All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)

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All 7 Sins and Their Power Levels Explained! (Seven Deadly Sins / Nanatsu no Taizai)
In this video, I look at each member of the seven deadly sins and all of their recorded power levels. I also look at how strong they are currently in the manga.

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10 abr 2019






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AnimeUproar Hace un año
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God Of war
God Of war Hace 4 meses
Escanor is the strongest stupid
Cheese Lord
Cheese Lord Hace 6 meses
Escarnor will kill demon king with ultimate one and hes not rlly scared of opponant that god is and cant activate those
HL Mathias
HL Mathias Hace 6 meses
AnimeUproar I bet million mistakes five more times sorry for the singer so it’s a dice five more times and he’ll be invincible
Rayalboon Hace 9 meses
bruh, i wish the thumbnail was no spoiler, i didnt even want to watch the video but got spoiled anyway (if the numbers are accurate), for the future, please keep that in mind...
Natsu Dragneel
Natsu Dragneel Hace 9 meses
Prabhnoor Singh
Prabhnoor Singh Hace 8 horas
Let’s admit the strongest person in sds (seven deadly sins) is MAMA HAWK
Wisdom Rey
Wisdom Rey Hace 23 horas
i was so pissed how he didnt talk about when meliodas was recruiting escanor🤦🏻‍♂️
Chino Kafuu
Chino Kafuu Hace 3 días
Hawk Can Wipe Out The Whole Universe
Seriously Minh
Seriously Minh Hace 6 días
Meliodas: I win Escanor: *clicks on Q Escanor: *its high noon*
Just Mimii xX
Just Mimii xX Hace 7 días
Will king get his big wings in the anime? I already watched season 4 but he doesn’t get them there
Hyper VR
Hyper VR Hace 9 días
The most clickbait thumbnail I've ever seen
FlubbedHydra808 Hace 9 días
Jesus christ the power level raises were scuffed
Jay Moodz
Jay Moodz Hace 11 días
Put Gilthunder in One Piece or Black Clover and he'll be OP again
Jay Moodz
Jay Moodz Hace 11 días
I feel like Jericho is gonna be powerful especially after getting her brother's power she has the potential to be the strongest holy knight
Man Dude
Man Dude Hace 12 días
Mama Hawk should be in that video
수호천사 Hace 13 días
멜리오다스60만이아니라 100만입니다
Froy D
Froy D Hace 16 días
Are the power levels in Seven deadly sins the same as Dragonball? A power level of 1 Million in dragonball should roughly be star level or multi planet level which meliodas is no where near that
bharathds77 Hace 22 días
Rank human strongest to weakest 12.Gilthunder 11.Howzer 10.Vivian 9.Slader 8.Hendrikson 7.Zaratras 6.Dreyfus 5.Nanashi 4.Rou 3.Arthur with Excalibur 2.Escanor 1.Ban My opinion
Kaison cupp
Kaison cupp Hace 23 días
Kaison cupp
Kaison cupp Hace 23 días
Ameliorate has 700,000
super mobile gAMERZ
super mobile gAMERZ Hace 25 días
the one ultimate is very strong
Twizzle Hace 26 días
Dude no offense but i need to know how to properly pronounce dem, its extremely cringy to even to watch and hear the vid because of the improper pronunciation of the names
Twizzle Hace 26 días
It is not gahland, its gaal-l-and
flame Steve
flame Steve Hace 28 días
and here I thought without a doubt that escanor was the strongest being in the world in his one mode but nope he's like I'm 4th
BACON HAIR RBLX Hace 28 días
Jotaro The Thot Destroyer
Imagine if they put a dragon ball character in there. Imagine Jiren fighting Demon king
Sir Yans- A lot
Sir Yans- A lot Hace 29 días
Please do one for FIST OF THE NORTH STAR and the different fighting styles like the source star , south star, and North Star, and North Star Lazul Fist
Drezdyn Ballard
Drezdyn Ballard Hace un mes
People underrate gowther
King Luffy
King Luffy Hace un mes
The Deadliest Sin : *JOHNNY SINS*
Ace Kenway
Ace Kenway Hace un mes
About ban being 500k. Naaah
Thorell Henry
Thorell Henry Hace un mes
i love your video
dezzsoretro Hace un mes
isn't Andre a 7 deadly sin?
