Addicted to DURITOS

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Frank has developed a strange addiction to the popular Mexican food snack, duritos (also called duros, chicharrones, or pinwheels). The wheat snack has become an obsession for Frank and he even spends his time sitting in a pool filled with them.
Behind the scenes:
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23 jun 2019

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Comentarios 3 725
TheCrazyGorilla Hace 27 días
Do you call them duritos or chicharrones? 👀
PewDee Pie
PewDee Pie Hace 3 días
Love the video funny
Linus Dämfors
Linus Dämfors Hace 3 días
Kzow Hace 4 días
Fat boi Gamer
Fat boi Gamer Hace 12 días
Gatchastrawberry Kawaii
TheCrazyGorilla i call then duros
Oblivion Bush
Oblivion Bush Hace un hora
La vaca de duros means “hard cow” 😂
Elliot Keenan
Elliot Keenan Hace 5 horas
He said a little bit of hot sauce then he pours the hole thing
;-;buzzy Gacha;-;
;-;buzzy Gacha;-; Hace 6 horas
La vaca de duros means the hard cow
Just Another Random Guy
1:42 yup that a little bit of hot sauce
Just Another Random Guy
Frank: hi im frank 67 years old Me: frank also fie in the age of 80 cause of a heart desise
Alex garcia
Alex garcia Hace 9 horas
La vaca de duros means the hard of cowd
Daisy Infante
Daisy Infante Hace 10 horas
I am also addicted to Doritos. I have gone as far as making my own if I can't get any from the elotero
Djanwayne Bongcayao
Djanwayne Bongcayao Hace 14 horas
That is not even DORITOS
fallout fan
fallout fan Hace 17 horas
Jessgaming101 With vlogs
4:47 that face
Bailey Hoffman
Bailey Hoffman Hace 19 horas
La vaca de duros means the hard cow XD
Gacha Cake
Gacha Cake Hace 20 horas
wait is it true that he is in j- *OHHH*
Seven Teen
Seven Teen Hace 20 horas
La vaca de duros means hard cow
Bad Hace 22 horas
My boy over here getting called a cow and he think it means king
Xxdragongamerx x
Xxdragongamerx x Hace 23 horas
A “little” bit of hot sauce
Twitch 90’s kid
Twitch 90’s kid Hace 23 horas
Addicted to takis
Baby doge 2 Sharks
Baby doge 2 Sharks Hace 23 horas
Concalma con esos chicharrones
Noah Viurquez
Noah Viurquez Hace un día
Mark Morris
Mark Morris Hace un día
This fake their acting
JJOZ gaming
JJOZ gaming Hace un día
i cant belive i thought this was real at the start untill i saw his shopping cart full of DURITOS XD
vv.Trashboi Hace un día
Addicted to raspados
Gracie Hace un día
Sounds like Doritos😂
Harr Twins
Harr Twins Hace un día
Wow you will get tired of them because you eat them every day
Josh Toro
Josh Toro Hace un día
There saying the cow of durito
Kimchi Hace un día
me when i first tried duritos: *i a m a d u r i t o*
RafaeMinecraftGamer //Rafaemcgamer
Doritosssssssss Like if anyone else saw that.
Alberto Gacha
Alberto Gacha Hace un día
I call them chicharones
Valeria Castillo
Valeria Castillo Hace un día
Valeria Castillo
Valeria Castillo Hace un día
Put in a little bit of hot sauce *pours in half the bottle*
Stephanie Domenick
Stephanie Domenick Hace un día
Meh:Ima pour only a little bit of hot sauce Frank:Pours half of bottle in 😂😂🤣
Karl Robin Roosman
Karl Robin Roosman Hace un día
“la vaca de duros” search it up what it means
Graeme Nixon
Graeme Nixon Hace un día
I call them shit
ToXicz Hace un día
Btw ur a Hard Cow
King_ Nub
King_ Nub Hace un día
It’s Doritos f
King_ Nub
King_ Nub Hace un día
Eric Chan
Eric Chan Hace un día
I call it doritos
Ralsei Hace un día
Mate give me some
Gaby Elias
Gaby Elias Hace 2 días
I don’t rely on anyone Later: let me introduce you to my helper
jc Hace 2 días
Frank(Ramon): and pour a litttttleee bit of hot sauce Instead puts a whole bunch
Bryan Rojas
Bryan Rojas Hace 2 días
This shi is so cringe 🤣🤦🏽‍♂️
JBL Bass
JBL Bass Hace 2 días
This has to be fake
Edgar Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez Hace 2 días
Why dose he sound like adam sanler
Gavindeep Singh
Gavindeep Singh Hace 2 días
Le vaca de duros mean the hard cow
Lakshmi Andraca
Lakshmi Andraca Hace 2 días
200 subs no vids
200 subs no vids Hace 2 días
a little bit of hot sauce ey?
Gaming with Ian
Gaming with Ian Hace 2 días
That looks like drugs 2:41
Daiga Sarja
Daiga Sarja Hace 2 días
Frank: and a llllllllittle bit of hot sauce * Pores half the bottle *
Alfie Da DuDe Random content
Umm la vaca de Duros mean the hard cow
Bᴇᴀм Rᴇғʟᴇcтoʀ 1
Bro why are you taking it one at a time?. Take a whole dip instead
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