All the Reasons India Why is So Different

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Hey everyone! Are you a travel lover? Or maybe you just love to learn new things? Then this video is for you! Today, we're talking about one of the oldest civilizations in the world with a super rich culture and history. Yes, you're right, it's India!
It is a country where strange and unique things are possible. Did you know, for example, that India has a spa for elephants? Or that in West Bengal, cows are issued a photo-ID card? Or that India’s first rocket was transported to the launching station…on a bicycle?
And I'm almost sure you didn't know that some of the stuff you use every single day was invented in the land of spices, sarees and Taj Mahal. From the buttons on your shirt to the shampoo in your shower, there are so many things we can’t go without we can thank India for. So stay with us! You will be amazed to find out what unusual things this culture is full of!

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BRIGHT SIDE Hace un año
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Vivek Kumar Hace 10 días
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FaZe Sherwyn
FaZe Sherwyn Hace 18 días
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DIVYANSHI pandya Hace 21 un día
Elephants dont eat non veg
da owee
da owee Hace un día
The title breaks my brain "All the reasons India why is so different"
Devesh Tiwari
Devesh Tiwari Hace un día
On one side there's you to admire india and on the other there's pewdiepie😑
Danika Rathor
Danika Rathor Hace 2 días
How dare you!
Necronioum Hace 3 días
If your gonna make a 12 ish minute video almost 2 hours can you at least not make it the same 12 minute loop and just thro some copyright free music for all the extra time?
Napkin Nexter
Napkin Nexter Hace 3 días
11:35 African elephants in India confirmed?
Ayush,Alok Gamer
Ayush,Alok Gamer Hace 3 días
I am indian . And i live in the place where kumbh mela is held And i love my nation
Red Monster
Red Monster Hace 4 días
Is this the only longest vidoe in Bright side
Abhijeet Nikam
Abhijeet Nikam Hace 6 días
I am indian
Humaira Vaseem
Humaira Vaseem Hace 6 días
If we indians give our lunch to an american it will be the spicyest thing they ever had but us we ask for more😄😆
Devanandhan Pulikkal
from kerela
Devanandhan Pulikkal
and i would like the latest apple iphone ''just need money''
Devanandhan Pulikkal
bro i,m from india
Kavitha Mishra
Kavitha Mishra Hace 7 días
Who is triggered because how he pronounced the names
oookla bookla
oookla bookla Hace 7 días
Nikki Carstarphen
Nikki Carstarphen Hace 8 días
i travel states
Pål Jonny
Pål Jonny Hace 8 días
Just woke up to this video playing at 49 minutes in
maldives-joshua joseph
I lovvve Indian mangoes. The mango season is the month of May. But I should say, Maldivian mango is better. There the season is September.
Shilpa Rokade
Shilpa Rokade Hace 10 días
I have seen sea link almost 12 times
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Aleyamma Thomas Hace 10 días
i am in kerela
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Anyone from Kerela
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linda carbajal Hace 12 días
linda carbajal
linda carbajal Hace 12 días
linda carbajal
linda carbajal Hace 12 días
linda carbajal
linda carbajal Hace 12 días
kevin chen
kevin chen Hace 14 días
Now I know where I get my milk
Sudhakar Charles
Sudhakar Charles Hace 15 días
what about the capital of india delhi its places qutubminar tajmahal redfort
Sudhakar Charles
Sudhakar Charles Hace 15 días
hey i live in india and i know more about it in hyderabad do u know charminar
Srinidhi Kartik Sarma
Srinidhi Kartik Sarma Hace 15 días
11:51 elephants dont eat meat
Kevz Hace 17 días
I don’t like India
FaZe Sherwyn
FaZe Sherwyn Hace 18 días
I’m a Indian and most of the members in my family uses iPhones and iPad 🤨🤨🤨
Nidhi Agarwal
Nidhi Agarwal Hace 18 días
Go creative with varushka
Anyone watching in quarantine and is indian?like plzzz
karn singh
karn singh Hace 19 días
Hi I am India and love my country thank you for being nice and who is watching this during Covina 19 give like
Babun Sarkar
Babun Sarkar Hace 19 días
I love india
Aswin Hace 20 días
bright side 50% of ur viewers are indians
Kusum Grewal
Kusum Grewal Hace 20 días
it is not shatranga shatranj
गधा GAMER Hace 21 un día
I am from India :)-|--|
Sabrina Ng
Sabrina Ng Hace 22 días
The newst
MEHUL SAGGAR Hace 22 días
iPhone fail is just a lie
Techs Mac
Techs Mac Hace 22 días
3:36 why didn’t you highlight Actual map of India ?
