AirPods 2 & iPhone 11 - Everything We Know! + Exclusive Leak

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Everything We Know About 2019 iPhones & AirPods 2! + Exclusive iOS 13 Leak. What an exciting year for Apple & tech in general!
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17 mar 2019






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Comentarios 8 529
EverythingApplePro Hace un mes
We worked so hard for 3 days to bring this to you! I hope you guys are enjoying our latest render techniques, we are learning new stuff with every video! Drop a like kind sirs :)
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig Hace 24 días
George Rockson why do you love his videos? For the concept art? He click baits people and says “leaked photos of new iPhone” when they are just concept art from freaking fans!!
George Rockson
George Rockson Hace 25 días
Can't wait to get the airpod giveaways...I'm the your biggest fun both on iG and ESvid...love your videos ..more post thumbs up
Johan Channel
Johan Channel Hace 25 días
The camera lense bro. Stop🤦🏽‍♂️.
Corey Miskell
Corey Miskell Hace 28 días
And ladies!!
Phil J.L Fig
Phil J.L Fig Hace 28 días
The truth is you really don’t know anything and just shovel out a shit load of concept art for years until the phone comes out and turns into looking completely different then you thought... these concept art videos are trash.
Dawson Eddy
Dawson Eddy Hace 16 horas
Can apple fuck off with camera changes I’m tired of seeing the same everything else every year
Catpuchinu Purrito
Catpuchinu Purrito Hace un día
if this is what the 2019 iphone will look like im going for the blue xr.
PrestigeGaming Hace 2 días
So is it 100% confirmed that we not get the old iPhone 5 bezel design? I’m confused Bc every Channel uses somehow both - sometimes in the same vid - someone explain pls - thanks
Catherine Urrutia
Catherine Urrutia Hace 3 días
This is why I left #teamiphone. Had way too many complaints. And look at all these comments.. MORE COMPLAINTS! I made the switch to #teamandroid and I'm never looking back.
Carolyn Liaw
Carolyn Liaw Hace 4 días
Love this new design 😍😍
Aaron Salas
Aaron Salas Hace 6 días
Can’t wait to trade in my Xs for the LR🤔?
Ricky Mariquit
Ricky Mariquit Hace 7 días
So that one video you did about 2019 Iphone fron last year of November is Fake? Wtf bruh make up your mind
Freshprince Montana
Freshprince Montana Hace 7 días
The notch destroys the enjoyment of watching videos. I’ve always used iphone, but when i got the samsung s9 with no notch just all screen, it makes so much difference. When I’m watching videos/movies on my s9 it feels the same as sitting at the cinema. That’s how the next iPhone should be like! No big ugly notch!
Zangetzu33 Hace 8 días
Apple HQ : "We had this idea to assemble all the greater into one and unique team : we call it the Avengers initiative"
Daily_dose_ of_weird_vids
Peyton Abercrombie
Peyton Abercrombie Hace 10 días
When is the new phone coming
L Susj
L Susj Hace 10 días
wtf no
Brayden McCallum
Brayden McCallum Hace 11 días
Really gunning for worst smartphone design of 2019...
Antwon Huckaby
Antwon Huckaby Hace 12 días
For everyone complaining about headphone jacks no one cares for them and there’s no use for them this day and age most things including cars headphones as well as earphones and gaming use Bluetooth there is no need for a jack when most stuff is wireless these days
girlz help
girlz help Hace 12 días
The camera is so u g l y
Saleh Vardast
Saleh Vardast Hace 12 días
I love iPhone but in my country it's very expensive😢😢
Kenneth Cox
Kenneth Cox Hace 12 días
Camera needs to be flush against the back.. PiP NEEDS to be a feature
Will W
Will W Hace 13 días
That is the ugliest iphone I have ever seen...Steve Jobs is rolling over in his grave
Trinity Compilations
Trinity Compilations Hace 13 días
Should I get the iPhone Xs or wait for the 11??
