Africa Day Benefit Concert At Home Hosted by Idris Elba

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In celebration of Africa Day, ViacomCBS Networks Africa and ESvid in partnership with Idris Elba are hosting an “Africa Day Benefit Concert At Home”. This special programming will raise funds to support food and health needs for children and families in Africa affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the World Food Programme and UNICEF who are supporting COVID-affected communities across Africa.
Donate Now: uni.cf/africa
Adekunle Gold; AKA; Afro B; Angelique Kidjo; Bebe Cool; Burna Boy; Busiswa; C4 Pedro; Davido; Diamond Platnumz; DJ Maphorisa & Kabza De Small; Fally Ipupa; Ismael Lo; Kida Kudz; Ladysmith Black Mambazo; M.anifest; Nandy; Ndlovu Youth Choir; Nasty C; Niniola; Rema; Reekado Banks; Salif Keita; Sauti Sol; Seun Kuti; Sho Madjozi; Stonebwoy; Teni; Tiwa Savage; Toofan; Yemi Alade
Special Appearances:
Anthony Hamilton; Falz; Fat Joe; French Montana; Irene Agbontaen; Ludacris; Masai Ujiri; Nomzamo Mbatha; Omari Hardwick; Pearl Thusi; Rotimi; Sean Paul; Serge Ibaka; Trevor Noah; Vanessa Mdee; Winston Duke; Yvonne Chaka Chaka


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25 may 2020






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Comentarios 80
Rowen Kim
Rowen Kim Hace 3 días
Mr. PLATNUMZ kiled it 🙌🙌🙌🔫 .
Kakeru Leonhart
Kakeru Leonhart Hace 5 días
Wakanda for ever 🤘
Mason Jade
Mason Jade Hace 7 días
Idris Elba? Talentless idiot, you know you're scraping the barrel when he's involved.
Marcin Urbański
Marcin Urbański Hace 7 días
What a bullshit! Greetings!
Tommy Spadaccini
Tommy Spadaccini Hace 7 días
I'm Italian, and i don't understand almost nothing, (except english songs) African singer and musicians are awesome! I was really impressed!
Karol90 Hace 8 días
can you tell me name of song bebe cool 40.00 please?
andriy mehley
andriy mehley Hace 8 días
Jedidah Daudi
Jedidah Daudi Hace 8 días
this Angelique musician has beautiful facial features woooo..i cant imagine when she was a teenager how she looked...
Chuck Molson
Chuck Molson Hace 9 días
why you people of Africa just get your lazy asses to WORK!?
Fastcast4U Hace 10 días
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Alessandro Hace 10 días
E basta a fa l elemosina.
Scahoni Hace 12 días
What has Africa ever done for anybody?
fra mma
fra mma Hace 12 días
AIDS and Ebola
Zamierzam przeznaczyć wszystkie fundusze na zaspokojenie potrzeb żywieniowych i zdrowotnych dzieci i rodzin dotkniętych COVID-19, ale w Polsce. Bardzo mi przykro, moi przyjaciele z Afryki, ale ta tragedia dotknęła także moją Ojczyznę :-( Wewnątrz najbardziej możemy sami sobie pomóc. Zwykli ludzie płaczą i chcą pracować, ale są tacy, którzy się wzbogacają lub kradną i ... śpiewają: -( Rozumiecie mnie? I intend to allocate all funds to meet the nutritional and health needs of children and families affected by COVID-19, but in Poland. I am very sorry, my friends from Africa, but this tragedy also affected my homeland :-( Inside we can help each other. Ordinary people cry and want to work, but there are those who get rich or steal and ... sing: - ( You understand me ?
nahurira steven
nahurira steven Hace 13 días
Bebe cool
pawelvg1 Hace 14 días
Wakanda forevaaa
MICHAEL Yeboah Hace 14 días
why the dislikes ur the ones who searched it and u got it
wine barimunsi
wine barimunsi Hace 14 días
So how much did this noble cause raise...just wanna know... Ismail was great too brought back all the memories...
wine barimunsi
wine barimunsi Hace 14 días
Ouma on the guitar for Bebe cool ..good job...
wine barimunsi
wine barimunsi Hace 14 días
Good vibes from every one,Bebe,sauti soul,diamond,kidjo,burns,yemi,all of you guys thank you....all
wine barimunsi
wine barimunsi Hace 14 días
Bebe just down to earth...big shout out to all great Africans who came together to do this thing...thank you so much...
wine barimunsi
wine barimunsi Hace 14 días
Okay this is my verdict...most of you where just gazing at the diamond house and the dancer..maybe as for performance ok but not the best...and again who said this was a competition...if it were I can tell you Bebe cool would have nailed it without a doubt...but since it was no competition then I say everyone was a winner...thank you.