Rahul Malhotra
Rahul Malhotra Hace 23 días
I live in india
Delhi Delhi
Delhi Delhi Hace 24 días
Lots of love from India
Kritika Saraswat
Kritika Saraswat Hace 24 días
This map is correct 😁
ANANYA .B Hace 25 días
i am proud to be an indian...
Sraddha Y
Sraddha Y Hace 26 días
Here in in India even kids are vegetarians
Evans Saji
Evans Saji Hace 26 días
apples fail in india
GAMES Hi Hace 26 días
Why is the video repeated again and again?
{Sakura Gurl}
{Sakura Gurl} Hace 27 días
JITHIN PS Hace 27 días
Why don't you mentioned about looting of british people and how the rich country become poor... Sorry it doesn't seems interesting right
Heathen_ Brewing
Heathen_ Brewing Hace 27 días
Indus valley is in Pakistan!!
Anime Cool Stuff
Anime Cool Stuff Hace 27 días
I am an Indian
sravya malla
sravya malla Hace 29 días
Highest rainfall is recorded in chirapunji
sravya malla
sravya malla Hace 29 días
Highest rainfall is recorded in chirapunji
sravya malla
sravya malla Hace 29 días
Highest rainfall is recorded in chirapunji
sravya malla
sravya malla Hace 29 días
Highest rainfall is recorded in chiraku ji
sravya malla
sravya malla Hace 29 días
Milk in tons , sounds wierd !
Sheetal Chudasama
Sheetal Chudasama Hace 29 días
In India snakes and ladders like the language in the language they say saap seedi
Sheetal Chudasama
Sheetal Chudasama Hace 29 días
Bright side people why do Indians don't eat meat that because they do a lot of lot of thing called Pooja so like that's why I don't eat meat because our god's don't eat meat only some people in India
Sheetal Chudasama
Sheetal Chudasama Hace 29 días
so many facts about it
Sheetal Chudasama
Sheetal Chudasama Hace 29 días
Thank you for talking about India ❤️
Eramma K
Eramma K Hace un mes
I am proud to be an Indian.🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳
Praveen Kumar
Praveen Kumar Hace un mes
India. Is. 1st. Country. In. Speaking English.
B Chittemma
B Chittemma Hace un mes
Iam an Indian but just one small mistake when you were speaking about apple phone you didn't show a state in India
Sridhar Malladi
Sridhar Malladi Hace un mes
the sweets yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
ARPIT SAXENA Hace un mes
alaways i phone or can say apple
Ch Shiva Sai Charan
Why apple fails in INDIA -> 1:36 :46
how dare u u rude to our country u india
Harika Gondle
Harika Gondle Hace un mes
I want to get apple and I live in India
SK Ai Hace un mes
Why in the world,those beats are used as back score and always stereotypical about all the information
Rabinder Singh
Rabinder Singh Hace un mes
India is poor not different
Dhiraj Jha
Dhiraj Jha Hace un mes
I can't see full video too long as movie
rupinder kaur
rupinder kaur Hace un mes
I am proud to be a Indian
Navya Chhaparwal
Navya Chhaparwal Hace un mes
2 ghnte kon video dekhega bhai sahab??
ratnesh valappil
ratnesh valappil Hace un mes
i am from india in kerla in kozhikode in parmbilbazar
Jo Hace un mes
prxncessF xo
prxncessF xo Hace un mes
why did you put an american flag?😂😂😂😂pretty sure the english language belongs to the english
Jayaprakash Periyasamy
Majority of Indians are Non-Vegetarians.Only few castes wont eat meat.
Robert Louise Drake
50% of population doesn’t have toilets at home 😷🤢
Vikas Yadav
Vikas Yadav Hace un mes
You're wrong.....97% indian houses has toilet....stop giving wrong information about india
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