Aladdin - "Special Look" Trailer (My Thoughts)

Jeremy Jahns
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A new trailer or "special look" for the live action ALADDIN movie has hit ESvid. We get our first look at the blue Genie, as well as Jafar....yeah....here are my thoughts on both.
Watch the trailer here: esvid.net/video/vídeo-7hHECMVOq7g.html


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11 feb 2019

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RedThatYoutuber Hace 23 minutos
I don’t see the problem with will smiths genie. Maybe that one particular scene made it look bad.
The Haze
The Haze Hace 8 horas
Jaffar appears to be a pussy, and Genie looks like a blue dick.
Michael Jacobs
Michael Jacobs Hace 14 horas
They have the budget to make this look great but why do that when the movie's going to make a billion dollars regardless? It could get a 0% on Rotten Tomatoes and it would still probably recoup its budget in the first weekend. It's basically models cosplaying Disney shit at this point and nostalgia porn at this point.
MurderousEnemy Hace 17 horas
Thank you for the honesty!!!!
Carlo Nassar
Carlo Nassar Hace 20 horas
Honestly, my one complaint is Jafar. Why not Ben Kingsley? Edit: Or SOMEONE better.
Nick Martin
Nick Martin Hace 21 un hora
I avoided the trailer after I saw what he looks like in a photo... I am disappointed Disney, with all their time and money, cannot seem to make good fucking movies anymore without Pixar.
The Don
The Don Hace un día
We are in the dark days.
Stephen Trail
Stephen Trail Hace un día
I couldn’t even tell that guy was Jafar when I first watched the trailer.
pooperscoop54321 Hace un día
the genie looked more realistic than thanos. Thanos just doesn't look like a person, so it's easier to see the flaws in the genie.
Kurt D.
Kurt D. Hace un día
Alita blended the live action and CGI pretty well i'd say.
BrInG mE ThE lAmP
Mr. Mongoose
Mr. Mongoose Hace 2 días
I’m sorry I’m with you I was dissing Jafar more than Will Smith in this...
Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory Hace 2 días
0:46 ahahahahaahahah
Phil Morley
Phil Morley Hace 2 días
Why are they doing live movies from animation movies we saw b4 beauty and the beast was good but Aladdin I'm not sure and dumbo will smith is great but he'll never be as good as Robin Williams he's got big shoes to fill Disney must be running out of ideas
Sun Li
Sun Li Hace 2 días
Xgamer2462 Hace 2 días
Personally, I like the look
Eyob Ghebreiesus
Eyob Ghebreiesus Hace 2 días
Will Smith have never been on this low since his son came out gay.. smh what shite CGI and lame movie.
Simon H
Simon H Hace 2 días
The notorious youtube rewind guy plays the smuf in this cgi action rape of a classic
heyblindmouse Hace 3 días
Yes, THANK YOU. No one's talking about Jafar. He was way more shocking than Will Smith's Genie.
ianyanks23 Hace 3 días
Genie looks terrible, Jafar sounds awful, something about Aladdin just bothers me and I can't put my finger on it. Jasmine is passable and I haven't seen enough of Iago to form a fair opinion. I don't think The Lion King needs to exist but at least that trailer was decent. This looks terrible.
King Kong
King Kong Hace 3 días
Red dead 2?
Lenny Wright
Lenny Wright Hace 3 días
I have a feeling this Aladdin will bomb!
Jonathan Pasagui
Jonathan Pasagui Hace 3 días
King Wasteman
King Wasteman Hace 3 días
Disney right now are just too lazy. They can’t create original content hence the live action remakes, all they’re doing is relying on Marvel, Star Wars and Pixar to do their work for them. They need to create original 2D original drawn animations like back in the day in order produce great content. Learn from anime, anime is hand drawn animation that look so beautiful, better than 3D animation.
Miranda Summerset
Miranda Summerset Hace 3 días
Lol they kinda white cast Jasmine.... Girl not even Arab 😑
phoenix ashes
phoenix ashes Hace 4 días
Review the Brightburn trailer.
