AG Pisses Off Sheila Jackson Lee

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Sheila Jackson Lee gets frustrated at attorney general during hearing

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8 feb 2019

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Comentarios 25 049
nelson castellanos
nelson castellanos Hace un minuto
yes or no asshole!
oMichael Travis
oMichael Travis Hace 2 minutos
All of these ppl are smart dicks, pussies, and assholes. No matter who's asking the questions, there will be no clear answers. The process is forever a joke and will never be taken seriously.
Carlos Jara
Carlos Jara Hace 21 un minuto
Prosecutors tactic to incriminate base on two limited options
letsride Hace 39 minutos
Sometimes when I’m having a very bad day I simply watch this video and my mood gets immediately better!
danieldanix1 Hace 51 un minuto
He does not look brilliant at all, he seems fraud and a pretender, arrogant acting AG, people like this don't get the position of their dream .... simply because they don't respect the rules.
Rio G
Rio G Hace 59 minutos
Lock him up 👍
Reelnubian onpoint
Reelnubian onpoint Hace un hora
What's so brilliant about a moron not knowing how to answer a yes or no question. The truth is not in him.
Tom Claughton
Tom Claughton Hace un hora
This man is a joke
Shayne H
Shayne H Hace un hora
How does this lady get elected to Congress?
Big Ball
Big Ball Hace un hora
So are we going to keep talking about Democrats and Republicans! Because neither one is doing shit for the country! Our leaders are crooks! Fuck Amerikkka Nothing but a bunch of entitled crybabies that lead this country! Trump is number 1 Stop your fucking police force from killing innocent people before people start killing them crooked MFS back!
Bargoth Dragon
Bargoth Dragon Hace un hora
Amazing how Whitaker cannot simply answer a "Yes" or "No"---he's deliberately stalling for time, evading key questions----what do you expect from a former talk-show host turned Attorney General; endorsed by Trump no less. He's not stupid---he just doesn't want to face the truth---the same as his beloved, fearless leader. DEMS---PLEASE make a difference in our governing body this year. All right, maybe a little stupid. (Drink another bottled water for that parched, lying throat.)
bandity2k Hace un hora
Dude is a dick. Plain and simple.
Archegetes Archegetes
Republicans better remember when the shoes on the other foot we will remember how they treat the rule of law this guy is a punk.
Shepherd of the Indoctrinated
LMAO...Boogedy Boogedy Boo...Sheila BOO HOO HOO HOO
Juan Carrion
Juan Carrion Hace 2 horas
Remember folks when this Far-left extremest Lib demon-rat rep S. Jackson Lee had a Town Hall meeting standing with a cellphone talking while IGNORING people's attention ? Now she conducted herself in a very aggressive, rude, hateful way towards republican Att Gnrl . SHAME ON HER. Texans should vote Her OUT !
David Powell
David Powell Hace 2 horas
Good for him!
evangeline douros
evangeline douros Hace 2 horas
Republicans don't know how to answer any questions we Democrats ask them
Santa Hoh
Santa Hoh Hace 2 horas
Respect man this guy kept his cool against such a disgusting unfair trail
Peter D
Peter D Hace 2 horas
She is a miserable human being.
Lippett Hace 2 horas
Jackson Lee is a mean-spirited, blithering moron and a disgrace to Houston.
Rodney Palmer
Rodney Palmer Hace 3 horas
His head is shiney from Trump polishing it.
malataur Hace 3 horas
If she has that much trouble even reading her own questions, maybe she shouldn't be having lawyers write them for her.
Robert Cooper
Robert Cooper Hace 3 horas
This idiot actually asked the scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory if the Mars Rover could show where Neil Armstrong planted the American flag.
Mark Weatherhead
Mark Weatherhead Hace 3 horas
Do people just vote based on the color of someone's skin? It's sure not because of their knowledge or character
KANISHK LAD Hace 4 horas
Is this woman out of her mind? What is she blabbering about
Tim burgess
Tim burgess Hace 4 horas
He Who Laughs Last will Last Best ,,, To all your Disgusting white people making ugly comments !!!!!!
