AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee

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Sheila Jackson Lee gets frustrated at attorney general during hearing

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8 feb 2019






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Comentarios 27 461
Fms Watchdo
Fms Watchdo Hace 5 horas
Whitaker is in a battle of wits against an unarmed opponent.
TheNewFormat Hace 14 horas
Croissant Head wants a yes or no ..... NO
Allyn Alama
Allyn Alama Hace 15 horas
The Democrats cant handle the TRUTH let alone the full FACTS.. they have a short ability to understand logical explanations. that's why they do the YES and NO... cherry picking and nothing more.
Kamran Mogel
Kamran Mogel Hace 17 horas
Wow this guy won’t answer a single question 😂😂 just dancing
Jess Gil
Jess Gil Hace un día
Hes a jerk, a racist bitch
Jess Gil
Jess Gil Hace un día
I love this lady !! Lol
Anthony P
Anthony P Hace un día
Politics looks fucking stressful I get it he was trying to kill time so she wouldn’t have the opportunity to ask more questions..... I didn’t vote for Trump personally I don’t like him but then again he is our president now so it doesn’t matter people just got to get over it and MoveOn there will be another election ...
Kevin Healey
Kevin Healey Hace un día
She's prejudicial. She should disqualify herself from the hearings on that basis.
Thomas Gary
Thomas Gary Hace 2 días
Answer the querstion? yes or no
alanshadyvally Hace 2 días
I said no bitch!
This is terrible.... we have people lying stalling the clock. We are paying these people out of our pocket to LIE, STALL, and do NOTHING.... UNTIL THEY GET FIRED....... A WASTE OF TAX MONEY....
jamesbeulah Hace 3 días
Ms Jackson keep up the good work.keep that piece of white trash on the ropes.
Edgar Hernandez
Edgar Hernandez Hace 4 días
All lies all bullshit... the government is all bullshit.... they don’t do shit ...
C List
C List Hace 4 días
Brilliant. He is not falling for her attempts to bait him into trick questions . Whittaker is mentally 10 steps ahead of Lee .
l h
l h Hace 4 días
Holy Shit,This is where Kamala Harris learned her,yes or no .Bullshit...
l h
l h Hace 4 días
I wouldnt answer a question,if i couldn't explain.
jaboa jump
jaboa jump Hace 4 días
I think its funny.
Chas Murphy
Chas Murphy Hace 5 días
What is the origin of the universe? Yes or no.
Billy Smiley
Billy Smiley Hace 3 horas
Dumb ass she asked him yes or no questions not questions starting what, why, and how that's are not yes or no answers can't complete. If he think likes you our country is in trouble
Chas Murphy
Chas Murphy Hace 18 horas
+Billy Smiley you don't get to make that statement because I get to cut you off immediately for not beginning your response with a yes or no
Billy Smiley
Billy Smiley Hace un día
Trying to be smart that's not a yes or no question
Andy Watrous
Andy Watrous Hace 5 días
Democrats are the epitome of a ten year old that doesn't get their way!
Sannket84 Hace 5 días
I love whittaker!
ManSittinNext2DaMan Hace 5 días
"Do you still beat your wife, YES OR NO?!?!?!"
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith Hace 6 días
Stop electing women on both sides of the aisle. Please it's the only way, and it doesn't cost a dime.
See Canon
See Canon Hace 6 días
Do a voting fraud investigation on J/Lee.
Leonard Hill
Leonard Hill Hace 6 días
Piece of crap hypocrite DEMONcrats!
Victor Martinez
Victor Martinez Hace 6 días
This bitch is STUPID.
bradzilla channel
bradzilla channel Hace 6 días
Steve G
Steve G Hace 6 días
Sheila Jackson Lee is an idiot !
John Peters
John Peters Hace 7 días
shes a mess
pprkt0 Hace 7 días
I have never appeared Thats is not a yes or no answered Is that lady dumb
Richard Haley
Richard Haley Hace 7 días
Elton Holt jr.
