AM I ON HIS MIND? ❤️ *Pick A Card* No Contact Love Tarot Reading | Does He Think About Me?

Soul Whispers Tarot
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Pick A Card No Contact Love Tarot Reading | Does He Think About Me? - AM I ON HIS MIND? ❤️
This video is a 'pick a card' reading. Pick the card you're most drawn to to reveal your message. Here are the timestamps for each card:
Cards 1) 1:51
Cards 2) 9:59
Cards 3) 18:02
Cards 4) 29:48

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I hope you enjoy the reading!
Love and Light to you! 💖✨
Karen x
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Soul Whispers Tarot
Soul Whispers Tarot Hace 2 meses
Cards 1) 1:51 Cards 2) 9:59 Cards 3) 18:02 Cards 4) 29:48 Twin Flame Union Alignment Chakra Meditation: www.twinflamepsychic1111.co.uk/twin-flame-union-alignment-chakra-healing.html "How Does He Feel About Me?" Reading Playlist: esvid.net/group/PLwa_-rYGCZZWK3zP--imX0gWhrHVwGVdU
Elaine Go
Elaine Go Hace 5 días
Jillian Williams
Jillian Williams Hace un mes
what cards did you use, the ones with the words on them what type of card are they?
An O
An O Hace un mes
Savanna Maher hope so ...
Savv Tripp
Savv Tripp Hace un mes
An O only if you have the faith that it will and focus on the positives. Divine timing. don’t question things that are out of your control if the energy from the cards are saying it will happen...it will don’t stress ab when or how
An O
An O Hace un mes
Soul Whispers Tarot and choosed pile 1 .... if person is always thinking abt me then why not contacting me .... will your prediction become true ??
Just Jamie
Just Jamie Hace 2 horas
Pile 3 is a confirmation to the reading I did for us. Thank you!
Carmela Hace 3 horas
i just love the way your words reach up to me, you always teach me a lottt
Evie Hace 20 horas
Pile 1 resonates with me the most. I startes to notice this guy a month ago and i rrally like him. I feel like he notices me too, but he is always staring at me but never makes the first move. I feel like he is not sure if he should initiate something between us. But now in march there is this quarantine and i will not be able to see him for a month or two, so i am focusing on myself and trying to improve my self esteem and hopefully when i meet him again,things would be different
F1NAL Blaz3
F1NAL Blaz3 Hace un día
I was going to go for pile #2 but my finger slipped to pile #1, I feel like this is a sign from the universe to listen to pile #1 so I watched both, this is giving me hope, thank you ❤️
TRISHA 1979 Hace un día
Cards 1 describe exactly my current situation. 💕🙏
Zulvianne Dwi Ramadhani
... you don't believe that you deserve love" damn sis you really exposed me😶😶😶
Kat00 G
Kat00 G Hace 2 días
Other reading he’s coming for me , this one he’s not he’s done with you ... okay lol
Eyüp Şahin
Eyüp Şahin Hace 2 días
i picked up the 4th deck and i guess i watched it for the 3rd time in the last two days. the accuracy hurts.
Cris Carl Cerbo
Cris Carl Cerbo Hace 4 días
2😣 really I felt that... All your words basically right.. And I don't know
Laurin Kohler
Laurin Kohler Hace 4 días
Why was group 3 so spot on! It was like you were reading me: 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️
chai black
chai black Hace 4 días
Im in love with my best friend and he is married . He's in process of getting a divorce .
Ayesha Gaddafi
Ayesha Gaddafi Hace un día
Do you need him to commit to you
chai black
chai black Hace 4 días
I picked 4
Leslie Huerta
Leslie Huerta Hace 5 días
Me 12 thinking about a boy Me: definitely not on his mind like fr
Irene Aurelie
Irene Aurelie Hace 5 días
Why is it that most of my readings that i have seen have the same answer? (Like he's my soulmate and he thinks about me)
Diana N
Diana N Hace 5 días
Thank you! A beautiful reading,
msbond700 Hace 6 días
Big Subs
Big Subs Hace 6 días
yeetus deletus
yeetus deletus Hace 6 días
Picked #1 at 1:11 am
Sofie Hernandez
Sofie Hernandez Hace 6 días
thank you very helpful
mia birchall
mia birchall Hace 7 días
i chose number 2 and straight away i resonated with the situation but it felt like it was all my emotions and since idk theirs, is our feelings mutual or is this clarity for me?
Crystal Liaw
Crystal Liaw Hace 8 días
Pile 2: Third party situation. I dont love him anymore. I wish him the best yet I hope he doesnt come back or reappear in my life because he doesnt understand the extent of how much he hurt my heart. I am happy that I am in a secure relationship now. Its not possible to rekindle. Even so, I dont want it.
