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1 dic 2023






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@garlicgoat259 Hace un año
Fun fact: if you look at the anniversary teasers on the year FFPS was released, they contain little peeks at the new animatronics: Funtime Freddy's contained a mass of wires in the lower left, Springtrap's had Scraptrap's hand, Baby's had Scrap Baby's pig tail
@BlueThe_Epic Hace un año
Who doesn’t know this
@StudiosToaster Hace un año
Every fnaf fan knows that
@BlueThe_Epic Hace un año
@childixhx8004 Hace un año
@@BlueThe_Epic i didnt*
@ansun1987 Hace un año
@@BlueThe_Epic I didn’t lol
@AlexDayz Hace un año
The lead up to Pizzeria Simulator was probably my favorite era of FNaF. We had gotten so used to Scott teasing and revealing a lot prior to the games so when Scott began to not interact with the community as much and the teasers stopped many where confused and concerned. And then the game released with no one expecting it to a full fledged game that basically wraps up the whole story
@pastatheh7041 Hace un año
The "FFPS funny friendly game" got me off guard ngl.. I thought it was just Scott's thing, like when FNAF 3 "released" with the old game that Scott made back then..
wrapped up the whole story.. until fnaf vr and security breach. I don't even wanna know the lore anymore
@nocknmae Hace un año
@@montgomery_gator_enthusiast in my eyes the story ends with PS and everything else is a little spinoff or whatever
@@nocknmae I hope so..
@bnack9664 Hace un año
Just a reminder: The reason for Roxanne and Chica teasers were delayed was because the animatronic looks were leaked by the figures and the colander. Scott just didn't post them and then post them both at once just for fun
@RafilaWan Hace un año
The... colander?? Like the thing that strains spaghetti??
@pseudocivvy8247 Hace un año
@@RafilaWan The.... thing that strains spaghetti? Like a strainer?
@star8979 Hace un año
@@pseudocivvy8247 its also called a colander p sure
@pseudocivvy8247 Hace un año
@@star8979 I was just trying to get a chain going of comments formatted that way lol
@RafilaWan Hace un año
@@pseudocivvy8247 Comment chains are annoying
@grimoire930 Hace un año
All the teasers are actually amazing, I get intense nostalgia seeing these. It’s crazy how this game has evolved. From stuck in your office (for a quite long time) to (now) running around in a mall. I sure as heck enjoyed watching it become what it is now. From an accident, to basically a very well known game. Thank you, Scott, for even starting this.
@4RY4N-8 Hace un año
It’s enough to make a grown man cry.
@DamageMaximo Hace un año
I know right? I also feel intense nostalgia seeing these
@grimoire930 Hace un año
Personally, I think seeing all these makes me feel pretty thankful, because if this had never happened, I would be slightly different.
@mingjiechen62 Hace un año
I get these Nostalgia for seeing this it's been almost 8 years man
@localjedi7125 Hace un año
69th like (sorry)
You know the video is great when this video is 43 minutes long with EVERY SINGLE FNAF TEASERS, the dedication
@gerald7908 Hace un año
wtf is that supposed to mean
@iconica9516 Hace un año
That's literally the point of this video lmao
@ravenperry8227 Hace un año
@JamesSucks Hace un año
@@gerald7908 He meant “He made a 43 minute video” or something.
@rcaddiction4423 Hace un año
@Glory2Snowstar Hace un año
Mangle Dangle has gotta be my favorite. From the delightfully screwed-up tone, to the direct response to the reaction towards FNAF World, to Mangle’s design just lending itself well to the scene. Also it’s easy to make dumb puns out of and I appreciate that. Hangle
@bigprogaymer6923 Hace un año
After takin a peak at the internets 34th rule mangle commited a act of hangle and strangle to herself
@Rabbidgai Hace un año
Gtlive reference?
