All Clones that Disobeyed Order 66 [UPDATED]

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An updated version of the "All Clones that disobeyed order 66" video from a year ago.
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5 nov 2016






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DIO Hace un día
Wish it was order 69.
ADogNamedFinley //-
ADogNamedFinley //- Hace un día
Also fives was killed by commander wolf
ADogNamedFinley //-
ADogNamedFinley //- Hace un día
Yeah fives removed the chip
MixerMan 235
MixerMan 235 Hace 3 días
droids and clones are like stormtroopers, but can shoot
Elijah Tobin
Elijah Tobin Hace 3 días
Clone commandos are my favourite clones
StealthHunter Hace 3 días
1:30 is that the guy in the Star Wars Jedi fallen order?
Awaken Hace un día
DRAXO 6 Hace 4 días
2:34 50 years?
ksawik 1212
ksawik 1212 Hace 5 días
Palpatin: execute order 66 Rex: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-cUlPZN5ZzU4.html
Eddie Bacon
Eddie Bacon Hace 5 días
It was grouted in their minds
Me is me not you
Me is me not you Hace 5 días
5's also removed his chip but did die
Noah Da. Ark
Noah Da. Ark Hace 6 días
Order 66 wouldn’t of happened if one tiny thing was changed: Anakin not killing Count Dooku. If Anakin spared him, then Palpatine would not have managed to so easily sway him to the Dark Side, and major events would change
Hello Comrade
Hello Comrade Hace 6 días
Emperor palpatine: execute order: 66 Trooper: no Emperor palpatine: NOW!!! Trooper: ahhh ok ok
Apollo Hace 6 días
0:25 in star wars: clone wars fives removed his inhibitor chip but was killed.
Brian Lindee
Brian Lindee Hace 7 días
Yeah that atte was pretty cool it was like one of us living in a tank and Hunt for game where ever we could get any
Sharky 303
Sharky 303 Hace 7 días
I love able he is in the legends
Shark byte 15
Shark byte 15 Hace 7 días
who would win 10,000 jedi or some copied bois
paul w
paul w Hace 7 días
shadowbwoy bmo
shadowbwoy bmo Hace 9 días
star wars was speaking in metaphors.
Yertz Hace 9 días
Rex should have been a Commando because he was so independent.
YOMASHI 117 Hace 9 días
Rex removed his because of 5
Hotdog Motel
Hotdog Motel Hace 9 días
Who would win? A few cloney boys or a trained Jedi?
Lologan 6020
Lologan 6020 Hace 9 días
Also every clone who died because they never would have received the transmission
COSMO Hace 10 días
Palpatine: Execute order 66 Clone trooper: ok Clone trooper: *shoots anakin skywalker* Palpatine: huh, well I didn’t think that one through
Bruntskeeper Wank fest
All of these clones with their own side stories look different...
Emilio Eichinger
Emilio Eichinger Hace 10 días
Palpatine: execute order 66 Random clone: no Palpatine: D E W IT
grimlock the king
grimlock the king Hace 11 días
Most of the people alive ether we're unconscious camandos or didn't have a chip
Cameron Louis Moonstar Charles Wright
AMS Clone Troopers inspiration right here
D0ugh Hace 14 días
3:46 when you sleep in on a work day
Yuling Liu
Yuling Liu Hace 14 días
Wait a second 5:42 never new armor worked...thought stormtrooper armor better than clone trooper
Yuling Liu
Yuling Liu Hace 14 días
Palpatine: Execute Order 66 Clone: Yes, sir If it were droid: Huh? Sir, I do not understand, how can you execute a order? Electric chair? Lethal injecton?
Yuling Liu
Yuling Liu Hace 14 días
And that's why its better for a impatient ugly guy to get clones instead of droids
Yuling Liu
Yuling Liu Hace 14 días
Oh...I read the Grey one before...
Jeri Dangiolella
Jeri Dangiolella Hace 14 días
There are 2 jangle fett boba
Finesse The Best
Finesse The Best Hace 14 días
Idk how you k ow all this😂
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 14 días
Star wars comics and books :)
This post Was created by the sam gang
What if boba fett met a clone trooper
DANGDANIEL95 Productions
At least some of the survivors of Order 66 took the HIGH GROUND!
Sans Hace 18 días
If Clone Troopers were in india, their insignia would be the T-Series Logo.
Vidzaja Bartczak
Vidzaja Bartczak Hace 18 días
I always hated order 66
EmeraldGamingLegend Hace 19 días
Palpatine: execute order 66. Clone: No. Palpatine: It's treason then.
