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Jason Whitlock, Marcellus Wiley, LaVar Arrington and Tony Gonzalez explain why the Dallas Cowboys should make quarterback Dak Prescott the highest paid quarterback in the NFL. The Cowboys have started 2-0 this season behind the great play of Dak. The crew also discusses who is the best team in the NFC.
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About Speak For Yourself:
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After Cowboys hot start, Dak Prescott can name his own price - Whitlock | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF
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16 sep 2019






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Speak For Yourself
Speak For Yourself Hace 10 meses
Should the Cowboys make Dak Prescott the highest paid QB in the NFL?
Devin Millican
Devin Millican Hace 10 meses
Absolutely not. Not if he wants to compete for Super Bowls. That is profoundly asinine. I don't want another 10 years of having a good offense and a no-show defense because the QB is taking up all of the cap space. That's stupid. Don't be stupid.
Derek The Seahawks&Lightning Fan
@KingCetshwayo Russell Wilson is far more deserving lol
Lujan Gaming
Lujan Gaming Hace 10 meses
Yes Dak Prescott is The Future of the NFL
Eddie Mc
Eddie Mc Hace 10 meses
Ummmm nope. Not even close.
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru Hace 10 meses
Doesn't Russell wilson have two SB appearances, and 1 SB victory?
Ryan Jackson
Ryan Jackson Hace 8 meses
Today, in December, these guys talk about how GM Jerry Jones hurts this team. Any of these guys as GM would have over paid Dak a long time ago and put the team even further back in becoming a contender.
As a Dallas fan Dak Prescott can’t throw It’s pretty obvious
Devin Millican
Devin Millican Hace 10 meses
These mf's are trying to ruin my Cowboys. "Highest paid QB in the league". Pffft. Dak's really good, but we've seen what he is when he doesn't have all of those pieces around him, and there are a LOT of pieces around him in Dallas. Not just on offense, but also on defense. Dal absolutely deserves to be the highest paid player on the Cowboys, but if he wants to compete for Super Bowls, he better not listen to you guys.
michael trent
michael trent Hace 10 meses
One went to the Superbowl ??? On one the worst blown calls in history !!
Danny huerta
Danny huerta Hace 10 meses
Prob better to buy a couple of refs in important games and in the playoffs huh Jerry !?!?
Demetrius Middleton
Demetrius Middleton Hace 10 meses
My my My how the tables Have turned. 3 weeks ago, all I saw in the comment sections was how dak was worth 20 or 22 million dollars tops! Now....*crickets
Dom. Hace 10 meses
Everyone thought zeke was the carry, dak is proving he can hold himself just fine.
alfwiz Hace 10 meses
DAK in a 100 million dollar prop bet on himself. No Injury prop bet - Good luck Dak. What are the odds? +300 dog.
Roberto Ordaz
Roberto Ordaz Hace 10 meses
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera Hace 10 meses
Only the news is sweating. Dallas fans know daks not going any where. This is his team. Dak can make 1 million next year or 40 million next year we wont question it! In dak we trust
Lamar Porter
Lamar Porter Hace 10 meses
if the cowboys go 5-0 yea pay em his money let him keep proving hisself.
Tyler M
Tyler M Hace 10 meses
Whitlock is the BIGGEST HATER next to Shannon Sharpe
Marke Sertalkink
Marke Sertalkink Hace 10 meses
Jerry is 76, will be 77 in October. He’s freaking rich, he’ll easily live another 15-20, I guarantee It!
Brian Vernon
Brian Vernon Hace 10 meses
I said that after week one the Cowboys offense with Dak is opening up the running game. After a few completions in the past game if Week 1 then Zeke was able to get a few yards, it seems like the offense the passing game opened up the run game backwards but it works
neil u
neil u Hace 10 meses
lol, pay up bc dak beat giants n skins, mmmmmmmmkay
Ghostman 45
Ghostman 45 Hace 10 meses
Greenbay sucks..they arent the besy team in the nfc.