@RandyKaufman_ Hace un año
Ah, I see you're a man of culture as well
@mangleofficial8040 Hace un año
You guys left me hanging
The Nightmare animatronics' reveals were amazing, yes. Loved them, those images really lean into that dreamlike, hardly fitting into reality state with the strange showoffish poses and the vivid, unnatural lighting. Wish the game did it more.
@calisledder5520 Hace un año
Dawko: "The iconic quote, 'Something old, something new.' " The actual quote: "Something borrowed, something new."
@TOA_7G Hace un año
I mean, the full quote itself is 'something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue' afaik, dunno where it came from but it was around before FNAF. I think it was in Doctor Who at one point?
@F4H4D_EXE Hace un año
@@MidnightCapricorn2696 yeah Doctor Who last episode of season 5
@JayVon-Gaming Hace un año
something loathed, something loved
@Mahd018 Hace 6 meses
Very iconic
If you think about it, in a FNAF game there's 5 main nights, a 6 night which contains lore and a custom night, and in the first 7 games of FNAF there's 5 main games (from FNAF 1 to FNAF SL) a 6 game which contains lore (FNAF pizzeria simulator) and a custom night (UCN) Scott is a genius...
@williamafton1376 Hace un año
I miss Scott cawthon. The fact I was a part of the era of Scott games brings a tear to my eyes.
@b0nn135 Hace un año
I loved this video! Hearing you talk about the teasers and all the FNaF stuff I missed was so nice. I joined the fandom more in 2019, but it’s so cool hearing how people thought that certain things were something completely different. I liked hearing all your thoughts on everything. Great job, Dawko! :D
@VSystem_ Hace un año
Recuerdo el día que conocí FNaF, estaba en la escuela y era un día de lluvia, desde ese momento me enamoré de aquel juego, es díficil creer que ya han pasado 8 años desde FNaF 1. 8 años en los que terminé la escuela, trabajé y ahora estoy estudiando en la universidad como animador 3D y todo porque FNaF me inspiró a eso. Gracias Scott. Ha pesar de que sé hablar y escribir en inglés quise redactar este mensaje en mi lenguaje natal, espero no sea una molestia!
@aloenix Hace un año
don’t worry youtube has translate so i read this in english fine :)
For anyone who isn’t on phone with auto translate: I remember the day I met FNaF, I was at school and it was a rainy day, from that moment I feel in love with the game, it’s hard to believe that 8 years have passed since FNaF 1. 8 years in which I finished school, worked and now I’m studying at university as a 3D animator and all because FNaF inspired me to do that. Thanks Scott. Although I know how to speak and write in English, I wanted to write this message in my native language, I hope it’s not a bother!
@thunderlee0073 Hace un año
You wanna be thrown back in time? Remember when Dawko made a skit of kidnapping and holding 8-Bit Ryan, Baz, and Razz hostage and telling Scott to make 50/20 mode easier.... so Scott ended his response to Dawko with "I promise to make 51/20 mode easier"?
@dannyphantom5377 Hace 9 días
And then some people actually thought it was real
I think that the "He always does" deserved a D, or maybe even a C. It wasn't much at the time, but in retrospect, it was our only clue (outside of the rare screens and the reveal in the gameplay) that Springtrap was, in fact, Purple Guy. Of course, this message was convoluted, and would likely only be understood once you knew how the game ended, but I thought it was still pretty cool to see the foreshadowing. I do think that it could have maybe had more than just colored text, though.
@PlasticFredYT Hace un año
"We didn't really know much about Vannesa at this point, at all..." And thanks to Steel Wool being stubborn about MatPat's early SB theories being correct, we're STILL at that point.
@Lumberjack_king Hace un año
Fnaf 3 was definitely the peak of community interest the lore wasn't as complicated as it is now well is was still complicated but it was pretty straightforward there were no soul viruses no human robot replicas or illusion disk just children possessing animatronics and 1 serial killer brought back to life no afton family no nightmares NO LOCKED BOX!! It was a simpler time
@LasagnaTheArtist Hace 3 meses
Yup, it was peak fnaf imo
@MrRiot-uf8rm Hace un año
Damn, what a nostalgia trip. This makes me feel old and I’m not even that old.