Help Me
Help Me Hace 21 un día
We’ll have it done, my lord
Aren Sereathy
Aren Sereathy Hace 21 un día
Ironically the only true crime palpatine was guilt of at the time of the confrontation was masterminding the war and the associated atrocities. Considering the republic can be assumed to offer freedom of religion as well as a separation of church and state, being a sith on it's own is no crime, therefore the jedi technically were guilty of performing a coup d'etat.
Funkytwix Al
Funkytwix Al Hace 22 días
Rex was lucky. Even if he didn’t remove the chip he wouldn’t have had to kill Anakin anyway. Cause he would have killed one of his best friends, or more likely Anakin would have sliced his ass up.
The Bunny Man
The Bunny Man Hace 23 días
A black clone?
huh? huh?
huh? huh? Hace 23 días
We need an order 66 on the Disney Canon👍🙏✌️
Cyber Sparkle
Cyber Sparkle Hace 23 días
Palpatine accidentally says execute order 66 sith Clone:it shall be done my Lord Directed by George lucas
Dark Wolf 7882
Dark Wolf 7882 Hace 23 días
Wolffe and Gregor didn’t remove their chips, Rex actually told them not to kill the Jedi
Lilshoncena Hace 24 días
Couldn’t just more clones of jango be made
Jo The Joker
Jo The Joker Hace 25 días
"Omega squad" *shows Delta squad*
Captain Rex
Captain Rex Hace 25 días
Poor kix 😢😢
Rizky Hace 27 días
"Execute order 66" "No" "Okay what do i do now, this wasn't supposed to happen"
Guy Rohweder
Guy Rohweder Hace 28 días
Why do they all look the same?
transformersfan500 okane
I believe HOB147and Clone Able is a cannon character
00modpod Hace 29 días
What about order 69? 😊😉
YouRNoise Hace un mes
It just one guy with different armor and hairstyle
Lionel IV
Lionel IV Hace un mes
Could you by any chance give the sources of the comics you used in the video please? Would be very nice!
Amber Blower
Amber Blower Hace un mes
Traci Lombardi
Traci Lombardi Hace un mes
What about the god we mortals know as Sixes
CT7567 Hace un mes
Be a really cool mini tv show of sourcing clones joining a mandolin clan or just about all the surviving clones makes this Cannon
Michael Memes
Michael Memes Hace un mes
What about cody?
Jesse Gordon
Jesse Gordon Hace un mes
What happened to the jedi that were saved by these clones that disobeyed the order
Karin Holsinger
Karin Holsinger Hace un mes
Gregor was not the only beta squad member to disobey order 66
Makichika Hace un mes
8:35 that's partly true
greywolf 115
greywolf 115 Hace un mes
Omega squad is a real known clones that are known for not obeying oder 66
Mr Storm trooper
Mr Storm trooper Hace un mes
Top 5 saddest moments in history. Honestly i grew up watching dtar wars and when order 66 came i actually cried. Every year on may fourth i go to barnes and noble to get a lego set that has a jedi in it
mh22mm ____
mh22mm ____ Hace un mes
Says omega squad, show delta squad pictures.
yugioh pack opener JUST because
If I was a clone I would kill Palpatine if I could
Commander Voca
Commander Voca Hace un mes
My Boys in squad 40 Darman, Niner, Ennen, and Bry
SGTshelby Hace un mes
What’s canon and legends?
SGTshelby Hace un mes
Commander Voca alright cheers
Commander Voca
Commander Voca Hace un mes
Canon is Disney. When Disney bought Star Wars they reconned almost everything except for The 6 movies (prequel and original trilogies) and Star Wars The Clone Wars (3D animated). So everything from the games, comics, and novels is now called Legends (Expanded Universe)
Elijah Graves
Elijah Graves Hace un mes
During order 66 was the only time stormtroopers hot anyone
Dope Sensei
Dope Sensei Hace un mes
Roses are red Violets are blue Master Skywaker there’s too many of them What are we going to do
Darth Vader
Darth Vader Hace un mes
Zukor Hace un mes
You used pictures of Delta squad when talking about Omega squad
Kman Simmons
Kman Simmons Hace un mes
You missed some. Corr, A'den, Jaing, Prudii, Mereel, Kom'rk, Yayax Squad, Sull, Spar, and Levet all joined Skirata in deserting. While Karen Traviss never finished the series, she said that eventually Darman and Niner deserted as well and joined the rest of the Clan.
