AirPods 2 in MATTE BLACK! Price, Release Date & New Features Confirmed!

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Matte Black AirPods 2 Confirmed! A Matte iPhone 11 Too? Latest Apple leaks, they just keep coming. Price, Release Date & More New Features.
Last AirPods 2 Leaks: esvid.net/video/vídeo-ILZPZgkpW1A.html
Last iPhone 11 Leaks: esvid.net/video/vídeo-hvInlSH5o8c.html
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Video Article Source: www.mysmartprice.com/gear/apple-airpods2/
AppleiDesigner Insta (iOS 13 Concept): instagram.com/apple_idesigner
Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography: www.gigaphoton.com/en/technology/euv-topics/what-is-euv-lithopgraphy

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12 feb 2019

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EverythingApplePro Hace 7 días
I seriously can't believe how busy 2019 already is ha, we'd appreciate a 👍 as this is all tough stuff to render. Thanks everyone & enjoy!
Acapella Artist
Acapella Artist Hace 18 horas
XD_ Vids no one cares
XD_ Vids
XD_ Vids Hace 18 horas
EverythingApplePro but yea
XD_ Vids
XD_ Vids Hace 18 horas
EverythingApplePro you guys say people speak broke I got a iPhone 4 at the age of 15 I just got the iPhone 4 couple days ago and I’m very grateful. AirPods would be hell of awesome to have but I just can’t afford them-- but yea just wanted to throw somthing at you guys on how much you really have it😬
Acapella Artist
Acapella Artist Hace un día
EverythingApplePro I predict by the end of this year you’ll change your channel’s name to Everything Apple’s Dead because Apple will be bankrupt and you’re retarded to support them when they don’t give a shit about ripping you off
Hype KvNG
Hype KvNG Hace 2 días
EverythingApplePro Wait. So are the new AirPods coming out in March?
Fire In The Whipp
Fire In The Whipp Hace un hora
Lool airpods 2 that’s BS money making scheme cunts
Alex Gallagher
Alex Gallagher Hace 2 horas
I think imma just stick with my AirPods I’ll probaly consider getting the AirPod 2 in maybe 5 years lol
KiTr OverLoad
KiTr OverLoad Hace 3 horas
Eh, I'm just gonna wait till airpods 2s
FUGlaTOB Hace 4 horas
If they actually do make the AirPods 3 look like that it would just ruin the whole Apple AirPods and look and vibe. It would look like all the other Wireless headphones and would no longer have the Original iconic Apple Headphone look...
Pablo Hernandez
Pablo Hernandez Hace 4 horas
I have always been a huge fan of black devices... I feel white doesn't really catch my eyes with electronics.
Exnatic Hace 5 horas
I read that the AirPods 2 will be released in Fall 2019.
filipq nn
filipq nn Hace 5 horas
Are the going to be watter resistant tho?
Tony Huang
Tony Huang Hace 6 horas
“Shut up and take my money.”
Robert W
Robert W Hace 7 horas
New iPhone with the camera right there is not the move. Apple, that shit is ugly.
Christopher Rose
Christopher Rose Hace 7 horas
Cam Hace 8 horas
esvid.net/video/vídeo-ELDQvxm3DYY.html If you like my video please subscribe and comments :)
MoneybagDrew Hace 10 horas
Can I trade in my AirPods for the AirPods2
Alice Lee
Alice Lee Hace 11 horas
Good for people with black hair.... a perfect undercover while boss screamin at you for 45 mins
Samantha H Agastin
Samantha H Agastin Hace 13 horas
Black pencil... 😍
Omar Medrano
Omar Medrano Hace 14 horas
Whyd he say that the black one are better because they wont be as noticeable when that's what they're for And the black ones have bigger dicks
Bored Person
Bored Person Hace 14 horas
I would like to buy the air pods 2 and the new iPhone this year and thrive lol
Bored Person
Bored Person Hace 14 horas
The new stuff coming out this year will be great I hope lol
BlueTurbo_ Hace 14 horas
Air pods kids be like sicko mo
ChangoGaming Hace 15 horas
40 dollars extra for a nigga airpod
Anders Martin Jensen
Anders Martin Jensen Hace 15 horas
Apple watch have been port less a long time. They are testing it
xiannow23 Hace 15 horas
mobile PERC cards!
Madison Lorraine
Madison Lorraine Hace 15 horas
Air pod users in 2018 : smells like broke in here AirPod users in 2019:ugh it smells like broke in here peasants
CrYpTiC Hace 16 horas
I smell broke in the comment section..
