuff Adam!
Don Pete
Don Pete Hace 29 días
Adam exzacto knife Savage
Christo Clark
Christo Clark Hace un mes
3D print the whole thing and call it a day.
friartuck103 Hace un mes
Does he have a ruler tattoo?
Sadnehs Hace un mes
It has dawned on me Nobody watched Adam's videos to see how they too can build the thing. Because he uses thing like giant breaks you'd find only in professional shops because who in their right mind fills their garage with huge equipment that is so specific. Of course Adam got a shop specifically for that purpose lol
Yannick Göbel
Yannick Göbel Hace un mes
i love the video but i have to jump on the train of "yOu FoRgOt ThE tApE tUrN wHeElY tHiNgS"
[i] ven
[i] ven Hace un mes
Ham cricut is garbage
DeepCupsChan119 Hace un mes
Super 8 movie has walkman during the scene when a police arrive at gas station
lacossa nostra
lacossa nostra Hace un mes
TIP for not having paint crawl underneath the masking tape is to spray is with the base colour againt or with some clear coat before painting it the silver or what ever colour it must be this way you will never have a paint run underneath your masking tape
lacossa nostra
lacossa nostra Hace un mes
btw i love the colour of the band saw on the background !!
lacossa nostra
lacossa nostra Hace un mes
love the music fit right into the guardians of the galaxy buildt
krycklund Hace un mes
So, to summarize. In this video Adam Savage accidentally stabs himself, quotes Damn Daniel as well as Ren & Stimpy and slices a chunk off of his suitcase while screaming at the top of his lungs..........Is Adam okay??????
The Slayer
The Slayer Hace un mes
You problobly couldve literally made an actual walkman.
Юрий Туз
Юрий Туз Hace un mes
Much better with music)
M C Hace un mes
14:28 was his brain blast moment
Kiran Bala
Kiran Bala Hace un mes
If you put in third party mp 3 player it would wo working
Edward Baptist
Edward Baptist Hace un mes
Whenever I watch these videos I'm like, "Does he ever make mistakes or cut himself?" I'm glad you showed us that you did. It seems more real.
Snakewind Hace un día
Are you joking? Adam injures himself on a daily basis.
Oscar Johansson
Oscar Johansson Hace un mes
15:14 me watching my pizza rolls in the microwave.
Evils Dexter
Evils Dexter Hace un mes
800mg ibuprofen, isn't that a bit too much? like double the amount you needed?
Richard brobeck
Richard brobeck Hace un mes
always paint blue first
Richard brobeck
Richard brobeck Hace un mes
Adam I did not know that they made those thread repair for a 2/56 machine screw helicoil
Leonard Rowe
Leonard Rowe Hace un mes
"it is time to prime" Nice rhymes. :)
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