Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) KILL COUNT

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8 feb 2019






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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Hace 2 meses
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Natalie Gutierrez
Natalie Gutierrez Hace 11 días
Hello I love you
Sherbert The destroyer
Dead Meat 14:26 you couldn’t done that earlier?
DarkstarGaming Hace 15 días
Dead Meat this movie sucked ass but it’s kills made up for it a little. Also the many practical effects made up for the overall quality of the movie.
hit them shots bro A9uaticDragonslayer
Do the leather face series
Jeff the killer
Jeff the killer Hace 22 días
Dead Meat I got you to 800 likes 👍🏻👍🏻
AkiraSlayer Hace 11 horas
This movie was such a shit storm haha. The predalien looked so great but as you said the movie is just so damn dark! Another great KC James thanks as always!
Shadowstorm Vash
Shadowstorm Vash Hace 11 horas
this line got an actual lol esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-wE8fZ0dsuso.html for like a few minutes.
Jimmy neautrons Homeless father
Wait so...who won the fight the predator or the alien?
Cody Smiley
Cody Smiley Hace 14 horas
I’m from Colorado btw
Neon Pigeon Production
Wow I actually guess the golden chainsaw. When I saw the shuriken kill it was cool and I though you though that too
Jason Todd
Jason Todd Hace 15 horas
Where the fuck are the lights and what is the movie so dark must be from the DC universe
Your God hates me.
Your God hates me. Hace 22 horas
Could you imagine Alien Vs Predator as a Quentin Tarantino movie? I'd be down for that shit.
Carlos Eduqrdo Borba
Cheesey Grumps
Cheesey Grumps Hace un día
I’m kinda pissed that they killed the kid even though it’s a movie
Wargaming Super Noob
That is NOT a Tank!! It doesn't have tracks!!!
3:10 David dobrick is that you ?
Dakota Oakes - Rookie
15:02 "Luckily, he has the keys for the place." *Kicks in the door with loud shattering of glass* God damn
Sam - The Gamer
Sam - The Gamer Hace 2 días
My name is Sam and that is not how I'm gonna die 😳
Vincent Cerone
Vincent Cerone Hace 2 días
17:58 the Colonel had a 25 kill streak
Sarahiguess Hace 2 días
I let out the most satisfied sigh of relief when the brightened filter came on. My eyes were straining to see for the first half of the vid.
Teddy Bear
Teddy Bear Hace un día
Sarahiguess same
Chopper Cam
Chopper Cam Hace 2 días
I know it’s messed up But what about all the babies in the hospital I doubt they made it out
Hayden Havoc
Hayden Havoc Hace 2 días
I just watched this video cause i haven't watched dead meat in a while but i remember the PURGE videos and the BELKO experiment and wanted to know if James counts the purge kill count and the belko kill counts in what kil count could beat the belko kill count cuase if he didnt then AVP requiem was close to beating the belko experiment. (btw if this confuses anyone im sorry i just havent watched dead met in 8 months)
Brian Moore
Brian Moore Hace 3 días
My name is Nick
Moon Noodles
Moon Noodles Hace 3 días
I know this is hella late, but this came out on my birthday. Even better it’s on one of my favorite series
Ismael Rivera
Ismael Rivera Hace 3 días
Cool video
Mona Berg
Mona Berg Hace 4 días
imagine a clover (cloverfield monster) vs behemoth (the mist)
Eȥ'ҽƙια. Hace 4 días
Yutani dies in Blackout. But this is a whole separate universe from Alien to Covenant.
Khane Carroll
Khane Carroll Hace 5 días
It's a APC😅
Palm Hace 5 días
Am I the only one who wanted the predalien to look rather more than a predator than a alien?
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Hace 5 días
I live in Colorado and I can verify how realistic this movie is
jason Trinidad
jason Trinidad Hace 5 días
11:04 there's a jumpscare
Miguel Guzman
Miguel Guzman Hace 5 días
“It’s alive like me”
TimeWireGaming Hace 5 días
I would label it a prednomorfe
Matthew McKinney
Matthew McKinney Hace 5 días
it's an APC or some shit
CallMe Rqxy
CallMe Rqxy Hace 5 días
Chip and Dale :)
Xander Valois
Xander Valois Hace 5 días
I like both of the series
Malyssa C
Malyssa C Hace 6 días
Oh god my eyes! I'm watching on my iPad with max brightness in the dark, laying down and that filter felt like a flare going off in my room. If only fox applied a filter too, I believe this movie would of been better received if we could of actually seen what was happening.
