Alessia Cara - October (Official Audio)

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Music video by Alessia Cara performing October (Audio). © 2019 Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


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5 sep 2019






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Aileen Delgado
Aileen Delgado Hace 4 días
this song makes you miss the memories you haven’t even made.
S. S. Kelila
S. S. Kelila Hace 15 días
If I could, I would totally, for you!!!!
Neto Mendes
Neto Mendes Hace 20 días
12/05/2020. Brasil aqui disponível.🕪🎧🎶🇧🇷😍
Squirrelflight ت
Squirrelflight ت Hace 21 un día
My name is Alessia and I was born in October. Coincidence I think not it’s definetely a song about me jkjk Great song once again!
송현주 Hace 25 días
언니 사랑해요 진짜 하루종일 이노래만 들어ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 진짜 미친것같아ㅠㅠㅠ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
how beautiful sings
Jozhan Rae Brewster
. October 2018 is where I left everyone
Charlie Mendes
Charlie Mendes Hace un mes
Still listening to this EP... feels so nostalgic!
어천역NO.248 Eocheon.stn
My birth month
son goku
son goku Hace un mes
This October I will become 14
aarushi vibu
aarushi vibu Hace un mes
The song is so genuine, and so from the bottom of the heart. It just makes you feel light and float-y, doesn't it, random person scrolling through the comments??
shianne Hace un mes
duarte Hace un mes
this song reminds me of my little sulli. i miss my girl so much. i love you jinri.
jamall Marshall
jamall Marshall Hace un mes
Oh a song about my birth month by Alessia
Sanne van Hoek
Sanne van Hoek Hace 2 meses
Any other Harry Potter Marauders Era stans that listen to this song thinking of how much more our babies deserved? No? Just me? Okay.
양치기지기양 Hace 2 meses
분명 한국인들이 이 노래를 듣고도 그냥 지나칠 리 없는데
MaLOL :D Hace 2 meses
Maybe my parents it’s just communist
MaLOL :D Hace 2 meses
I remember when iam little and see 11 septembre
MaLOL :D Hace 2 meses
Maybe it’s not my real parents
MaLOL :D Hace 2 meses
My parents are really strange and people
Mayte Molina
Mayte Molina Hace 2 meses
It’s my senior year of high school and this song make think about how I’ll probably never see the people that I commonly talk to at school. It’s a bittersweet feeling-imma miss it when it’s over.
Izabella Silva
Izabella Silva Hace 2 meses
Me transmite uma paz absurda😩💖
paul dyoco
paul dyoco Hace 2 meses
This song brings back my memories of october 2019 ece board exam. Now I'm an Engineer.
isa !
isa ! Hace 3 meses
what if we held hands and kissed under a tree in october?? haha...jk....unless???
Emma M
Emma M Hace 3 meses
Sounds good at 0.75x 🥺💖
Evolv23 Hace 4 meses
Haven't heard all of her songs yet but I already know this is her best one.
esther d:
esther d: Hace 4 meses
thanks joong
Tricia Messi
Tricia Messi Hace 4 meses
I wonder who's "you" at the end of the song
uwu Hace un mes
it's shawn mendes she is talking about
Monica B. Bandora
Monica B. Bandora Hace 3 meses
Tricia Messi how did you even catch that?😄
Lylia Malti
Lylia Malti Hace 5 meses
For Shawn Mendes the tour 🙏❤️
Your sexy spirit guide
October 2019 was the best month of the year for me. So I come back to this song (that i was addicted to in sept and oct) and relive those awesome moments. 👀
Chloe Y
Chloe Y Hace 5 meses
listening to this still makes me emotional
Virginia Bassu
Virginia Bassu Hace 6 meses
Zayneb Moin
Zayneb Moin Hace 6 meses
who's listenin' in *december*
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Hace 6 meses
WHER YOU AT READY 7 2908 PASADENA AVE LA 90031 7 REPEAT AN TIME TO START ,AN IF YOU 2 POPS AN CHAGE MY TUNES I HAVE SUPER AN FASTER THE LIGHT stretch stretch stretch super fast not learning fast faster than the light bulb turns on before that turns on
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Hace 6 meses
Mario Martinez
Mario Martinez Hace 6 meses
Rachel Hace 6 meses
Idk why i always feel nostalgic and sad when i listen to this song
faraz iqbal
faraz iqbal Hace 6 meses
Aphiwe Magaya
Aphiwe Magaya Hace 6 meses
My birthday month
Encuestas Regional
Encuestas Regional Hace 6 meses
Esta canción me hace sentir nostalgia y recuerdos hermosos de octubre
QL Hace 6 meses
can someone recc. me more songs like this? thanks
최이수이 Hace 7 meses
Melo Melgaço
Melo Melgaço Hace 7 meses
last comment of october kkk
Melo Melgaço
Melo Melgaço Hace 7 meses
love love
Nnenne Olivia
Nnenne Olivia Hace 7 meses
just covered this song if anyone wants to check it out ♡
Isabella Figueroa
Isabella Figueroa Hace 7 meses
