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In a classic research-based TEDx Talk, Dr. Lara Boyd describes how neuroplasticity gives you the power to shape the brain you want. Recorded at TEDxVancouver at Rogers Arena on November 14, 2015.
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Our knowledge of the brain is evolving at a breathtaking pace, and Dr. Lara Boyd is positioned at the cutting edge of these discoveries. In 2006, she was recruited by the University of British Columbia to become the Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology and Motor Learning. Since that time she has established the Brain Behaviour Lab, recruited and trained over 40 graduate students, published more than 80 papers and been awarded over $5 million in funding.
Dr. Boyd’s efforts are leading to the development of novel, and more effective, therapeutics for individuals with brain damage, but they are also shedding light on broader applications. By learning new concepts, taking advantage of opportunities, and participating in new activities, you are physically changing who you are, and opening up a world of endless possibility.
This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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اغاني Song
اغاني Song Hace 20 horas
We can educate the brain, but there is also communication with people, and the most important thing is how you communicate with people and build your brain
Shashank Aditya
Shashank Aditya Hace un día
All the best for changing your brain!!
X.X.X LOVE Hace un día
Yang milih allah like 40000 ya.
Michael Ndudim
Michael Ndudim Hace un día
How does this have 28M views, I mean like does it appeal to 28M people who are willing to learn how the brain works. That's impressive and a positive sign about the world really.
Divyashree Rao
Divyashree Rao Hace 2 días
Jermey Combs
Jermey Combs Hace 2 días
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Olga Tee
Olga Tee Hace 2 días
Last sentence: ‘Built the brain you want’ is most interesting and WE CAN! Concentrate on what is fine for you, practice that work on that and leave the non-likables behind! Don’t pay it any attention anymore and In the rubbish bin with it❣️👌
Carlos Zapata
Carlos Zapata Hace 3 días
This is really impresive!..
James Collins
James Collins Hace 4 días
Well that was useless i still non the wiser on how to improve my learning
Screw The Net
Screw The Net Hace 4 días
I dont know whom she is speaking about " that the brain cannot change after we start growing"... lol THERE HAVE BEEN SCHOOLS OF THOUGHT AND LEARNING THROUGHOUT THE WORLD FOR THOUSANDS OF YEARS LADY! *smfh * Everyone has limits though; physiologically, mentally, "spiritually" and theres just whats fated or not fated to be. PE@CE
Pimp Dat Hutch
Pimp Dat Hutch Hace 2 días
She said that is a common misconception. Focus.
M.N. eXecutor
M.N. eXecutor Hace 4 días
screw the video title. take a downvote.
M.N. eXecutor
M.N. eXecutor Hace 3 días
@Bananaman180 lol guilty
Bananaman180 Hace 3 días
Lol, classic redditor
999.999 Views Hace 4 días
Your brain is literally not the same lmao
Sanuo Kire
Sanuo Kire Hace 4 días
This is so nice.✨✨
Tiger Hace 4 días
Incredible talking, my brain is just a little smooth and kind of opened. He has been acquiring knowledges from everywhere and suddenly got to know about itself! That’s kind of shocking, new and very interesting about this Ted Talk
doodling is awesome
doodling is awesome Hace 5 días
"After watching this your brain will not be the same" makes sense. I just got clickbaited.
Gab May
Gab May Hace 5 días
after stroke the muscles, tentons,ankles are not on the right functional places.They have to train the right functional places with the right tone and now you can try movements exercises. I therapist and researcher, gab may
swalikhit kavitaye
swalikhit kavitaye Hace 5 días
April Hace 5 días
I hope after watching this I can finish my 5 essays.
Emmerance Uwase
Emmerance Uwase Hace 4 días
you can!!
Saintbenidict Hace 5 días
I do neural feedback. PLASTICITY PEOPLE
Tejaswini Kalam
Tejaswini Kalam Hace 6 días
I appreciate how confident she is👍🏻👍🏻
이건우 Hace 6 días
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Zübeyir Tosun
Zübeyir Tosun Hace 6 días
"Everything you do, everything you encounter and everything you experience is changing your brain." [Lara Boyd]
Tim Holme
Tim Holme Hace 6 días
Stem cell research
Deepanshu Sharma
Deepanshu Sharma Hace 7 días
What does the fact that brain is changing make any difference in the way we use it !!! It's just the way it is , how do we apply this fact to exploit?!