@lotty. Hace un año
I remember when me and my friends would analyze these teasers together like we were these highly analytic scientists by brightening up the image and looking at the source code Good times
@Toulippy Hace un año
This is such a nostalgic video, not even five minuet in and I’m remembering when I first saw these. This is such a cool idea for a tier list!
@CallumariMan Hace un año
ChrisPezetYT you good mate? Lmfao
@Nitewing1508 Hace un año
@Pika782 Hace un año
ChrisPezetYT are you ok?
@marycena5452 Hace un año
ChrisPezetYT yet, dawko's still handsome.
@ethangoesvroomyt Hace un año
Can’t believe it’s been so long since the release of these games. I’m glad I grew up with the teasers and releases, definitely impacted me more than if I played the games years after release. The reveal and release of fnaf 3 and 4 where my most memorable.
@Death45453 Hace un año
I will never forgot fnaf... this game will never get old and even if it does, we will play it... There is nothing stopping us... stopping our way. -Great job Scott. You did an amazing job and also Dawko, Cory, 8bitryan and even more youtubers that played fnaf including me 😀
@doubleziv. Hace un año
@Death45453 Hace un año
@@doubleziv. thats it? OK
@yuvan75 Hace un año
To see how many teasers FNAF has gotten comes to truly show how much Scott cared for us and this wonderful franchise
@aruce9 Hace un año
There is a lost art to the fnaf teasers. The way they convey the characters of the game with really strong posing
@runningthemeta5570 Hace un año
Dawko: saying names like Razzbowski,Fusion, and himself about theories about the teasers. Also Dawko: doesn’t mention Matpat
@ComradeBobcat39 Hace un año
Well matpat made theories about the games when they came out he really didn't make ones about the actual teasers that much
@runningthemeta5570 Hace un año
@@ComradeBobcat39 good point. However, I just remembered 8-bit gaming. They did theories too
@Pika782 Hace un año
@@runningthemeta5570 he said 8-bit gaming
@runningthemeta5570 Hace un año
@@Pika782 crap, man am I a dummy or what?
@atomeultimate Hace un año
And he mention Matpat's fnaf 4 stream btw
@CalebCMT Hace un año
The way the story was presented in Security Breach was a little iffy but the gameplay was amazing. I'm exited to see what Scott and StealWool have in store for the next game and what teasers are coming next
@fnafnerd7625 Hace un año
As a person who got deep into FNAF a few weeks after FNAF VR was released, this was a very interesting video. I haven't seen most of these teasers that came before FNAF VR so it was interesting to see.
@Trenton-om9qs Hace un año
All these teasers are awesome. They make me feel old and the nostalgia hits so hard. I remember all of these and how excited I was.
@goldbiscuit2708 Hace un año
Whether it’s fnaf related or not - Dawko always makes great content
@mlggamer5296 Hace un año
I think the thing I like the most about sister location it's the fact where the animatronics could open their entire body or open their faces that was pretty practical. And actually was pretty scary
@femaleinksans8712 Hace un año
I remember when I first discovered FNAF. I actually saw FNAF 4 first. Saw the mobile version on my little iPad game store, and said "oh, it's just another one of those weird, creepy, child-targeted horror games...". Little did I know it was one of the most popular games on the planet, and would only continue to get more popular I still have yet to play all the FNAF games, because my parents have never let me. Still don't have the money to get them all, but I have played UCN, and Pizzeria Simulator, but only cuz they were free on Steam. Even though I haven't played the majority of the games, I know pretty much all there is to know about the lore. I know the story as it is so far, and I love the series! It's so amazing, and so incredibly original to this day.
@shellyvision9693 Hace un año
One of my favorite teasers is one that wasn’t a traditional one. At some point before Pizza Sim released, one of Scott’s sons DMd someone a picture of Bucket Bob to tease the game which I think is really cool.