Fisher Theo
Fisher Theo Hace 4 días
All Disney's budget went into making Avengers Endgame.
T B Hace 4 días
Yes, Will Smith has an impossible task as genie, and I feel bad for him in that regard. But I disagree with you about him being able to be charismatic in this role. He was never going to crush this role. Imo, I think he was completely miscast. His voice and presence just feels way out of place to me. I think there is a list of other actors that could have come closer. I think someone like jack black could have provided more of a similar energy to Robin Williams and would have been far more palatable in this role. We needed someone with that improv comedy and energy that Robin Williams brought to his work. I almost think they should have gone with a cartoon or cgi animated genie and just used Robin Williams’ voice from the original movie. Is that insensitive to Robin Williams or an homage? I can’t decide. All I know is that Will Smith makes me realize how much I miss Robin Williams in this role.
Darius Lithav
Darius Lithav Hace 4 días
JEREMY PLS MAKE AN OLD MOVIE REVIEW FOR THE DRAGON BALL Z LIVE ACTION MOVIE. Remmeber the dragon ball z live action movie?? Ohhh wait no one does.
BEE 123
BEE 123 Hace 4 días
I love Will Smith but this kinda sux
Ben Gamer
Ben Gamer Hace 4 días
This video perfectly sums up all my gripes with the trailer.
Teagan Kropp
Teagan Kropp Hace 4 días
The live action Jafar sounds like that bad guy from the movie Enchanted, the uncle of the prince (can't remember his name, all you have to know is that they sound identical, and totally not intimidating)
Breeze Hace 4 días
This movie is going to bomb, and the lion king to.
Your Fun Sister
Your Fun Sister Hace 4 días
Yup. Pretty much
vanillaoreo251 Hace 4 días
I 100% thought Jafar was some middle aged evil woman. Horrible casting and acting
211of211 Hace 4 días
You know it's bad when Jeremy Jahn's does a better Jafar than the guy they actually got to play Jafar. Oh, this movie is going to be so bad! I love it!
J Dobbs
J Dobbs Hace 4 días
Jafar is literally the worst part. Whole lotta terrible casting choices
1mezion Hace 4 días
I think the rock Dwayne Johnson would make a funny Genie
1mezion Hace 4 días
Apparently Disney spent all their money buying Fox
Trouble man84
Trouble man84 Hace 4 días
And so will lion king
Trouble man84
Trouble man84 Hace 4 días
Jungle book sucked. B&B sucked. Thiiiiiisssssss will suck
King 2202
King 2202 Hace 4 días
Doesn't always have a menacing voice...……...I think...…..I think someone needs to watch that movie again, just sayin' .
Valen Sinclair
Valen Sinclair Hace 4 días
Not that I disagree, but how does this guy have 1.5m subscribers? WTF?
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Hace 4 días
Trailer CGI looks awful they should get rid of Will Smith Blue.
Michael Smith
Michael Smith Hace 5 días
This movie looks trash. As bad as will looks I bet his performance is the only bright spot.
Marcel Nobrega
Marcel Nobrega Hace 5 días
I hated this aladdin he looks like some random dude not the carismatic hero that need to steal to eat and yet have a kind heart to help others. Jasmine looks ok i guess she just need to be hot and Will look like shit.
Sophie Cooper
Sophie Cooper Hace 5 días
Thank you exactly, i am more pissed about Jafar than Genie But yeah Genie looks awful
VM CV Hace 5 días
ooh Jafar's voice and looks....
the_nikster Hace 5 días
i agree with you. my biggest gripe wasn’t will smith’s genie, it was jafar’s lack of menacing. it was so disappointing. i hope there’s more to it in the actual film. everything else looked pretty solid and i think they have time to clean up the CGI. at least i hope they do... 🤞🏾
liontuitt Hace 5 días
Is no one else concerned with the fact neither Aladdin nor Jasmine has had one line of dialogue in these trailers
Doomy McDoomerson
Doomy McDoomerson Hace 5 días
Good CGI: Thanos Bad CGI: The Scorpion King, the Genie, Steppenwolf.