dezzsoretro Hace un mes
yo you forgot Andre's power level yo
Hawidere Haberer
Hawidere Haberer Hace un mes
I have a theory about Assault Mode Meliodas. I think his complete prime Assault Mode was way stronger then 142.000. I think the real power levels are roughly like the following. Own body Ludociel: 250.000 - 300.000 Original Demon: ~ 341.000 (168.000 + 173.000) Mael with sunshine, King & Ban: 400.000 - 450.000 Prime Assault Mode Meliodas: 500.000 - 550.000 Base Meliodas: 220.000 - 232.000 (Because: 142.000 : 2.37 is roughly 60.000) Demon King: ~ 700.000 Demon King Meliodas: ~ 900.000 Here's why: 1.) Back then he was considered the strongest demon aside from the Demon King. The 10 commandments his own allies feared him greatly in this form and the goddesses didn't really attack the demon clan because of him. Even the 4 archangels feared him that much. So he gotta be stronger then them. 2.) He forced Mael with sunshine (the strongest archangel) and his companions in the celestial realm to retreat without being in Assault Mode back then. 3.) If you don't believe me that Mael is weaker than him then I give you this example. Meliodas easily defeated Estarossa, Zeldris and Cusack at the same time while even Mael had troubles with Zeldris alone. 3.) Mael couldn't use his sun against Zeldris because of the demon kings power but Meliodas destroyed Zeldris with magic and Zeldris said that even with the demon kings power he is helpless. 4.) Mael one shotted the original demon and even King would have one shotted him with the sunflower. So Meliodas is much stronger the the original demon. 5.) Meliodas ko'ed The One in his physical prime time in one punch when he was in his complete Assault Mode. And The One had troubles against Zeldris. 6.) Meliodas was not the real Meliodas against Escanor, he was mentally confused. In his flash backs we never saw a Meliodas that had this evil smile on his face and played with his opponents. We always saw this serious and cold Meliodas. Even when the Demon King tried to trick Zeldris and showed him this evil side of Meliodas Zeldris said that Meliodas is not like that. Maybe it was the mentality of a younger and unmature Meliodas. Or just the result of him getting consumed by his darkness. 7.) Galand got split in half by Escanor and Meliodas was just cut by him and couldn't heal while Galand healed instantly. 8.) Meliodas was not fully reversed to his old state what you can see on the different personality and lost memories in Meliodas vs Escanor. Plus When Meliodas was ko'ed Elizabeth wanted to be with him to slow down the progression to his old state. Plus in the Manga when Meliodas defeated Estarossa and Zeldris it was written that now as he fully regressed to his old state and is at his full power he accepts nothing as his equal (or something like that.) Great video tho! Thx for the analysis, do you agree with me? The numbers are absurdly high but based around the existing power levels and feats it should be like that. But that's probably why they abandoned the power level system. 😂
Deni Dendel
Deni Dendel Hace un mes
4:55 what anime is that?
JorJorTheSlaya Hace un mes
king probably still has 0 strength with full wings lol
ZeroGravityAnime Hace un mes
meliodas' highest power level is 750K
Knives Stampede
Knives Stampede Hace un mes
Is mel stronger than escanor the one ultimate?
Shane Hace un mes
When escanor is 4th place *WHO DECIDED THAT?*
Giorno Giovanni
Giorno Giovanni Hace un mes
I think king is stronger than ban and the only reason he lost against the demon king, because King couldn’t use his magical ability against the demon king. Plus, he didn’t have his full magical ability because of the fight against mael, and also Ban can counters the demon king so it’s only logical for him to stand a chance against him. Plus, he only has full wings temporarily, it’s almost like an ultra instinct since he goes back to normal after all his power is gone completely. Once he trains it to be permanent he will also grow in strength. Like the ultra instinct omen and ultra instinct.
Billy Dwyer
Billy Dwyer Hace un mes
In the Netflix anime hawk said his breserk power lvl was 13,000
Billy Dwyer
Billy Dwyer Hace un mes
No I meant maliodas in breserk mode
Suddenblood666 _
Suddenblood666 _ Hace un mes
Hawks powerlvl is on 30
Aron Bennett
Aron Bennett Hace un mes
FRC Zeldris
FRC Zeldris Hace un mes
Not so epic in the anime
dan fernandez
dan fernandez Hace un mes
Nice king (full wing)s power level is 400.000 right? Also i like king with full wings :)
kliveryuto Hace un mes
Where is Gunther
Rodeo Reboot
Rodeo Reboot Hace un mes
Escanor is far greator and stronger than meliodas the demon king. Escanor defeated meliodas in his full power with one slash only
Justin Dinamling
Justin Dinamling Hace un mes
Guys. You think tristan will be stronger than meliodas when he grow up?
Christopher Cohilas
I appreciate it dude!
