American Horror Story 8x10 Promo "Apocalypse Then" (HD) Season 8 Episode 10 Promo Season Finale

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American Horror Story 8x10 "Apocalypse Then" Season 8 Episode 10 Promo (Season Finale) - Check out the promo for American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 10 "Apocalypse Then" airing next week on FX. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on ESvid for more American Horror Story season 8 promos in HD!
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American Horror Story 8x10 Promo/Preview "Apocalypse Then" (Season Finale)
American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 10 Promo
American Horror Story Season 8 Season Finale Promo
American Horror Story 8x10 Promo "Apocalypse Then" (HD) Season Finale
#AHS #AHSApocalypse
» Watch American Horror Story Wednesdays at 10:00pm on FX
» Starring: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange
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8 nov 2018

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stephen wilson
stephen wilson Hace un hora
If i can get Marie, Fiona, and Delphine in this episode i can say i have truly lived!!!
Titi Kaka
Titi Kaka Hace un hora
Wait, if Mallory does successfully prevent Michael from ever rising to power, that would mean Madison would have never escaped her hell, Queenie would still be stuck in the Cortez, and Misty would continue dissecting frogs forever.
hannah moore
hannah moore Hace 2 horas
Didn’t Michael say “I thought I killed them all.” How in the hell did he think this if Cordelia, myrtle and Madison come to outpost. Unless he thought they died from the radiation....
Mikołaj Solik
Mikołaj Solik Hace 4 horas
Last episode coming and we still don't know how Michael had got his fabulous red eye makeup
justin dixon
justin dixon Hace 5 horas
I want a sequel season 😆
Natalie V-L
Natalie V-L Hace 5 horas
I actually really like this season and its story!
LaShaunda Douglas
LaShaunda Douglas Hace 6 horas
KiriSunaX Hace 6 horas
where is fiona then??
Sandy Quan
Sandy Quan Hace 6 horas
I saw Constance!!!
AAFX 308
AAFX 308 Hace 7 horas
It Should have been 13 episodes, I feel like they could’ve explained more and gave the survivor group in the beginning a storyline.
Rod mua
Rod mua Hace 10 horas
Lemme find out this episode 38 mins Ryan we gone have beef!
zachalicious Hace 10 horas
1000 nuclear bombs, how can we stop them? Says the savior of mankind.
Babis Stef
Babis Stef Hace 10 horas
Well when the season started I was like:"YAAAAAAAAS!Another good season",but in the last 2 episodes I kinda lost it.I wish the finale won't be dissapointing
Julian Velasquez
Julian Velasquez Hace 15 horas
It’s gotta be two parts
coucou les amis
coucou les amis Hace 16 horas
If the witch win a stop the series IS THE FUCKING SON OF SATAN !
YAOI enthusiast
YAOI enthusiast Hace 17 horas
Character Review: Cordelia - Meh for me this season, she didn’t give me that wow factor I deserved. Madison - She was one of the best characters in this season, she has a big character development. Mallory - An amazing well thought character, but Billie Lourd didn’t do her justice. Coco - One of the most funniest characters, she is also potrayed flawlessy by Leslie Grossman. Michael - He is a great villain but in few episodes he seems to be wimpy and dependent on others. Miriam Mead - Good character except for that unnecessary Robot Mead storyline. Kathy Bates did an amazing job. John Henry Moore - Wished for more of this character, they didn’t explore him that much. Dinah Stevens - Her character was mixed for me, she is not that voodoo priestess I wanted her to be. But Dinah Porter was amazing. Other Characters I Liked: Bubbles Mcgee - I loved Joan Collins in this show. Misty Day (even though she had few scenes) Myrtle Snow - Still an effing queen. Behold Chablis Constance Langdon
taegi Hace 18 horas
what the actual fuck happened to this season?
Joosey Jay
Joosey Jay Hace 20 horas
Marie Leveau @ 0:14
Gabriel Montalbo
Gabriel Montalbo Hace 21 un hora
:14 seconds definitely Marie. Since Zoe brought back ashes from John Henry and he was brought back. Maybe Cordelia finds a way to get Marie or makes a deal Dinah soul for Marie I’m excited!
