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Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber dance the Viennese Waltz to “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran on the Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals!
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19 nov 2019






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Oznek Mendoza
Oznek Mendoza Hace 14 días
She’s one of the most emotional performer of fifth harmony
RdG 915
RdG 915 Hace 14 días
Ally is a much much better dancer than Hannah! (not to mention James). this has been a stupid corrupt farce & everyone knows it, the finagling to get Hannah to win. Maybe because of the "fiasco" on Bachelorette (did someone think NBC owed it to her?) Maybe an agent or someone pressured this program or fixed the fan votes so Hannah would win. it seems she wants or expects the "crown," as in pageantry. She needs to learn to not be SO self-centered, self-conscious, overly- sensitive.
SaE love
SaE love Hace 15 días
love it
Jesus Mars
Jesus Mars Hace 15 días
Aylton sabino
Aylton sabino Hace 15 días
Ally 😍💕
qualityharmonizer 4H
qualityharmonizer 4H Hace 16 días
awwwkitteh Hace 17 días
Why do people hate on Ally? she dances well, and consistently at that
Lo H
Lo H Hace 18 días
Love all the 5H girls!!! I’m Glad Ally is getting her individual shine! She deserves it all!!! She did great this performance was excellent
g Hace 18 días
Literally I think Sasha messed up
Sophia Meer
Sophia Meer Hace 18 días
The beginning reminded me of Emma and Sasha who danced to this song on tour and the hug was at the start of the song too❤️
Meg J
Meg J Hace 19 días
How is it that Camila acted super shit in her music videos and still got an acting role in some Cinderella movie and no one's talking bout how good can Allysus act!!?
katattacksweetheart Hace 19 días
Oh Jesus at first when the shot of the stage came up I thought they were saddled w a Frozen themed VWaltz...thank god
JXMAXO Hace 19 días
That Toss at the end was so gorgeous 😍😍
Cobbiant Miguel
Cobbiant Miguel Hace 19 días
Omg... that last moment. Omg...
Carlos German
Carlos German Hace 19 días
Guyss we need to support Ally, dont forget to vote and stream
Sarah Higgins
Sarah Higgins Hace 20 días
I was completely mesmerised the whole way through. Had to watch it twice.
Piril Kohen
Piril Kohen Hace 20 días
I think dwts just chose a decent song for once...
LovedBy You
LovedBy You Hace 20 días
Beautiful, beautiful dance
FPhongmaly Hace 20 días
Proud of Ally but also proud of Travis Garland singing in the background 😍
Jesse Bidart
Jesse Bidart Hace 20 días
Chorei com ela! Que coisa linda 😍❤
Celly Rose
Celly Rose Hace 20 días
So proud of her she’s just keeps improving
Celly Rose
Celly Rose Hace 20 días
She always puts her heart in it you can see it!
Brian Hace 20 días
Estefanía Wp
Estefanía Wp Hace 20 días
Ally perfect Brooke
MistyB Hace 20 días
Didnt flow. Choppy
ashante Hace 20 días
Of course Ally would get a song that fits her dance.
Maria Chaug
Maria Chaug Hace 21 un día
Love them👏👏👏👏👏
Nery Gonzalez
Nery Gonzalez Hace 21 un día
Ally is Art 😍😍😍
Luara Ananias
Luara Ananias Hace 21 un día
She deserves to win! Ally my baby
Deebah's World
Deebah's World Hace 21 un día
That was so beautiful that am almost convinced they are a real life couple.
Cap Hace 18 días
Sasha is married to Emma actually lol
Aaliyah Muriel
Aaliyah Muriel Hace 21 un día
After watching all of Sasha's and Ally's dances all I have to say is- ALL of their dances have been highly creative (Thank you Sasha) and the progress Ally has been doing, by giving her absolute heart in each dance (Keep up the AMAZING work Ally). Wish you both the best of luck(if you are off course reading this:)
Series Clips
Series Clips Hace 21 un día
She did an amazing job. Great flow and musicality. Loved this
florence see
florence see Hace 21 un día
Look at the heart and the passion. :D
WingStorm2.0 Hace 21 un día
She was crying 😭❤
Victoria Vasconcelos
Victoria Vasconcelos Hace 21 un día
Rainha, Brasil está com você 🙏
Victoria Vasconcelos
Victoria Vasconcelos Hace 21 un día
Mell Santos
Mell Santos Hace 21 un día
Mell Santos
Mell Santos Hace 21 un día
I can't believe it !!!! My queen, Ally dancing to the sound of my king, Ed Sheeran 🥺😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩❤️❤️❤️❤️ CONGRATULATIONS GODDESS FOR THE PRESENTATION !!!!!!! YOU DESERVE MY QUEEN 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️
Yassess Leves
Yassess Leves Hace 21 un día
Frankie Muniz Dance to the Same Song in Season 25
Ann Besterci
Ann Besterci Hace 21 un día
I felt it was a little herky jerky in spots. Not worthy of 2 10s. But her final dance was flawless.
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