Dalia Chami
Dalia Chami Hace 16 horas
i hope apple does not actually put the camera in the middle cause that’s ugly as fuck
Mira Hace 17 horas
Seriously the centered camera makes me wanna throw up. it looks like a cyclops 🤢🤮
10000 subs with 1 video? maybe
i thought they were gonna call it *airpods xs mega max*
Saucegodtony Hace 18 horas
Black AirPods seem like they would have overheating problems
Alyssa Morgan
Alyssa Morgan Hace 19 horas
Y’all thought I was broke....nah I was jus waiting for the matte black ones
Chinmay Khaladkar
Chinmay Khaladkar Hace 20 horas
hey guys
hey guys Hace 21 un hora
Android looking camera.......no thanks
EagleJrod Hace 22 horas
I’m so excited!
McDonald’sGurl Hace 22 horas
Black looks more professional but I would like to stick with white for some reason
Guess Who
Guess Who Hace 22 horas
I just fucking paid for AirPods 1...
Rios Gladys
Rios Gladys Hace 23 horas
I’m kinda digging the black AirPods
Rios Gladys
Rios Gladys Hace 23 horas
I will get this one better then the white
StoneHill Hace 23 horas
For those saying they ain’t broke cuz they waiting for the AirPods 2... I bought AirPods lost them then bought them again last week n still gonna buy AirPods 2 the day it comes back. If u ain’t broke buy AirPods, don’t use waiting as an excuse for being broke.
Jay & Are Co.
Jay & Are Co. Hace un día
Check out Jabra T65 Elites, cheaper and way better and I had AirPods
Liaj Hace un día
When do the AirPods 2 come out?
Sydney Moolman
Sydney Moolman Hace un día
So excited I wish I could afford thank you for the update information
Timothy Villaflor
Timothy Villaflor Hace un día
So when are they dropping ?
المطيري سلطان
وش يقول ؟
Cali4nia Angel
Cali4nia Angel Hace un día
Why do I have to watch your whole video to find out when the AirPods 2 come out?! TF. Anybody know when they come out?!
Grilled Beef
Grilled Beef Hace un día
Michael  Urresta
Michael Urresta Hace un día
mate, you got a looottttt of ads in the video. This sucks.
Dat Hace un día
No one cares about health monitoring
Dat Hace un día
See Carlos I told you !
Omar Medrano
Omar Medrano Hace 14 horas
The boii dat
Georgia Ennis
Georgia Ennis Hace un día
These r super cool
Margaret van Buul
Margaret van Buul Hace un día
4:30 Ummm..... If you own AirPods you’d want to show it off ahaha not to hide them or to make it suttle
Damian Nesh
Damian Nesh Hace un día
I’m getting that vibe when the iPhone 3g came out...air pods instead tho, it’s like starting all over again in 07.
Edvin Alvarez
Edvin Alvarez Hace un día
Woah woah I haven’t watched one of ur video in a long time where that beard came from?
WiWU WiWU Hace un día
I love it
milknspace Hace un día
people with original airpods to people with earphones: it smells like broke in here😎 people with black airpods to people with white airpods: omg it stinks like broke in here😮 people with black airpods to people with earphones: *doesn't even acknowledge them*
7Grand-Dad Hace un día
I honestly couldn’t give a crap about Air-Power. I find it useless, cables work just as well. What I want to see is Apple switch to USB C and have fast charging on the new iPhones.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Hace un día
I don’t like the iPhone X. I had it and I returned it for the 8plus. I want a thumb unlock option. Having only face recognition is a no go for me.
Joe Momma
Joe Momma Hace un día
Damn man. I just bought some air pads a month ago. I would rather have these mat black ones. I’m gonna get these anyways
Celz sports
Celz sports Hace un día
Nigga pods
yondaime297 Hace un día
Google and Apple definitely play off each other, they make for better products and healthy competition
roo roo
roo roo Hace un día
Why can’t people hear with AirPods in it’s not like anyone actually listens to stuff on them. Just flex that their rich
Saint Mark
Saint Mark Hace un día
new iPhones are ugly
Coneon22 TV
Coneon22 TV Hace un día
So it’s just black airpods with base?
SuperBarry Hace un día
i feel like we could every less of a shit
JuicE OrangA
JuicE OrangA Hace un día
Air Pods Owner: **Goes In The Room** Air Pods Owner: I smell broke people in here Air Pods 2 Owner: **Goes Into The Room, Being Blocked By An Air Pods Owner** Air Pods 2 Owner: Really Ni🅱️🅱️a
Dairon Marion
Dairon Marion Hace un día
They should make matte white
XposeAlphaTTV Hace un día
Y’all thought I was broke, I was just waiting for the matte black AirPods smh.
Bossy Gaming
Bossy Gaming Hace 2 días
Hi I just went to Best Buy yesterday and I asked one of the employees about the AirPods 2 and lots of health features which all you said are true! They will be coming out with matte black and white and the wireless charging case WILL be coming with the AirPods 2 altogether.