Diego Ocampo
Diego Ocampo Hace 23 horas
Diego Ocampo
Diego Ocampo Hace 23 horas
This is going to be awesome. Let’s go Coven.
joshua rosales
joshua rosales Hace un día
Episodes 2, 8, and 9 are the worst
Cam Cam
Cam Cam Hace un día
I really hope Michael doesn’t lose over some bullshit like Kai did last season. If Michael somehow wins this season they could do a Fallout season that shows the actual apocalyptic world and aftermath
joshua rosales
joshua rosales Hace un día
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen Hace un día
What if Mallory is the REAL ANTICHRIST
Nex Editz
Nex Editz Hace un día
I don’t like how it was like all back story tho
Luli Gomez
Luli Gomez Hace un día
Irjan van E
Irjan van E Hace un día
Guys, I know who the next Supreme is. Madison. She can do all 7 wonders since she was able to recognize by the skull of Moira it's hers. This is Divination, the only wonder she couldn't do in Coven. When Michael, Queenie and Madison arrived back on earth, Cordelia instantly lost consciousness. Because of Madison. If I'm not correct they really created a major plot hole.
Irjan van E
Irjan van E Hace 15 horas
+resarious Don't know if that's true. We know a supreme develops her powers. So if a supreme isn't done developing and does the test she isn't the supreme anymore? I don't think that's possible like that. After all, she wasn't the next one at the point in coven, she was meant to be the next one after Cordelia (if I'm right)
resarious Hace 21 un hora
Even if that is true, it cant be madison, since she failed the first seven wonders. Once a witch has done seven wonders and fail, thats it, she cant do it again
C_los81 A
C_los81 A Hace un día
Cordelia uses that powder to blow in Mallory’s face so that she will forget who she is until her, Madison and Myrtle return to the outpost
eth3realdivine3 Hace un día
Anyone else low key/high key salty they're ending the season at a mere 10 episodes?
resarious Hace 20 horas
Its not their fault lol, i blame fx
Isa Per
Isa Per Hace un día
I didnt realize when Dana looks surprise is because she is seeing Marie
Mercury Lady
Mercury Lady Hace un día
Two parter season because I can guarantee the next episode will be called "Apocalypse Now" otherwise, missed opportunity.
Louis Barbosa
Louis Barbosa Hace un día
Will there be another ahs season?
resarious Hace 20 horas
Yeah fx greenlit the show for a season 9 and 10
Hi Bitch
Hi Bitch Hace un día
I was loving the idea of season 9 being a sequel to 8th season but in the 9th episode we're still 2 years before the apocalypse and in the 10th we will jump 2 years to the day the apocalypse happens. So with that it seems that they are rushing to end with this season and this theme. So I'm 99% sure the next season won't be a apocalypse 2 season and this makes me sad😭. I hope that the 10th episode will be at least 1h 30m long and we'll see a scene of lalaurie, Fiona and Marie laveau😭
Valeria Sanchez Raico
litledevel15 Hace un día
Honestly. This finale determines whether or not I continue watching American Horror. This season was good at the start and then it just crumbled- NOT HAPPY.
Carson Elledge
Carson Elledge Hace un día
If at the beginning the hands coming up is Madison, Cordelia, and myrtle then we better get them coming up from under the ground to an amazing song
Issa YT
Issa YT Hace un día
0:14 Marie and fiona??????
Brian Ramirez
Brian Ramirez Hace un día
The first 3 hands popping out from the ground in the beginning of the trailer I'm guessing are Myrtle, Madison, and Cordelia surviving the nuclear bombing. Cant wait to see how this all ends. 😭
DeneMr12 Hace un día
Cordelia keeps blowing that cocaine in our faces! 0:22
Kurt Lim
Kurt Lim Hace un día
i can't believe it... zoe and queenie are gone forever. their souls were erased. SO FUCKING SAD! I WANT THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!
Joseph Grey
Joseph Grey Hace un día
0:14 is that Fiona's and Leveau's shoulders????????