@GlutzahnLP Hace un año
I really miss the old days of lighting up images, looking at source Codes (btw you could do a part two of the tier list with the more obscure teasers like the source core), refreshing scottgames and fnafworld, looking at Image names, opening pics in Text Editor and all the fun stuff
@Milo-pi7jc Hace 3 meses
It's weird to see an actual huge community grow from just a simple horror game actually
@little_flowers3779 Hace un año
Yes I remember the hype the massive amount of hype around security breach, as a long time five nights at Freddy's fan it was refreshing to see new faces to see new people get into it. I was ready for something amazing as it was promised to us. I love the trailer I love it I wish it was the final product. Sadly I was very disappointed when it came to the game, but I still enjoyed it. I wish it was just more
@lowzibojine Hace un año
43 minutes of Dawko! We have been blessed 👏🏻👏🏻
@abbeylorraine234 Hace 8 meses
Maaaaaan I remember CONSTANTLY checking scottgames to see if there were any new teasers. Time flys by so quickly 🥺
Now Dawko has to make a tier list on the FNaF trailers
@megalucario4406 Hace un año
He already did before
@@megalucario4406 No he didn't
@mortbobeus6889 Hace un año
It's a crime not to include the retirement thank you image. That is an important part of FNAF history.
@fey5252 Hace un año
Loved the nostalgia from this video. Five Nights at Freddy's was my first bout into horror as a teenager and I'll always have a fondness for the franchise. I was definitely one of those people who said "it's over" at every turn, too. I was so used to things I love being cancelled out of the blue, so I figured especially for an indie dev that FNaF's time would be cut short. Hat on the floor? Over. The "Thank You" poster? Over. The end of Pizzeria Simulator? SUPER over. All things come to an end, but I have been continually surprised by this series' longevity.
@austin_e6007 Hace un año
Thanks for this vid Dawko. this helped me smile during this hard time I'm having.
@_mrmaxy_ Hace un año
Man I hope one day FNAF World 2 will be a thing, the game didn't really deserved the hate and I personally think it's my favourite game out of all
@mlggamer5296 Hace un año
I think that's the only drawback I had about the five Nights at Freddy's franchise and it's that they had to retcon the 87 with 83 cuz it messed up the whole thing. Even game theorist mentioned it in a video recently asking whether theories kill the game but because of the fact that it seemingly trying to not allow us to be right about the theories then it's kind of not as exciting.
@forrygaming1617 Hace un año
Wait huh? They didn't retconned anything tho. There was Bite of '87 and the victim was still alive and still lives. The bite of 83 was when Micheals brother died after few days.
@oddgirlv.2560 Hace un año
One question, what is the soundtrack that dawko uses in the fnaf videos? Oh God, I miss the times where mystery abounds in fnaf and where we didn't know who the purple guy was... I wouldn't have revealed that mystery so quickly😂
@Chrispy060 Hace un año
I agree! Replaying FNAF World made me see how underrated it was! It was actually the best RPG I had played in a while.
@mlggamer5296 Hace un año
I'll never forget as well around the same time that the teasers were coming out for FNAF 4 somehow I discovered this guy called David near and his sister Bridgette near and they are really talented voice actors. Anyway I remember them doing voiceovers for nightmare animatronics using those exact teasers and can I tell you I don't think I've ever heard anything creepier than how they did it. I think their voiceovers also went on to be used in sfms as well
@bannlesshow Hace un año
Always love a good tier list!
@blakebot4732 Hace un año
One of the most fun things in my childhood was when there would be theory Thursdays with the sister location teasers.
@Switch_Zone Hace un año
It's cool seeing all these old teasers! I got into fnaf at security breach so seeing these are awesome!
@TheQueenVirus Hace un año
I came in late when it comes to playing the fnaf games but this still bring back memories for me.
