Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) KILL COUNT

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8 feb 2019

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Hace 6 meses
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Marley Cornes
Marley Cornes Hace 6 días
James got it wrong on the Golden chainsaw supercut year 2 because he said the hard hat worker got the award but if you watch the video Jessie got the award in AVP requiem
terribletoonz Hace 21 un día
Your videos are cool
LIL TITAN Hace un mes
What happened to the little girl
Ultra Chara28
Ultra Chara28 Hace un mes
Hey, I think Tim from this movie is played by Chris Pratt.
Shadow Wolfy
Shadow Wolfy Hace un mes
6:34 u should've nicknamed it preda-morph
Combat Boots
Combat Boots Hace 8 horas
It seems like the only movie army helicopters are hueys Blackhawks and apaches
ShadteR Hace 16 horas
Every decision you made in your life led up to you reading this comment
Tom Tempus
Tom Tempus Hace 16 horas
Tom Tempus
Tom Tempus Hace 16 horas
Hey maybe just download the movie and then edit it s the parts that are dark are x-rayed!!
Braedyn The gaming young teen
Fallout 4 alien vs preditor edition
AngelicusImmortus Hace 20 horas
I quite liked it. But then I have a good TV, it turns off the black light background if the film is dark.
That guy Jayce
That guy Jayce Hace un día
*Ah bro watch yo jet ah bro watch yo jet ah watch you jet!!*
Call Me Bomb
Call Me Bomb Hace un día
I can just picture someone on set shouting "Fuck it's dark in here!"
Gabriel the gaming king
“He has the keys for the place” *SMASH*
Ailo Spjellok
Ailo Spjellok Hace un día
am i the only one that hates the way james says shuriken?
Ash Josu
Ash Josu Hace un día
It’s so weird to be laughing while people are getting killed
MaxTalks Hace un día
Wait, the dad who gets killed is called Tim O'Brien, and his wife is a soldier? Smells fishy, or maybe it's Napalm.
BigTimeSpider Hace un día
This movie literally made me naucious. The whole pregnant alien burst thing literally just felt like idk even know Never felt that disgusted in my life lol. Haven't seen it since. TIL NOW. THANKS JAMES A. JANISSE
Kill Anoid
Kill Anoid Hace un día
Wolf would’ve beat the shit out of the beserker.
Justawildboi Hace 2 días
James I have that same shirt
Diana Saint Hilaire
Diana Saint Hilaire Hace 2 días
Not a kid
Cheese Yourself
Cheese Yourself Hace 2 días
16:05 Jesus Christ explaining what happened with Judas at the Second Amendment (2XXX, colourised)
osman celik
osman celik Hace 2 días
Why ya swear I'm a kid
Knightwing Hace 3 días
almost choked on my lemonaid when you said " it's alive like me "
Block Obama
Block Obama Hace 3 días
This is requiem Wha Wha Wha
Jonas Nathaniel Briones
Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha Wha-
Alison Silva
Alison Silva Hace 4 días
Man, wolf is the coolest predator I just wish i could see something
Zeke Green
Zeke Green Hace 4 días
Go Team Alien! You only do what you gotta do to survive & always remain terrifying!
Laura Keck
Laura Keck Hace 16 horas
team predator
JaydenPlayz Hace 4 días
Happy 3 million subs James
mark kent
mark kent Hace 4 días
Weed kills kids you've seen it yourself 🤣
Tv On
Tv On Hace 5 días
This is ... Requiem
TheKagawaLife Hace 5 días
Predators don't kill the unarmed, pregnant, or sick.
Obligatory British Turtle Turtle
*that moment when people only know you as “Carrie the pregnant wife”, like dang you’re not even pregnant anymore, like you’re dead not pregnant*
Tara Wollner
Tara Wollner Hace 5 días
I was thinking of calling the predalien the Predamorph ;)
pvFOX #0977
pvFOX #0977 Hace 5 días
The random guy that joins the group is the Pizza Boss.
alissa rivera
alissa rivera Hace 5 días
He said square up😂
Hoang hoaang loc
Hoang hoaang loc Hace 5 días
13:12 That fucking voldemort??????
Searth Ngeam
Searth Ngeam Hace 5 días
James: Gets upset AVP:R has Jesse undress to go swimming. Also James: Shows clips of Jesse undressing to go swimming for his male audience.
Leyton Sumner
Leyton Sumner Hace 5 días
I also have a key heheheheh
PixelGaming With LittleZairah
*when they saw the name reqium but it was jojo fans* Jojo fans:gold expirience reqium
Marley Cornes
Marley Cornes Hace 6 días
James said the wrong golden chainsaw he said he went to a factory worker who got killed buy an alien but actually Golden chainsaw when to Jessie killed by a Predator not alien
Cleanser of 99.9% of germs
Kore ga...Requiem da...
Jonas Nathaniel Briones
Rare Item
Rare Item Hace 5 días
Shinjitsu ni totatsuru koto wa no keeshite nai
NoOneSpecial Hace 7 días
Omg I love your shirt
jorjor500 Hace 7 días
It actually makes a lot of sense that the military would nuke the town. We only see about 50 people at the rendezvous, meaning that most everybody else is probably dead and turned into a xenomorph. That means thousands of alien beings are overwhelming the town, and the more people they find, the larger their numbers get. It’s not a good thing, but it’s probably what the military would do in real life.
gene myco mendoza
gene myco mendoza Hace 7 días
aliens with evil stands and predators with epic stands. "IS THAT A *BLEEP* REFERENCE?!"
