All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

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All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
In this video, I look at each member of the seven deadly sins and all of their recorded power levels. I also look at how strong they are currently in the manga.

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10 abr 2019

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Dady Otola
Dady Otola Hace 3 días
What is power of supreme deity please answer me quickly😙😙😙
ANGEL LAZFA Hace 2 meses
Can u watch this online website if yes can u please tell me an website to watch please and is this manga still going on
Ladies & gentleman We got 'em
Hey umm.. could you please say when there will be spoilers from the manga. Because I'm really trying not to get spoiled 😅
XantharTheAnimeKing Hace 2 meses
What Elizabeth power level
Vx kronos
Vx kronos Hace 3 meses
Jimuel Oliva
Jimuel Oliva Hace 46 minutos
What app do you use to read manga? Sorry I'm new.
Cheri Drummond
Cheri Drummond Hace 5 horas
She could technically be apart of them that were together for ever since meliotas and Elisabeth have started to love since that were born
Cheri Drummond
Cheri Drummond Hace 5 horas
What about princess Elizabeth
《Efe KULALI》 Hace 9 horas
If I won't see meliodas in this form in anime , I will fuck myself
Typical Troll
Typical Troll Hace 16 horas
I think mael and escanor are weaker than u say because meliodas during his fight was not even using his full power and in the past meliodas defeated mael
Ham Sandwhich
Ham Sandwhich Hace 21 un hora
6:31 Yo King is trying to get that neck
Shikitsumi_OTAKU Hace 21 un hora
400k, 500k, and 600k are you kidding me? you're baiting people just for a money, and people keep dumb themselves, and fooled by this shitty channel. Read manga and don't listen to this shit. But there's still a Fandom site only for those people who doesn't read manga. Check it out, Fandom is always updated.
hiiro sama
hiiro sama Hace un día
Escanor defeat estarossa so easy impossible he is the 4th
Rener Oslo
Rener Oslo Hace 19 horas
Lol, Estarossa is nothing.🤣
꧁༒SAVAGE༒꧂ Hace un día
SAITAMA'S POWER IS 9999999999999999+
Velys Tiandi
Velys Tiandi Hace un día
Escanor below demon king, who decide that?
Josiah Vehe
Josiah Vehe Hace 2 días
His 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,0000,00,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Rodrigo Cesar
Rodrigo Cesar Hace 3 días
thats when he was old he head that power now he his regluerform is 30k power and demon is duble that
Eman Baladad
Eman Baladad Hace 3 días
Can u measure saitama's power level though
Asta Hace 3 días
Mosquito has power level of 0.01 so id say if saitama cant kill him hed have to be pretty weak
Marc Mbofung
Marc Mbofung Hace 3 días
So what your saying is they could solo the whole of the saiyan saga in z ad first act of the frieaza saga
pawlk21 Hace 4 días
In my opinion merlin has an infinite powerlevel because of her special ability
Rener Oslo
Rener Oslo Hace 19 horas
Nope lol
PinoyCrafter Awasfarf//PCAwasfarf -Minecraft
Yep if she has more time she will be the strongest of all the sins she still got a long way to go but because of her ability infinity she will be stronger than anyone at the seven deadly sins universe
Abraluce Hace 4 días
I love SDS but this power level stuff is so cringy cause it's getting to crazy numbers it's like what does it even matter anymore.
Yoki prasetya
Yoki prasetya Hace 4 días
Best anime ever
Daniel 123
Daniel 123 Hace 5 días
What chapter is on manga after season 2?
Reccalect 300x
Reccalect 300x Hace 4 días
Its like 187 or 167
Daniel 123
Daniel 123 Hace 5 días
@Nico Würger Thank you
Nico Würger
Nico Würger Hace 5 días
certified cool guy
certified cool guy Hace 6 días
Ah yes, the invincible embodiment of pure power for one minute, The One Escanor, is way weaker than almost all the other sins. Damn chief, but that sucks
Thorn58 Productions
Thorn58 Productions Hace 6 días
King, ban And meliodas stronger than Escanor? Who decides that?
Andres b
Andres b Hace 6 horas
Its a quote numnums
Aniket Singh
Aniket Singh Hace 15 horas
I was gonna post it. You hoe
PinoyCrafter Awasfarf//PCAwasfarf -Minecraft
@Thorn58 Productions yes as i said he is the 4th highest power level after meliodas ban and king
Thorn58 Productions
Thorn58 Productions Hace un día
PinoyCrafter Awasfarf//PCAwasfarf -Minecraft yes he will die. But as long as he as the sun power, his has one of the highest power Level of all sins
PinoyCrafter Awasfarf//PCAwasfarf -Minecraft
Lol escanor is the weakest on all the sins right now he is the 4th strongest after king ban and meliodas because mael gave back sunshine and also discussed there that after he used sunshine he will die so right about now he isnt the strongest but rather the weakest
