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America's Got Talent is back! Check out the best and worst auditions from week 1!
Including incredible performances from:
Kodi Lee
Greg Morton
Patrizio Ratto
Eric Chien
Jackie Fabulous
Sophie Pecora
Human Fuse
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5 jun 2019






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Comentarios 6 585
karina rodriguez
karina rodriguez Hace 18 horas
X lo menos lo puede poner sustitulado
Namnyaki John
Namnyaki John Hace un día
Thex very much Gabriela for giving Cody golden bozz you will be a nice mather
dua xx
dua xx Hace un día
The human fuse guy is the proof that white people are fucking crazy.
Chanh Hace un día
4:21 can u tell me the name of the song please!!
Webson Albuquerque
Webson Albuquerque Hace 2 días
O primeiro que cego e autista que talento maravilhoso !!
Asep Linggapura
Asep Linggapura Hace 2 días
GamiiKev Gem
GamiiKev Gem Hace 2 días
ALL THESE CONTESTANTS ARE AMAZING!one day im gonna be on it UwU if i have a Talent
frank zapalino
frank zapalino Hace 2 días
Mermão doido, chorei nessa misera
Chheng So Vann
Chheng So Vann Hace 2 días
They are highly technical.
Ehsan Boyy1993
Ehsan Boyy1993 Hace 3 días
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Patricia Collet
Patricia Collet Hace 3 días
So many people abort children like Kodi because they think they don't deserve to live. Thanks Kodi's mom for raising this remarkable person. Sad that other people like him won't have a chance to enrich our lives.
Hanna Eyler
Hanna Eyler Hace 3 días
its already like a happy sad moment with Kodi to the point where you're crying, then they add sad music and slomos of their happiness lol. i bout broke down
Dung Nguyen
Dung Nguyen Hace 3 días
Cho mình xin link bài hát ở phút thứ 7 với ạ.
fran ruiz
fran ruiz Hace 4 días
SENSACIONAL ... brutal ries lloras gritas ries te encojes te emocionas ... wau... esto es SHOW VITAL señor@s
B G Hace 4 días
Sunday Festus
Sunday Festus Hace 4 días
Bhupat Bhariya
Bhupat Bhariya Hace 4 días
Ermely Sabejon
Ermely Sabejon Hace 4 días
we review the video of the magician, We see that he push the card down to see to everyone that there is nothing in his hands but we see it... its okay that is magic,
M1NDER Hace 4 días
Neither Shin Lim or Eric can't do anything without their magic table.
Ignacio Tejedor Prieto
muy bonita canción canta este chico
AMAR MINZ Hace 4 días
The first one broke me into myriad pieces with tears and love. This guy teaches that Life is wonderful✨😍
Flashplayz 17
Flashplayz 17 Hace 4 días
I can’t tell if the guy who shot himself out of a crossbow on fire is incredibly brave or incredibly stupid
Kosha Boo
Kosha Boo Hace 4 días
I almost cried so heart warming
Zak Zhang
Zak Zhang Hace 5 días
I totally believe Eric himself does have real magic
YaGirl _Yami13
YaGirl _Yami13 Hace 5 días
Omg the first one was so sad but it made me smile 💕😍I felt goosebumps when they pressed the gold button.
B E A T Hace 5 días
Im was in tears with cody, hes just Amazin 💕💕
Florida Tomy
Florida Tomy Hace 6 días
I love Patrizio and I love Italy.
janet njogu
janet njogu Hace 6 días
the kids from MUMBAI are AWESOOOOOMEEE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gita Rai
Gita Rai Hace 6 días
For kodi I cry more best of lock god bless you
Erick Guzman
Erick Guzman Hace 6 días
Amazing woooo
Sudin Patra
Sudin Patra Hace 7 días
india ❤
xX_kikiplayz_Xx Hace 7 días
I would have loved it if Kodi won Americas got talent This is how many people love and support him 👇🏻
Iris Bowie
Iris Bowie Hace 5 días
Prince Hary
Iris Bowie
Iris Bowie Hace 5 días
N!ck Scooterz!
