All Clones that Disobeyed Order 66 [UPDATED]

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An updated version of the "All Clones that disobeyed order 66" video from a year ago.
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5 nov 2016

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Im Ninooo
Im Ninooo Hace un día
Waxxer would have been on this list if he hadn’t... y’know...
Arthur Dagdug
Arthur Dagdug Hace 6 días
it dazzles me, any of these stories would made better movies than episode 7-8
Anthony Quigley
Anthony Quigley Hace 7 días
Even the title is bullsh*t. There was no "Order 66" as such, as in a command they could or could not obey. They had something in their brain which LITERALLY MADE them do something. there was no "Choice". So stop it.
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 7 días
That’s all explained in the video.
pighater1 1
pighater1 1 Hace 7 días
What about stormtroopers Some of them would have to be clones for their mass numbers
Couch Time
Couch Time Hace 8 días
You go from calling it The AT TE to the AT AT in four seconds
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 6 días
@Couch Time The clones initially lived in an AT-TE, then later took the AT-AT after their battle with the Empire.
Couch Time
Couch Time Hace 6 días
@The Lore Master exactly what I said
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 6 días
Thrownguitar247 Hace 9 días
Executive order 99 - 32 + 3 / 7 x 11 - 11
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Hace 9 días
Last surviving Jango Fett Clone but all surviving clones where Jango Fett clones
tintin aye
tintin aye Hace 11 días
They know what's right They don't follow a number They follow the truth
A box o' Juice
A box o' Juice Hace 11 días
"...was Omega squad..." *Shows Delta Squad*
Raizo177 Hace 12 días
He wouldn't have been the last jango clone.... think hard now. Boba.js
Thenameis Josef
Thenameis Josef Hace 13 días
Why does the clones on HOB’s story was wearing phase 1 armor
Black Bot
Black Bot Hace 15 días
I miss the old canon, when Roan Shryne got sabed by clone trooper "Climber"!
James Alexander
James Alexander Hace 16 días
that is delta squad, and those clones are fixer, boss, scorch, and rev
Garret Edwards
Garret Edwards Hace 19 días
10:13, which comic is that?
That1lameguy Hace 20 días
They need to put Kix into the new star wars movie
Brandon O'tinger
Brandon O'tinger Hace 22 días
I loved the books that Omega Squad were the major protagonists in. I enjoyed reading those a lot more than reading and watching a lot of the canon material
Andromeda Galaxy Nebula
The clones troopers who disobeyed order 66 should have been executed immediately. Emperor Palpatine should have made that very clear. "Commander Cody. Execute order 66 and kill clones troopers who disobey the order." "Yes my lord!"
Eric Hager
Eric Hager Hace 22 días
Gregore took his out when his freinds malfunctioned but then thorn killed him
Valentiu Constantin Grigorescu G
Emperor Palpatine:Execute order 66 Rex:no Also Rex:Execute order 65 Palpatine:NO... NONoNoNoNon! I am The Senate! Mace after falling the windu:NOT YET
Clinton Bliss
Clinton Bliss Hace 24 días
Imagine if the Stormtroopers actually believed Able. Probably every time the others attacked a Jedi he probably thought they were corrupted by the dark side or something like that
HumanNerd Hace 25 días
the story of able the clone makes me cry every time.
Baum Mann
Baum Mann Hace 25 días
only 2 of them fit the title you can´t "disobey" a command you never heard why not count all clones that had no jedi around?? they had better chances
Halo Fan
Halo Fan Hace 25 días
Uninhabited not unihabitabel
Aiden Sofia
Aiden Sofia Hace 26 días
Aiden Sofia
Aiden Sofia Hace 26 días
What about Delta squad?
Alexios AC
Alexios AC Hace 28 días
Are clone troopers black or mexican
Colonel Frost
Colonel Frost Hace 28 días
Gregger was a commando
Android Robot
Android Robot Hace 28 días
3:04 Thanos confirmed in Star Wars
Thereal Brogers
Thereal Brogers Hace un mes
I know It will never happen...but ...We need someone to get some balls...and make movies about all of the legends small stories.
shadowXXe Hace un mes
Palpatine: Execute order 66 Every strong-willed commando: So you expect us to basically execute our leaders who have lead us through countless battles and encouraged us to keep fighting and basically become our best friends yeah no fuck you. Every normal clone: Mk boss will do
tank tank
tank tank Hace un mes
How did the clones become black dudes? Weren't the cloned from a white dude?