We made it through October :) shout out to everyone who was at Rosemont
H s
H s Hace 7 meses
goodbye october ♥️
Dayu Waisly
Dayu Waisly Hace 7 meses
Bye october. see u next month
justabandlover x
justabandlover x Hace 7 meses
Eddie Suthers
Eddie Suthers Hace 7 meses
Am I the only one who thinks this is the best of her newest songs?
Skykid Hace 7 meses
It has become my jam for a month and I hope it'll continue... September was month of memories 💜
Angi- lish
Angi- lish Hace 7 meses
I played this song on my bro's birhtday❤(the 20th)
Pogg Champ
Pogg Champ Hace 7 meses
Muhamaddede Nasir
Muhamaddede Nasir Hace 7 meses
Now after september 😅
Fangirl EXO L, 5SOSFAM, Daisy, etc
Another unpopular thought: It's beautiful when you like the song, but it's perfect when you somehow relate to it.
Susu Meoxu
Susu Meoxu Hace 7 meses
"I hope we never see October... And we're okay, we'll live this way 'til it's done."
Oscar Koehler
Oscar Koehler Hace 7 meses
Alessia Cara did’t flop at all she’s still standing 🙂
uwu Hace un mes
yeeah she never flopped, cause she never tried to chart or get millions of views, she really couldnt care less about succes, and became more real with herself. a real artist
Cloud Nine
Cloud Nine Hace 7 meses
This song means a lot to me I haven’t seen my best friend in nearly 4 years this song makes me remember how much we love each other
Salma Akter Mukta
Salma Akter Mukta Hace 7 meses
Idk why but this song makes me wanna drive away somewhere far with my friends and just forget my worries for one day. I mean it's just sooo nostalgic. Well,most of her songs are actually and that's why I love her. ❤
Arjumand Bano Chughtai
deserves so much more hype
Lizbeth Bilever Bonita
Is beautiful song🎶💕👌Omg😀!! More for my Birthday21😃👌!!
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams Hace 7 meses
Who else is happy that she is on the pop hotlist.
Blair Waldorf
Blair Waldorf Hace 7 meses
I’m getting John Mayer vibes
ran garcia
ran garcia Hace 7 meses
im gonna miss this when its over.🎶🎶🎶
oh • com
oh • com Hace 7 meses
I thought she said "you laugh like a boo" bc of Halloween lmao
uwu Hace un mes
it's "you laugh like you do"
oh • com
oh • com Hace 7 meses
this is the shit I wanna hear
ılgın dikmen
ılgın dikmen Hace 8 meses
This song reminds me my grandparents. I lived with them in the same house and I lost them couple years ago. I'm missing them so bad but this song has a magical thing in it. My brain shows the memories about them when I listen this song. That makes me calm and peaceful. Thank you Alessia. I'll always love and support you. Keep going like this...
lovely skyler
lovely skyler Hace 8 meses
Totally an autumn vibe and good for october
Taufik Malik
Taufik Malik Hace 8 meses
This song describes the feeling I could not say. Back then, I did not want October to end because that means I would be having my O Level exam and all of us will be separated to pursue different paths. It means that I could not see my first love again in school like usual and we would be irrelevant for each other
Muddy Boots
Muddy Boots Hace 8 meses
Never let go of this bass kick you got going on in your songs
YouTubeSingers.com Hace 8 meses
Happy October!
Julio Cesar
Julio Cesar Hace 8 meses
Play this song! Chords Here!...acordesweb.com/cancion/alessia-cara/october
Steffany Victoria
Steffany Victoria Hace 8 meses
alguém br? ouvindo essa musica
sushil singh
sushil singh Hace 8 meses
Comfy Cozy Are We
Comfy Cozy Are We Hace 8 meses
J JW Hace 8 meses
Great song
josephine Hace 8 meses
I'm in LOVEEE with this song 😍 Also , my birthday is October 16 😂
Jimmy Ngo
Jimmy Ngo Hace 8 meses
Who else is listening to this in October? 🍂🍃
Jojiya Hace 4 meses
maaria smb
maaria smb Hace 5 meses
@Liza Nnangobya me
Moses Blunt
Moses Blunt Hace 6 meses
Liza Nnangobya
Liza Nnangobya Hace 7 meses
who isn't???
Eric Rinehart
Eric Rinehart Hace 7 meses
Not me
Sarra Hace 8 meses
1st octobre 😭
internetmaster1 Hace 8 meses
This one is such a mood I love it. Great relaxing vibe
Tasha Hace 8 meses
Step 1. Go to Google Step 2. Search this keyword: 123moviesoldversion Step 3. Enjoy! Alessia Cara - October (Audio) want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot. “I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn. “I dream. Sometimes I think that’s the only right thing to do. “Biology gives you a brain. Life turns it into a mind. “Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that. “I came from a real tough neighborhood. Once a guy pulled
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