Janusz Kiełbaska
Janusz Kiełbaska Hace 16 días
co za mongoły xd
Piotr Żurek
Piotr Żurek Hace 16 días
Juline Shipena
Juline Shipena Hace 16 días
Was so excited to finally watch this concert- but at the end I just realized over half of the African countries were not even featured. 😒. Which Africa are we celebrating- Nigeria, Ghana, Tanzania, South Africa and a few others? What about features from countries Namibia, Angola and the rest?
Juline Shipena
Juline Shipena Hace 15 días
Steve A Just go back and read my comment again sir. I never said that feeding the hungry wasn’t important. However I believe that the more inclusive this could have been- the more people from other countries could have gotten on board to support this wonderful initiative. Thanks.
Steve A
Steve A Hace 16 días
Does it matter? Surely the hungry being fed is the most important thing?
Alessandro Pianta
Alessandro Pianta Hace 17 días
akindele13 Hace 17 días
Might as well call it Nigerian Music Festival. I get it Naija artist are killing it. But it was called Africa Day, not Nigeria. We always get it wrong with these things.
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GD Kaci
GD Kaci Hace 17 días
Go back in Africa,Idris! It seems that you like Afrika. Go there and work on the ground to change the reality.
Layra Marquete
Layra Marquete Hace 17 días
Hi.hxxlhybh7gi5g igacGJK
Body Worx Massage Therapy
I sure hope there is going to be an Irish day too. We got hit real bad by this virus. Our whole country basically closed down. It is only starting to open up now.
Holger H
Holger H Hace 21 un día
What a waste of money again.
akindele13 Hace 17 días
The obsession, where ever we are at. Best believe some Toubab is stalking us.
Yusif Cz
Yusif Cz Hace 22 días
This is racist ,where is white peoples ? :)
天使•Shadow Hace 22 días
I cant believe i missed this as a fellow african
Ally Hatibu tv
Ally Hatibu tv Hace 22 días
But harmonize and Ally kiba wants to compete with diamond platinum is it fair??????????
Fábio Oliveira
Fábio Oliveira Hace 22 días
Pako Mako
Pako Mako Hace 23 días
Dobrý den hladil jsem kocoura 😺 je játrový knedlíček na dortu je to je játrový knedlíček na dortu 🍰 je v tomto případě je to je nechápu co je v tom SirYakari natočil v pořádku je játrový to dělat a co kdyby se mi napít a jako na velkýho a zvonek 🔔 a jako bonus je to je játrový knedlíček je játrový to se mi líbí to se mi napít se týká pouze členů a jako na velkýho je játrový knedlíček je to je játrový knedlíček na dortu je to je játrový knedlíček na dortu a pak vám může nabídnout vám umožní to se Tik to dělat a jak je v tom smyslu je v pořádku a pak budou mít to se týká pouze součásti není-li dále je WiFi
Random universe
Random universe Hace 24 días
Random universe
Random universe Hace 24 días
Kendy Hace 25 días
Black Lives Matter is bullshit
Jane Sabore
Jane Sabore Hace 25 días
Sauti sol ayeeeeh, all other artists did a great job but Diamond issa no ,he would have done better than a house tour and using playback wanted to hear his sweet voice
ForUUP Hace 26 días
*MTV Base Africa* Wanna be friend?