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie Hace 10 meses
Go Cowboys, DC4L, DAK PRESSCOT. 😉🙄🙄🙄🙄
Mike Fame
Mike Fame Hace 10 meses
This man Tony Gonzalez is a horrible commentator....get this fool off tv
John Black
John Black Hace 10 meses
The Rams got help with the refs against the Saints. Pay Dak now!
Marcus Tristan
Marcus Tristan Hace 10 meses
The Packers😆 The rams looked good But Dallas looked better Dak over Goff You wanna say one went to the Superbowl but c'mon you guys act like coaching doesn't take a part.Sean over Jason Garrett &im a cowboys fan
Andrezzy 5.0
Andrezzy 5.0 Hace 10 meses
Worst sports show.
Michael McMillan
Michael McMillan Hace 10 meses
Pay Dak!!!
daniel longoria
daniel longoria Hace 10 meses
Has much as I love daks play this year I need to see it against a top 5 defense just to be sure but he definitely deserves to be paid
RobTheGreat '97
RobTheGreat '97 Hace 10 meses
Y'all up here acting like they beat the pats or chiefs. It's the giants and redskins bruh
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski Hace 10 meses
And so are you patroits
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski Hace 10 meses
Rams are cheaters too
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski Hace 10 meses
But no Rams ruined our chances
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski Hace 10 meses
I'd really like to see a rematch bettween saints to see if had a chance to go the Superbowl
Brendan Chwascinski
Brendan Chwascinski Hace 10 meses
And Dallas cowboys can go 3 0 dolphins come one patroits had a easy team
Roq Hace 10 meses
Russell Wilson certainly is the best QB in the NFL. He has demonstrated this since he's stepped into the league. Mahomes has a chance to take his place as the best, but so far his resume is just to short at his point. One more year and Mahomes should take Russ's place as the best though. But Russ don't need an offensive line, a coaching scheme, a certain team, a great game plan, a running game, a defense, elite receivers or anything else to succeed. He puts up an all-pro playoff caliber performance no matter the situation, EVEN WHEN HE HAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. I cannot say that about any other QB in the league, and probably couldn't say that about any other QB ever. Never seen anything like RW in my life. Dude is the best
Ghenghis Chan
Ghenghis Chan Hace 10 meses
Cowboys bandwagon is almost to it's full capacity.
vilhelm hammershoi
vilhelm hammershoi Hace 10 meses
LOL.... I had to howl.... that guy saying: ' 'your sundays are different than mine since i have three kids. you saying: i saw all of that! 5 games 5 quarters each!'' hahahah
Sage Land
Sage Land Hace 10 meses
Let me give this disclaimer up front. I'm a DIEHARD cowboys fan and have been all of my life and will die a fan. However, when these guys are making comments like would the Eagles, Steelers or any other team paid Dak $35m - $40m per year keep in mind that if Dak signed with another team he won't be taking Zeke, Amari, the OL or Kellen Moore with him. Quite an important fact to remember. Just saying.....
G1Hexatron Hace 10 meses
Are we suppose to overlook that those 2 performances were against 2 teams that picked top 6 in the draft last year? Id say let's see against Saints but Brees is hurt.
Antone Fulmer
Antone Fulmer Hace 10 meses
after only two games,,,please.
Acatchison Hace 10 meses
These clowns shouldn't have a show. Visiting guest not withstanding.
Omar C
Omar C Hace 10 meses
Abul Kashem Sonu
Abul Kashem Sonu Hace 10 meses
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Baba Yao
Baba Yao Hace 10 meses
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First Last
First Last Hace 10 meses
That fat guy who talks with a slur. Is he ok?
First Last
First Last Hace 10 meses
Compare Dak's and Goff's stats from their division title matchup. It ain't even close, Dak is far better than Goff. Goff rode that run game to a W.
pj Hace 10 meses
Was there nothing else to talk about? Can we talk FOOTBALL FOOTBALL, not about their personal contracts.
Sergio Velasco
Sergio Velasco Hace 10 meses
Overreaction Monday, Dak Prescott has gone against the garbage Giants and Redskins. He has the dolphins next week, let's wait until he plays a real team and then we can talk about his greatness.