Znissa Arafah
Znissa Arafah Hace 9 días
are u guys believe on tarot reading? if yes how do u relate it to your realife and if its not why? :) ♥️
Athokpam Aruna
Athokpam Aruna Hace 9 días
#3 plsz make him fast 😩 i will not lose him no matter what...... If i dont get then to be nun is ready...😣
Ayesha Gaddafi
Ayesha Gaddafi Hace un día
Need help??
s3l3na98 Hace 9 días
#2 was this about my ex? -__- cause I came thinking about my crush 💀
Skilled Girl
Skilled Girl Hace 9 días
#2 but we never been together
Valeria Molina
Valeria Molina Hace 10 días
This described me
ana ali
ana ali Hace 10 días
I choose no. 2 and that is acurate on whats going on...
checkThiZout48 Hace 11 días
#3 😔 I get it, I kinda am getting impatient because it makes me feel like he doesn’t like me at all.
Aly Millane
Aly Millane Hace 11 días
Yo it’s scary how accurate this is STOP OMG I chose #3
Diane Black
Diane Black Hace 11 días
Pile 3. Thanks for the update on him. We're not communicating rn.
Roeanne Smith
Roeanne Smith Hace 12 días
No.2 does resonate me...have been in an 8-year relationship on and off and I moved away and he came back...🙏
Rani Permatasari
Rani Permatasari Hace 14 días
Pale 3 read about me actually 😂
Ha Hee Lee
Ha Hee Lee Hace 14 días
Pile 4
Naj Beinhaus
Naj Beinhaus Hace 14 días
Wow deck 2 is so spot on I cried. I've been trying to let go of all the pain I endured after my ex and I split. I think about him à lot.....
פניני האנושות
Louise Toeava
Louise Toeava Hace 14 días
Chalulugi Gal
Chalulugi Gal Hace 15 días
Pile 3 honestly sounds more like it’s describing me..and this guy..idk it’s hard for me to believe these kinds of things but this was so accurate it’s scary
AshieeJoy Hace 15 días
chose #1 it says "the more i stop chasing, the more my crush focusing on me" and yes its real 😭😭 i stopped stalking him on twitter and stopped looking at him but i always see him beside me like hes going beside me like whAt idk maybe its just because his squad are near to me but no its really beside me like its soOo close!! it happend 2 times this month btw he has girlfriend for 3 years now why does he giving me this feels 😭😭
Sylvia Chanu
Sylvia Chanu Hace 16 días
chose pile 2 : its definitely what i m thinking abt him, not him thinking abt me. i felt everything watever she told he might have been feeling abt me.
miss sophia
miss sophia Hace 16 días
Wow deck #3 hit right on!!! I couldn’t stop crying.
divineinterstellar Hace 16 días
Palm Combat
Palm Combat Hace 16 días
No he is not married he is 20 and a friend
Janhavi Joshi
Janhavi Joshi Hace 16 días
Card 3
Alissa Boesner
Alissa Boesner Hace 16 días
Nica Trencio
Nica Trencio Hace 17 días
picked 2 one, asa siya di ako natutuwa saknya bala sya sa buhay niya. no more 2nd chance
Saras Sharma
Saras Sharma Hace 17 días
I chose deck no 2 ..I dunno what he might be thinking but after hurting myself for so long and being separated from him for 4 months ..whether he thinks about me or not your words were so healing that they made my day..hehe thanku
Laurence Blanchette
Laurence Blanchette Hace 17 días
Pile 2 very accurate🖤🤍
sam catto
sam catto Hace 17 días
when she said, you deserve love me : T__T
Alicja Frank
Alicja Frank Hace 17 días
omg! Nr 3 resonates 100%! Like on every detail. 😳😳❤️❤️ Thank you! ❤️
Mitochondria Lu
Mitochondria Lu Hace 18 días
I feel like their should be tarot reading geared towards like, 16 year olds.
666 Hace 18 días
Pile 3 was incredibly accurate.. wow
Ryan Joey
Ryan Joey Hace 18 días
If you are interested in a free numerology reading the greatest results that ive ever had was by following the Stefs Magic Numbers (i found it on google) - without a doubt the no.1 natural method i've followed.
orphic Hace 18 días
my reading makes so much sense but at the same time it doesn't
Vick S.