Yakub Indrawan
Yakub Indrawan Hace un día
Amelya LAHNA
Amelya LAHNA Hace un día
Question : If I am a fan of Supernatural, is there is a lot of chance that I like American Horror Story ? ^^
Gwgw Ap
Gwgw Ap Hace un día
Kurt Lim
Kurt Lim Hace un día
and queenie!
George Chambers
George Chambers Hace un día
Okay i'm mostly enjoying this season but how can they kill off Zoe and Queenie so quickly and why does has it become kinda funny and silly, when it's a HORROR story. Evan and Billy's characters are completely too goofy, it ruins the entire tone
Mariko618 Hace un día
Guys please answer that for me 🙏 We already know that Michael is winning, isn’t he? I mean the first few episodes were during the apocalypse and Michael was obviously alive?! I guess he won and started the apocalypse?
Nick Zolanski
Nick Zolanski Hace un día
E Coli
E Coli Hace un día
Marie better PULVERIZE dinah's trick ass.
Jimmy Lopez
Jimmy Lopez Hace un día
I think they are going to do a part 2 of Apocalypse, because they have spent like 80% of the season in the past, and it would make sense since they are already tying so many previous seasons together more than before.
Bianca Sarmiento
Bianca Sarmiento Hace un día
Alguien me puede decir si sale taisa farmiga en esta temporada?
C G Hace un día
This season was so good up to ep 4. They should have returned to the present by ep 5 or 6 then included flashbacks. And Mallory is supposed to be so important now, but she's just been a lame throwaway character. I could not care less about the two teenagers either, so it's going to be stupid when they do the big reveal about why they were chosen. I feel like there was so much wasted time and potential.
xd Bendy
xd Bendy Hace 2 días
Evan Peters is going to be directing this episode
S P Hace 2 días
I wonder how they can finish everything in 1 episode without it feeling rushed. Maybe they’re gonns keep the same theme for next season? I wouldn’t mind seeing a sequel to that
Darkb4light 06
Darkb4light 06 Hace 2 días
FFS, seems like this season ended quickly.
Carlos Grand Et Puissant
Carlos Grand Et Puissant
Kevin Hace 2 días
Tbh this season was alright not great or spectacular like some past seasons.(Yes this is my first AHS season that i got into, but still). One the season name did not match none of the episode(i feel like the season name should've something that dealt with something devilish you know) with the exception of 1-3 but thats it. These first episodes had so much potential but all the flashback just made me have an anursem. Like what ever happened to Brock, why did we have a hole 10 minutes about him and his work place whilst him screaming at Cocos plane, and why did we have him after the attack trying to get back at coco, and after he did get revenge....whatever happened to him. Like did he leave or did he get killed too. And dont get me started with the "perfect dna teens" we were introduced to Timothy and i honestly thought the season would somehow revolve around him but no only one episode devoted towards him and that's it.if they're just fillers for an episode thats honestly sad and just to have them shortly die off. Also episode 8 was the weakest one of all the season. There was so much questions they could've answered, But it was enjoyable to see a bowlcut evan peters. In my opinion Cody Fern, Kathy bates, Evan Peters and the witches were amazing (lets not forget jessica lange or Queenie and zoe). But the rest were werid like the warlocks were werid, to me, but werid. Hopefully, they leave this season with a cliffhanger and continue the next season finishing off this season. Edit: the intro for this season was fucking everything like i was nicki minaj dancing to this intro
Eric Wayne
Eric Wayne Hace 2 días
Up there with Roanoke for worst season ever. So much wasted time and garbage episodes
denmasxe Hace 2 días
They wasted a great season. 10 episodes only, while they could at least make 13-15 with such an interesting theme. The flashbacks are limited in Coven while they could divide the flashback time in murder house and/other seasons perhaps. A rushed ending, idiotic plot turns (the satan ends the world becuse two geeks tell him through an android? wtf... we are talking about the art of trolling) Oh well... Very promising beginning though... The only good thing about this season is Cody Fern. Too bad they hadn't discover him ealrier and I hope he becomes a permanent addition to the show.
resarious Hace 20 horas
Dont blame the creators forbmakimg it 10 episodes lol, blame fx for making them only able to make it 10 episodes
Markvids513 Hace 2 días
Ms.Venable and Ms.Mead is back?!