ForUUP Hace 26 días
*MTV Base Africa* Good content
Kesh Gloria_Official
Kesh Gloria_Official Hace 27 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-H_LOCtePlpA.html Subscribe 🔥
Aristote William Aristote William
Fally ipupa
Tanzania 255
Tanzania 255 Hace 28 días
Monica Monica
Monica Monica Hace 29 días
Diamond Platnumz AKA Naseeb Abdul Juma murdered it and he killed all of us his fans...the guy is out of this world....SIMBA SIMBA SIMBA (from SOUTH AFRICA 💞💞💞
pimpcompany Hace 29 días
the most important thing that africa stay in africa
Abdia Jamal
Abdia Jamal Hace un mes
Am from morroco and diamond you are the best
Steve A
Steve A Hace un mes
Did he make a donation? Asking for a friend.
brunskimang 222
brunskimang 222 Hace un mes
$ 14 129 of $ 1 000 000 raised. lol
Steve A
Steve A Hace un mes
I bet the hungry aren't.
Probe Raum
Probe Raum Hace un mes
Build your country instead of begging!
Brian Waweru
Brian Waweru Hace un mes
Ta Tzii creative
Ta Tzii creative Hace un mes
Diamond platnumz kill it
Deng Alier
Deng Alier Hace un mes
Fally Ipupa 22:03
BOi Hace un mes
i thought this was an fortnite event lol
Kemi Hace un mes
where r the Ethiopian artists?
Umoja Afrika
Umoja Afrika Hace 29 días
@Steve A lol
Steve A
Steve A Hace un mes
In Ethiopia.
Audrey Van Den Heuvel
Give them some music and food. Life story will be fullfilled with happiness!
MrBuTaforos Hace un mes
very racist
The Uprisers
The Uprisers Hace un mes
SUPPORT STICHTING 1 VOOR 12 SURINAM VIDEO:esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-RoIeWqGrbWU.html
Mpumi Dlamini
Mpumi Dlamini Hace un mes
Sauti sol the best
Thomas Gabriel
Thomas Gabriel Hace un mes
Platinam is another leval
Norbert Müller
Norbert Müller Hace un mes
And the answer ??? Billion of Billion to Africa in the last 30 or 40 years and the anwser where is the mony ????
Kek1 2
Kek1 2 Hace un mes
Why even africa exist?
Steve A
Steve A Hace un mes
How long's a piece of string?
Bokman Zoaka
Bokman Zoaka Hace un mes
Kida Kudz 💥💥💥👑
Shodan Hace un mes
Stop treating Africans like children and let them make their own decisions - even if they are wrong. It's just a little pocket money to make a bunch of celebrities look good.
F Hz
F Hz Hace un mes
I guess if each of the well-known and wealthy guests donated as promoted, it would be more than 14k out of 1mill
Dini Maqwenju
Dini Maqwenju Hace un mes
I'm here for teni much love you
OmoUnice Ade
OmoUnice Ade Hace un mes
Adekunle GOLD :)
OmoUnice Ade
OmoUnice Ade Hace un mes
Mery Kisara
Mery Kisara Hace un mes
Simba kama simba
Yasko Wiz
Yasko Wiz Hace un mes
Hey you chib dangote sasa mbona umeuatena waache wajione nawao wanaweza bana😂 😂 😂
Underdog Straatbrak
twitter.com/i/web/status/1267789605077737473. Shall give this a pass
Michael Nandi
Michael Nandi Hace un mes
basically a whole platform for SA & Nigerian songs
Umoja Afrika
Umoja Afrika Hace 29 días
But Tanzania is best
Khadija Ngozi
Khadija Ngozi Hace un mes
Sauti sol and diamond platnumz lit
Ege Chicken
Ege Chicken Hace un mes
Stop talking about inner beauty, men dont walk around with x-rays. -probably mugabe
Sharon Mundia
Sharon Mundia Hace un mes
This was such a wonderful initiative and concert🤩🥰 I enjoyed every bit of it!! Love from Kenya😘 Sauti Sol sounded so beautiful and it was nice to hear Eluid Kipchoge and a quote by Wangari Maathai and one by Jomo Kenyatta:)
Anderson Roweny
Anderson Roweny Hace un mes
Bebe cool Uganda takes the day 🔥
Amos Mark
Amos Mark Hace un mes
Bebe cool🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Emmanuel polycap
Emmanuel polycap Hace un mes
solo benny mwanshinga
The diamond upo juu sauti soul mmeuwa
Usman Berete
Usman Berete Hace un mes
happy mother Africa day dont forget one thing No No Agenda 2063 Africa unity is now and we young people we are the voice of Africa thank to everyone i love you all long life Africa Greet unity of all Africans
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