Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (2007) KILL COUNT

Dead Meat
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8 feb 2019

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat Hace 15 días
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Jack The Guide
Jack The Guide Hace 18 horas
-insert request here-
numty mc numty
numty mc numty Hace 4 días
Kill count
numty mc numty
numty mc numty Hace 4 días
Do Stephen king's it
Jeremiah Granger
Jeremiah Granger Hace 4 días
Your the best dead meat, I wish you could do Alien: Covenant Kill Count..
Naruto Is forever
Naruto Is forever Hace 5 días
Sorry I didn’t know where to suggest cuz I have only started watching your videos There really good by the way
Duki DarkWolf
Duki DarkWolf Hace un hora
I just love that T-shirt you are wearing in this kill count it so adorable 💙💙💙
UnfriendlyZone Hace 2 horas
14:03 Rickety Cricket’s street survival instincts kick in
SnappyCenter7 Hace 4 horas
So people getting nuked is messed up but pregnant women and their unborn babies getting eaten from the inside out is fine. Okay then...
JustinTime Hace 4 horas
I just listen to your voice as ASMR while I go to sleep, anyone else do that?
Dank Pepsi
Dank Pepsi Hace 5 horas
Oh don't worry James, I already watched all these
PROJECT_ AUTISM Hace 5 horas
XD 18:20 Holy shit they got nuked
BigbroKhylle Hace 7 horas
i like your shirt
Torkus Qerdoon
Torkus Qerdoon Hace 9 horas
I think they should have released the unrated version that's just brighter than the theatrical release
The Boss
The Boss Hace 9 horas
Yo you should put filters over movies more. Not only would it make things easier to see but it also makes it easier to not get claimed for copyright
JustHoriizonRBLX Hace 9 horas
Drop AVP Only csgo players know this
The Cosmic Hobo
The Cosmic Hobo Hace 10 horas
I know you said not to. But I can't help it. The tank is actually an M1126 Stryker, or it looks like the ICV variant anyways. Obviously not your fault or problem, they call it a tank. lol
Zacimus the master Shooter
How dare you presume theses dead peoples genders how dare you!!! And 78 kills holy shit!!!
The M3m3M4ch1n3
The M3m3M4ch1n3 Hace 13 horas
How did she manage to have three chestbursters?
Julissa Martinez
Julissa Martinez Hace 14 horas
Include the Xenomorphs or we will open unsubscribe from you!!!
Oh no No
Oh no No Hace 16 horas
Why does the predalien like the aliens not the predators
Malachi Vermilyea
Malachi Vermilyea Hace 16 horas
It's not pedalian it's abomination
Ratchet 2003
Ratchet 2003 Hace 17 horas
I like the T-shirt
MLG GUY Hace 20 horas
this t-shirt is sooooooo dope and cute and i really want it
Alex Warner
Alex Warner Hace 20 horas
You should do predator 2018
kcbird2001 Hace 22 horas
Do a murder movie plz
sound blast
sound blast Hace 22 horas
What 'bout the 2000+ dead at the start?
Joel Valdez
Joel Valdez Hace un día
I liked the first one better...
Amaya Le'frere
Amaya Le'frere Hace un día
When your from colorado, hitting a blunt watching this videoo lmaoo
Kayden Hutchinson
Kayden Hutchinson Hace un día
I love the predators more predator movies we need em just like james
Kayden Hutchinson
Kayden Hutchinson Hace un día
I think wolfs mystery juice is being used to melt bodies to prevent chest bursts
Jair Monreal
Jair Monreal Hace un día
I used to watch your videos with my ex gf. Watching them alone is not and never will be same. I miss her.
Thug Fish
Thug Fish Hace un día
I live in michigan and damn it looks cool in space
Stay puft Vlogs
Stay puft Vlogs Hace un día
Buck McCoy
Buck McCoy Hace un día
Its a apc
UD 07 Samuel
UD 07 Samuel Hace un día
Um this is getting real black mesa seven hour war idk its hard
LYT Hace un día
I love these movies. They're amazing. 🙂
Arvid Peters
Arvid Peters Hace un día
13:24 you where not wrong it is an apc
Insidecart76873 Hace 2 días
It's one in a million if I scroll down my recommended and NOT see a kill count vid
Christopher Sims
Christopher Sims Hace 2 días
Love these kill counts, it's like cliff notes for movies oh, could you do the Living Dead movies, maybe the day Dawn of the Dead Day of the Dead in the others Land of the Dead oh, I would definitely be liking them
ZestyOxiclean Hace 2 días
Why would an Alien impregnating a Predator make a Predalien? Does that mean they take traits of what they impregnate?
Vhailor Mithras
Vhailor Mithras Hace 2 días
*Nice shirt.*
I farted also,
I farted also, Hace 2 días
The video was so dark I wanted my phones brightness up.
PumpkinGirl 101
PumpkinGirl 101 Hace 2 días
I like The term ''predomorph''
Did anyone else see his shirt
Eli _Silver_900
Eli _Silver_900 Hace 2 días
if only you used that filter from the start of the video
thePr0t3ct0r Hace 2 días
He never blinks lol.
Kuro Usagi
Kuro Usagi Hace 2 días
It’s an APC. A Stryker infantry combat vehicle.
Tate Hammontree
Tate Hammontree Hace 2 días
This movie is so dark it makes Don't Breathe hurt your eyes (All jokes aside, Don't Breathe handled dark environments very well and at no point was it unintentionally hard to see. AVPR however is just straight underexposed.)