Gustavo Menezes de Mattos
Types of headchaques: Stress Hipertension Microyne Order 66 I am self doing this meme
Joe H
Joe H Hace un mes
Bobba fet survived many many years. At least in legands. Which is all I really care about.
Calvin Str8te Fire
Calvin Str8te Fire Hace un mes
Imagine if they cloned Anakin.
Calvin Str8te Fire
Calvin Str8te Fire Hace un mes
This is way more interesting than the new starwars movies.
StudleyDuderight Hace un mes
Then Disney took over and de-canonized the books and nearly all games, except the more recent games published by EA(D)... EAD is military speak for eat a dick.
DANGDANIEL95 Productions
Correction: Control chips actually do exist in Legends, otherwise Rex would commit Order 66.
DANGDANIEL95 Productions
0:11 Rex: Nope!
Trexking Dinoboy
Trexking Dinoboy Hace un mes
Kix should have joined the rebels against the empire
marco garza
marco garza Hace un mes
Order:37 save the human race
marco garza
marco garza Hace un mes
Order 66
michaelgamer60 .DLC.
Jayke Balanrayos
Jayke Balanrayos Hace un mes
Did you know that almost millions of clones did not obeyed Order 66, they were the ones in this video, clone deserters, and all dead clones. See?
Alex Hotere
Alex Hotere Hace un mes
8:09 one of the captains left with no TRACE ba dum tiss
I don't have a name
Order 66 6 in alphabets means F Order 66= Order FF FF= *FRIENDLY FIRE* #EXPLAINED
Bf 109 F2
Bf 109 F2 Hace un mes
Palatine: Order 66, Muhaha! Clones: Nope. Palatine: Muhaha- Wait? What! I had my epic evil moment! You ruined the plot!
Logan Cirillo
Logan Cirillo Hace un mes
What confuses Me about Ho1b 147 is that why were they all in phase 1 when order 66 happened it showed them in phase 2
AY3_ Zpe3dz
AY3_ Zpe3dz Hace un mes
Most of these clones didn’t disobey it’s just that they didn’t have the ability to follow out the order
Gaming KnockeR
Gaming KnockeR Hace un mes
Uninhabitable? Stop reading off a script and be real you fucking clown
Melkhiordarkblade Hace un mes
Technically Boba Fett should be on the list too, but yeah why would Boba have cared.
Maria Versosa
Maria Versosa Hace un mes
Movies, cartoons, books, comics... They dont look the same
transformersfan500 okane
I think HOB147, Able and Omega Squad are Canon
HermInator HI
HermInator HI Hace un mes
Palpatine: Execute Order 66 Captain Rex: Uh no, how did you even got on this netwerk!!
AlanKush420 Hace un mes
Wherdd u get the footage?
Eddie Rios
Eddie Rios Hace un mes
You're forgetting one Clone War Commander Cody
Storn Hace un mes
Eddie Rios but he did it at first I mean he was the first one to know
dragonlider Hace un mes
Does anyone know where one can read abouts kix story?
Anne-Marie Moore
Anne-Marie Moore Hace un mes
I. like. the. clone. troopers
Vanquishe Hace un mes
The clones where my favorite
soixantecroissants Hace un mes
Bore master more like, ammiright?
Daniel Thyringer
Daniel Thyringer Hace un mes
Sister_Satan Hace un mes
Scp- 173
Scp- 173 Hace un mes
Jun P
Jun P Hace un mes
What happened to all the clones after this?
Jonester Gaming
Jonester Gaming Hace un mes
5:50 of course he escaped storm troopers can't hit XD
LifeOfA13YearOld SUB
Shade Blackfield
Shade Blackfield Hace un mes
*Giving up faith and holding onto hope*
nordnorwei norga
nordnorwei norga Hace un mes
Zach Reid
Zach Reid Hace un mes
Darth Vader: how pizzas should we order? Palpatine: order 66
BarriGnaw Hace un mes
Grammar: *100*
BarriGnaw Hace un mes
Speech: *0*
The Ghost
The Ghost Hace un mes
lots went to mandalore after the clone wars. They hid in plain sight, and even Boba didn't know they were all around him and were clones like himself. some even turned out vaguely force sensitive. They were not found out until Jaina started being taught by Boba how to fight so she could take out her twin brother. She felt the force in a few of them and realised they looked exactly like Boba, unintentionally exposing them.