The EnderBoy
The EnderBoy Hace un mes
I think meliodas final form is not 600000+ I think is 1000000+
SLAVIC LEMON Hace 2 meses
Should i sub or not
Freddie Whitford
Freddie Whitford Hace 2 meses
Where do u watch it
Nabsx100 Hace un mes
Freddie Whitford kiss anime or anime.net
Classified Hace 2 meses
He says thousand the same every time
Presh Off
Presh Off Hace 2 meses
Who watches to much naruto and thought he was gonna say chakra instead of magic
Lazar Jokic
Lazar Jokic Hace 2 meses
Hawks mama ate monspeets attack. If that aint enough idk what is
Suddenblood666 _
Suddenblood666 _ Hace un mes
Bcs Hawks mother is the hill of Chaos and Merlin wants to release it
J a y l e n X-X
J a y l e n X-X Hace 2 meses
Remember when we thought the sins were screwed with the grey demon
SHRI HANUMAN Hace 2 meses
Escanor is the strongest sins in the seven deadly sins.
Cash Money Maker
Cash Money Maker Hace 2 meses
Goku be like: power level 500,000,00.
dayum. Hace 2 meses
if u tap the little thing that saids sum like 0:01 it turns into a negative number
M 21
M 21 Hace 2 meses
I don't think Adding 100,000 over The Previous Characters Is Accurate
Yօʊռɢ Jυdαн
Yօʊռɢ Jυdαн Hace 2 meses
Zeldris said meliodas wasnt fighting serious against escanor so no escanor wasnt stronger
Just.SoManyCups Hace 2 meses
Wait until he sees the one ultimate
Erika Del Rosario
Erika Del Rosario Hace 2 meses
Do you remember that moment when we all thought Holy Knights were strong and scary
Artemi- Sim
Artemi- Sim Hace 2 meses
The charachter devolepment is BAN He's power was *stealing* something from others. But then he can *give* someones his power or his love. He is the *CHARACTHER DEVOLEPMENT*
Artemi- Sim
Artemi- Sim Hace 2 meses
Actually I think if Merlin has a infinite magic score thing Isn'T that mean she has infinite power level?????????????
mozambique che
mozambique che Hace 2 meses
Y’all remember back when all of the sins struggled against a mere grey demon?
mozambique che
mozambique che Hace 2 meses
Who remembers when we thought king was op lol
mozambique che
mozambique che Hace 2 meses
I think you forgot hawks mom (aka the one who one shot the indura, could literally kill all of the Ten Commandments, and is feared by the supreme diety and the demon king)
Kristian Depner
Kristian Depner Hace 2 meses
Where'a the Ban squad at?
Ben Hepi
Ben Hepi Hace 2 meses
I thought he said hi guys gowther here
What should my username be?
This is my opinion,Meliodas true mag8c form has the power level of 1,000,000
Paul Hernandez
Paul Hernandez Hace 2 meses
Hawks real power level is actually around 46billion. Yes billion.
Suddenblood666 _
Suddenblood666 _ Hace un mes
fostmango Hace 2 meses
Escanor thinking of Merlin at night is = to getting a boner when thinking of your crush
kranzo Hace 2 meses
We'll have this comment on season 4 "Ya'll still remember when ten commandments were considered strong"
Brandon Noel
Brandon Noel Hace 2 meses
#fact false his base power level in assault mode would be higher than that when he was the leader of the ten commandments because he would have a commandment of his own which would shoot his power level above 142,000 so that is not his base power level when he was the leader of the ten commandments.
Undead Ban
Undead Ban Hace 2 meses
If I was immortal against daansho and if I used snatch against him I would be as strong or even stronger than him
Provoked LJ
Provoked LJ Hace 2 meses
Meliodas 600,000+ im the strongest! Goku 9000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 are u sure about that Me DBZ doesnt make sense everyone is so op
Lightflash 1069
Lightflash 1069 Hace 2 meses
A kid on the internet
Shane Lasrado
Shane Lasrado Hace 2 meses
Yeah let’s just act like hawk won’t clap everyone except escanor
Kvng_Moeyy Hace 2 meses
merlin, escanor, meliodis, ban, king all over the 100k mark while Diann and gowther are like 50k
ERNIE'S streams and games
poor gowther
Selen Hace 2 meses
They are no match to lord Twigo
António Paixão
António Paixão Hace 2 meses
*Strongest Characters:* Fairy King Harley (over 341'000) Demon King Meliodas Infinity Queen Merlin (over 200'000?¿) Sun King Escanor (over 200'000) Infernal King Ban (over 341'000) Goodness Elisabeth (Over 200'000) + Angels's boss Rudufiel (201'000) Mael (over 341'000) Supreme Deity + Original Demon (over 341'000) Zeldris (over 200'000) Demon King Himura Chimera + Other worldly Creatures
Marian Steward
Marian Steward Hace 2 meses
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