Vick S. Hace 19 días
2# wish it was true, but he's a dickhead so not possible ✌
Adelina Aura
Adelina Aura Hace 19 días
#2 Sorry sis but he had more than many chances and he blew all of them off, there is no going fucking back, I am over him anyway
Gabby Hace 20 días
how the hell was that so accurate. i'm scared
kide mavis
kide mavis Hace 20 días
I dont know what to do, he's waiting but everytime i make a move he wont do anything.
Anit ***
Anit *** Hace 20 días
If this is real im gonna cry 🥺👉🏽👈🏽💕
annika Hace 20 días
pile #2 thank you for the reading, i've been watching you for about a week now and everything resonates!! thank you so much
girasoli Hace 21 un día
_ Hiyatari_
_ Hiyatari_ Hace 21 un día
Picked 2nd, and literally heard all I wanted to hear... But devastatingly enough I feel like it was, in fact; just what I wanted to hear. 💔
Hi Im A Flying Person
Hi Im A Flying Person Hace 21 un día
Pile #2 kinda resonates with me but it kinda doesn’t? I have boyfriend and he definitely has those kinds of thoughts about me but the reading just seems like its about an ex and I have an ex, I guess? But I honestly don’t consider it a real relationship because I’ve never met him in real life, and we have not spoken in years so he wouldn’t know how my life would be now
katha rina
katha rina Hace 21 un día
pile 4 is so scarily accurate with my situation except its not marriage hes just in a relationship and we recently had some moments and reconnecting happening and i found out that he told my best friend hes kinda into me so... this one was pretty weirdly good
Nidaa Noubani
Nidaa Noubani Hace 21 un día
This is literally describing me. Oh gosh
Elena Flore
Elena Flore Hace 21 un día
So accurate pile 2 this is actually what is happening at the moment this describes the whole situation
Elena Flore
Elena Flore Hace 21 un día
Omg i chose pile 2 my bf cheated on me so we broke up i want him back i hope this is true 💖🥺
Summer Andrews
Summer Andrews Hace 21 un día
3 and this is so true
Lulu Romero
Lulu Romero Hace 21 un día
Rose Quartz Pile 🙏✨
Silvi Stan
Silvi Stan Hace 22 días
He abandoned me 3 yrs ago and vanished. We’ve not spoken since. I have my pride and dignity to attempt reaching out to him, not even to reconcile but just see how he’s doing. Though the cards say he’s thinking of me, sleepless nights, etc., I just can’t overlook the roughly 3 years of silence. When we parted, I told him to never contact me again, forget I exist, but I don’t think that’s the reason for the silence, people say all kinds of things while arguing. Meh, guess I’ll stop thinking of him when I meet someone new.
Mar Hace 22 días
#2...”he is praying to god, maybe law of attraction” nah thats me trying to force him to write🤣😭
tarot messages
tarot messages Hace 8 días
Mar 😂 same same
Renée Winde
Renée Winde Hace 18 días
Yuliana 23
Yuliana 23 Hace 20 días
Mar I thought the same when she said that, all this man is doing is basically what I do 😂
angeel678 Hace 22 días
Jessica Grayson
Jessica Grayson Hace 22 días
Picked 3 b/c time stamp added to 20, for 2020. But these cards...😳 whoa. He is definitely on my mind and heart tho.... 💔
Nurdan Bingöl
Nurdan Bingöl Hace 22 días
Card 2: he dont think about me, he would have so many chances if he would, i would know if he would so i stop believing tarot
Mindy Ti
Mindy Ti Hace 22 días
here i am single not have been in any relationship before but still pick a card..
Da'Naisa Love
Da'Naisa Love Hace 22 días
#2 sounds like me and his situation
Alanah Manticos
Alanah Manticos Hace 23 días
Christany Rumambi
Christany Rumambi Hace 24 días
Pile 1-4 : they thinking about u .. fake hope?
Usha Mahalingam
Usha Mahalingam Hace 24 días
Pile 1 and it's stone look attractive
Kaitlynn Jansen
Kaitlynn Jansen Hace 24 días
Pile #2: if he’s thinking this, he’s wrong, but still right. I love him so much and he’s one of my best friends, and I’ll always love him. But I am tired of him pulling away from me, I feel like I’m the one keeping us together, like he only feels *forced* to talk to me. I want so bad for the old him to come back, to still want me and still be my best friend. I want to try and let him go a little bit, just to see if he sticks around? But I’m scared he won’t. I don’t know if I can handle life without him. *edit*: my other friend is a guy that hangs out with me more, and likes me (I don’t like him back), so that might be the thing blocking us? But, the guy I like missed out on me being free, if we wanted me he should’ve cane when he had the chance, if he knew someone could come and block us from each other. Jeez, I’m so confused lol I’ll always give you chances, East.
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