Jesus Valdivia
Jesus Valdivia Hace 4 horas
Sheila Jackson should be put in the court of public opinion for what she did on taking someones first class ticket and thinking she is more than a common citien.
Jesus Valdivia
Jesus Valdivia Hace 4 horas
Sheila Jackson should have never be in Congress and she feels like we work for her and not the other way around.
Julio Gio
Julio Gio Hace un hora
So are you handicapp or are you just stupid? Sheila Jackson doesn't work for the AG she works for the American People. This line of questioning was supposed to provide the American people with transparency in the government but The Ag Refussed to answer any of the questions
Richard Schaefer
Richard Schaefer Hace 4 horas
Sheila needs conceal her hate better. These nasty morons want to run the nation.
Jay DKB Games
Jay DKB Games Hace 4 horas
Seem.loke easily yes or no answers YES or NO
Vatana Tardiff
Vatana Tardiff Hace 5 horas
Ridiculous woman
Vatana Tardiff
Vatana Tardiff Hace 5 horas
You’re a mouth piece for satan woman!
w point
w point Hace 5 horas
This country and its people are shit. There is no respect for one another and it is the fault of all of these people. Is this the world God created?
David Gore jr
David Gore jr Hace 5 horas
how was she disrespectful ? she asked an attorney general a yes or no question.when he is asking the yes or no questions he expects an answer either yes or no and if you didnt respond yes or no he would have got pissed off like she did.soundslike some are mad a woman is asking the questions.stop being a hypocrite he is an AG WHEN HE ASK A YES OR NO QUESTION HE EXPECTS A YES OR NO SO WHY IS IT DIFFERENT FOR HIM
Anything is Possible
Yes or No😂
Brian Phillips
Brian Phillips Hace 6 horas
Sheila Jackson is a bitch. What a hateful woman.
Weighing Guy
Weighing Guy Hace 6 horas
We are paying Sheila 160 k per year!! He made her look like the fool she is
Green eyez White
Green eyez White Hace 6 horas
You can just till what type of student he was in high school! Then carried on into adulthood! 😂🤣😂
Jonathan Lucious
Jonathan Lucious Hace 6 horas
He's a lying ass
Rod Z
Rod Z Hace 7 horas
Jail Him! We have one of the most corrupt governments in our nations history. How many of Trump’s cronies are going to prison? Refucktards can suck it.
Dr. Robert Uda
Dr. Robert Uda Hace 8 horas
It is embarrassing that Sheila Jackasson comes from the Great State of Texas.
Carlton Vincent
Carlton Vincent Hace 8 horas
He has a Fork tongue.
Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson Hace 9 horas
Nasty bitch!
Gary Clark
Gary Clark Hace 9 horas
She is Sheila Jackson, he is Stonewall Jackson.
Robert Lamb
Robert Lamb Hace 9 horas
How SJL gained membership in the Congressional Judicial Committee defies all logic. The woman never fails to overshadow her considerable stupidity with her arrogance.
Yeah.. the LAST thing you want to do is upset HRH Ms. Jackson-Lee.. NEVER FORGET - This was the woman who HAD SOMEONE BOOTED FROM A FIRST CLASS SEAT ON UNITED AIR LINES simply because SHE WANTED IT. Look it up - She is one mentally disturbed, entitled, classless shrew.
Mark Rockledge
Mark Rockledge Hace 9 horas
I Axed you a Question! Yes, or No? What a Dumb, Racist, Black Bitch!
Mark Rockledge
Mark Rockledge Hace 9 horas
Sorry Ms. Jackson!, i am for Realllllll.
Wes Hancock
Wes Hancock Hace 10 horas
Fuck you whore....that's my answer
J. Hurt
J. Hurt Hace 10 horas
Maybe the AG doesn't understand the questions.
