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Airplane Trick Shots go to the NEXT LEVEL.
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Comment: The twins are my favorite
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Dude Perfect
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Andrea Cabrera
Andrea Cabrera Hace 8 días
Manda saludo saludo para Santino Cabrera yo vivo muy lejos de mi casa yo te doy muchos like
Bautista Rondan
Bautista Rondan Hace 2 meses
Games4real Ew
Games4real Ew Hace 2 meses
Dude Perfect 👌
Manas Rathi
Manas Rathi Hace 3 meses
Anannya Pandey
Anannya Pandey Hace 3 horas
all i want to say is LETS GO
5:49 there is a car at the ceiling
Beginners Guide To Everything I Know
I tought its 3 its 4 miscalculated
Burak ışık
Burak ışık Hace un día
Clown joe
Clown joe Hace un día
I bet when one of the member get a kid the gender reveal is going to be revealed by doing trickshots-by Joe ☻
The Pro Gamer
The Pro Gamer Hace un día
what kind of plane is that 🤔🤔🤔
5:49 porque tem um carro em cima de uma quadra de basquete, belo camarote, gostei 😂
Brad Moore
Brad Moore Hace 2 días
1:31 honestly this might be my favorite trick shot dude perfect has made ever
Dekoderi IPTV M8S
Dekoderi IPTV M8S Hace 2 días
I can't take Cory seriously without he's eyebrows
Daryl Shriver
Daryl Shriver Hace 3 días
Cory should keep his eyebrows shaved so i can tell them apart
Gavin Davis
Gavin Davis Hace 3 días
Ty has a bald spot
Aicha 69xd
Aicha 69xd Hace 3 días
Aicha 69xd
Aicha 69xd Hace 3 días
Praba Michael
Praba Michael Hace 3 días
Make a video that how do u made the plane. It was awesome 😎😎
Braeden Duellman
Braeden Duellman Hace 3 días
Wut kind of glider do u uose
Shiksha Jaiswal
Shiksha Jaiswal Hace 3 días
Dude how you did this you are a pro😁😁😁😁😁😁
Aman Mathur
Aman Mathur Hace 3 días
That last shot was amazing and awesome
Irfan Haider
Irfan Haider Hace 3 días
You guys soo cool bro
Laxmi Regmi
Laxmi Regmi Hace 3 días
In 43 sec seen the bottle's top is cut down & in 45 sec seen the bottle is in another shape . Is this mistake or not ?
Karter Deculus
Karter Deculus Hace 3 días
Brandon Hillgoth
Brandon Hillgoth Hace 3 días
1:56 he has no eyebrows haha
erik garcia
erik garcia Hace 3 días
Were can I get the plane
Jeremiah Jones
Jeremiah Jones Hace 4 días
Yeah a safe landing you need to watch that slow Mo
Timothy Ulriksen
Timothy Ulriksen Hace 4 días
They skipped the triple loopdeloop and went straight to four
Timothy Ulriksen
Timothy Ulriksen Hace 4 días
The passengers did not make a safe landing, the plane dive bombed
Dominic Franklin
Dominic Franklin Hace 4 días
mahmood mohammed
mahmood mohammed Hace 4 días
DLAZZING yuotub Hace 4 días
ongkoB hoentoro
ongkoB hoentoro Hace 5 días
My Son Followed You
Jamie Davis
Jamie Davis Hace 5 días
My nose is already broken
Person Person
Person Person Hace 5 días
What is that airplane
Grape Unicorns
Grape Unicorns Hace 5 días
They really got a new basketball court for one rage monster clip 🤦‍♂️
siti saadah
siti saadah Hace 5 días
Adrhyan Octhavhyanus
The twins are my favorite
Marek Mastel
Marek Mastel Hace 5 días
Gotta love twin shots
WheezyCheezy 3
WheezyCheezy 3 Hace 5 días
Look at Cory with his regrowing eyebrows
chirag chetwani
chirag chetwani Hace 6 días
you make nice videos... i think you should burst the balloon from airplane having mini bowling ball and a slide below it and ball will pass to bowling pins
Alex W
Alex W Hace 6 días
Hi dude perfect nice video
Diaksik_Minercraft 8
Victory hello
Keith Ellerie Tenorio
Wow and very nice this video
Rama Ningsih
Rama Ningsih Hace 6 días
Nor Alimah
Nor Alimah Hace 6 días
Gk ad kh yg bahasa indonesia
Charity Diener
Charity Diener Hace 7 días
The twins are my favorite! I'M ON TEAM TWINS FOR LIFE!
