AirPods 2 in MATTE BLACK! Price, Release Date & New Features Confirmed!

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Matte Black AirPods 2 Confirmed! A Matte iPhone 11 Too? Latest Apple leaks, they just keep coming. Price, Release Date & More New Features.
Last AirPods 2 Leaks: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-ILZPZgkpW1A.html
Last iPhone 11 Leaks: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-hvInlSH5o8c.html
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Video Article Source: www.mysmartprice.com/gear/apple-airpods2/
AppleiDesigner Insta (iOS 13 Concept): instagram.com/apple_idesigner
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12 feb 2019






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EverythingApplePro Hace 2 meses
I seriously can't believe how busy 2019 already is ha, we'd appreciate a 👍 as this is all tough stuff to render. Thanks everyone & enjoy!
FintanSky Hace un mes
The iPhone 11 better not have a crappy notch and be able to get emulators.
Johnny Huynh
Johnny Huynh Hace un mes
if we have the first generations, can we upgrade to the new ones?
XD_ Vids
XD_ Vids Hace 2 meses
Acapella Artist -- thanks 😕
XD_ Vids
XD_ Vids Hace 2 meses
EverythingApplePro but yea
Christopher Allan
Christopher Allan Hace 5 días
It is incredible how almost everything in this video is now completely wrong but delivered as fact.
andrés Ramirez
andrés Ramirez Hace 5 días
Tu lo que eres un mamaguevo
Arno Fortelny
Arno Fortelny Hace 8 días
So these matte black AirPods never happened. Nice work.
JDubLifter !
JDubLifter ! Hace 10 días
Nowhere on the apple.com website does it say they have black AirPods. So what is going on? Are they or are they not selling them?
Hello It’s me
Hello It’s me Hace 9 días
JDubLifter ! They are not being sold in black maybe AirPods 3 they will release colored AirPods
When Gawdamnit?!!?
Unknown Unknown
Unknown Unknown Hace 12 días
So... is the black AirPods coming out or what?
Grayce See To
Grayce See To Hace 20 días
Uhm to the matte black didn’t happen 😂
Stephen Reid
Stephen Reid Hace 22 días
I have noticed that when you say "coating" it sounds exactly the same as "coding". lol
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Hace 25 días
Well jokes on you broke ppl, I can afford a wire with my airpods
SB Supreme
SB Supreme Hace 25 días
Nah they didn’t come out
Holmes, Spencer Jacob
Holmes, Spencer Jacob Hace 26 días
Gerson Alexander
Gerson Alexander Hace 26 días
Watching this video with the Airpods and I'm mad for apple to bring them just when I bought this ones
Alex Jansson
Alex Jansson Hace 28 días
Hehehhe you were wrooong! xD
Where is AirPods 2 now? Liar
Brent_ Gaming38
Brent_ Gaming38 Hace 28 días
They lied
NotTheBestGaming Hace 29 días
In the description, he says that they are confirmed, but here we are with no matte black AirPods 😩
Sriracha Flames
Sriracha Flames Hace un mes
Turns out they are not in black. Whatcha gonna do about it🤷🏽‍♂️
Santania Hace un mes
Sriracha Flames this asshole lied to us
seo Hace un mes
Guess it will be the third gen
Aman Khan
Aman Khan Hace un mes
AirPods 2 are out no matte black
Andrei Santos
Andrei Santos Hace un mes
People with Airpods is too broke to buy the wires
Milk Hace un mes
Well, AirPods 2 came out and they don’t even have matte black.
Jun. J
Jun. J Hace un mes
Excuse me, where is the black AirPod??
john d
john d Hace un mes
Wheres the Black ones bro
Delon sachith
Delon sachith Hace un mes
U all talks . Duh u fooled us
Niel Patel
Niel Patel Hace un mes
Where are these matte blacks?!
jackal monkey
jackal monkey Hace un mes
looks like this rumor and rumors were wrong...... new air pods are basically the exact same thing as the last ones exact battery life and ......battery life? oh yeah a LED light on the front now.... in white
Chris Collins
Chris Collins Hace un mes
I hope they water proof
Clique Hace 28 días
They not
Christian Harthan
Christian Harthan Hace un mes
black airpods will change everything.
I Jessica
I Jessica Hace un mes
When are the AirPods 2 coming
PulseSaint Hace un mes
Jessica Advice out today
WavePapiMarlo Hace un mes
I need these so bad.