Kniga Worm
Kniga Worm Hace 5 días
I had to rewind five times to make sure that was supposed to Jafar... Like, what the hell is that guy?! Apu could easily kick his ass. Jafar is supposed to be like Scar from the Lion King, but you know, human. And this guy is like... nothing. The Genie looks awful, and that's not the way to introduce this iconic character. Where's the energy? Where's the dazzle? Even for Will Smith this is lukewarm. What a disaster.
Kniga Worm
Kniga Worm Hace 4 días
+TheBraunMachine2011 let's hope so! But it's weird that THESE underwhelming moments are included in the trailer. The trailers are supposed to make you wanna see the movies, not fear them...
TheBraunMachine2011 Hace 4 días
to be fair, it's only one scene. he could be great in the film.
Jafar was supposed to grab him by the shirt and make him scared.....this is my childhood y’all better not fuck this up
Yeh I wasn’t thinking about the genie either. I didn’t even know Jafar was in the trailer. I think Jasmine is stunning. Is there a CGI tiger? Her pet Raja.
FLAT EARTH Hace 5 días
plot twist : Thanos is a genie
InkHeart17 Hace 5 días
If there was ever an appropriate time to genderbend a classic character, it would be here with the genie. Will Smith is usually very charismatic and I won't judge his approach to the character until after I see the movie, but if the film makers wanted to keep comparison to Robin Williams' version to a minimum, then changing the gender would've been a start.
Brad Silvers
Brad Silvers Hace 5 días
uh oh this is gonna be dogshit...squared
TjSpidey Hace 5 días
I am the lamp
klystron2010 Hace 5 días
He looks like discarded test footage from Avatar.
Russian Bot
Russian Bot Hace 5 días
Ok. Why does everyone have such high expectations for Disney? Disney has produced nothing but garbage for the past decade, with a few exceptions. Also I can't wait to see Jafar as the red genie at the end of the film Oh wait I wouldn't watch this movie even if it was free.
Raul Rogel
Raul Rogel Hace 5 días
They couldnt get an older dude to play jaffar??
Michael Stütelberg
Michael Stütelberg Hace 5 días
idea! Jamie Costa!
Elle West
Elle West Hace 5 días
I thought jafar turned himself into an old man and befriended Aladdin to go in the cave....either way I not impressed
Rick Miranda
Rick Miranda Hace 5 días
Yeah, I respect Will Smith. This is all Disney's fault. Disney's getting sloppy and greedy.
TheBraunMachine2011 Hace 4 días
Me too. I hope Will does well, I'm sure he'll be good.
Adam Jd
Adam Jd Hace 5 días
I grew up with the original Aladdin and no body will ever replace it ever there. Some movies you never mess with
William Trejo
William Trejo Hace 5 días
What to do?... Oh I don't know, make it look good?
izzuku midorya
izzuku midorya Hace 5 días
Its a stand user
Donnie Lloyd
Donnie Lloyd Hace 5 días
Will Smurf
Sukoshi 13
Sukoshi 13 Hace 5 días
I feel like the reason Disney uploaded that much more impressive Frozen II teaser was so we could cleanse our eyes from this Aladdin teaser.
Whale’s Willy
Whale’s Willy Hace 5 días
There are so many scary looking actors, heck even a handsome arab actor would have been better as Jafar. This looks like shit
Ser Winzzalot
Ser Winzzalot Hace 5 días
Whats wrong with the cgi...i thought its incredible and finally a great melding of a digital body with an actors head...that beingsaid this movie looks like shit..meaning the acting is terrible and uninspired the film or digital video looks plain ad hell very uncinematic and will smith looks stupid fat and we are so used to seeing him thin or muscular. The cgi is good if not great. Its the artistic direction that sucks ass
Alicia Jiye Kim
Alicia Jiye Kim Hace 5 días
Will Smith is way too famous and everyone know his face. Each time we see the genie we will just feel like we are seeing a blue Will Smith instead of a Genie from Aladdin..
Jorge Jesus
Jorge Jesus Hace 6 días
The whole point behind Jafar is that it's this creepy old dude that wants to marry an underaged girl. Did these people even see the movie? 😞 Awful casting.