Joe York
Joe York Hace 10 horas
What a witch!
scott nelson
scott nelson Hace 10 horas
looking at sheila Jackson is much like looking at a rats butt hole with hair
Dr. Robert Uda
Dr. Robert Uda Hace 10 horas
There are too many ignorant fools on this blog who cannot put together a coherent sentence. You cannot have a decent conversation when people cannot communicate effectively. That's what happens when they don't go to school. When they do, they don't study. Consequently, when they participate in these blogs, they are incapable of getting their message across except only when they use vulgar words to end discussions. Very sad indeed.
Sable Burden
Sable Burden Hace 11 horas
How the fuck are you people so hateful and retarded. Close you damn mouths, and be good Christians or I'll see you burn in hell. Just do you know if you look Inward you damn well k ow your going to burn god doesn't want you bastards in heaven.
AndyLibra Hace 11 horas
HAHA! Your time expired, hahahahaha!
AndyLibra Hace 11 horas
yes or no/////yes or no...YES OR NO... Sheila are you an asshole, YES OR NO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rudy n Jimenez
Rudy n Jimenez Hace 11 horas
Fuck those fucken pussies 🖕🖕🖕🦏
AndyLibra Hace 11 horas
She can't even say the word "ask" properly, it sounds like she's saying "ASS" that'S humorous in itself
AndyLibra Hace 11 horas
I enjoyed every minute of this. Yes or No!! He played her like a fiddle. She was pissed. HAHA!!! Bitch
94turbotoy Hace 12 horas
Hell yeah don’t cooperate with that ugly rude bitch. Keep pushing back and get her good and pissed off!!! Hahaha🖕🏻
Rick Davis
Rick Davis Hace 13 horas
Im a liberal, I want trump tried for treason, Whittaker is trash. However, this was stupid, her grandstanding was pointless and was asking very over reaching questions. This is really bad theatre.
Jay Flores
Jay Flores Hace 13 horas
This guy is complete trash
Darc Mac
Darc Mac Hace 14 horas
She's not even close to being a Trey Goudy. EPIC FAIL!!
Del Cee
Del Cee Hace 14 horas
What a bloody joke. This guy cannot even answer yes or no. Idiots.
phätsam Hace 15 horas
if you're a male & 5 hulk hogan type guys stop you in a dark alley & ask you to answer YES or NO only, what would you answer...? oh, the question is: would you like to get your Republican MAGA hat wearing, racist ass getting fucked in the ass without any lube. if anything other than a YES or NO, you're answer constitutes yes, you want to get raped by 5 big ass guys without lube... is that an easy enough question for you dumb fucking ass racist republicans...? unlesd you're already fk'n closet homo's, i bet you'd say yes...
Eric Falcon
Eric Falcon Hace 15 horas
Puerto Rico runs the United States of America.
larry Brunson
larry Brunson Hace 15 horas
The devil at his best smh the devilcrats
Karissa Rampersad
Karissa Rampersad Hace 16 horas
Sheila Jackson rules black woman messing you up boy love it hahahaha take your
Tom Seadon
Tom Seadon Hace 16 horas
Why is it when democrats are asked a question, they can rave on and say whatever they please! Fuck this bitch!
linda mcdermott
linda mcdermott Hace 16 horas
Wow the AG could certainly say yes or no. Time waste.
Andrey Farkash
Andrey Farkash Hace 16 horas
the Democrats are so disgusting,not Patriotic and anti American
Big Bird
Big Bird Hace 16 horas
Jackass Lee is a joke 😂 dirty Demonrat..
Ronald Player
Ronald Player Hace 16 horas
Change Lee's name to Maxine Jackson Lying Lee
34thstreetman Hace 16 horas
Jackson Lee thought we landed in Mars. No joke. Look it up.