Luke C
Luke C Hace 6 días
poor Buddy and Sam f**k the producers for killing off a dad and his kid
I'm The Best
I'm The Best Hace 6 días
I wonder if the owtjtha has a Mr.Clean which is Mr.Wolf
I'm The Best
I'm The Best Hace 6 días
I wonder what do they do with the skins
David Church
David Church Hace 6 días
Saylos Relyks
Saylos Relyks Hace 6 días
"Gotta expand that Creep somehow." Was that a Zerg reference lol.
Spaghetti Hace 7 días
Roses are red My teammates get carried Lex and scar Should've been married
backdragoon 8034
backdragoon 8034 Hace 7 días
"30-34 which i count is 5" Me counting on fingers: 1 2 3 4 is 34? not OK SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME
Some random Guy
Some random Guy Hace 6 días
It’s kill number 30 which means there were 29 kills before them.
Livie Weis
Livie Weis Hace 7 días
I love the elaphant noises
Alyssa Gonzalez
Alyssa Gonzalez Hace 7 días
Who else ships pred with alien Pred+alien=predalien
darksy triz
darksy triz Hace 7 días
Roses are red violets are blue I hate facehuggerss and so do you
darksy triz
darksy triz Hace 7 días
I hate chest burst and face huggers
Auto-Pulse Gaming
Auto-Pulse Gaming Hace 8 días
Prometheus VS Predator VS Aliens
Cpl. Yumi Nagumo
Cpl. Yumi Nagumo Hace 8 días
Why didn't you put a filter on at the beginning?
NatureXwars Hace 9 días
I would've count those other pregnant women seen in the maturnity ward as they turn their heads screaming at the one getting impregnated.
Wyatt Rondeau
Wyatt Rondeau Hace 9 días
That is so stupid!!
Wyatt Rondeau
Wyatt Rondeau Hace 6 días
I am glad you did not mean it. P.S. play Jurassic world evolution please!!!
S L U Fox
S L U Fox Hace 6 días
So as you Im kidding
POP CORN Hace 10 días
Golden experience requim Who else knows that line
Barking Shark
Barking Shark Hace un hora
Autizmo Hace 10 días
overmorph egg not xeno egg
arf trooper stak
arf trooper stak Hace 11 días
Noooooo not eddie i liked him 😞😞😞😞
lone wolf
lone wolf Hace 11 días
The dull machete kills was not actual kills for they was already dead
Dj Wham gaming
Dj Wham gaming Hace 11 días
It a APC!!!
Vicki Panks
Vicki Panks Hace 11 días
I think that avp is better
Jean Sison
Jean Sison Hace 11 días
Predalien is a hybrid
XxTKDNicholixX Hace 11 días
Eyyy Colorado
Ricardo Montes
Ricardo Montes Hace 11 días
Marcos touches my balls
Aaron Chris Gallagher
Aaron Chris Gallagher Hace 11 días
James how did you get that t shirt
TheFantasticQuinn Hace 11 días
So I've always pronounced shuriken like SHUR-ih-kin, but James keeps saying shur-EE-kin so now I'm doubting myself. **sighs** can anyone tell me if me or James is correct?
Bob Allen
Bob Allen Hace 11 días
TheFantasticQuinn I have always pronounced it as SHUR-ih-kun
JOSH Kennedy
JOSH Kennedy Hace 11 días
Love ur shirt man
Colm Odrisscoll
Colm Odrisscoll Hace 11 días
Predator: *"Remember, no Alien."*
The anthem of Creation itself
Has anyone else here ever played aliens vs predator 3 2010. It’s an amazing game and the stuff you can do is amazing
Lord Albert
Lord Albert Hace 12 días
Man wolf was so damn cool don’t even think any other predator has gotten close to how awesome he was.
Meboyx Hace 12 días
Is it weird that whenever I watch alien my stomach hurts?