Awsomeisaacharmon Hace 2 días
78 kills omg thats the highest one ever!
stitch_gaming Hace 2 días
Smooth Toons
Smooth Toons Hace 2 días
I dont know why, but when I first saw this video about 2 minutes in I'm thinking. "Wait this is LITERALLY the SAME thing as the other one" and then I'm like probably a glitch, and sure enough it was.
just an average nerd
I always called the face huggers face rapers
Ale Villacres
Ale Villacres Hace 2 días
You funny asl😂😂😂😂
Lucas Grey
Lucas Grey Hace 2 días
Y didnt u put the filter on the hole movie
Gorg._.408 Hace 2 días
If the ship from the first one went down, does that mean the bad ass one with the cape died?
Omega Squad Teemo
Omega Squad Teemo Hace 2 días
It's so dark it looks like a DC movie
Nikki Villemaire
Nikki Villemaire Hace 2 días
I think it's some kinda Yautja law that they don't harm women or something! Don't know if that's true! This movie freaked me out! I prefer the first AVP movie! "Government doesn't lie!" Yeah right! *coughtrumpcough*
AlphaZero434 Hace 2 días
Should have used the filter all the way through
Loony Bin Animations
If only you’d put the filter on at the beginning! Still another cool kill count!
ACE_Cosmic YT
ACE_Cosmic YT Hace 3 días
i played this game on my kindle before
Evangeline Ventura
Evangeline Ventura Hace 3 días
I loves that shirt he is wearing
Duffy Mullaney
Duffy Mullaney Hace 3 días
1:43 as a michigander... I approve
Jack Sheehan
Jack Sheehan Hace 3 días
Where can I buy that shirt
Milo Wentworth
Milo Wentworth Hace 3 días
;-; i live in Colorado
zamasu Carrera
zamasu Carrera Hace 3 días
Did they just kill lots of babys if yes there mess up
blank Hace 3 días
It's raccoon city all over again
Fg Repp
Fg Repp Hace 3 días
I’m from Colorado
pz- 31
pz- 31 Hace 3 días
Wolf is my favorite
Jonathan Rosenberger
What movie has he done has the most kills? Is this it?
Fabian Duran
Fabian Duran Hace 3 días
The part where karl got killed he is referring to Marvin when he got shot in the car i was laughing so hard
Me, Myself and I
Me, Myself and I Hace 3 días
12:30 How Voldemort was made
Ruh Roh
Ruh Roh Hace 3 días
Kristin Mccarthy
Kristin Mccarthy Hace 3 días
What’s the blue angel show
Gomma Bomma
Gomma Bomma Hace 3 días
It’s an apc
A Colorful Strawberry
I hated that you couldn't see over half the kills, I need my gore movie!
Phyco Buzzaxe21
Phyco Buzzaxe21 Hace 4 días
You can tell what rank the Predator is by the amount of mandibles and ridges their mask has and their amount of head spikes
MaddMann_Duo Hace 4 días
Dallas be like: AaAaAa, I nEeD a MeDiC bAg!!!
0000 0000
0000 0000 Hace 4 días
14:27 *How did you do that effect? I wanna use that for movies or scenes that are too dark to see* 😎
Yellow Corgi
Yellow Corgi Hace 4 días
9:03 Famous last words: "See, no monster."
Marty Channel
Marty Channel Hace 4 días
6:40 made me laugh
Avery Johnson
Avery Johnson Hace 4 días
16:04 love the meme reference
little t
little t Hace 4 días
Also do the sand kill count
little t
little t Hace 4 días
Do this again but with the filter on all the time so we can see the sweet gory kills
Valentin Lopez
Valentin Lopez Hace 4 días
I kinda think it went to far with the pregnant women kills, just stop, kill the annoying, unwanted characters
Valentin Lopez
Valentin Lopez Hace 4 días
Dead meat there is way more deaths. If you watch one of the trailers you find out there is a population of over 5,000 people and it all comes to an end
Jaden Johnson
Jaden Johnson Hace 4 días
15:01 ha nice joke
Julian Shipp J.R.
Julian Shipp J.R. Hace 4 días
Why is this movie so damn dark ?
Ana Lúcia
Ana Lúcia Hace 4 días
the Christine movie i mentioned was about a killer car
Rafael Moran
Rafael Moran Hace 4 días
Keep in mind predators only kill humans with weapons, as they can be a potential threat
Bjorn Ervig
Bjorn Ervig Hace 4 días
The vagrants could've been used in a Hobo with a Shotgun/Alien/Predator crossover.
Riley Hoffman
Riley Hoffman Hace 4 días
The shirt you were wearing was amazing
Rageanator Hace 4 días
Blue juice is the best murder hiding device
Karson Hubbard
Karson Hubbard Hace 4 días
Hey I'm a Coloradoan
Neutron Star
Neutron Star Hace 4 días
That predator is a disgrace to all predators because he let predator tech get in the hands of humans and that's a no no for predators
Israel Armstead
Israel Armstead Hace 4 días
I love his shirt Wolf is my favorite character now
Omari Tari
Omari Tari Hace 4 días
The xenomorph need a life why would you kill a kid thank you wolf for killing them
xXwierdestXx 1116
xXwierdestXx 1116 Hace 4 días
Was their actually a *chokes on ice*
1 Sub with 1 Video ?
Alex Zurita
Alex Zurita Hace 4 días
My phone's brightness bars all the way up and I can still barely see it
Jacob Orozco
Jacob Orozco Hace 4 días
Even in blue ray I own them.
Coolgamer The cools :P
Yo watch your jet
tiny whale man person
bruh the predalien killed him self because he had pay so much child support fot them belly bursting
Nina Mercer
Nina Mercer Hace 5 días
What I’m mad about is that the government killed no xenomorphs until they nuked the place.
aviation gaming
aviation gaming Hace 5 días
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