AirPods Pro Unboxing and Review!

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Testing out the new Apple AirPods Pro!
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29 oct 2019






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iJustine Hace 10 meses
George Casas
George Casas Hace 6 días
Abdul Hassan then why u watching
LABIB hassan
LABIB hassan Hace 18 días
Did that rhyme
KriTiKal Shadow
KriTiKal Shadow Hace 23 días
Apple products are the best😁😁😁👍🏼
Cool Colb
Cool Colb Hace un mes
I am getting them today
Waniya Amir
Waniya Amir Hace un mes
Efraim and Sam oof 😣
Ali Aljoubory
Ali Aljoubory Hace 12 horas
I’m getting these delivered today ahajfjdkjdjdkdk!!!!
Notna Hace 18 horas
“ and if that’s not enough listening time idk what is” *cough *cough beats
Carly Elizabeth
Carly Elizabeth Hace 2 días
I finally got a pair of these and i haven’t really done a whole lot but i can’t wait to hear what you hear!
Corian Chase
Corian Chase Hace 2 días
Thanks for editing out all the “hey Siri”
Paolo Castro
Paolo Castro Hace 2 días
Her cutting out hey siri Me being sad i have an android and having to say hey google
hereforbeer Hace 3 días
I'll wait for AirPods Pro Max.
Jenny Tran
Jenny Tran Hace 3 días
Tomas Smith
Tomas Smith Hace 4 días
Guys what do you think about iplaypods.com? I got pods from them and i think they are great.
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly Hace 4 días
Best ones out there. I got them to.
Jacob Barreras
Jacob Barreras Hace 4 días
I have AirPods 2, and watching every video of AirPods Pro I’m like... Man, I got 2 get those
Marion Sanders
Marion Sanders Hace 6 días
I bought them today ordered them I’m hoping I don’t loose these expensive ass headphones🤦🏾‍♀️
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Hace 5 días
connect it to find my
Natalie Terrazas
Natalie Terrazas Hace 6 días
I feel like getting these for my 13 year old god daughter 🙂 although she would settle for the AirPods 2 but ima go extra this time
Darragh O
Darragh O Hace 7 días
Ijustine kiss me and
Axel Mero
Axel Mero Hace 8 días
Yefferson Daney E.S
Yefferson Daney E.S Hace 8 días
what you with who connet from speack of i
I oNlY sAy fAcTs
I oNlY sAy fAcTs Hace 9 días
Me 10 months later finally have AirPods Pro
Terence Cunningham
Terence Cunningham Hace 10 días
Can I please have the squishy one with the linking one with the with a little round one please
Spade Ace0818
Spade Ace0818 Hace 10 días
Hey Justine u have a lot of apple product do u mind sparing any of ur airpods🤔
Karter Graves
Karter Graves Hace 10 días
Can I buy your old Apple products from you
i am weird lol
i am weird lol Hace 11 días
Im getting these for my birthday! so exited! I will edit when I get them!
i am weird lol
i am weird lol Hace 11 días
@Ace_Ghostz mine is on September 10th but its coming on September 21 :p but the usb-c charging block is gonna arrive on my birthday
Ace_Ghostz Hace 11 días
i am weird lol same! I’m getting some for my b day at the end of the month when is your b day?
Kelly Nguyen
Kelly Nguyen Hace 12 días
King Of Kings
King Of Kings Hace 13 días
Justine would you recommend these over the cheaper ones?
Smart Nintendo Dude
Smart Nintendo Dude Hace 13 días
Who watched with the AirPods Pro
Hana Jaff
Hana Jaff Hace 15 días
How many this is pleeeese??????
Ryan singh
Ryan singh Hace 15 días
iJustine makes apple unboxing entertaining and great to watch keep up the good work.
Stardust Legacy Fighter
Love it how clueless iSheep users are, it's always satisfying to watch them post stupid comments about Apple products.