Lee Rotzien
Lee Rotzien Hace 7 días
Thank you! Best explanation on individual approaches on our neuroplastic brain!
2020 LOVE X.X.X
2020 LOVE X.X.X Hace 7 días
Maaf ya allah hamba liat ini.
Fernie Gutierrez
Fernie Gutierrez Hace 8 días
Is it weird that I can physically feel my brain changing? Or at least I think it’s my brain...
eduardo bruccini
eduardo bruccini Hace 8 días
裕二若月 Hace 8 días
Is she talking about left side of the brain or right side of the brain ? Change the structure of nuerons. A human has two brain as one brain divided by left or right. Maybe left side of the brain is worked by Mother and right side of the brain is worked by Father. It is like either by eveil spirits or by a snake like reptiles. Probably the snake should be chosen and run by controlling the human. Everybody's brain is going to go out of secure life which most of them have lived taking it for granted. Left to right. Right to left. Somebody has to be left. Switching the position and that is not so easy task to do. It takes lots of work, study, experience, memory and time itself. listening to her speech, maybe now is the best timing to do it like the micro SD chip reads the head. Cheap micro SD chip or Expensive micro SD chip. It costs you like the entire lifehood. So just get rid of the old micro SD chip out of the certain person's brain. Welcome to the new micro SD chip of the world.
Gürbey Keskin
Gürbey Keskin Hace 8 días
the only information I will remember from this is that you are never too old to learn something new. I guess 99% of others too :P
Kumar Canal
Kumar Canal Hace 8 días
How can this truth of the brain to change the ignorance and misunderstanding of politicians ?
dontzenyourselfout Hace 8 días
...an expert on "brains" who turns up in "wellies" genius
Mefistofelis Belzebumas
now I know whay D. Trump the president of US
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Drummer Dude
Drummer Dude Hace 9 días
So why didn't her brain tell her not to wear those hideous looking boots ? I was waiting for her to bust out with "These Boots are made for walking" by Nancy Sinatra 🤣
B 94
B 94 Hace 9 días
Good arms
Snamco SAX Music
Snamco SAX Music Hace 9 días
"Build the brain you want." Too cheesy after just stating that you can't learn every type of skill as effectively. But neuroplasticity is remarkable though. You should check the pictures of the brain after someone lost a finger. You can see the brain mass for 5 fingers being redivided by 4, so growing bigger per finger.
James Collins
James Collins Hace 4 días
Wafa Barmawi
Wafa Barmawi Hace 9 días
Wafa Barmawi
Wafa Barmawi Hace 9 días
Thanks a lot
Ajeesh MV
Ajeesh MV Hace 9 días
Most important thing and it was great talking.... Thanks
Angelica Nin-Roberts
Very interesting conference. I'll like to know about those beeps that I'm listening while listening to her?
LOVE X.X.X Hace 9 días
ఆ ఆi love u girl.
Ganesh love it
Ganesh love it Hace 9 días
I am Ganesh living in Bangalore student at the end of the African American to be in the morning so I don't want to text me back to the ubiquitous hang of dealing with mood swings of various colleagues and I have to go to the ubiquitous hang of dealing with mood swings of various colleagues and I have to go to the ubiquitous
Amar Gaikwad
Amar Gaikwad Hace 9 días
Smartest click-bait i have ever seen...!
Ibhenriksen Hace 10 días
Nobody is talking about her guns? And she's legit, not the bulky manly ones. Just beautiful.
Md Rifat Hasan
Md Rifat Hasan Hace 10 días
day 2: i looked in the morning this morning, and instead of my mind pointing out what i didn't like, i complemented myself. i am excited to go back to school, and i'm going starting to accept and be excited by the concept of change
Monika Seidenberg
Monika Seidenberg Hace 10 días
I wonder if the methods of Feldenkreis, very known in Germany, ever were considered in stroke rehabilitation.
ahmet kirca
ahmet kirca Hace 10 días
After I watched this video, my brain has not changed, why?
ahmet kirca
ahmet kirca Hace 10 días
Talk about how the brain was created. Why does the brain function differently in human beings?
Waqar khan
Waqar khan Hace 10 días
when i saw the thumbnail,my brain please don't play this video,i wanna be same as i am.