Oscar Sondergaard
Oscar Sondergaard Hace un mes
I hope the old airpods get cheaper
Arta x
Arta x Hace un mes
apple is honestly in my opinion better then samsung but dont fucking say that iphone x is the last phone when its not ! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Anılcan Taner
Anılcan Taner Hace un mes
Speaking about “black” colored thing about 10min. with all those enthusiasm? You are really good actor
I m T r x
I m T r x Hace un mes
Reales date?
Isabel Esparza
Isabel Esparza Hace un mes
when are they gonna be released
Julian Cruz
Julian Cruz Hace un mes
Is there a chance to preorder them ???🤔
TG Limitless
TG Limitless Hace un mes
Like for product red airpods
Random Memes Weekly
expecting racist comments in the comment section
Chronic_ Angel
Chronic_ Angel Hace un mes
Airpods 2 shoudln't be more than airpods 1 because the original airpods were a failure so if they raise the price, nobody will buy it.
Christian Munoz
Christian Munoz Hace un mes
Wait do the airpods 2 work with every iPhone?
Christian Munoz
Christian Munoz Hace un mes
DrizKhalifa ayy thas nice
DrizKhalifa Hace un mes
Christian Munoz yes any Bluetooth capable device.
Michael D
Michael D Hace un mes
Getting them in red
Daniel Obrien
Daniel Obrien Hace un mes
oh so your getting a Matt finish no headphone Jack no reverse wireless charging barely any wireless charging well as long as you get a wireless charger originally meant for android because we've been doing for what 4 or 5 years now but apple invented last year lol still no in screen fingerprint sensor shame are they gonna call Samsung again and buy more oled displays cuz I think were gonna need the money to up the s11 next year cuz the s10 is gonna be a hard one to beat with the freedom and headphone Jack and wireless charging for everybody including the FREE true wireless Samsung buds not charging extra for em and you said yourself are extremely comparable to air pods but ya get em free with the phone no dongle needed cuz ya know we have choices not choices made for us cuz android is a democracy not a dictatorship call me in 4 years when apple catches up again
Gustavo Zárate Topete
No bitch noooooooo, i would definitely accept whatever camera design you guys want, but don’t take the usb-c away. 😫
JOANNEE E Hace un mes
Should I get the black AirPods or the white AirPods when the new ones come out?
memez censored
memez censored Hace un mes
How much will it be compaires to airpod 1
Alejan C
Alejan C Hace un mes
Armoricains de mes couilles
Aamir Akhtar Khan
Aamir Akhtar Khan Hace un mes
We request ? design variants of x model are same and also previous iphones it had changed little bit till x model (So in this video black iphone looks fantastic with vertical in center rear camera) We wishes it to launch with more designs upgraded with same black one which shown in this video.
MK_Dim Hace un mes
In my opinion these white AirPods2 will look better that the black simply because the white is more iconic and looks better in the ear than black
Spiceboy9000 Hace un mes
Honestly I don’t like that it’s black because my phone and case and charger are black and I don’t want everything black
Mill Burray
Mill Burray Hace un mes
I'm sorry Android-heads... This is too good to be true
Venessa T
Venessa T Hace un mes
Will these be able to be paired with a Samsung device
Daniel Obrien
Daniel Obrien Hace un mes
why for $130 witch is $60 cheaper than these non noise cancelling things you could get Samsung buds
Marxus Shorts
Marxus Shorts Hace un mes
Do you think apple will do a trade in for airpods like they do for iphones?
iammari Hace un mes
do you think they would let you turn in your other airpods in for a price drop?
KOL Hace un mes
Can't wait to be able to call my friends poor in black.
Antbeast23 Hace un mes
Lol I just bought the airpod 1 today. I guess I'll return them next week and wait for the airpods 2 if they coming out in March.
A-a Ron
A-a Ron Hace un mes
Fuck apple😈
Jake 348
Jake 348 Hace un mes
It sucks how we have to be paying fucking nearly 300$ for AirPods in Aus and then in America there like 199$ 😕
TheBlack AndWhite
TheBlack AndWhite Hace un mes
I’m still waiting for AirPods 2....BUT ..... 190$.... in my country it will probably rise up to 230$ or possibly more...... -_-!!!!