Fitness Guru
Fitness Guru Hace 10 meses
mouncimaus Hace 10 meses
"The Meaning to Life is to better yourself and the Universe" ~Satan Ancien-Forums com SatanisGod org D e a t h o f C o m m u n i s m com
Mike Hace 10 meses
I like Dak. But he ain’t worth 40 million. Rodgers is worth 40. He’s gonna get his money but I think he’s only this good against trash teams and because Zeke.
Kev Mac3000
Kev Mac3000 Hace 10 meses
Seek fasho got a sneaky 100 yards
System Trailer
System Trailer Hace 10 meses
Charlie Bustillos
Charlie Bustillos Hace 10 meses
Not so fast pilgrims! Still a Kellen Moore show until the fake defenses start showing up!
Justin Tumblin
Justin Tumblin Hace 10 meses
He showed the same thing over the last 8 games of last season. But yall said he was average to below average just a month ago !!! Lol especially Wiley, he was clowning Dak
Efrain Perez
Efrain Perez Hace 10 meses
To early in the season to talk about that I'm still waiting to see how much more his accuracy improved
Jason Cross
Jason Cross Hace 10 meses
Should’ve paid him before the season now they got to pay that man top top dollar.
Cavemantero Hace 10 meses
Idiots. Its not Dak its Kellen Moore. I hope they overpay for that chump cuz after Kellen Moore leaves for more money the Cowboys are going to be in Garrett land once again!
Felix Vargas
Felix Vargas Hace 10 meses
I say cowboys beat rams
Jamal Jones
Jamal Jones Hace 10 meses
Now Whitlock on the Dak wagon? Hop off we don’t want your support
McClennon Miller
McClennon Miller Hace 10 meses
These clowns trip me out with this nonsense about Dak having to win a SB before getting paid. I'm a Cowboy fan and I remember Jerry paying that LOSER Romo 108 million with 51 million guaranteed and he hadn't even been to an nfc conference game let a lone a SB, and these MORONS say Dak has to win a SB to get paid. They don't have any problem with the fact that Romo got paid even though at the time he got the contract he had only won two playoff games, but Dak has to win a SB SMH
Da-neek Hace 10 meses
Oh the back track is real !!!! You was hating hard 3 weeks ago bucko !!!
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 10 meses
#31 on trending
Giffond Hall
Giffond Hall Hace 10 meses
bunch of flip floppers
Cabal Kane
Cabal Kane Hace 10 meses
Okay....I'm a str8 man....but can somebody....ANYBODY....Takeover LaV wardrobe?????? This dude look like he just warped into ESPN studio in the middle of talking sports at an AA meeting.
Carl Snell
Carl Snell Hace 10 meses
come on Whitlock Put Wentz behind Dak's line and then backtrack everything you are saying.
Austin Ballentine
Austin Ballentine Hace 10 meses
tossed but not sunk ss
Can we at least see dak go up against another good team? Giants, skins , Miami and a saints team without Brees. I need to see dak go up against a top 5 or even 10 team before I say he should be the top paid and even then I don't believe anyone is worth 40 million a year to play a game. Just like I don't believe all these mult billionaires are actually worth what they make when the average American pay is a new Kia
Famliy Family
Famliy Family Hace 10 meses
Not until they play good team's LMAO guys they play team that are no good wait untill big team come
Water n' Wisdom
Water n' Wisdom Hace 10 meses
🙏🏽Please pay Dak absurd money. $38M per year at least. Tie up all that money in Dak. How 'bout $39.5M per?
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Hace 10 meses
Dak only has one playoff win. Goff has been to the Superbowl...... Ok, Goff got to the Superbowl by winning a whole 2 playoff games. He only has 1 more postseason victory than Dak. Dak it's 1-2 in the postseason and Goff is 2-2. How is Goff so much better?
Jay Jones
Jay Jones Hace 10 meses
I'm really sick and tired of these talking heads either flat out lying or giving wrong information to back up their point. $40 million was never the "projected" number for Dak. It was a rumor out out by someone to make Dak look bad. Either way that was never "projected" to be the number it was simply(wrongly) reported as Dak's asking price. But Dak could get 40 million a year but he'd have to wait until he won the Superbowl. More likely he's signs for $32-35 million within the next month. Cowboys aren't dumb enough to wait and have to pay him more money, plus they want to use some of their cap space from this season so the cap hit in the future isn't as much. The cowboys still have $24 million in cap space this year and it would be dumb to not use that to help pay Dak, Copper, Jones etc
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams Hace 10 meses
They talk like Russell Wilson isn't arguably the best QB in football. The ignorance is pathetic lol
Jerry Williams
Jerry Williams Hace 10 meses
@SPQR Name 5 quarterbacks better than Wilson please at this current moment.