@herobrinegreek9493 Hace un año
I loved all of them, mainly because back then i was so hyped for all those games! Also i still like the very first Security Breach trailer, the one that had Crumbling Dreams llaying in the backround, it reminded me of the FNAF 1 trailer for some reason...
@EvilKingLogan Hace un año
FNAF teasers are awesome. Scott honestly did an excellent job making them
@mushymush8784 Hace un año
i honestly feel so old just remembering 2014 and growing up with fnaf and how nostalgic these are
@TheGraveKnight Hace un año
Moral of the story: No matter how many times Scott claims FNAF is over, money will always come back to lure him in
@LogicalExtremist Hace un año
When Scott would release these teasers I think he would just watch the FNAF community go insane.
@Ennards_innards Hace un año
THIS IS SUCH A GREAT AND DIFFERENT VIDEO!!! thanks for entertaining and making me happy Lewis!!!!
@mlggamer5296 Hace un año
Oh yes the security breach teasers are something to behold because Vanny was hidden in the Freddy one. That's the one thing that I kind of disappointed about with security breach. Not enough vanny hopefully they'll make up for it with the dlc but overall I give the game 9 out of 10 because it's still a game of the year for me. It definitely made my year for 2021
@Cashcorn Hace 6 meses
Dawko explaining what teasers were makes me feel old
@spudmagnum7394 Hace un año
The old days of fnaf will never be beaten
dawko and jack might just have the heaviest accents in the video game community
I remember when people flipped their crap over the first Help Wanted and Security Breach teasers
@MaybeABanana Hace un año
Fun fact: the toy boxes has a name, it's called "the box of abominations"
@CometStarYT Hace un año
If it’s one thing I love about FNaF, it’s the teasers.
I miss the fnaf 1,2 and 3 days and am hopeful for the future of this franchise. I remember I was too young to play fnaf so I played fnaf tycoons in roblox. Now, i have all those games i am still obsessed with and it is awesome. I hope scott is doing well.
@TitoChowden Hace 10 meses
It's so weird having to explain to new fans what teasers were and what ScottGames was
@AIFreddyZ Hace un año
Honestly FNAF 2 was the most exciting I remember looking up anything I could to find more information about the game.
@starbitthepig2214 Hace un año
Anyone else is shocked how that a dollar general/tree worker turned into a millionare, was having a loved community,rememberable FNaF youtube channels, *Questionable fan-arts* , but then we are here to security breach(the game that has the most lack of scariness), a franchise that is still alive ever since *2014* the people were a bit of a dumbass only because scott donated to trump sure trump may be a L and all but *This is scott were talking about here.* he will help anyone in needs he is a very generous man i miss him so much i wish he’ll come back but *best things are left remembered.*
@JRJRJRFUTY Hace un año
@riyadriyad5911 Hace un año
Security breach was more of fun/ advanture experience than scary
“Questionable fan-arts”
@starbitthepig2214 Hace un año
@@RandomPolishAmerican yeah, there questionable.
@@starbitthepig2214 yea I’ve seen one, it was in one of matpats videos
@marygonzalez2472 Hace un año
28:39 I remember that everyone thought that the Puppet was going to be the bad guy in FNAF 6, with the souls rebelling against her.
@mewtical1840 Hace un año
you know when there is so little fnaf content/news going around that dawko makes a tier list video about every fnaf teasers....
@zack_UnsayYT Hace un año
This gives me nostalgia looking back at the community back in 2014 and 2015 and 2016 i think the community back then was good looking at the community now because i'm new to the fanf community i do have a single thing to say : i hope good on developer of fanf I honestly i respect them and I hope good on him!
@zack_UnsayYT Hace un año
If you are reading this Dwako I subscribe to you!