Troy Moyer
Troy Moyer Hace 13 días
4 cameras now u can take 4 different ugly pictures of yourself
Troy Moyer
Troy Moyer Hace 13 días
4 cameras now u can take 4 different ugly pictures of yourself
Brian Cortez
Brian Cortez Hace 13 días
God I hope no I hope that's no the camera is fucking ugly
Jazmyn Rodriguez
Jazmyn Rodriguez Hace 13 días
Let me tun over to Samsung real quick🏃🏾‍♀️
Paul Thomson
Paul Thomson Hace 13 días
I don't get why people buy into the apple brand , I had 2 apple products and were mediocre at best and definitely not worth the money
SiSi Marie
SiSi Marie Hace 13 días
anyone else look at the camera and thought ew then was like wait not that bad...bc me
Blaine Bow
Blaine Bow Hace 14 días
They should call it iPhone Cosmo, that sounds flashy
Miss Reee
Miss Reee Hace 14 días
I'm sorry but, it's ugly
Joseph Ruessing
Joseph Ruessing Hace 15 días
I just want my f...ing fingerprint scanner back. Work won’t trust the Face ID.
Seedra Elyas
Seedra Elyas Hace 16 días
Ugliest mf shit
vinayaka kudterkar
vinayaka kudterkar Hace 16 días
Hi bro which is that keyboard with track pad ur using
Aesthetic Roblox Gamer
I feel like iPhone 9 is a joke to Apple...
Snicker Doodle
Snicker Doodle Hace 19 días
In 10 years they just going to start selling us cameras 📷 and call them iphones.
Aser Lewis
Aser Lewis Hace 19 días
Bose has better sound quality
Aser Lewis
Aser Lewis Hace 19 días
So the 3x lens means it will be 3x expenchuuuuuuuuusive
Eli Lozano
Eli Lozano Hace 19 días
I will not be upgrading this year unless Apple unveils something truly substantial (but they probably won't). I'll stick with my Xs for a while and I might even get a Samsung S10.
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington Hace 19 días
Please,I respectfully submit, someone reanimate Mr. Jobs. Wow this is just absolutely atrocious. This is what it comes to for Apple. Sad
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington Hace 19 días
Love my Note 9. Waiting on Note 10.
Terrance Washington
Terrance Washington Hace 19 días
Petergay Francis
Petergay Francis Hace 19 días
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JasonHasAHand Hace 19 días
y’all saying it’s ugly as shit but we all know most of us still buying it🤷‍♂️
Nicks 92 videos
Nicks 92 videos Hace 20 días
I love the square design camera on the Iphone 11 it will look great.
Amber Eberhart
Amber Eberhart Hace 20 días
Royal Gamers
Royal Gamers Hace 21 un día
Square shaped edges are slightly depressive.
jaden ippersiel
jaden ippersiel Hace 21 un día
What if they just had the same name for each type of iPhone model, and just had the year for which Gen it is
OPS RUSTYY Hace 21 un día
Can’t wait to get my s10 with my upgrade next month.. been with Apple since the 4 and fuck Apple with a traffic cone 🖕 speakers go quiet after a couple of weeks, chargers ‘not supported’ after about 2 month.. slow facial recognition that hardly works, no fingerprint or charging port.. trash ** and no headphone jack which is just caveman as fuck just to make you buy a £30 cable so you can charge and use aux/headphones at the same time.. and the price for what you get is garbage
fell like the sky
fell like the sky Hace 21 un día
They might use roman symbols for the upcoming iphone like with the iphonex x
﴾ Ŧhe other Side of Story ﴿
Wow, Now iPhone does Huawei Mate 20 Pro..!? I'm not really Surprise about why the U.S government doesn't allow sells of Huawei Mate 20 Pro in USA market!