Obi wan kenobi
Obi wan kenobi Hace un mes
I have the high ground
Markus Smith
Markus Smith Hace un mes
whats order 65?
3:57 The most powerful clone trooper. He can say the n word
Jarrod van Campfort
Wheres the rest of the null squad? They all left before ordo
Jonathan83X Hace un mes
A shame these Clone commandos were not apart of the prequel movies, TV show or even Battlefront games. By far, they were some of the best clone characters. I mean, one being in a romantic relationship with a Jedi? Dang... talk about a great concept to explore during the Clone Wars. Don't get me wrong. Clone Wars clones like Rex, Fives and Hardcase were great characters, but we seriously needed some clone characters that had much stronger ties to the Jedi than just good friends and comrades. Imagine how heart wrenching it would be to have an episode where they marry one and then later are forced to kill them because of Order 66. Talk about a sad story.
RustyKn1ght Hace un mes
I'm kinda mixed with the whole bio-chip thing. The original explanation let them have much more room for independent thought and develop cordial relationship with jedi generals. Most of the clones still obeyed the order, but there were significant cases where whole teams refused to go with it. I kinda liked the way it gave some insight how clones evolved and bio-chip kinda undos that. Then again, from purely strategic point of view, bio-chip just makes sense. Somebody like palpatine obviously would see the problem just relying on purely psychological conditioning and would not jepordize sith grand plan on whims of chance. Naturally, he would see that the elimination of Jedi order is so vital task that it needs some sort of guarantee. In this case, bio-chips are just the perfect answer.
HAMJ2 HAMJ2 Hace 2 meses
Daniel Kim
Daniel Kim Hace 2 meses
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 2 meses
alejandrito Hace 2 meses
I'm still watching season 2 Clone Wars. Will wait a bit for this video ;)
Finnian Reed
Finnian Reed Hace 2 meses
Commander Gree
Commander Gree Hace 2 meses
What I find funny is you say omyga squad. *shows images of Delta squad*
Zimo CASTLE RAIDER Hace 2 meses
I hated order 66 poor jedis later on maybe the it will come back to the sith
Rouge Pilot
Rouge Pilot Hace 2 meses
Actually, Ordo was a Null ARC. The first type of ARC.
Dirty Dan
Dirty Dan Hace 2 meses
*jumps* Hello There
Collin Brian’s
Collin Brian’s Hace 2 meses
Is rebels cannon?
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Hace 2 meses
And that is why clone trooper's are way more superior than any other trooper class
Vu Hoang
Vu Hoang Hace 2 meses
0:33 Fives removed the chip 1st
Nishu Pattanashetty
Nishu Pattanashetty Hace 2 meses
Order 66 should have been named Order 69 since it fucked us all up the ass
kvn whisky
kvn whisky Hace 2 meses
Palpatine to rex Palpatine : execute order 66 Rex : no Palpatine : dew it
Conjetta Genovese
Conjetta Genovese Hace 2 meses
soundcloud.com/underworldrecordings/armastrafficante-ftlax-the-master Master Jedi 🐱‍👤🐱‍🐉🐱‍🏍💕
theonefrancis Hace 2 meses
Basically what will happen in america in a few months. Wait and see.
Jack Pringle
Jack Pringle Hace 2 meses
Fives, and Tup both removed their inhibitor chips
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 2 meses
Jack Boniface
Jack Boniface Hace 2 meses
Them clones wouldnt have killed my bitch ass!!!!! 😒😤
Travis Luu
Travis Luu Hace 2 meses
I feel like im in history class XD
Shoto Todoroki
Shoto Todoroki Hace 2 meses
Ordo is not a normal arc he's an narc.
Armageist Hace 2 meses
I could've sworn both Maze and Ordo were Null Class.
Armageist Hace un mes
+Commander Voca Yeah I'm thinking of Mereel, not Maze.
Commander Voca
Commander Voca Hace un mes
Ordo was a Null. And Maze was an Alpha ARC
DRIVEN 2 WIN Hace 2 meses
Dang the republic always got traded on
Jordan Duggan
Jordan Duggan Hace 2 meses
where can i see/read kickx story?
The Lore Master
The Lore Master Hace 2 meses
In the short book “The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku”. Tho it’s not really that good imo, and kix only appears in the later half of it.
TCooP Hace 2 meses
Lol title misleading cuz if they didn’t follow 66 then they would be on the empire side from the start or, if you’re talking after it was executed then they still aren’t following it. I know what you mean but you gotta change the title lol
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