Betsy Valasek
Betsy Valasek Hace 12 días
8:56 I love u james🤣 like if u get the quote
Michael Wren
Michael Wren Hace 12 días
Sorry dude but I gotta get myself that T-shirt lol
Joey Harp
Joey Harp Hace 12 días
At 9:19, Guy: It’s not bright enough Me: of corse it’s not bright enough, that’s how the movie was made
Xander Gardecki
Xander Gardecki Hace 12 días
Real score 115
Bubble Slayer
Bubble Slayer Hace 12 días
I Like James shirt
Eskayda HD
Eskayda HD Hace 13 días
Use this one Alien trick! Predators HATE it!!!
Juan J.
Juan J. Hace 13 días
This movie was pretty neat because it was a teenage slasher flick with aliens and a predator.
X. XlostmanX X
X. XlostmanX X Hace 13 días
Sneaky geek
Sneaky geek Hace 13 días
James I am a Coloradian
Spiny Justspiny
Spiny Justspiny Hace 13 días
I'm guessing his production name was Chet partly to make the costume less terrifying to work around and partly as a reference to the original Alien's fan nickname, Big Chap.
Lol I suck at fortnite
Imagine a real Chest burster trying to get you
Mary Raleigh
Mary Raleigh Hace 13 días
Who liked the first AVP movie more than this one, like for the first one comment for the second one.
Fabian Vigil
Fabian Vigil Hace 13 días
Please don’t roast Colorado I live in Colorado 🤣
Gary Humphries
Gary Humphries Hace 13 días
roses are red that much is true but violets are freaking purple my dude
Gary Humphries
Gary Humphries Hace 13 días
8:56 its alive like me is from jw fallen kingdom
YahSkies Hace 14 días
I call it the “Pralien”
Pigeon Hace 14 días
the predator is similar to British policemen as that they only attack unarmed creatures only when provoked, and for armed opponents.
Recreated793 Hace 14 días
Yo watch yo jet
Purple Sheep
Purple Sheep Hace 14 días
spinoraptorattack Hace 14 días
11:28 ew
Landon Cottrell
Landon Cottrell Hace 14 días
And it still isn’t the kill record thanks belko
Bumbleprime 10
Bumbleprime 10 Hace 14 días
When you said PREDDY FIGHT!!! i thought you were gonna spam the elephant noise
fnaf fan78
fnaf fan78 Hace 14 días
Another Very Pointless Remake if your a hater xddd i'm not btw
Jeremy Greenidge
Jeremy Greenidge Hace 15 días
I agree, Reqrium was pretty good and had potential to be better, but that editor really fucked up with the dark resolution. And Wolf Predator was badass!
Douque Hace 15 días
This could’ve been a badass movie if there was light
bajasummit Hace 15 días
A few things about gunnison 1: it’s not that big, 2: I’m almost certain they don’t have their own power station 3: there aren’t even enough people to clog the roads that bad even with tourists 4: if you wanna run, just go north into crested butte and over the 4x4 mountain passes, not much will find you there
Braden Lineberry
Braden Lineberry Hace 15 días
Shureekens lol
A Random Gingerbread house
Roses are red, Im pretty gay. When James Charles kisses you, this is what they say.
Gaming boiboi
Gaming boiboi Hace 15 días
Tbh do a kill count on pulp fiction
XX_Nickplayz IDK
XX_Nickplayz IDK Hace 15 días
Anybody else live in Colorsdo besides me?
the three mixed gamers
excuse me but us Coloradins have very funny jokes and ultimate sarcasm sooooooooooo why you hate on the fact we can hunt and get almost free meals
BLessingdrop 433
BLessingdrop 433 Hace 15 días
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 Hace 15 días
So Dutch, a badass in a movie played by a badass in real life can't get hold of any predator weaponry but some random nerd with a rage boner can?
J Spol
J Spol Hace 15 días
It might be the same blue stuff cause the city predator mixes it with wall to heal himself.
Vaderboy 05
Vaderboy 05 Hace 15 días
The Predalien is probably like the only thing that makes this movie cool, if anyone agrees like this comment xD
Perri Cherry
Perri Cherry Hace 16 días
But since Carrie was pregnant why didn't you count her baby ?
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