Chronic Smoke Gaming
Chronic Smoke Gaming Hace 22 días
Don’t by apple shit for next couple years iPhone X was best phone xr is shit and others maybe I’ll upgrade if it actually better than my x
Poop Xxx
Poop Xxx Hace 22 días
Still going to switch to a iPhone XR
Edlomaja Hace 22 días
Next thing you know the whole back of the phone is gonna be a camera
kadeem lawrence
kadeem lawrence Hace 22 días
He will agree with any and everything that Apple sends him to review, because he's a big sell out
Tabinda Sugandi
Tabinda Sugandi Hace 22 días
no offence apple but .. that thing looks like a paper phonr and made it look realistic
Nora Katreen Harik
Nora Katreen Harik Hace 22 días
i just want my iphone 8 finally. it will be outdated in a year (i hope not).
Timo M
Timo M Hace 22 días
Tbh it’s look ugly with all these camera
Bradan Carroll
Bradan Carroll Hace 22 días
You need to lay off the clickbait
Jack Ward
Jack Ward Hace 22 días
The camera is about the size of my watch screen. Lol
StormyLines Hace 22 días
Camera back in the corner where it belongs... thank you!
Joseph Fasano
Joseph Fasano Hace 22 días
I just want a boxy iPhone. Not these rounded edges.
ReJay YT
ReJay YT Hace 23 días
Great time to snag yourself an iphone x, xs, or xs max right now. (Please do not get the XR, its using technology from 4-5 years ago)Nearly every mobile provider (and even apple themselves) have some really good deals going on. After all was said and done, I traded in my google pixel 2 about 8 months early to verizon and got an iPhone XS Max for an overall cost of around $500-600 with my trade in as well as a special offer verizon is currently offering for a few weeks
rez Hace 23 días
Apple be copying Samsung lmao
SoLaR Playz
SoLaR Playz Hace 23 días
What if the new iPhone is called iPhone XI
Subscribe Charity Channel
I switch Samsung f this will be the new iPhone .
Char’Jee. Bangtan Sonyeondan
Love the square design because if they do the cyborg design I will not be gettin’ it and just settle for the XS MAX cuz that looks like a cheap android phone
Young Flash
Young Flash Hace 23 días
Yeah, The cheap Android phone that Apple always copy off. Lol!!! Keep paying for that 1500+ phone.
Haley Lopez
Haley Lopez Hace 23 días
Omg i want this phone so bad! Too bad I have an Alcatel 1x evolve It's so poor😞😟 Some one help me
Cameron S
Cameron S Hace 23 días
hard pass on the square lens. I'd rather have a single camera then 3 if it has to look like that.
greg davis
greg davis Hace 23 días
God that is so ugly 😱 wouldn't buy cause it's so ugly
Mushi Min
Mushi Min Hace 23 días
Just imagine u just got plastic surgery and at the same time, u forgot the password for your phone :))
Phoebe Friedman
Phoebe Friedman Hace 23 días
that is the ugliest phone i have ever seen
carlito513118 Hace 23 días
Whomever said there iPhone x brand battery last all day is barely using their phone. I use my phone like a daily driver n get 6 hours max on screen hours. Using my phone at 100% brightness. That's how you see if a phone is worth it or not. My s10 plus I get a full work day of 8 hours on screen time. Y'all letting apple gas y'all up. I didn't pay for my x it was free. I hate that notch. I hate I can't customize my phone at all. Hate I gotta pay for everything. And whomever said iPhones look better than any andriod is about as dumb as dumb can get
Wyatt Brown
Wyatt Brown Hace 23 días
I hate the look of it is so ugly!!!🥴🤢🤮
Marilee Benitez
Marilee Benitez Hace 23 días
I don’t like the iPhone 11 design
Bold And Brash
Bold And Brash Hace 23 días
I’m gonna stick with my iPhone xr
Pulkit R Awasthi
Pulkit R Awasthi Hace 23 días
I would love AirPods in black.. But why such lens ?
Tim Bo
Tim Bo Hace 23 días
I'm not going to buy a new iPhone until they start using type-c connectors.