@STICKOMEDIA Hace un año
Always love a good dawko video
The best era when i look back was the Sister Location Era, with every youtuber playing through it, it was the only real part that i was (almost, not including teasers) there for the full thing. so much that i bought the game
@vurvo574 Hace un año
The Toy Chica missing her beak hint probably was talking about the girl with her toys in the Fnaf 4 mini game. Her Chica toy was missing her beak, which would explain why the Crying Child would imagine Toy Chica like that. Of course Dream Theory isn’t cannon now, but it definitely was what Scott was going for.
@elliethepug5506 Hace un año
Fun fact: mangle is not being hung it’s her biting on the ball of her paddle ball from the fnaf word trailer just dangling from above
@FunkyVerse Hace un año
The time I started playing fnaf was when I saw markipliers first video on fnaf I downloaded it and I KNEW it was the best game ever. Thanks Scott
@Sillernator Hace un año
The "Hey Dawko here hope you are fantastic today!" never gets old.
@CapzMorgan Hace un año
I love your videos dawko you always make my day.
@bennie1079 Hace un año
I am afraid to think about how different my life would've been if I hadn't had fnaf as a child
@voidyvoid11 Hace un año
“It has been 4 years after the interview” That hurts, cuz of how much time passed.
@roseymaple8481 Hace un año
Didn't realize this video was 43 minutes long until it was done lol
@dawktoes Hace un año
ah yes the nostalgic teasers. the memories.
@chao6272 Hace un año
Dawko keep up the good work love your videos man.
@mannamedmaul5895 Hace un año
Dawko needs to do a trailer tier list
@lemonpaperplanes Hace un año
Honestly I agree with where you put basically all of them, also I'd love a tier list for trailers!
@megalucario4406 Hace un año
He already did before
@guylev847 Hace un año
16:18 I love how the entire line is just the thank you teasers
@sillyclowntown Hace un año
3:49 *Dawko:* "Everybody remembers that quote" *Also Dawko* *Literally says the quote wrong*
@RabidSquirrel05 Hace un año
Sadly at the time I joined the fandom FNaF it was past its peak, I just imagine how exciting the FNaF 2-4 teasers were to see at the time, The first one I saw was The Halloween Update Teasers which I never actually played cause I was stuck with the shitty mobile version, but it was still really exciting to see. Full disclosure I was born in 2005 and I was too young to have played FNaF when it was popular.
@Sp3ctralI Hace un año
Anyone remember when Security Breach was being called “Into the Madness” before being revealed completely?
@HuntertheSith Hace un año
Bro, this brings me back to lots of memories when i was starting to be a fnaf fan. I remember always on the floor and on my tablet and going on ESvid. And watching fnaf videos. Those were the good old days. And i also remember the hole all the fnaf games was a dream thing. Who remembers that?
@fazbeargaming9483 Hace un año
This is going to unlock a new type of nostalgia
@ForsakenBonnie Hace un año
Damn. I forgot about most of these! For now, the leaks suggest it seems that there will be Blast from the pasts for the rest of the year for fnaf ar. Mods for the game seem to be kinda carrying it rn.
@thedarkdragon024 Hace un año
Idk if you saw it Dawko, but Markiplier reacted yesterday in his stream to you beating 50/20 Mode :0 ✨
@Totally_Tyler Hace un año
god the nostalgia from all of these old teasers
I miss Scott games every time he uploads i would always brighten it up and always look at it
@BlueThe_Epic Hace un año
3:49 Dawko: everybody remembers that quote Also Dawko: says the quote wrong
@low_lify8708 Hace un año
Yess finally a good nostalgic dawko video with og fnaf games!
@tsf1769 Hace un año
i feel bad for todays kids, that they couldnt experience the absolute legendary time that were the first 4 fnaf games
@temmietoga5369 Hace un año
Wow, I wasn't expecting Dawko of all people to use my Tierlist template. Thank you for using it for a video!
The most nostalgic teasers for me are the fnaf 4 ones but my a printed are definitely security breach
I really wish i knew FNAF in 2014 I missed out on some serious nostalgia
@Zman1025 Hace un año
Suddenly, the memories come flooding back!
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