ParaSoma Hace un mes
Free N-word pass
TamxA6 Hace un mes
Zeke Anderson
Zeke Anderson Hace un mes
I’ve been holding out on buying AirPods for a long time and I’m glad I did I want those matte black AirPods
Arzhad Mam
Arzhad Mam Hace un mes
New Features
Logeeshan Uthayakumar
Awwww Isn't there a product red airpods If yes I would be happy
Logeeshan Uthayakumar
I will also switch back to iPhone again and again
Itz Landon
Itz Landon Hace un mes
They should just make an AirPod app
Josh Hace un mes
just waiting for these to release so i can buy the original ones for cheaper ahah
Lerong Lin
Lerong Lin Hace un mes
Do more fake Chinese clone video
Dirk Diggler
Dirk Diggler Hace un mes
It's all about Samsung
Time to flex on the rich kids with AirPods 1
Ronan Passmore
Ronan Passmore Hace un mes
Stenwaii Hace un mes
Release date?
Junkrat ,
Junkrat , Hace un mes
I still have a 6s+
cool waffle15
cool waffle15 Hace un mes
Idk if I should get new AirPod lol
Joel Hace un mes
When’s the release date and do the AirPods 2 come in white.?
samuel sidique
samuel sidique Hace un mes
Yo this dude said it’s not a big deal to ask for more money
Robert Craciun
Robert Craciun Hace un mes
How do I get a chance to win a xs maxx. I’m still rockin a 6 plus from launch day.
theee Hace un mes
Who cares if apple took a shitty product not doing good in sales and made it a different color. The color doesnt make it any better than the shit it already was prior
Lil LeBron 23
Lil LeBron 23 Hace un mes
When you drop something AirPods: YEET
Lil LeBron 23
Lil LeBron 23 Hace un mes
Nah man I’ve saved my phone screen many times with the wires and it doesn’t even yank out
Adam V.
Adam V. Hace un mes
They should do fingerprint sensors on the mouses of Macs!!!
Adam V.
Adam V. Hace un mes
IM SO EXCITED!!!! Matte black ANYTHING is soooo beautiful!!!!! I’m hoping they work in matte-colored phones into their lineups also. Edit: OK IM NOW SEEING THEY MIGHT HAVE A MATTE-LIKE VARIANT FOR THE 11!!!!
Beck Kjeldbjerg
Beck Kjeldbjerg Hace un mes
How is apple going to be able to make the AirPods better
Sophisticated Serpent
Omg ima gonna get some apple black *MaTtE* *AiRPoDS*
Chang Ye
Chang Ye Hace un mes
Basically an LG G6
Waststful Animations
what is that smell? Oh I know...IT SMELLS LIKE BROKE IN HERE
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh Hace un mes
Or buy the galaxy buds. Same features and muchhhhh cheaper
Avinash Singh
Avinash Singh Hace un mes
No tx i dont want cuetips in my ears when i go out
Hayden straw
Hayden straw Hace un mes
Well I’m to broke to buy it 😂
Amantur Sultanov
Amantur Sultanov Hace un mes
Bro fuck off with your 3rd party leaks get straight facts and do the video . Fucking disliked
Some Toxicity
Some Toxicity Hace un mes
I’m still gonna use my 8 plus but I have to get those black airpods 2 🥰
Emjay Hace un mes
The case tho 🔥
techguy123 Hace un mes
Will you be doing a giveaway when they come out?
Madison Ragsdale
Madison Ragsdale Hace un mes
I feel like apple should keep their typical iPhone look, it’s so recognizable. Oh and the completely wireless is shit. What if you need to charge your phone in the car? What if you need to reboot it? What if you need to export photos/videos to your computer?
ZayTube Hace un mes
Yup gonna get them fosho
Let em fly Hunting
Let em fly Hunting Hace un mes
8:28 the second a10 processor says ball sack at bottom? 😂
Shanelle Monye
Shanelle Monye Hace un mes
Bruh it’s going to be $295 in Australia 😂😂😂
- Xplixity -
- Xplixity - Hace un mes
Edwin Salgado
Edwin Salgado Hace un mes
So pretty much apple is selling you the same shit just a different color with minimum new features that other company's have already and then goes around and tells you to pay more for pretty much the same shit .. that's all I hear honestly.
Goon Hace un mes
Why buy AirPods 2 for $200 when you can buy galaxy buds for $130 LOL legit almost the same feature :v
Frank Bright Shine
Frank Bright Shine Hace un mes
iSheep going crazy over black ear phones.
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