AirPods Pro Unboxing and Review!

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Testing out the new Apple AirPods Pro!
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29 oct 2019






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Comentarios 10 034
iJustine Hace 3 meses
Kenya Rodriguez
Kenya Rodriguez Hace 11 horas
iJustine Justine i also have AirPod pros 😇
Laser Beam
Laser Beam Hace 16 días
iJustine no wonder y u don’t have a man in your live like when u get a man I bet he is like u wanna spend time and u say well I wanna spend time with my apple products
APimpWeezing Hace 19 días
iJustine That rhymed
Samuel Mun
Samuel Mun Hace 21 un día
noah gallagher
noah gallagher Hace un día
everyone at shcool: "EWWW THOSE ARE SO UGLY.." me: *gets them* everyone at school: "omg those are so cool." "are they really noise cancelling" "omg can i try"
Ghasill Hace un día
My city is sold out of them but I never see anyone using it
SGG_Itay Gaming and vlogs
Who is watching this on the AirPods Pro. 🙋‍♂️ i know i am
Sabrina Romero
Sabrina Romero Hace un día
I don’t know how I feel about the in-ear silicone tip. I might just stay with the original AirPods 🥺😔
Lou Lou
Lou Lou Hace 2 días
Apple: 5 hours of listening with Airpods Pro Me: are you sure its 5 hours cuz it helped me for a day long
Joel Cregan
Joel Cregan Hace 4 días
Play new tool album 🤘
1k subs with no video
Her: gets every apple product Me: looks at my apples on the table
Michael Hace 6 días
I prefer the look and feel of the “older” ones ;)
WHATSKraKin Hace 8 días
150,477 emails...... OMG THAT'S A TON OF EMAILS And I thought me having 1,000 emails was impressive...😂
Jon Busby
Jon Busby Hace 9 días
You’re so energetic and it’s awsome
mr. meme
mr. meme Hace 9 días
Next thing you know the new ones become white tic tacs
genet gebre
genet gebre Hace 9 días
Who is using air pods while watching. Not pros but regular air pods
Salman Syed
Salman Syed Hace 9 días
for some reason you just remind me of how much I hate Kaitlyn Bennet
Alexis Kang
Alexis Kang Hace 10 días
I’m over here with the wired beats studio that they apparently don’t sell anymore on the official site
Lord Micheal
Lord Micheal Hace 10 días
I dream been using air pod pro
E Gaming tv
E Gaming tv Hace 11 días
On snapchat they are using the starting part of you video for a airpods scam
Fordman8011 Hace 11 días
Excellent review! This is the best review I’ve ever seen !
itz ronobi
itz ronobi Hace 13 días
transparent, because taking them out was hard lol
melly mol
melly mol Hace 13 días
I am not being dermaitc they are ugly
Abigail Grace
Abigail Grace Hace 13 días
You should try Colourpods
Estilo Blvck
Estilo Blvck Hace 13 días
damn imma get these tomorrow
Lynn Cox
Lynn Cox Hace 15 días
AirPod pros are so fat and ugly
Valentina Silva
Valentina Silva Hace 15 días
Personally I prefer the older ones but these seem cool but I shall stick to my old ones especially because they're still new for me
Andrew tube Zero
Andrew tube Zero Hace 15 días
love them so i am going to buy them
Azmina Sayani Kara
Azmina Sayani Kara Hace 15 días
i ,like airpods better
LyTr1x Hace 16 días
7:00 and in that moment, she didnt hear the car driving towards her because of the noice cancelation
NOT_ Swippy
NOT_ Swippy Hace 16 días
I have them there soooo good
jake cowman
jake cowman Hace 16 días
Zara Hace 17 días
I am soo desperate to get these Bye the way you are amazing Justine
Kayden Ventura
Kayden Ventura Hace 17 días
Ive always thought they were so fireeeee
XxbrendankoxX Hace 18 días
I like them so much but I also like the Powerbeats pro because I like bass heavy music but idkkkk what to choooseeeee
Lucifer Nova
Lucifer Nova Hace 19 días
Rewatching this video when I finally got the AirPod pro and need Ijustine help setting up a bit.
kike Ikef
kike Ikef Hace 20 días
Why i love apple stuff so much ....