Sharl Noboa
Sharl Noboa Hace 11 días
I like her intervention, positive, easy to understand and motivating
Ravindra Banchhod
Ravindra Banchhod Hace 11 días
When will ted himself show up to the talk?
joyal saju
joyal saju Hace 19 horas
@j lo i was wondering the same thing
joyal saju
joyal saju Hace 19 horas
@Jackson Goerges really?!
Jackson Goerges
Jackson Goerges Hace 5 días
@j lo yeah and there are a lot of rumors going around that the day that he presents something really incredible is going to happen
j lo
j lo Hace 6 días
oh so TED is a person?
Jackson Goerges
Jackson Goerges Hace 8 días
Shirley Roy
Shirley Roy Hace 11 días
There was no mention of Better... so I’m not watching
Necessity of CHOICE
Necessity of CHOICE Hace 11 días
Can this get any more banal ? Go out and build the brain you want. How ? Practice. By the way turns out some people are better at some things that others ... who'd have thunk it ? !
Connor Headden
Connor Headden Hace 11 días
I do not think I heard anything substantially mind changing in this talk. Professor Boyd does a great job of mapping intuitive ideas about brain development, learning, and treatment onto the vocabulary of neuroscience. Other than this rewording of commonplace ideas, I do not see any new ideas at work.
KISS LOVE X.X.X Hace 11 días
JoakimVonAnxelsson Hace 11 días
Is she a reductive material scientist?
Haw Zhin
Haw Zhin Hace 11 días
Chuck 1402
Chuck 1402 Hace 12 días
I learned from this video that I don't learn much from ted conferences. The speakers seems like those clever people but when they open it they don't say much. Do we have to pay something in order to have the rest of he message ? A book is definitely a better media to learn something.
M11TS Hace 12 días
You are so fscking right. After suffering a severe stroke I went and became a mental health proffesional. (Now I´m preparing for my certification)The brain is constantly developing, changing. With every simple cooking recipe you can CHANGE YOUR BRAIN. So take the opportunity and learn a new skill or become an expert in the field that you care about. NOW!
Laurieann Jacobs
Laurieann Jacobs Hace 12 días
Great speaker! Interesting and love how she gently pauses and never says... uummmm ! 👍🏻 I’m interested in this research and Neuro plasticity!
Erick Gregory
Erick Gregory Hace 12 días
guess guess guess
kartik K
kartik K Hace 12 días
i am not surprised after knowing that this woman is searching for brain :)
rahul pratap
rahul pratap Hace 13 días
After watching the talk for 3-4 timte...i am wondehring what is the new thing in it that i didn't know previously
KISS LOVE X.X.X Hace 14 días
Alain Valdivia
Alain Valdivia Hace 14 días
an aha! moment!
Alain Valdivia
Alain Valdivia Hace 14 días
wow I just had one of those moments what's it called?..yes that IT ! wow Im gonna watch this again so I can have more of these moments.
Cindy Ji
Cindy Ji Hace 15 días
I do and don't like this(::) I ma subscribe none and like it
Maria Fatima
Maria Fatima Hace 15 días
Simply, practice makes u perfect. so do practice, gain knowledge, learn more. and yes ur brain is sharp !
Maria de la Vega
Maria de la Vega Hace 15 días
As there are lower rates of natality in the some areas of the globe and referring to aging industrialized countries, this Ted talk should be sent to all those tech companies that set an age limit up to 35 to learn ux front page. Because on the date of your 36th birthday by the CEOs and hr "experts" they believe your brain is "old"= "no more plasticity in the brain". So as society is more with 45 to 80 year Olds than babies maybe now those people left jobless and homeless at 50 stand a chance to working in a fair and balanced humanitarian society. How can CEOs change their brains? Can j bezos and gates change their brains? To promote a new balance a new way to exist, a new concept of living happy, because money has ceased to exist as in their "old" brain?
Renad Ayman
Renad Ayman Hace 15 días
عظيم أنا مش فاهم حاجة
JoAnn Thomases
JoAnn Thomases Hace 15 días
Check one, without vaccines, and one with. That's the study we'll never hear. It would be fixed, if so. Do you people read food labels. I can't imagine, what you think on that issue, alone.
farida akhter
farida akhter Hace 15 días
I wanna know how to be among those who speak in tedx.