N!ck Scooterz! Hace 6 días
xX_kikiplayz_Xx I guess 0
Tahseen Kamal
Tahseen Kamal Hace 7 días
الهنود كول شوادي مو بشر لما يقفزون 😨
Kansas Cowboy
Kansas Cowboy Hace 7 días
How can ANYONE press 👎🏻 ??? WTF is wrong with people
edges snatched wig intact
Kodi truly has inspired me I'm so happy God gave him this gift! what an icon!
Andy Alvarez
Andy Alvarez Hace 7 días
My dude at 18:10 is really a wizard and is hard flexing on all us normies isn't he?
donnell scott
donnell scott Hace 5 días
myshare Hace 7 días
best america
Sunnydoe Hace 7 días
V Unbeatable deserved a gold buzzer for sure!!!!!
Sunnydoe Hace 7 días
I love how he says “I’m CODYYY”😂 made my heart smile!
Tyler Figueroa
Tyler Figueroa Hace 7 días
You r amazing!!
Towhid Alam
Towhid Alam Hace 8 días
What a dirty India Mumbai
Kevin John
Kevin John Hace 8 días
60% of comments are about Lodi And other is 40% is about all other performance
Giovanni Martin
Giovanni Martin Hace 8 días
Mats S
Mats S Hace 8 días
Someone once said: If god had a voice he would sound like Andrea Bocelli. They should change that to Kodi lee
Arithel Rosethorne
Arithel Rosethorne Hace 9 días
anyone notice the guy in the blue shirt at 7:53 is wearing a black panther necklace lol so cool
Rini Adesta
Rini Adesta Hace 9 días
Bombay India The Best
Fancy Love
Fancy Love Hace 9 días
That last performance though💕😂😂😂😂😂
Amirhamsa Mirsaidov
Amirhamsa Mirsaidov Hace 10 días
Wow it is amazing
Raju Kumardas
Raju Kumardas Hace 10 días
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero Hace 11 días
Teneis medios para. Ello ok uno dos. Tres. An de trua. Guan. Chu. Fri aplauso. Te tirol. Eurovision. Viña allí. Lata caña tronko. Ok orray okey grc grc grc. Te. Call me espage.
Almudena Carnero
Almudena Carnero Hace 11 días
Got talen loco mía Camilo sesto. Viejitas pero. Hermosas es un de unos y unas. Ok me digan. Uy toma music. Baile. Esto. Mundo. Te. Call mw espage. Tirol. Mundo ok grc grc grc.
joun Adam
joun Adam Hace 11 días
Wow beautiful voice. U make me crying...god bless you.
Tegar Nug
Tegar Nug Hace 11 días
Josh Ongaro
Josh Ongaro Hace 11 días
7th grade is straight 21 pilots style .. do a calab
Jasmine Snow
Jasmine Snow Hace 13 días
The 7th grade song made me cry
Jasmine Snow
Jasmine Snow Hace 13 días
Magic shows, jokes, made me unsubscribe to this channel. I wish it was music only.
Emily Amunyela
Emily Amunyela Hace 13 días
i always need a box of tissues when watching AGT..no matter how much i lie to myself that they wont be any drop of tears
kolade adesola
kolade adesola Hace 12 días
Me too
Fluid Xtron
Fluid Xtron Hace 13 días
can't even watch any video for 5minutes without crying
Juans Hace 13 días
The blind kid playing the piano and singing made me cry so much.
donnell scott
donnell scott Hace 5 días
@Rita Komara why lol
Rita Komara
Rita Komara Hace 5 días
donnell scott lol 😂
donnell scott
donnell scott Hace 5 días
@Rita Komara yeah I felt the same way too can I get to know you please
Rita Komara
Rita Komara Hace 10 días
Juans he made me cry too GOD bless this kid
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