Amateurs vs One-Handed Chef! | Can They Beat a Pro??

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Hey guys! Who did you think would win, the amateurs or the professional chef? What did you think of our cooking battle? What other battles should we do against professionals? Let us know down below!

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2 ene 2019






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Comentarios 4 252
BuyableGuitar5 8
BuyableGuitar5 8 Hace un día
Bryan is brothers with jfred 已經忘記喔仁愛區完全完全我國
The BaconBen123
The BaconBen123 Hace un día
At 10:46 it says J Fred and Bobby
Fortnitefan10 1
Fortnitefan10 1 Hace 2 días
Can u guys do more cooking challenges
Speedy Mgeester
Speedy Mgeester Hace 2 días
Did anybody notice that Brian and j freds team was called j fred and Bobby
Justin Marshall
Justin Marshall Hace 3 días
They didn't even link Chef Aaron's info in the description. That's janky
Gamer Animations
Gamer Animations Hace 3 días
Hahahahahahahahhaha lol
ASD DaBoi Hace 4 días
Click bait
Shane Anema
Shane Anema Hace 6 días
Bryant Wesco
Bryant Wesco Hace 6 días
by far the dirtiest video.. not mess dirty the other dirty
Smeed29 Hace 7 días
NeonDiamond Dylan
NeonDiamond Dylan Hace 7 días
0:06 BUNZ
Hsiao Brothers
Hsiao Brothers Hace 7 días
Gordon Ramsay will flip tables
Chace Lu
Chace Lu Hace 9 días
Wtf. So bias
Ze actual pepew Plet
10:45 Wait BobbY
Catherine West
Catherine West Hace 10 días
Where’s the cheese 😂
سارا سعد ابراهيم العوله
Bobby has a girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!!! 😂
Karen Szerszyn
Karen Szerszyn Hace 11 días
lol u know it said j Fred and bobby not j Fred and BRYAN 😂😂😂😂
Gavin Glenn
Gavin Glenn Hace 11 días
If bobby is the judge why does he need judges?
Nassir Bermudez
Nassir Bermudez Hace 12 días
Did anyone else hear the ahhhhhhh in the background
Matthew Drobek
Matthew Drobek Hace 12 días
Wow, Bobby's girlfriend is gorgeous
l BaconPhoenix231 l
l BaconPhoenix231 l Hace 13 días
Aaron made a burrito not a burger
Alaythia Gesch
Alaythia Gesch Hace 13 días
Ohhhhhhh! Those are the buns! AND THESE ARE TO!!
Pancakes Gaming
Pancakes Gaming Hace 14 días
*Everyone has left the chat* *Cancer joined the chat* *Cancer is typing*
Calvin Thor
Calvin Thor Hace 14 días
So think Bryan’s and j Fred’s lost but I thinks there’s was better
DeadPool Hace 14 días
Are you doing to that poor child!
Jerusha Thomas - Oscar Peterson PS (1317)
Bobby: What’s ur name Lucia: Lucia Bobby: Who do u thinks gonna win? Lucia: Papa! Like what was bobby thinking no offence, but SHES HIS FREAKING DAUGHTER OF COURSE SHE’LL SAY HER PAPA!!!!
Lisa Pelton
Lisa Pelton Hace 14 días
Bobby u should have a kid Never knew u have wife
Lisa Taing
Lisa Taing Hace 15 días
It is kinda funny because Bobby has a girlfriend but j-Fred doesn’t and j-Fred always makes funny of Bobby
Cryght vaskallion
Cryght vaskallion Hace 15 días
watching how bryan was having the toddler almost falling was a bit nerve racking.
Bryceskii Hace 15 días
Bryan is so rude to Aaron
Jordy Street
Jordy Street Hace 15 días
F in the chat for team edge
Edward The blue engine vlogs
Chef Aaron should come on the channel more often Bobby: Whats you name Lucia: lucia Bobby: who do think is going to win Lucia: Papa She means it. It would gad been funny if she said Aaron
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Hace 16 días
3:30 u always that way
Lil Bear
Lil Bear Hace 16 días
Joey is a health hazord
Vilda Charvát
Vilda Charvát Hace 17 días
6:45 is there something wrong :D
Mario Valente
Mario Valente Hace 17 días
Jfreds sister is brains wife!?????!!!!??
Sinan Entwistle
Sinan Entwistle Hace 17 días
llama llamammmaaa
llama llamammmaaa Hace 17 días
1 like= 1 prayer for bobby
Crystal Tham
Crystal Tham Hace 17 días
Bryan is such a amazing dad I can’t even. His daughter is BLESSED
Elite Jd
Elite Jd Hace 18 días
Lol Bryan married J-Fred’s sister
Re Union
Re Union Hace 18 días
Bobhy has a gf? That is the most unbelievable thing ive sseen
Barjo’s Water Adventures
Just me or the chef is stoned
Patricia_23 XD
Patricia_23 XD Hace 18 días
Awww Lucia is so grown up!
Aubreeeeeyyyyy Hace 18 días
There are so many servesafe violations 😂
Elsa Fulbrook
Elsa Fulbrook Hace 18 días
Is that an instant pot with the rice?
markOGF2 - Roblox and More!
10:46 J-Fred and Bobby?!!?
Codee Rogers
Codee Rogers Hace 19 días
The challenge was to make a sushi BURGER which team edge made and chef Aaron didn’t. So therefore team edge wins!!