Mr Lazy 28
Mr Lazy 28 Hace 7 días
My favorite stand AVP Requiem
Jonas Nathaniel Briones
Incessant Sand
Incessant Sand Hace 7 días
15:16 "Shureakin" "Shureakin" "Shureakin"
Kolby Valentine
Kolby Valentine Hace 8 días
Joesniper 05
Joesniper 05 Hace 8 días
I still find it weird that pred alien is scar
the Lewd Pone
the Lewd Pone Hace 8 días
This is... Requiem
Mojoman241 Hace 8 días
I wish at the end he would say "Aye bro watch yo jet, Aye, Watch yo jet watch jet bro" like that old gta clip.
Matthew A
Matthew A Hace 8 días
Karl is colonel maybourne from Stargate SG-1
和夫Kazuo Hace 8 días
That predator ship had more than 100 predators as seen in the AvP and no-one survived but you only counted 3 predators that died in that ship
SMASH P0W Hace 8 días
Its now canon that Jamea has a GAINT skylight in this greenscreen room
Ivan Renov
Ivan Renov Hace 8 días
It’s not a tank or a APC, it’s a “attack helicopter UFO”
Tank Poe
Tank Poe Hace 9 días
No Anime No Life
No Anime No Life Hace 9 días
11:32 is there something wrong with me cuz when i see that scene where the pregnant lady gets injected with those eggs i kinda get aroused xD
Zythix Hace 9 días
James A. Janisse is really not a fan of fanservice.
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly Hace 9 días
7:33 - 7:37 YES!!! AND YESSS!!!
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly Hace 9 días
Requiem? It nearly killeduiem!...too soon?
RevanTheFireMage Hace 9 días
“Bro watch your jet, BRO WATCH YOUR JET” *Dies in fiery explosion*
Godzilla Fangirl
Godzilla Fangirl Hace 9 días
I actually kind of liked this movie
Adam Roache
Adam Roache Hace 9 días
Jonas Nathaniel Briones
@Adam Roache *AVPR vs GER who will win?*
Adam Roache
Adam Roache Hace 9 días
Credit to the Requiem in the title
valcristPL Hace 9 días
I like how the Predators in the first film scanned everything with the heat vision, but they somehow allowed a body with an alien inside of it on the ship. What a load of horse shit.
Knightmare04 aka Doom Slater
Does John Wick count as a Horror movie
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 Hace 10 días
Roses are red Violets are blue I'm the Wolf Predator Lets kill some aliens
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 Hace 10 días
Ther're 2 problams with this movie 1. Some of the characters 2. It's too dark even tho I can see the movie crystal clear.
SavagePhantoms 9000
SavagePhantoms 9000 Hace 10 días
So let me guess you live in Mishinggon (sorry if I spelled it wrong)
Ridiculous Men
Ridiculous Men Hace 10 días
5:00 the ship actually imploded
Soy Bajo
Soy Bajo Hace 10 días
Should have had the filter the entire time
honestly, why?
honestly, why? Hace 11 días
R.I.P Scar, Chet, And Wolf. You Ugly Motherfuckers Will Be Missed.
IlyxaChannel Hace 10 días
Chet was an ass
Fvsh Hace 11 días
“luckily he has the key for the place” kicks through entire fucking door
John Doe
John Doe Hace 11 días
Now I know where that GoT episode got their idea from lol Also, idk why but when James said "this movie is dark as shiet", I laughed way too hard
RoachdoggJR Hace 11 días
I spent years looking for this movie... and I dont know why.
Travis Takamori
Travis Takamori Hace 11 días
James: why didn’t you do the filter thing to brighten up the screen from the start?
Tobirama Senju
Tobirama Senju Hace 12 días
Wait a minute, is this the: “Shit n***o, that’s all you had to say.” movie?
Tf2 player
Tf2 player Hace 12 días
K0su Hace 12 días
ESvid says the movie was released 2008 but you say 2007 uhmmm
The Milk Man
The Milk Man Hace 12 días
It was released 2007 but ESvid got mixed up
jefferson focbit
jefferson focbit Hace 13 días
17:23 preddy fight!!!
The Saint
The Saint Hace 13 días
laziest ending to a movie ever.
Al Mcmeme
Al Mcmeme Hace 14 días
I’ve now watch quite a few of these and to be honest the humor is way to forced for me to enjoy personaly
Christopher Hace 14 días
I wish you would of used the filter the whole video
Ongo Gablogian
Ongo Gablogian Hace 14 días
Drew = Rickety Cricket
gabey niflit
gabey niflit Hace 14 días
Korega... waga Alien vs preditor requiemu no noryoku
Jonas Nathaniel Briones
Korega... waga *Aryien vs pureditoru rekuriyemu no noryoku*
kent lloyd
kent lloyd Hace 14 días
If a facehugger facehugged Jason Voorhees
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