Elton Holt jr. Hace 8 días
I watched this live, and it tickles the shit out of me every time I watch it.
Dan Russell
Dan Russell Hace 8 días
Congresswomen yes or no is he pissing you off yes or no? Please answer yes or no.
Robin Weathers
Robin Weathers Hace 8 días
U see this is why citizens of the united States are sick of our government officials. They create arguments between each other so that we keep our minds off each individual. This lady is a puppet and she will get about as much done as a puppet as well. She's a sellout period
Faith Music
Faith Music Hace 8 días
Tell them Mr. Collins! May he respond how he pleases as to explain his responses. So you are denying.. is not how you start a question.. democrats questions are not even questions they are biased BS!
John Joseph Shilling
Give her a banana break
southern04man Hace 8 días
This dumb bitch dont understand simple english. And can barely speak it.
Theresa Denley
Theresa Denley Hace 8 días
This man is bully and ugly
Dreamoutloud 103
Dreamoutloud 103 Hace 8 días
is that damn stupid he answered it number of times
Dreamoutloud 103
Dreamoutloud 103 Hace 8 días
She doesn't give no fucks about what people have to say.
nextapprentice Hace 8 días
I’m so tired of the democrat party using primarily black women to do their dirty work. There is a safety net where white man can’t touch them that’s why democrats put them up to this foolishness. Ugh
Blueless Hace 11 días
Anyone notice him subtly puts his glasses on to mock her
It's RSQ Official Page
Blueless yup
Yung Miah Dugas
Yung Miah Dugas Hace 12 días
Cracking down on these jokers
Joseph Zrnchik
Joseph Zrnchik Hace 12 días
I like the way his words say, "How can I help you?" While is face and attitude say, "Lady, you ain't all that bright, so shut up because you're annoying me."
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Hace 12 días
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Hace 12 días
Rams mutter 69 EXACTLY!!!!👍👍👍👍
Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez Hace 12 días
Beverly Waits
Beverly Waits Hace 12 días
Valencia Hardy
Valencia Hardy Hace 13 días
What a moron, can't follow simple directions.
Douglas Dishroon
Douglas Dishroon Hace 13 días
Nice wig racist dip shit. Her ragged ass teeth need fixed. Get yourself some dental insurance.
Rebekah Seibert
Rebekah Seibert Hace 14 días
Simple and Awesome Anime
I'm not sure if it's just me but when I watch this I feel like the Congress women is talking to me.
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Hace 14 días
Black women are great when dealing with these white devils. GO BLACK WOMEN WE LOVE YOU!!
Ted the Visionary Demon
Jackson is a 💩 eating 🐷
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Hace 14 días
Ted the shit eating devil
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Hace 14 días
Oh you eat shit and die devil
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Hace 14 días
Stop hating you white devil. She's a black woman who representing the people. The people loves her. If you don't like it VOTE
TheTexasViper Hace 14 días
Congresswoman Sheila..are you an embarrassment to the city of Houston..YES or NO!
Malik Williams
Malik Williams Hace 14 días
No she's not she's a hero in the black community. Eat shit and die if you don't like it
David Eitutis
David Eitutis Hace 15 días
alex suarez
alex suarez Hace 15 días
I love this guy.i want to have a pint of beer with him.
ÓSCAR ROSALES Hace 16 días
Those glasses are just for show and it's CongrssWOMAN sir. AY DIOS MIO!!!!
kay manning
kay manning Hace 16 días
You go AG this woman is disgusting
glock161 Hace 16 días
Close-minded perceptions is your strength. Keeps up your dignity. Doubtless. No games, easy to believe.
Carolyn Dennis
Carolyn Dennis Hace 16 días
Hi larious 🙌😂 ❤️that guy
Alexander Ramirez
Alexander Ramirez Hace 16 días
Criminals with license's fighting each other
Beverly Jaworski
Beverly Jaworski Hace 16 días
She us a BITCH !
gary noland
gary noland Hace 17 días
This daffy ole bitch doesn't have a clue about whats she even talking about, damn she's pure stupid.