KAAN AVCI Hace 7 días
The one 300? 500+
Reccalect 300x
Reccalect 300x Hace 4 días
Meliodas would beat the one as of now
Enrique Miranda
Enrique Miranda Hace 7 días
Well I already knew he was the strongest because the voice actor of Meliodas after plays Kirito from Sword Art Online
Jarrod The Man
Jarrod The Man Hace 8 días
Huh I thought the one form esconor was near invincible
Reccalect 300x
Reccalect 300x Hace 4 días
Nah he stated that a hit from meliodas feels worse than having his arms cut off and shot through the chest
Br0z Hace 8 días
how can i find the full story, like comics and stuff not the series on Netflix
Br0z Hace 6 días
@just subscribe cant i find it online?
just subscribe
just subscribe Hace 7 días
Manga? Buy it
ESCANOR YT Hace 8 días
Meliodas probably lvl power 666 666
Ken Penaflor
Ken Penaflor Hace 6 días
Sin. Hace 8 días
Remember when power level 1000 was OP? Remember when power level 17000 was OP? Remember when power level 36000 was OP And Now you need power level 200000 to be relevant in the series? Accept if your merlin of course
Serdem Sener
Serdem Sener Hace 3 días
The Raging Riot
The Raging Riot Hace 9 días
IK for a fact this channel makes a buttload of money
Carl Freericks
Carl Freericks Hace 9 días
The power levels on the Thumbnail are unrealistic😑
Hamlet jew Ardiente
Hamlet jew Ardiente Hace 9 días
Umm Wheres The Holy Knights I Though They Were Strong ??
ghayden arroum
ghayden arroum Hace 10 días
escanor is the strongest sin dude wtf is this shitt
FGC Ghost
FGC Ghost Hace 10 días
Seven deadly sins..... Dragon ball intro
Demon Tay
Demon Tay Hace 10 días
Meliodas 32,500 - 142,000 Merlin: 4,000+ Escanor 28,000(base) 114,000 max before noon Escanor (the one) 200,000+ Ban: 3000+ King: 41,600 Diane: 8000. (Droles dance) 50,000 Gowther: 35,400
ZSore Hace 10 días
imagine if ban had kept his immortality xd
Venom Gaming
Venom Gaming Hace 11 días
Loving to make AMV's for 7 Deadly Sins great show
Deninja Hace 11 días
Here's a fun game... take a shot every time he says "power level".
gamer deathlord
gamer deathlord Hace 11 días
Power level of saitama anyone?🤔
AMV Only
AMV Only Hace 12 días
Meliodas didn’t have his full power against escanor
Mr. Popo
Mr. Popo Hace 12 días
Waiting for anyone in SDS to be *confirmed* at 1million power
romu desu
romu desu Hace 12 días
i thought high noon Escanor was already OP, until full grown wing King and Ban came 😂😂😂
Ginpachi Sensei
Ginpachi Sensei Hace 12 días
You can't measure the power of Escanor during peak!! He can be over 1-2m.
Rener Oslo
Rener Oslo Hace 9 días
Lol nice wank, no.
Rx gaming
Rx gaming Hace 11 días
Ginpachi Sensei really?
Ginpachi Sensei
Ginpachi Sensei Hace 12 días
Escanor always top 1 at peak following by meli. King is just crybaby.
Rener Oslo
Rener Oslo Hace 9 días
Nice wank, as expected from a Escanor wanker. Meliodas is literally the Demon Lord and the Destroyer fool, the entire world cannot contain him.
chaoticwarps Hace 11 días
Escanor at top 1 at peak? You're kidding, right? It was stated multiple times that AMel was just toying with Escanor. Meliodas was still holding back and wasn't even in his prime at that time. EOS Mel is at the same PL as DK or above (seen when he effortlessly made thousands of holes in the DK's body like it was nothing). Escanor is just a human with Mael's grace. NTM 3,000 years ago Meliodas fought Mael with sunshine and made him retreat. If Meliodas managed to make Mael retreat there is no way Escanor is stronger than Mel.
MINATO SENAT Hace 13 días
I'm thinking Demon king meliodas should be around 1 million or 1 million
matthew garcia
matthew garcia Hace 13 días
"Powerlevels, Who decided that".
Kenneth  Sadanguil
Kenneth Sadanguil Hace 14 días
I think King is still stronger than ban after all the powerups. I dont know. It looks like King is so OP for me
Evan Play YT
Evan Play YT Hace 14 días
one question can meliodas full counter saitama? cuz that would be op
Rener Oslo
Rener Oslo Hace 9 días
No since his full Counter doesn't Counter physical attack
chaoticwarps Hace 11 días
It's stated in season one Mel's full counter can't do shit against a simple punch
Billeygaming Hace 13 días
No because that’s physical not magical
Sir Crocodile
Sir Crocodile Hace 14 días
So gloxinia and drole leave the commandments?
A random Person you saw
The demon king’s power can be found by adding each of the ten commandants’ power together than times it by two
Owen Hace 14 días
watching this waiting for September boys!
{ZYS/HIX} Hace 14 días
Ilm Tufuga
Ilm Tufuga Hace 14 días
5:20 - The Divine BOI
A continuación
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