Aditi Sharma
Aditi Sharma Hace 16 días
👫दोस्तों मेरे पति पहले बहुत झगड़ा करते थे⛰ शराब पीते थे बात डिवोर्स तक पहुंच चुकी थी लेकिन 🌱गुरु जी की से बात करने के बाद मेरे लाइफ बदल गई अगर आपकी लाइफ में कोई 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♂️परेशानी है तो गुरु जी से संपर्क करें [[9911934357]
MrBirkozo Hace 16 días
Why is it that politicians, apart from a few people, like currently Donald Trump, have such poor brain functions?
joyce Loesch
joyce Loesch Hace 16 días
Street drugs can alter the brain that advetsely, affect a person's personality, even permanently, the experts say.
Blacknight cnc.
Blacknight cnc. Hace 16 días
Just listen to your heart, an not the plastic brain. and you will learn what is perfect.
Paul Santorin
Paul Santorin Hace 16 días
wow No Greek in your Translate!!!! the LANGUAGE OF GODS !!!! the Mother language of all languages !!!!!
Kumar Som Pratyush
Kumar Som Pratyush Hace 17 días
Brain is Magnificent
John Abhishek
John Abhishek Hace 17 días
It’s been 4 years since i watched this video but my brain is still is the same.!😂
Izzard Zillion
Izzard Zillion Hace 17 días
Excellent use of Title... 👻👻👻
Devon Dawson
Devon Dawson Hace 17 días
Shunem is the home of the great women who refused to accept the the death of her only son.I am impress with her calm assurance in her God and the man of God.
K Hace 17 días
Research Magnesium L-Threonate.
Adam Silesia
Adam Silesia Hace 17 días
Perfil Estudo
Perfil Estudo Hace 17 días
Very interesting 😏
Athena Bond
Athena Bond Hace 17 días
With the right supports, encouragement and curriculum, autistic children can learn and function more than many doctors ever thought possible. This is a perfect example of taking advantage of neuro-plasticity! We need more of this type of thinking in education, and special education!
Athena Bond
Athena Bond Hace 17 días
Our brain and its plasticity is like the ocean, we see it and know it's there but overall scientists know very little...
TheWeeklyJourney Hace 18 días
Now how does this reflect biblical truth? What's your take on Epigenetic Modifications?
Kyle Bushnell
Kyle Bushnell Hace 18 días
What came first the Mind (conscious) or the Brain?
Love Night
Love Night Hace 18 días
Yang milih allah like yg Mili dajal hirawkan 1:39.........m
God's Presence
God's Presence Hace 18 días
This speech may change The world
Isaac Strives
Isaac Strives Hace 18 días
in 2015 they finally figured out the brain could still develop past childhood, reorganize itself in adulthood and that our behaviours change our brain. Yet the Bible was talking about this in 70AD... Not sure ya'll are looking in the right place.
Marko Loparic
Marko Loparic Hace 18 días
I love theories about learning and pedagogy, but related to these topics I see almost nothing interesting coming from this talk, as well as from neuroscience in general. For me these people are talking for themselves, most of the time telling that their old convictions -- which were clearly counterintuitive for anyone -- were wrong. These people make a huge propaganda of their academic positions and their expensive imagery machines, but at the end of the day they come with assertions that are ridiculously trivial: Some people need more than 10000 hours, others less... some children can thrive in traditional education settings... My conclusion: up to now intelligent teachers don't need machines and neuroscientists to make their pedagogic techniques evolve.
The science of neuroplasticity is the most fascinating discovery 💚.... if you believe that help me by sub
ThisFlyingPotato Hace 18 días
I came because Robin Scherbatsky in the miniature. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.
Vikky Hace 19 días
I have been watching these kind of videos for three hours now, how comes that i can't watch 3 minutes of anything my school tells me to watch
sommer omen
sommer omen Hace 16 días
vikky its because learning is fun and interesting. indoctrination and conditioning is a bore because it has a counter productive goal. conform and submit.
Francis Leons
Francis Leons Hace 19 días
Hi doctor lara i have been doing medatatiion for 27 yrs have had some experiences that may be of ues to you that may pertain to the brain if you would to speak to me it will be fine im on facbook
Love Night
Love Night Hace 19 días
Yang sayang aku like yang cinta allah coment
DVO Organisation
DVO Organisation Hace 19 días
Amazingly SAID MA'AM❤❤❤
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