Grayson Burr
Grayson Burr Hace 7 días
911 trick shots Sorry
Rajeswari Ranganathan
The best thing to happen in this game It’s should not matter we were the best friends we arewe are not in in this country the way you do this year the world 🌍 this season will be the best ever for a chance us we just got a little nervous about this new this week the new always comes out of me best in life for the best best in town for me this place the staff we really are the only reason I cannot this new we know the owner night we had a great time I enjoyed this restaurant the best pizza 🍕 I made the chicken sandwich the most best I’ve been in the area the whole time I loved this cafe the coffee ☕️ we are in this spot the best we are having we are not to mention we are the owner we like to be in a different city 🌃 this time we are the best I know of this one ☝️is not the best in the best of course the
Andrew Schneider
Andrew Schneider Hace 7 días
Mydude Lucas
Mydude Lucas Hace 7 días
Error there’s live chat
Skittle My Pony
Skittle My Pony Hace 7 días
Tosha Henderson
Tosha Henderson Hace 7 días
The trip flip said Eli in cursive
Tosha Henderson
Tosha Henderson Hace 7 días
Next time: put fire on the balloon/bottle
Jack & Mike
Jack & Mike Hace 7 días
I need more panda in my life
Hunter McRae
Hunter McRae Hace 7 días
Vincent Guo
Vincent Guo Hace 8 días
Everybody pause on 2:05 and one of the twins will have barely any eyebrow I think Cory because he had to shave the off for overtime Edit: ok never mind he even mentioned it
Meiredemoura Dias
Meiredemoura Dias Hace 8 días
Eu sou o único brasileiro que assiti isso
Nur 2005
Nur 2005 Hace 8 días
The airplanes were paid actors
Kr Hembram
Kr Hembram Hace 8 días
More bloopers
Emery Nuner
Emery Nuner Hace 8 días
How many times did Ty get hit with his plane on the trust shot
M.Shoaib Anjum
M.Shoaib Anjum Hace 8 días
Tutik Tik
Tutik Tik Hace 8 días
Bang main game
crazy pilot
crazy pilot Hace 9 días
To mutch screaming
K.S. P395
K.S. P395 Hace 9 días
D.P. has everything perfect but grammar.
Joaquin Valle Salas
Joaquin Valle Salas Hace 9 días
4:03 Don't forget ty's Tappioca pudding
Maria Branco
Maria Branco Hace 9 días
Drfdddrdrrrrrrrr A nadar com recheio leite condensado na A minha mãe Licor nadar com gelatina leite
Karla May Bercero
Karla May Bercero Hace 9 días
Lauren Husman
Lauren Husman Hace 10 días
This is all fake Thay already know what to do
Necip Can Deniz
Necip Can Deniz Hace 10 días
Türk yokmu la🇹🇷
Derby Lau
Derby Lau Hace 10 días
who is panda
Ogek Hace 10 días
Hey you i'm see you
Buddy Huntoon
Buddy Huntoon Hace 10 días
liam cameron
liam cameron Hace 11 días
The twins are the best
Rhys Brophy
Rhys Brophy Hace 11 días
Not “2 point swisher”, it should be “2 point swoosher”
Jimi Kauppinen
Jimi Kauppinen Hace 11 días
Jimi Kauppinen
Jimi Kauppinen Hace 11 días
Air plane trik shot
Faulty Statue31
Faulty Statue31 Hace 12 días
I think the planes are remote controlled
Satya Prakash
Satya Prakash Hace 12 días
how to get this plain
Ronnie bohe
Ronnie bohe Hace 12 días
Give me a plane
whachikan Hace 12 días
oh boy, rewatching this and saw Ty's shirt and I finally realized that the Overtime song is "Tall Guy, Beard, Twins, Purple Hoser" and up until now I'd thought it strange that Ty was left out as I'd thought the song was, Tall Guy, Weird Twins, Purple Hoser," makes more sense this way...
Crazy Cat
Crazy Cat Hace 12 días
I can only tell the difference between the two twins because only one has eyebrows.
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