Amateurs vs One-Handed Chef! | Can They Beat a Pro??

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Hey guys! Who did you think would win, the amateurs or the professional chef? What did you think of our cooking battle? What other battles should we do against professionals? Let us know down below!

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2 ene 2019






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Comentarios 80
Kolten Wilson
Kolten Wilson Hace 6 días
There is no way Danae is Bobby's girlfriend, unless she was paid to say that lmaooo, just kidding Bobby, your girlfriend is beautiful and you're both lucky to have each other
Roland Oei
Roland Oei Hace 6 días
Since when has joey cared about danger
Patrick Lacy
Patrick Lacy Hace 9 días
1:17 someone put that in a "perfectly cut screams" video
SAMARTH SINHA Hace 10 días
This man said SKILL 🤣🤣🤣
Courtland Taylor
Courtland Taylor Hace 13 días
Where they both supposed to make hamburgers
Kxng Dan876
Kxng Dan876 Hace 17 días
Number 1 rule never let Joey cook food for u
Daniel Antonio
Daniel Antonio Hace 18 días
Im pretty sure that joey has the coronavirus
Alexis Garcia
Alexis Garcia Hace 19 días
Roger Santana
Roger Santana Hace 21 un día
wow bobby now has a girlfriend
M4jestic Squad
M4jestic Squad Hace 26 días
why does it say j-fred and bobby at the end when j-fred and bryan lost
edward the blue mixed traffic engine
Lucia: Mommy wawa Bryan: Dad mode. activate
Janelle O
Janelle O Hace un mes
Watching Joey in this video during COVID19 times is so triggering 🤣
Farah Pelaez
Farah Pelaez Hace un mes
She said I am Bryan’s wife like he’s mine
Jaxsen Amos
Jaxsen Amos Hace un mes
Aaron’s wasn’t actually a burger
I Love French Fries
They're lucky Covid wasn't around when they filmed this wow
Sinception Hace un mes
Alternate Title: J-fred and Brian burn down the house while a professional cooks their food
Colton Ashenfelter
Colton Ashenfelter Hace un mes
JUDGES:When it came to Bobby's girlfriend Me:Bobby is to ugly to have a girlfriend Not to be mean I still love you guys
Mr. Narrator
Mr. Narrator Hace un mes
Nobody Chef Aron: *gimme some l o v e*
Summer Dolan
Summer Dolan Hace un mes
My mind: wow Bob has a girlfriend 😲
Chubby Potaters
Chubby Potaters Hace un mes
10:46 it says “J-Fred and Bobby”
Donald Lutu
Donald Lutu Hace un mes
8:50 Awwww poor Lucia, she almost choked on her food so she had to hold it in until her Mom gave her a napkin to spit it out 😭😭😭😭
Ever Crafters
Ever Crafters Hace un mes
Imagine if this video was filmed today 3:15
Levi Gold
Levi Gold Hace un mes
Infidel Marine
Infidel Marine Hace un mes
Call me dumb but I've seen Bryan's wife in past videos but I didn't know that she was Joey's sister
Harry Potter
Harry Potter Hace un mes
Lucia is sooo cute
Joshua Clayton
Joshua Clayton Hace un mes
2020 check Joey better wash good hands
Sevad Puskar
Sevad Puskar Hace un mes
What the hack is wrong taching meet and rise
Marta Jachta
Marta Jachta Hace un mes
hey ricebuns
Alonzo Mohabir
Alonzo Mohabir Hace un mes
Why isnt Bobby married to her yet. My god she is beautiful
spencer willinsky
spencer willinsky Hace un mes
The dislikes are from the people that love bobby
Archit Arora
Archit Arora Hace un mes
Me watching this in 2020 Joey coughing on the food me Coronavirus!!!!!!
Veronica Diaz
Veronica Diaz Hace un mes
Joey: coughs** Everyone in 2020: O.O
Michael Pham
Michael Pham Hace 2 meses
1:18 Is this porn hub or is it a court session?
Lachlan Degan
Lachlan Degan Hace 2 meses
7:07 is
robloxsbro31 Hace 2 meses
1:17 J-Fred raped Bryan xD
Edward Lubrica
Edward Lubrica Hace 2 meses
10:46 no one notice
Layla the creepypasta lover
That was super cute bryan and his daughter OML they were soooo cute together
Caleb Jones
Caleb Jones Hace 2 meses
I wish I could challenge them to a cook off
Josh Gannon