Francis of the Filth
Anyone else notice that the comic artist at 4:40 forgot to give the clone troopers phase 2 clone armour and gave them phase 1 instead despite the fact that it’s meant to take place after order 66?
Clone_boy CT-27-5555
isnt omega squads pictrues delta squad (just saying)
Anonymous 180712
Anonymous 180712 Hace un mes
Omega squad is not legends Gregor was part of one of those commando teams What happened after may be legends
DIO Hace un mes
Wish it was order 69.
Finleythe DOG
Finleythe DOG Hace un mes
Also fives was killed by commander wolf
Finleythe DOG
Finleythe DOG Hace un mes
Yeah fives removed the chip
megaGamer 235
megaGamer 235 Hace 2 meses
droids and clones are like stormtroopers, but can shoot
Elijah Tobin
Elijah Tobin Hace 2 meses
Clone commandos are my favourite clones
StealthHunter Hace 2 meses
1:30 is that the guy in the Star Wars Jedi fallen order?
Awaken Hace un mes
DRAXO 6 Hace 2 meses
2:34 50 years?
ksawik 1212
ksawik 1212 Hace 2 meses
Palpatin: execute order 66 Rex: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cUlPZN5ZzU4.html
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon Hace 2 meses
It was grouted in their minds
Me is me not you
Me is me not you Hace 2 meses
5's also removed his chip but did die
Noah Da. Ark
Noah Da. Ark Hace 2 meses
Order 66 wouldn’t of happened if one tiny thing was changed: Anakin not killing Count Dooku. If Anakin spared him, then Palpatine would not have managed to so easily sway him to the Dark Side, and major events would change
Tom Forrest
Tom Forrest Hace 2 meses
Noah Da. Ark also if the council just gave Anakin the rank of master
Hello Comrade
Hello Comrade Hace 2 meses
Emperor palpatine: execute order: 66 Trooper: no Emperor palpatine: NOW!!! Trooper: ahhh ok ok
nou nou
nou nou Hace 2 meses
Hello This is my blog and it is about Moroccan dishes: el3id.site/qqPPAaO6 Thanks
Lord Mashie
Lord Mashie Hace 2 meses
So kicks lived for the equivalent of another 100 years (since they're programmed to age twice as fast as normal)
Apollo Hace 2 meses
0:25 in star wars: clone wars fives removed his inhibitor chip but was killed.
Brian Lindee
Brian Lindee Hace 2 meses
Yeah that atte was pretty cool it was like one of us living in a tank and Hunt for game where ever we could get any
Sharky 303
Sharky 303 Hace 2 meses
I love able he is in the legends
Shark byte 15
Shark byte 15 Hace 2 meses
who would win 10,000 jedi or some copied bois
paul w
paul w Hace 2 meses
TheEpicsniper34 Hace 2 meses
The clones altogether that did not exucute the order can make an army
A Danly Man
A Danly Man Hace 2 meses
Obi-Wan looks like Chris Hemsworth here 0:24
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo Hace 2 meses
star wars was speaking in metaphors.
UrBoyRedCup Hace 2 meses
Rex should have been a Commando because he was so independent.
YOMASHI 117 Hace 2 meses
Rex removed his because of 5
Hotdog Motel
Hotdog Motel Hace 2 meses
Who would win? A few cloney boys or a trained Jedi?
Lologan 6020
Lologan 6020 Hace 2 meses
Also every clone who died because they never would have received the transmission
COSMO Hace 2 meses
Palpatine: Execute order 66 Clone trooper: ok Clone trooper: *shoots anakin skywalker* Palpatine: huh, well I didn’t think that one through
Andrew.neil.fraser Fraser
Captain fives the Gamerboy101
Irish Mercenary he sliced off mace windo’s hand, and pledged himself to palpiteen. So he did, right be fore 66 was put in motion.
COSMO Hace 18 días
Javida G Vega 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman Hace un mes
nub noob nvm playz
nub noob nvm playz Hace un mes
XD nice one :D
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