USARMYvietnamVET1969 Hace 17 días
He made Lee sound like a FOOL!
USARMYvietnamVET1969 Hace 16 días
Ember Arashi - say what you want she still looked like a fool.
Ember Arashi
Ember Arashi Hace 16 días
How? He was asked to answer either “Affirmative” or “Negative” not dance around it until her time is up... If you are told there is a yes or no answer then you answer either yes or no, no more no less.
Eolfwine Hace 17 días
Hmm….Sheila Jackson Lee is rude and redundant. Why do we keep electing people like her?
Edward Cowardin
Edward Cowardin Hace 15 días
Because people are stupid.
Randy Uhls
Randy Uhls Hace 17 días
Damn she is a bitch, she ask him a question then turned and ask about the time, then tells him she isn't joking when he answered truthful that he didn't know if her time had restored. Jesus Christ lady you are acting more like a spoiled Self entitled, Black women with an attitude then a member of Congress. Get the F over yourself. If was him I just sat there and stared at her. let them hold me contempt. The only people that take her side on that are the 20% of hardcore lefts. The other 80% of the country would say she is rude and obnoxious.
Antonio Garcia
Antonio Garcia Hace 17 días
Another ghetto bitch from Houston
EDRPOS Hace 18 días
This reminds me of the Judge Judy show. If you can't answer yes or no, and rambling on you're thinking of a lie or wondering where the questions are leading to. If you're telling the truth you won't have to think about your answer.
Ember Arashi
Ember Arashi Hace 16 días
YES! SOMEONE GETS IT! Too many morons here saying how “he maed hre look liek a fewl!” How? She wanted a yes or no answer. He rambled on trying to run down her time...
Bill Bailey
Bill Bailey Hace 18 días
Lee is a Houston joke even here in her distract were she has never done a dam thing.
Christopher Campbell
Christopher Campbell Hace 18 días
She's is the dumbest black woman around. I'll edit my statement, she had the smartest members to make her as dumb as she looks.
T R B Hace 19 días
They made a mockery of our courts. We cannot let these rats stay
slipsethanon99 Hace 20 días
Bald head piss of shit. He's so full of shit that his soul stinks.
Sable Burden
Sable Burden Hace 21 un día
You know in other country ass wipes like this have to answer the question, not dick it around till they don't have to.
Buster Merritt
Buster Merritt Hace 21 un día
She all up in that black power thing!!!!
Lealani koah
Lealani koah Hace 19 días
Buster Merritt what are you even fuckin talking about
Charles Ott
Charles Ott Hace 21 un día
How this man didn't snap and just say ( just shut the fuck bitch ) ?? Let him or hate him ! But damn ! All of their talking points and whining voices !!! Its like they speak with some collective harmonic voice frequency and hive brain from where these questions originate ?? Oh !! My bad. That's just what the left sounds like and of course the demon rats ( Democrats) !! Lol.
Money Hace 22 días
They are going to be Judge hard by The Most High here very soon!!! Like God said yes or no anything else in between is the talk of evil!! They don’t know God is around the corner with Wormwood/ plant x right behind him!!
Todd Lasseigne
Todd Lasseigne Hace 23 días
I didn't hear one yes or no that entire time form him, good job....lol
Mystic Madman
Mystic Madman Hace 23 días
That is one retarded woman.
Miles North
Miles North Hace 24 días
If you look closely enough, Rep. HairHat has both eyes coming out of the same socket. She's the first cyclops in congress; diversity is our strength. Suddenly, Hakeem Jeffries seems intelligent. Dear God.
jamesbeulah Hace un día
Just like your mother.only thing is your mother has a penis coming out her forehead.
Mark Ryterski
Mark Ryterski Hace 24 días
Right on!