Curtis Smith
Curtis Smith Hace 2 días
GODS NOT DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you still need to accept Jesus Christ repeat these words Lord Jesus I repent of my sins I make you my lord and Savior come into my heart! If you prayed that prayer you have been born again in Jesus Christ!!!
Bonkis Man
Bonkis Man Hace 2 días
Rich kids: *creams pants*
Anthony Jr
Anthony Jr Hace 2 días
Very informative but man, if apple was a person this guy would be the it puts the lotion on the skin towards apple. 😂
Sonny Aparicio
Sonny Aparicio Hace 2 días
Next iphone would probably be the same like always it would just be faster with a better camera
Harmie 👌🏾
Harmie 👌🏾 Hace 2 días
THESE BETTER COME OUT IN MARCH AND NOT FALL... I’ve been waiting so long (plus March is my birthday)
Micheal Scott
Micheal Scott Hace 2 días
White looks better. Black looks cheap.
Private Alavez
Private Alavez Hace 2 días
Wait hold on, so the air pods 2 case can’t be charged by a wire? So you’ll need to buy a separate charger??
Kirussan Manoharan
Kirussan Manoharan Hace 2 días
Guys just stick with AirPods smh
Rene Barron
Rene Barron Hace 2 días
Just get air vibes
Bazi Brazy
Bazi Brazy Hace 2 días
Airpods 3 looking ugly asf
Ricky Allen
Ricky Allen Hace 2 días
Are the AirPods going to be a different size? They’re too big and irritate my ears after a short time
Carson Lujan
Carson Lujan Hace 2 días
Too much power in a processor? Hell no. I know it’s a lot of power but the more we have the better the iPhone is including game graphics can increase eg asphalt 9 legends on Xs has major thrash is but with a better processor no lag and better graphics
Brandi Laveah
Brandi Laveah Hace 2 días
Yeah, I’m just gonna stick to my current generation ones cause I just bought mine. That Matte black though 👀
Solider Lvl. 69
Solider Lvl. 69 Hace 2 días
Oh, you thought i was broke? Nah I was just waiting for the AirPods 2 bro.
Rios Gladys
Rios Gladys Hace 23 horas
StoneHill Hace 23 horas
Nah u still broke.... us rich people will have AirPods n AirPods 2 u ain’t rich until u get both
mitchell mcclelland
mitchell mcclelland Hace un día
Solider Lvl. 69 not really smh
Solider Lvl. 69
Solider Lvl. 69 Hace un día
isn’t that The point? Smh
mitchell mcclelland
mitchell mcclelland Hace un día
Solider Lvl. 69 we love it when people Take memes and pass them off as theirs....
gods.blanket Hace 2 días
Nigga Pods
Yairo Denneman
Yairo Denneman Hace 2 días
Hope i win these are To expensive
בר דרז'נסקי
Duckyzz Hace 2 días
*Fuck I Have To Buy A 3rd Pair*
WavyCloutGod Zzz
WavyCloutGod Zzz Hace 2 días
So 40 more dollars for a colored version with more bass. Fuck No
Crizzly tv
Crizzly tv Hace 2 días
When is the release date?!?!🤔 ¿¿anyone ??🤔
Ross Gentry
Ross Gentry Hace 2 días
Wireless computer syncing, they have the technology to do it
Operation Tostone
Operation Tostone Hace 2 días
Can’t wait to use my anti lost wire with these!!
prince nicholos
prince nicholos Hace 2 días
I hope to win
Victoria Iarmus
Victoria Iarmus Hace 2 días
still waiting for iphone 9 😂
Victoria Iarmus
Victoria Iarmus Hace 2 días
Tbh the white air pods look better than black air pods. The white is the og and the ones that i love
Max Jimenez
Max Jimenez Hace 2 días
I hate Apple it’s like all they care about is money
MisterMaster Hace 2 días
Oh wow! It's the same thing except with a miniscule new feature that apple "invented" except it's 200$ more expensive!!! And with the next phone, they're copying Android and making only 500$ more expensive!
ACE Assassin306
ACE Assassin306 Hace 2 días
Like if they should make red AirPods cause my iPhone is red
Mount Brocepsius
Mount Brocepsius Hace 2 días
199 dollars!?!?? WHATTTTT. Guess I'm gonna stop waiting for airpods 2. Apple stay price gouging.
[GD] Nightlyte
[GD] Nightlyte Hace 2 días
You guys wanna listen to Sicko Mode or Mo Bamba?
KIM Minsu
KIM Minsu Hace 2 días
so the new iphone will be more powerful than the ipad pro?
Emma 123654
Emma 123654 Hace 2 días
dansig69 Hace 2 días
Love it. I will keep my iPhone X until the battery craps out; maybe longer.
Cool Pig
Cool Pig Hace 2 días
Soo when they com out
Turbo._Lee 3
Turbo._Lee 3 Hace 2 días
It’s funny how headphones would be just as much as my first phone
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