34thstreetman Hace 16 horas
Nadler clubhouse hack. After Congressman Weiss death in 1992, he was the Dem candidate in "special election". Horrible personality.
painkillerO8 Hace 17 horas
every time I watch this video, it crack me up.
felicia rivera
felicia rivera Hace 17 horas
this gave me a headache
melinda Hudson
melinda Hudson Hace 17 horas
Can he not answer a question?
John Almieda
John Almieda Hace 18 horas
Lol 😂 he is great !
Carti Abel
Carti Abel Hace 18 horas
I can tell when a person is Democrat just by the way they act towards others and by the way they do things they are one group of people I can not stand
Carti Abel
Carti Abel Hace 18 horas
These people are stink and I do not mean by smell but their soul stinks
Carti Abel
Carti Abel Hace 18 horas
These fucking Democrats be doing shit but when a person do the same shit to them they are highly offended that is why I hate these people
Puffy Hace 18 horas
I like his style
Jaime Acosta
Jaime Acosta Hace 18 horas
Nazi faggot
michael reynolds
michael reynolds Hace 18 horas
Who cares what pisses her off. She is a crook anyway. She should be under investigation. I hope Whitaker drives her crazy. She is always looking for a republican to blame for everything. Lee is a Russian operative.
Edward C.
Edward C. Hace 19 horas
I am proud of you Sheila. Keep it up 😏😏😏
Deathrape2001 Hace un hora
Translation: "KILLWHITEY!"
R.B.R Hace 19 horas
The bald guy is as corrupt as the man seating at the Oval Office.
Deathrape2001 Hace un hora
U R so fukin' right. What we really need is another pet nigger of the jews mass murdering more random sand monkeys & sending their angry family members into Europe 2 destroy civilization =)) Tell us about your rap song collection next HAHAHA
Ricky Hardy
Ricky Hardy Hace 19 horas
Supporter with other people's money the Master blaster crookedass not your mama Obama America's dirtiest crook of the last 10 years.
Ricky Hardy
Ricky Hardy Hace 19 horas
It's gonna lead back to the biggest ex fish of them all Iran's favorite financial
rcmike38 Hace 19 horas
Jackson lee- yyyyes, Your a B and stupid !!
GYPSY BOSS Hace 20 horas
WOW she is so mad 😡
Gatorsrwr Carvey
Gatorsrwr Carvey Hace 20 horas
Someone should be asking her about the envelope she passed to Ford's atttorney during the Kavanaugh hearing. It was likely a bribe and she has not been held accountable. She shouldn't even be on this panel.
Ryan Dear
Ryan Dear Hace 20 horas
Look at this entitled lady. I think she's just miserable. I bet she beats her husband when he leaves the seat up.
JOE LEE Hace 20 horas
Houston. ...vote her out. What a joke
Dave Russell
Dave Russell Hace 21 un hora
I love how he absolutely disrespected her good for him , she doesn't deserve any respect
Sharon Christman
Sharon Christman Hace 18 horas
and HE does??? wrong
Michael Heathman
Michael Heathman Hace 21 un hora
I don’t post to get reply’s asshole. I post to vent anger. If you support penis head and msn baby orange sphincter your are a fuckin asshole. I feel better now.
Ron DeCola
Ron DeCola Hace 21 un hora
I love it. Whittaker makes Jackson look like the ignorant imbecile that she really is! Just who the hell does she think she is? I know. It's a rhetorical question for all of us who can utilize critical thinking and, have an IQ beyond 70. The saddest part of all of this is that people out there actually vote for these idiots like Jackson!
Sheila Jackson Lee... despicable!
Dendrobial Bright
Dendrobial Bright Hace 21 un hora
Do you uh.. Think that uh.. The foreign uh... Intervention uh... SHUT THE FUCK UP ORR TUGGER
Dendrobial Bright
Dendrobial Bright Hace 21 un hora
Let me "ASS" the congresswoman a question: Who the fuck is "Jeff sevens" @2:32???
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