Luis Maldonado
Luis Maldonado Hace 16 días
Justtine:Play the new Tool album Me: Marry me? Lol
Your Review Channel
Your Review Channel Hace 16 días
Love your video, Check out my review. esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-2hVCyHLyd7o.html
robber99 Hace 22 días
Apple Airpods Pro only 199 in our store with free tracked worldwide shipping! @t
creeperkill8198 Hace 23 días
airpods users: OMG ARE THOSE NEW AIRPODS PRO? Me: literally.
creeperkill8198 Hace 23 días
eXpEnSiVe aS fU**
creeperkill8198 Hace 23 días
finally it does not look like a dental floss cover- Oh, never mind.
trayzon harper
trayzon harper Hace 23 días
all the way
Briana pooh
Briana pooh Hace 25 días
i made and sold cupcakes for the past month .. and i made a lot of money and now i’m thinking about if i should buy these or just not be broke 😭😭
Jonathan Anyanwu
Jonathan Anyanwu Hace 25 días
Getting them this fri 🥳🥳🥳
Furry Gaz
Furry Gaz Hace 28 días
Did anyone notice that she 100 missed calls? Or am I just guessing
shaun TIB1243S
shaun TIB1243S Hace 29 días
anshuman sharma
anshuman sharma Hace un mes
How beautifully reviewed. Loved watching your review, all of it. Keep up the good work, I’m hitting the subscribe button right away.
Mr.SlingShot Hace un mes
Fathima Zahra Khan
Fathima Zahra Khan Hace un mes
she had 100 missed calls
Jerry Hace un mes
if i leave my phone in one room and i decide to leave the room and go too another room, i still can whisper hey siri and still get a reply ... MIND BLOWN !!!
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan Hace un mes
10:26 A hundred and fifty THOUSAND unread emails? Whhhhhaaaaaaatttttt
Matt Cowan
Matt Cowan Hace un mes
7:45 Wait, you like Tool?!!
Jason Ray
Jason Ray Hace un mes
Ijustine AirPods I’m assuming ?
Strahinja Prole
Strahinja Prole Hace un mes
My friend got pods at iplaypods.com and said me they are awesome. Do some use them?
Mike Kelly
Mike Kelly Hace un mes
awesome ones bro. i got them to
怜音志部 Hace un mes
Good video!
Mark gerald sevilla
pearl white
Anish singh thakur
Anish singh thakur Hace un mes
Hi, I am from nepal You' a my crus❤🌹💌💘💝💖😘
Anish singh thakur
Anish singh thakur Hace un mes
You have a boyfriend
MADI Hace un mes
Can somebody tell me the background music that starts at6:10. Plz and thanks
hxneybee zelxda
hxneybee zelxda Hace un mes
how to get the name on themm
Вова Артюхов
kawhi leonard
Stefan Prole
Stefan Prole Hace un mes
My replicas are from iplaypods.com and they are awesome. I love them because they are same as apple ones.
Jonathan Gillis
Jonathan Gillis Hace un mes
“Play the new Tool album”. Respect. Subbed
natasha parveen
natasha parveen Hace un mes
I am buying this for my sis on her b’day
Arsen P Official
Arsen P Official Hace un mes
*Next Year:* Invisible Air Pods Pro
How Crazy
How Crazy Hace un mes
I really need one of this but not easy for me.☹️
Mirco Hace un mes
I buy today on amazon it for 189€!
ريتينا ويمسك تيني كسمة
did they arrive? do you like them? :)
Woosh Karen
Woosh Karen Hace un mes
Yea I think I’ll just stick with my gen 1 AirPods but good video 👍🏽
Mr.Miguel Ra
Mr.Miguel Ra Hace un mes
Angel Hace un mes
Let me just connect to you inside your p
WasteXIC Cremin
WasteXIC Cremin Hace un mes
I like the way when she’s walking she’s showing off hahaha 😂
Jade Diaz
Jade Diaz Hace un mes
I love how Justine’s voice is calming and never bores me when she is describing something. I love her 🤣💕. Other times, people’s voices bore me when talking about something but she really makes me interested and she could be talking about bread and where it comes from 😂
Rowan Crist
Rowan Crist Hace un mes
6:03 it’s not bothered because your ears do not like broke.
MrRandomHere Hace un mes
No one: No one at all: Ijustine: Imma just flex and give a glance at the broke real quick ( 6:54 ) Me:😂😂😂
Amr Elfeky
Amr Elfeky Hace un mes
Kitty iOS’s ssoooo cool iiii hhhhaaavvvveeeeee tttttthhhheeeemmmmmmm nnnnnnoooooooowwwwwwewe
Dark Grayson
Dark Grayson Hace un mes
Just got mine today! Really good so far
Mikael Hace un mes
So annoying. So ugly. Not talking about the earbuds..
Peter Holguin
Peter Holguin Hace un mes
I just got them! And I’m loving it
Andrey Confidential
This Is So Funny... Expensive Ear Plugs Come Without A Charger ....