Killian Paynter
Killian Paynter Hace 19 días
I don’t know what to write The first word that person is awesome
Tomas Mello
Tomas Mello Hace 19 días
I can cook better than them and im 11
Red & Blue Production
Red & Blue Production Hace 19 días
Bobby has a really nice girlfriend
Abject Storm
Abject Storm Hace 20 días
It looks like they are in Markiplier’s kitchen...
Owen Gilligan
Owen Gilligan Hace 20 días
‘What is the special ingredient that will make this burger better’ ‘Skill’ 🤣 haha 😂
Crunch Boyz
Crunch Boyz Hace 20 días
Does anyone else feel like the judges saying what matters most expresses what they look for in a guy?
Corey Donaldson
Corey Donaldson Hace 20 días
Do a challenge we're the loser gets every soda dumped on there head
Ki Co
Ki Co Hace 20 días
So joey is Brian's brother in law
Marta Cadena
Marta Cadena Hace 21 un día
Joe is sick or wat!!!!!!!!!
sugakih Hace 21 un día
bryan and his daughter are so cute together oml
TheDiamondTea [Otaku with a Aspen Wand]
3:24 Hey look more food
Gaming XD
Gaming XD Hace 22 días
Wait Bobby was a girlfriend?!😮😮😮
James Pollard
James Pollard Hace 22 días
Are you using your color blind editor?
I love Dantdm
I love Dantdm Hace 22 días
Aarons is just sushi not a burger
Trash Content
Trash Content Hace 22 días
why does aaron look stoned
laylaylikespandas Hace 22 días
Adreanna Kaas
Adreanna Kaas Hace 22 días
How are joey and matt so tall and Sarah is so short
Devin cupit
Devin cupit Hace 23 días
3:14 bryan shut up you were the one who put the meat on the cutting board
SilverAce Hace 23 días
Brian: Booooo!! Say boo!
Guohua Liang
Guohua Liang Hace 24 días
I knew that he was gonna pick sushi
An Chau
An Chau Hace 24 días
The Indonesian Lemon Magic
Bryan has left the TEAM EDGE chat
The Cat
The Cat Hace 24 días
Jfred 7:57 what that mouth do
chaotixninja5 Hace 25 días
Bryan: "The biggest mistake was teaming up with Joey." Me: "Coming from the guy who lost the cooking match against him."
The Baller Rivera
The Baller Rivera Hace 25 días
5:43 Bryan: You gonna use your pinky?! Chef Aaron: *cuts with spatula* Bryan: Dang i thought we had him INSTANT KARMA!!!!!!!!
Zane burk
Zane burk Hace 25 días
*Skill* lol that's awesome
Alana Doiron
Alana Doiron Hace 26 días
What’s your name Lucia Who do u think is gunna win PAPAA
Kimberly Greubel
Kimberly Greubel Hace 26 días
The Girls are sooo pretty!!!!
Shawn Hogan
Shawn Hogan Hace 27 días
The two of them combined can beet gordon "SARCASM"
Diegoreaper75 Gaming
Diegoreaper75 Gaming Hace 27 días
I love how brian didnt want to eat it cause he thought he'd get sick but he let his wife and daughter eat it 😂😂
Ashley Boyle
Ashley Boyle Hace 27 días
Danae is so pretty!
whoisbillgates ?
whoisbillgates ? Hace 28 días
I would definitely rather eat the professional one 😂 sorry guys
child # 2
child # 2 Hace 28 días
Look at chef arrow he looks so sad😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
Bmx Forever
Bmx Forever Hace 28 días
I got food poisoning just by watching the video
urboiAngel21 The Boss
urboiAngel21 The Boss Hace 28 días
I was dying when Bryan threw the paper towel chef Aaron's face 😂😂😂
Dwayne King
Dwayne King Hace 29 días
Bryan’s little girl is so cute
Karsyn Focht
Karsyn Focht Hace 29 días
Bobby’s girlfriend is so pretty
ADAM STONE Hace 29 días
Bobby's girlfriend is hot
ItsMe ItsDark
ItsMe ItsDark Hace un mes
...the editor made a lot of mistakes at the end...
It's me Hunter
It's me Hunter Hace un mes
Bobby is so lucky
Varun Ramanan
Varun Ramanan Hace un mes
1:01 :)
alyfiqaa Hace un mes
selling replay button, each cost a like! 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 7:03 thankyou for purchasing!
Myteria Idc
Myteria Idc Hace un mes
6:25 I laughed so hard
Jolly Kirito123
Jolly Kirito123 Hace un mes
wooooaaahhhh! I didn't know Bryan's wife is J-Fred's sister!
Sqizzy McGee 33
Sqizzy McGee 33 Hace un mes
*Bryan has left the chat*
Sqizzy McGee 33
Sqizzy McGee 33 Hace un mes
*Bryan has left the chat*
Sansgaming Hace un mes
goardan ramesy
Just Thor James 1
Just Thor James 1 Hace un mes
Bobby's GF looking fine...
Unknown Savage jr.
Unknown Savage jr. Hace un mes
pls pls make more
michelle david
michelle david Hace un mes
0:29 Aaron Is like "hello darkness me old friend"
Nicolaj Vangsgaard
Nicolaj Vangsgaard Hace un mes
Wait. So Bryan has kids and is married to Joey's sister? Cool
Leo esc
Leo esc Hace un mes
You always need to wash your hands
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