Aff Mark
Aff Mark Hace 20 días
you suck
Vandruk Hace 21 un día
I'm getting those like in 1 month so excited
aubrey morrow
aubrey morrow Hace 22 días
i love being broke:)
Marino Riccobono
Marino Riccobono Hace 22 días
I love you even more now that you said “Tool” 😍
CHOCOLATE! Hace 23 días
I’m watching this video with my airpods pro and yes no one asked 😭😭😂
Warhawk Hace 23 días
if you have an Apple Watch there perfect
Adrien McWhorter
Adrien McWhorter Hace 23 días
She has like 150,000 emails you guys
Zac Golus
Zac Golus Hace 23 días
150,000 unread emails are I am thinking my 888 was a lot lol
Warhawk Hace 24 días
I'm got them
Joypal Navaneeth
Joypal Navaneeth Hace 24 días
Hi this thing is stuck in my mind for a week. I am totally confused to put Rs.25,000 INR in AirPods pro. I just want to know if someone got my AirPods pro without my knowledge (theft), then is it possible to track my AirPods pro. Yeah, I know its easy if it is connected to @t but what for the android users. Is it possible to track the AirPods pro with the serial number to which iPhone it is connected and past apple devices it got connected? ( if I got the serial number of the AirPods pro whether or not it's connected to icloud.com) If I am putting such a huge amount of money only for earphones which are actually equivalent to my one-semester college fee, I expect to have this feature. I googled it but I didn't really find an answer, hope you can give me one. Please take a few minutes to answer this.
Naomi Ramanayake
Naomi Ramanayake Hace 24 días
Apple kinda copied Samsung cause Samsung was the one that had the rubber thing that makes it more comfortable for your ear first and samsung had the ambient mode first!!!! I am a big fan of apple and Samsung, please don't come at me
hyunyong So
hyunyong So Hace 24 días
Thank you for review air pots pro. I just bought it at amazon. amzn.to/2NU8zw6
EmazingEthan31 Hace 25 días
I am ordering these next week
lulbabyylizz Hace 25 días
aight so should i get the regular airpods or the airpods pro sum1 pls help me 😭
Jamie Wheeler
Jamie Wheeler Hace 26 días
They’re amazing, the noise cancellation is unbelievable and Apple have worked wonders on them!
not it chief
not it chief Hace 26 días
Not noise cancellation, POOR cancellation
Sandi Hermana
Sandi Hermana Hace 27 días
Because Apple has a transparency mode that uses a microphone to transmit sound outside to the ear. Indeed Apple is not the discoverer of these features, but the capabilities at AirPods Pro are better, Overall, the Consumer Report gives a rating of 75. The number is below Galaxy Buds with a value of 86, and is above the Amazon Echo Buds with a value of 65. Galaxy Buds is considered to have better sound quality than AirPods Pro, although it is not equipped with noise canceling features. In addition, the price of Samsung wireless earphones is priced much cheaper. Galaxy Buds still The Best than Airpods Pro😂
PlatypusGuitar Hace 27 días
100 missed phones calls?! Either you never pick up or someone is harassing you!
Nisha Hace 28 días
I love mine
s •
s • Hace 28 días
and i’m here watching with my iphone x and airpods gen 1
jelteh Hace 28 días
AirPods pro or airpod pros?
sparklefarts Hace 26 días
jelteh airpods pro
Chris Martin Is Fire Lit
can i have airpods
Foster Comedy
Foster Comedy Hace 29 días
How is there still no volume control lol
Megaman's Gaming
Megaman's Gaming Hace 29 días
Only true Apple fans know that there are 4 generations of AirPods The iPhone 2G Bluetooth wireless headphones
Jayna Roy
Jayna Roy Hace 29 días
Can’t wait to try mine out!!!
elyssiaaa nievesss
elyssiaaa nievesss Hace un mes
apple: transparency mode me: ...because taking out ur airpods is so hard...
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