Arjun Joshi
Arjun Joshi Hace un mes
got these today they are so good!! its worth it
Kellen Animal crossing simp
Watches with AirPod gen 1s on
JAMES ODEN Hace un mes
I'm getting mine monday the package got dellade
Sandy Lion
Sandy Lion Hace un mes
I wonder what happens in her home when she says hey Siri with every Apple product she has there all going to go off lol
Chris Rivas
Chris Rivas Hace un mes
Who is watching this with AirPods in
Danyel Henrique
Danyel Henrique Hace un mes
this girl seems to not know that noise cancelling headphones have been around for a long time.
ArtsyGemstone Hace un mes
Yes, but very few noise cancelling earbuds. As someone who has used these before and has tried out others, these are def top tier noise cancellation. And the transparency mode is actually transparent and doesn't just sound like a loud radio of your surroundings/voice.
James O’Loughlin
James O’Loughlin Hace un mes
+1 since Justine is a Tool fan :)
RedLadyBug U
RedLadyBug U Hace un mes
i know I'm late on the train but i would like some air pods for my birthday in aug would you recommend
RedLadyBug U
RedLadyBug U Hace un mes
Denny L 😱😱 very nice
Denny L
Denny L Hace un mes
I just ordered a pair for my daughter’s birthday. Staples.com now has a limited sale for $199 !
brianna cowen
brianna cowen Hace un mes
Really good air pods at podhoox.us Bought mine there, they were really cheap as well compared to other prices 10/10 recommend
Mohsen Mohsen
Mohsen Mohsen Hace un mes
andrew deighton
andrew deighton Hace un mes
One of the very best review channels.
Theus Matheus
Theus Matheus Hace un mes
I love your chanel 🇧🇷
vivek perumal
vivek perumal Hace 2 meses
Best ever review i have watched 👌👌👌👌🤩🤩🤩🤩
Jordan Wade
Jordan Wade Hace 2 meses
Garbage keeps falling out of ears. Useless
Beri Bear
Beri Bear Hace 2 meses
Best dedicated Bluetooth earphone for the iPhone but that said I sent mine back. The noise cancelation made me super nauseous and dizzy. When I turned if off or transparency it was still making me feel sick. Sound was good for music but not great which for $250 it should be great sounding too. I went with a pair of audiophile grade from another company for $150
청소년과 놀이문화 연구소ILF
so coool what an amazing look from the apple we like the airpods and we want to have them!!!
creeperkill8198 Hace 2 meses
In 2050: apple spypods and apple inviciphone with ios 69
Ines Garcia
Ines Garcia Hace 2 meses
I'm gonna get the airpods pro thank you universe
Yummy Hace 2 meses
So this is why the video is 13 minutes because she is listening to Tool since all of their songs is like 10 years long lol
Owen Nolan
Owen Nolan Hace 2 meses
I was wearing AirPods Pro when I was watching this video
Cvettie Hace 2 meses
honestly the noise cancellation is an insane experience, when u try it for the first time. It feels like the whole world becomes so peacefull
Pamela Davies
Pamela Davies Hace 2 meses
DM los_hacker11 @instagram to get yours
william Hace 2 meses
i love u justine
Rev. Tyler Mallari
Rev. Tyler Mallari Hace 2 meses
Bossier. S sowie Psosgs MSU’s. MSU’s s. Sis. She’s. Aha. Shsv. Shsv. Shsv. Suave Keisha
Sarah Lopez
Sarah Lopez Hace 2 meses
No one: Literally not a soul: Justine's iPhone: Now discoverable as "PIG PHONE 🐷" I love her so much @ 2:28
Fatima AlHammadi
Fatima AlHammadi Hace 2 meses
A quick question to people who own these, do they fall off ur ears since the normal ones sometimes do
Fatima AlHammadi
Fatima AlHammadi Hace 2 meses
Ok thx
Garet S
Garet S Hace 2 meses
No they stay in your ear
Amanda Howard
Amanda Howard Hace 2 meses
mob psycho 100
Sam S
Sam S Hace 2 meses
I impulse bought these when getting my phone and regretted it, that is until they came and I tried them on and now I loved them.
Charlie F
Charlie F Hace 2 meses
I’m selling some brand new AirPods Pro respond if you are interested
Celeste Rice
Celeste Rice Hace 2 meses
Just got mine today!! Love them so far and has to go with small ear buds also
Devin Dude
Devin Dude Hace 2 meses
Anyone else watching to see if you made the best decision to buy airpod or getting them soon
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