SystemRichie Hace 6 días
He chose to be the Genie but turned down being Neo
AlexMonik Hace 6 días
Your jafar impression is amazing 😂
Jack Flank
Jack Flank Hace 6 días
Had Jeremy been drinking for this one? Not that I really care. Just never remember him slurring his words before.
JiNzX115 Hace 6 días
and it almost felt like an indian influenced culture rather than arabian, it was set in baghdad or agrabar after all, why does it feel so indian? do they have similar cultural ties with each other?
Jackie Martin
Jackie Martin Hace 6 días
Guy Ritchie was the wrong choice for this
Wa Ri
Wa Ri Hace 6 días
As long as it's better than Malificent I'll be satisfied. That's my new standard for live action remakes...." just do well enough not to piss me off" 😂
Películas/Movies HD
Frozen 2!!
Carl Ginland
Carl Ginland Hace 6 días
About those live-action "remakes" : what's the point? Beauty and the Beast was basically a shot-for-shot copy of the animated one but with real people...
Carl Ginland
Carl Ginland Hace 6 días
when you need good CGI, you ask for Andy Serkis' team
Seina Kimura
Seina Kimura Hace 6 días
Disney isn't even trying their best with these live actions, and you can clearly see it. They aren't even using that much money or effort to make them the best they can be. They're just being greedy for more money, instead of caring about us that has been supporting them for how long?!
Abel Mantor
Abel Mantor Hace 6 días
I'm crossing my fingers. Please don't suck as the genie.
Liam Cowie
Liam Cowie Hace 6 días
Good prisoner impression dude. Yeah they should have stayed away from the hole live action, there classics that shouldn't really be touched unless it's panto
KgDrifty Hace 6 días
Don’t Aladdin supposed to be a Indian decent??? Not White...
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ Hace 6 días
Will Smith wasn't the right person to cast for this role. This looks horrible.
Z Dada
Z Dada Hace 6 días
Why does this guy sound drunk?
Dilburger690 Hace 6 días
Yaaaa! It's *genie* time
Amanda L
Amanda L Hace 6 días
Will Smith is quickly becoming Nicolas Cage
TheBraunMachine2011 Hace 4 días
lol how?
Cringe Master 9000
Cringe Master 9000 Hace 6 días
I’d like to see the actor who plays Dennis in Always Sunny playing the genie! I think that could be pretty funny! That’s who I’d consider casting!
Richard Carte
Richard Carte Hace 6 días
Honestly I don't know why people are so upset. What did they think they were going to do with the genie. And I like where they're going with jafar. The villain should have a soft soothing voice, to easily draw the hero in. It's obviously bad CGI,. But again it was always going to be CGI or did people really expect?
Richard Carte
Richard Carte Hace 3 días
+TheBraunMachine2011 amen
TheBraunMachine2011 Hace 4 días
ikr? I think it's because people just didn't want a live action version of the animated film. They think these remakes are trying to replace the original. The originals are still out there.
Regino Ramos
Regino Ramos Hace 6 días
So far Cinderella is the best live action Disney movie 🙌💜🙌
Luke Cage
Luke Cage Hace 6 días
Hilarious 🤣
darkshadesofblue Hace 6 días
I can’t look at that thumbnail without cracking a smile. Lol
Paul Schlote
Paul Schlote Hace 6 días
Well, It looks like Bob Iger is just as good at fucking up Disney's own IP as he is Lucas Films....
David Hernandez
David Hernandez Hace 6 días
Finally a video i agree with Jeremy. guess anything better than that trash or mock video? of captain marvel.
Deep Kumar B S
Deep Kumar B S Hace 6 días
Aaaah das hot das hot...🤔
xox_SaltySiren Hace 6 días
The trailer, or sneak peek, whatever it is was extremely underwhelming. I remember way back when Tim Burton’s Alice came out, and I thought, hey wouldn’t it be super awesome if Disney remade all of their classic films as live action films? Yeah...kind of wishing they’d just stop at this point.
james marez
james marez Hace 6 días
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