SPQR Hace 10 meses
He isn't even close
donald deluxe
donald deluxe Hace 10 meses
He isn’t wanting to be the highest paid QB on the league. The reason I know that is because back at the Washington game a sideline reporter asked Dakota about his new upcoming contract and dak responded: “I’ve never played for money, that’s not what makes me happy.”
Gene Eck
Gene Eck Hace 10 meses
The fact is, Dak has a gotten a great line to give him the power to be what he is. Let's not forget that. I have been a supporter of the Cowboys for over 50 years I have seen the ups as well as the downs, This I would say can be one chance Dallas has to make it all the way. So Mr. Jones, Get that checkbook out and ready One catch, keep protecting dak and keep him healthy
Rich B.
Rich B. Hace 10 meses
Man these fools sure flipped the script on Dak.. Not too long ago they were acting like they couldn't see this, especially last season knowing that it was lenihan's fault all this time and now they want to praise him after they hated on him so much..smh
Guitarslingin Zombiekiller
I ain't forgot all the talking heads saying Dak was barely average. Every QB needs weapons around him, a running game, an O line, a defense, to win championships. Cowboys finally have talent everywhere & a young brilliant OC. Aikman won SB in his 4th season after a 1-15 rookie year. Dak will win multiple super bowls during his career. Book it. He's not the best NFL QB, but he's a perfect QB for Garrett & this team moving forward!
David Logan
David Logan Hace 10 meses
Every big play in that game came off a fake off of zeke, teams are still worrying about zeke
Milton Spence
Milton Spence Hace 10 meses
It's week....TWO
NawfBoy 678
NawfBoy 678 Hace 10 meses
Dak making them eat they words
gdrum07 Hace 10 meses
Against the Giants and Redskins. Lol
Benjamin Carter
Benjamin Carter Hace 10 meses
Man win vs the Giants and Redskins, look like Dak, and you become Joe Montana to these guys, amazing.
Gabriel C. B.
Gabriel C. B. Hace 10 meses
LMFAO Marcellus Wiley talkinabout playoff wins LMFAO MArcelus Wile talkin about beating Someione, when did his teams bet Someone this Dak haters are ridiculous. Marcellus Wiley is very loud as an analyst but tbh he was an average player. Reminds me a bit of Chris Simms altough he had better career than Simms abomination of NFL career. I personally dont undesrtand this players who werent that great & talk like they even won 1 SB. I prefer TJ Houzamandeh way, he s way more respectful & humble when talking than Wiley & other not exactly very good players that talk like they were great. He wants to be Shannon Sharpe but without the rings, Sharpe can takl whatever he wants because he was great Wile aint great. So dont talk about Dakl like that you were an average player.
Jimmy Durham
Jimmy Durham Hace 10 meses
Seattle has been better than this team in the last 25 years two Super Bowl appearances one win and almost a decade of playoffs Philly New Orleans how are the Cowboys America's Team won anything
Jimmy Durham
Jimmy Durham Hace 10 meses
Why every day are we guzzling the nuts of the Cowboys when for the last 25 years this team hasn't even making it to a single NFC Championship Game
Silmarrillion123 Hace 10 meses
Calvin Jefferson
Calvin Jefferson Hace 10 meses
Wow, Mr. Whitlock was Dak’s biggest critic just 3 weeks ago 😂
Abdul-Aziz Sesay
Abdul-Aziz Sesay Hace 10 meses
My thoughts exactly. Talk about doing a 180 quick
Ostin Anderson
Ostin Anderson Hace 10 meses
Whitlock changed his tone about dak in less than 14 days 😂😂😂😂
Javier Anchondo JR
Javier Anchondo JR Hace 10 meses
Whitlock changed his tune real quick. I remember him saying Dak isn't worth more than 20 Mill.