Josh Gannon Hace 2 meses
At 9:58 and 9:47 10:09
bubble's adventures
bubble's adventures Hace 2 meses
I could probably beat j-fred and Brian on a team against me by myself
Mason Nicholson
Mason Nicholson Hace 2 meses
Bobby is my favourite bobby I’m stuck at 🏠 because of the Corona 🦠
Kawika Sagucio
Kawika Sagucio Hace 2 meses
In the intro when j,Fred grab Bryan butt it look like he F Bryan
Pacmanqwerty Hace 2 meses
People in 2020 when Joey coughs on the food 😱😱😱
Sally belmont
Sally belmont Hace 2 meses
Joey: touches brans buutt and doesn't wash hands Me:wut
Lotomoua Fatani
Lotomoua Fatani Hace 2 meses
Chef Aaron isn't that good, not even world famous
Joshua Oei
Joshua Oei Hace 2 meses
You are supposed to brush the egg on top not pour it
Cat productions
Cat productions Hace 2 meses
Chef Aaron had a real big ego after he used the spatula as a knife.
xBladeMaster0212x Lol
Imagine if Bobby actually got fixed tho.
xBladeMaster0212x Lol
I mean fired
maxwell Uchiha
maxwell Uchiha Hace 2 meses
10:46 J fred and bobby
Lxcal Raven
Lxcal Raven Hace 2 meses
brayans baby is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Skyfire B.
Skyfire B. Hace 2 meses
bobby has a girlfriend?????????????? and I just knew??????????????
Tyler Kibler
Tyler Kibler Hace 3 meses
7:25 that’s what she said
Caden Furlong
Caden Furlong Hace 3 meses
Is it me or why is Bryan's wife and Bobby's girlfriend so much shorter than Bryan and J-Fred
Jared Velasco
Jared Velasco Hace 3 meses
Bobby has a girlfriend
Danny and Kaden
Danny and Kaden Hace 3 meses
runningkitten 113
runningkitten 113 Hace 3 meses
I know this is late but someone blind won Masterchef
Ty Morin
Ty Morin Hace 3 meses
Joey : OOOOHHH those are the buns... AND THESE ARE TOO Bryan : OOOOOOOOOHHHH!!!! Law and order meme
Peter Sparta
Peter Sparta Hace 3 meses
Do not put eggs on rice it's just no
edward the blue mixed traffic engine
Bobby: what's your name Lucia: Lucia Bobby: who do you think is going to win Lucia: papa That's was cute
Anna Porter
Anna Porter Hace 3 meses
I would like to point out chef Aaron made a burrito and team edge made burgers
Peanutbutter63 Hace 3 meses
Lucia is a little angel 😇
Mason Saathoff
Mason Saathoff Hace 3 meses
Ri Bobby
preston hoffman
preston hoffman Hace 3 meses
Last time i checked it was sushi burger not just sushi. So chef aaron should have lost
Diamond Sky Gaming
Diamond Sky Gaming Hace 3 meses
Bobby has a girlfriend
Sienna Kaya
Sienna Kaya Hace 3 meses
Ryan is such a nice dad
•inqctive cqtt•
•inqctive cqtt• Hace 3 meses
Corona virus is alive and well in this episode.
Jack Lees
Jack Lees Hace 3 meses
Is it me or does the blond person look like Mathias as a girl
Camryn Carter
Camryn Carter Hace 3 meses
Do a fashion challenge please 👡👠👘👙👗👖
Lily The Fish
Lily The Fish Hace 3 meses
Why does Aaron look like hes been crying....?
Cynthia Owen
Cynthia Owen Hace 3 meses
Bryan and j Fred had perfect ingredients for a loco moco Search it up if you don’t know what that is
SLEEPLXS Hace 3 meses
Laura The Explorer
Laura The Explorer Hace 3 meses
I almost chocked on laughter at 1:14 - 1:20
Evan Sun
Evan Sun Hace 3 meses
2:53 he used his right hand
Rose Wever
Rose Wever Hace 3 meses
0:42 😤
melissa kwo
melissa kwo Hace 3 meses
It be easier if u had the bamboo mat the use to make sushi
Ida Foley
Ida Foley Hace 3 meses
Ida Foley
Ida Foley Hace 3 meses
hi chef Aaron
Deadknight12 Hace 3 meses
Hmm Joeys sister Yet Bryan’s wife But Joey knows Bryan sooooooo This got awkward This is how many people it would be awkward to be married to your friends sister | v
Madhav s. vinod
Madhav s. vinod Hace 3 meses
Bruh did any one notice that chef aron made a sushi not a sushi burger
Com Thiên Phúc
Com Thiên Phúc Hace 3 meses
Why sarah look a little like matthaias as a girl
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