Yakima Ellison
Yakima Ellison Hace 24 días
He is so disrespectful because this is a black woman
Austin Madore
Austin Madore Hace 24 días
Lol shut the fuck up
captined Hace 24 días
screrw thatbitch
lily mel
lily mel Hace 24 días
He is disgusting
Corrine Howard
Corrine Howard Hace 24 días
What is the purpose of these meeting, when you can't a yes or no answer!! They should be made to answer the question that was asked.
Steven Prime
Steven Prime Hace 25 días
Is this fucking ignorant twatwaffle serious?
Steven Prime
Steven Prime Hace 25 días
The Founding Fathers Would have shot these fucking CUNTS in their fucking face already..
Cereal Pirate
Cereal Pirate Hace 25 días
yes or no ??? ......... Im sorry Miss Jackson.... I am for real. Ive never talked to that Tump guy. I apologize a trillion times !!! LMFAO ! who the fuck does she think she is ? with that yes or no BS. Typical Power tripping bitch ! Hell the damn circus is more organized than these clowns. I dont know how much longer this shit show of a government can last when its acting like a bunch pissed off children. but it is sure fun to watch it all fall apart. popcorn anyone?
just saying12
just saying12 Hace 25 días
You need to shut the hell up you vulture....bitch!!! You ain't Kamala Hairyass Why dont they try being nicer...idiot hot headed bullies. Bohoho....
JAY Hace 25 días
These are the type of people we put in high positions. Wolves leading sheep!
Miles North
Miles North Hace 25 días
This hairhat lost me at , "Ooga booga; booga ooga." 🐒
Robert Roberts
Robert Roberts Hace 25 días
Sauce for the Goose...Sauce for the Gander...I remember Mr. Gowdy not getting his yes or no questions answered when questioning Peter Strozak. I remember Ms Klinton being questioned during the Bengazhi Investigation and Crooked Hillary's response was: "...I can't remember..."
Evan Giles
Evan Giles Hace 20 días
And I remember Ronald Mc Donald saying he couldn't recall well here facts you GOPer's don't like But his deposition did reveal startling gaps in the memory of the 79-year-old former president. In all, Reagan said ''I don`t recall'' or ''I can`t remember'' 88 times in the eight hours of testimony taken Feb. 16-17 in Los Angeles. Your fucking side are legendary at it and tell me how many times did Jeff session's say I don't recall or remember and this arsehole ruined the career of a young police for doing that despite the fact he corrected his statements later Sanctimonious hypocrites
mysteryof7 Hace 26 días
Trump and his buffoons will make a mockery of the government every time. An administration made up of a reality tv star posing as a US president and his circus clowns. What a joke
Roger T Groh
Roger T Groh Hace 25 días
Need a tissue??????? No COLLUSION bitches!!!!!!!
MstarRep lanin
MstarRep lanin Hace 26 días
Stupid black cunt. Aggressive monkey bedwench.
brenda melton
brenda melton Hace 27 días
Gangsta Liar
bobo bob
bobo bob Hace 27 días
what a bunch of proven democratic assholes.
chalupa batman
chalupa batman Hace 27 días
I'm sorry ms.jackson wooooooo I am foreal please go stfu before your race card gets pulled and put away for good!
William Childs
William Childs Hace 27 días
Yes or no! You bold headed cracker!
James Hash
James Hash Hace 27 días
I wonder if she drags her knuckles .... some beasts do...
D Fifield
D Fifield Hace 27 días
her eyes are so close together she looks like a viper with no room for a brain!
Linda Bezecny
Linda Bezecny Hace 28 días
When has Stella ever acted appropriately? Spreading her dirt outside congress! She needs to take The Game of Thrones Walk of Shame! SHAME SHAME SHAME
Omar Aziz
Omar Aziz Hace 18 días
Nah you’re wrong. She is acting appropriately and he is wasting time and not answering simple “yes” or “no” questions.
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