Tony Jaa
Tony Jaa Hace 23 días
Fuck you. You money ask
Drill Squad
Drill Squad Hace 24 días
I just watch a different video about the iPhone 11 and it’s looks like the iPhone X this some fake ass shit😭😭
Drill Squad
Drill Squad Hace 24 días
They skipped the iPhone 9 like wth They should’ve made the iPhone instead of this ugly mf🤦🏽‍♂️
Ios 6
Ios 6 Hace 24 días
The camera lens looks completely hideous apple 😡😡😡 please don’t do that shit ,,, people it’s goddamn telephone just get a fucking camera if that’s what you want ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️
welost2night Hace 24 días
Apple: hey can I copy you? Mate 20 pro : sure but don't make it to obvious Apple : Deal 🤝
Jay Wrx
Jay Wrx Hace 24 días
Apples not that dumb. They wouldn’t release something that ugly
G H Hace 24 días
I am hoping and praying this is not the actual design.
Michelle Xilotl
Michelle Xilotl Hace 24 días
I gave up on Apple products when they removed the headphone jack from the iPhones and saw that they weren't improving much. The iPhone 6 was my second phone and now I got a new one; Samsung s10.
Superweeniehutjrs Hace 24 días
This nigga really just put on a seatbelt 10 seconds into the vid with no warning
Lewis Taylor
Lewis Taylor Hace 24 días
Apple need to up the screen resolution on the next iPhone I’m sick of watching videos in 1080p on ESvid I wanna be watching them at 1440p-4K
Ahmed Hilal
Ahmed Hilal Hace 24 días
tan nat
tan nat Hace 24 días
Will apple bring back Touch ID on iPhone 11?
Lauren Pentagoni
Lauren Pentagoni Hace 24 días
They should stop after the iPhone 12 because iPhone 13 sounds bad, and iPhone 25 sounds even worse.
Monika Toncheva
Monika Toncheva Hace 24 días
steve jobs needs to come back to life and fix this messss
MTK Knight
MTK Knight Hace 22 días
IKR… Things with apple have gone down since Steve Jobs passed away…
Force Ghost
Force Ghost Hace 24 días
If the iPhone is going into stupid territory like the one portrayed in this video then I am going to a different phone altogether.
Dan Del Aguaro
Dan Del Aguaro Hace 24 días
Already have an iPone 11, called the Samsung S10. ROFL. Way to catch up on technology Apple.
Clayton Zivkovic
Clayton Zivkovic Hace 24 días
You know if they keep adding more and more camera lens in 4 or 5 years it's gonna cover half the back of the phone
MUMU-2700 Hace 24 días
Why im i wachting this knowing i will not buy this
kathy st jean
kathy st jean Hace 24 días
Why the IX look like the Huawei pr20
Pye Ltd.
Pye Ltd. Hace 24 días
having the camera at the corner has always been a shit design. your fingers can get in the way of the photo or video shoot and when using the flash, the light bounces of your fingers and effects the picture or video as there is not enough space to hold teh phone with out your fingers getting in the way. you have to hold the phone weird. the camera should be in the centre for years like android phones. another shit design from Jonny ive
Nefff Hace 25 días
Still the same ugly rounded polished corners on the iphone 11?
Naruto Uzumaki
Naruto Uzumaki Hace 25 días
How much is it let me guess 6000$
MechMaster11 Hace 23 días
Nah probably something like $9000
Ziyan 002
Ziyan 002 Hace 25 días
And the price will be more than the worth of two kidney
• Soulstreets •
• Soulstreets • Hace 23 días
Ziyan 002 no die
Ziyan 002
Ziyan 002 Hace 23 días
• Soulstreets •
• Soulstreets • Hace 23 días
Ziyan 002 No.
Daxter Cage
Daxter Cage Hace 25 días
You got it all wrong about the airpods 2 boi
WhileYouWereReadingMyNameIStoleYour Sandwich
In 10 years you won’t be able to tell which one is the display side smh
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