Earl Taylor
Earl Taylor Hace 10 meses
So according to dude in the blue jacket, no QB should ever ask for more money, if they don't get their team to the Super Bowl. Once again it's all about Dak. What about the rest of the team's and the other QB's in the league. Why are you not talking about them.
Joaquin Mireles
Joaquin Mireles Hace 10 meses
Wait a minute you got to give kellen moore credit with dak look so much better under kellen moore
jamar 2k
jamar 2k Hace 10 meses
Gonzalez has a good point
Dee Gus
Dee Gus Hace 10 meses
He’s an average qb without Zeke. Numbers never lie!
Dee Gus
Dee Gus Hace 10 meses
Deal is an average QB with a lot of help, period!
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad Hace 10 meses
@Dee Gus dak is better than wentz an will win yall division dak showing da World he can throw with da best of them 2000 rams offense no more zeek run first team dallas ready an didnt skins almost beat philly yall gone miss foles who was da better QB
david j
david j Hace 10 meses
@Dee Gus you're an idiot.
Dee Gus
Dee Gus Hace 10 meses
Ali Muhammad lol it’s two games against two bs defenses. And yes, they needed to get him more weapons to make him look better. My point exactly. Average an with more weapons. Great qb’s make their “weapons” better, not the other way around. And I’m sure the OC is making pre-reads for him lol
Ali Muhammad
Ali Muhammad Hace 10 meses
Dak better with zeek or without zeek this offense has changed linehan design dak to look like a dink an dunk QB kellen moore got dak throwing bums so dink an dak days are over too many weapons. Sb 54 dallas be there
Kim Farrison
Kim Farrison Hace 10 meses
The 49ers just beat the breaks off the Bengals Seattle struggled against the same team at home and people think there a team team what a joke
Gustavo Felix
Gustavo Felix Hace 10 meses
25 million for 4 years. 100 million would be cool
francisco garcia
francisco garcia Hace 10 meses
Just a couple of weeks ago these clowns were saying he was trash and this and that 😭
B Noble
B Noble Hace 10 meses
@2:00 I agree 100% with Tony G.
moepalmer410 Hace 10 meses
They’ve beat the redskins and some other garbage team now y’all talking about should be the highest qb in the NFL?
simple jack
simple jack Hace 10 meses
Quarter backs that run like dak prescot don't last long
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Hace 10 meses
@simple jack Alright well I guess we'll just have to wait and see. The work for the last three years has clearly paid off. He's just as good a pocket passer.
simple jack
simple jack Hace 10 meses
@Randy Lahey I'ts how he runs. Not when or how often. The guy runs the ball like he's a running back. Quarterbacks that run Like that don't last long in the nfl. It don't take much to break a hand or wrist when your trying to stiff arm a 300 pound guy. Theres a reason most qb slide and try the hardest not to have to run.
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Hace 10 meses
@simple jack Every QB takes a run here and then it's how the NFL works. Dak doesn't rely on it so I'm not sure where you're going with this
simple jack
simple jack Hace 10 meses
@Randy Lahey until he gets injured
Randy Lahey
Randy Lahey Hace 10 meses
He can pass from the pocket just as well. He doesn't rely on the his running ability he just uses it to his advantage when he needs to. Nothing to worry about there.
i get it
i get it Hace 10 meses
Careful.... DAK has been throwing to some wide open guys... they know it that’s why they are stalling to see
Wally A
Wally A Hace 10 meses
If the Boys face the Rams again, the Boys will dominate! New Dak, new offense, same old Zeke...arrington picked the pack? LOL...I can't wait for green bay to come to Jerry world.
abaham m
abaham m Hace 10 meses
Rams won because Antwaun Woods suffered shoulder injury he hides it throughout the game and exposed it after the game .that is why Rams running back was gushing through the middle
mary bartee
mary bartee Hace 10 meses
S up Gonzalez. Jealousy doesn't look good on you...hatterrrrrrr
Wally A
Wally A Hace 10 meses
Jabba the Hut speaks...lol...now they are jumping on the Dak bandwagon...hilarious...
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