Gusterry Pop’s
Gusterry Pop’s Hace 2 días
Best season since freakshow, episode 8 blah i hope they give it a good ending.
ITSONLYCAM 15 Hace 2 días
Does Michael put Madison in a trance?
Fabio Guarino
Fabio Guarino Hace 2 días
I’m actually really mad about the way Murphy decided to manage the whole season. This had a lot of potential that he didn’t use properly. A lot of doubts could’ve become clear but nope, better waste time with 38’ long eps. I’m truly disappointed.
Eddie Hace 2 días
If mallory does goes back in time and stop Micheal before it even happened, It would change every event that happened with future seasons
Diordinês Pereira
Diordinês Pereira Hace 2 días
R.I.P Queenie,R.I.P Zoe,R.I.P Bubles,R.I.P THE COVEN
itz dev lov
itz dev lov Hace 2 días
The season started off strong then just went downhill
Kerchoo 22
Kerchoo 22 Hace 2 días
There’s no way they’re gonna wrap all this up in one fucking episode idc if it’s like an hour long there no way
King Alphonse
King Alphonse Hace 2 días
I’m so excited for the finale!!! Marie Laveau should show Dinah a lesson!!!!
King Alphonse
King Alphonse Hace 2 días
Bring back Zoe, Queenie and Bubbles!!!!!!
Hiury Castro
Hiury Castro Hace 2 días
Bad season!
Chronic Fridge
Chronic Fridge Hace 2 días
one thing really stands out to me Cordelia couldn't get the girls back, so Madison told everyone about the "ceasing the soul". But it wasn't shown though, every single time Michael used it, we could see it. I think that girls will be back, and the reason behind them not being able to return is the Voodoo Queen (forgot her name whoops), as she could cast a spell on them (just like Cordelia did to Ms.Mead) There is a high chance, that the next season is gonna be the continuation of this one, but i think some parts of it will be explained in the final episode. Maybe i'm just lying to myself, but i really think that the whole Coven, including Zoe and Queenie, will be back
Lani Kuuapua
Lani Kuuapua Hace 2 días
Okay but why do I think that the voodoo queen wasn’t under a spell and did still remember that she had powers all along
notyour averagepotato
I hate that the purpose of this season was to act as fanservice for coven fanboys and fangirls. The first four episodes were incredible but from then on the season just became Coven 2.
Ruben Tuesday
Ruben Tuesday Hace 2 días
I love American Horror Story
Marsh Hace 2 días
as much as i digg this season it really is one big mess... theres no red thread what so ever... tbh it should have been 20 episodes long the way it has been going lmao
Peppas Kiwi
Peppas Kiwi Hace 2 días
Omg I saw Jessica Lange!!! Hope she's coming back again :))
anoni miss
anoni miss Hace 2 días
We didnt even see cocos husband after he murdered her hes still in the bunker with the witches and michael i doubt they will embelish on it though because they made him extremely irrelevant moving foward and coco was literally a walking joke with absolutely no development besides the fact that she went from gluten to calories
Brandon Hickey
Brandon Hickey Hace 2 días
Next season is AHS Tribulations
Shaun Morgan
Shaun Morgan Hace 2 días
Great... wrap it up in 38:00 minutes.... Thanks?
Nathan Berry
Nathan Berry Hace 2 días
Evsdropr17 Hace 2 días
I really hope Dinah Steven gets hers #shadycunt
theAlpha1031 Hace 2 días
I expected somewhat of a crazy fight scene at least with the witch massacre OR the warlock massacre just a little disappointmented. Still enjoying the season though
JustinTheGame Hace 2 días
Timothy and Emily had NO character impact at all this season, there wasn't any reason to write them in when they show up in only 2 episodes.
resarious Hace 20 horas
3* but true
TheChillindude44 Hace 2 días
No one talking about Lange at 0:15
E T Hace 2 días
There better be a badass battle between the witches and Michael Langdon.
jenessa l
jenessa l Hace 2 días
this episode really better be 3 hours long there’s no way they can fit everything in 40 minutes and still make it good
WhitleyBabe Hace 2 días
I cannot believe we were stuck with f* Coco till the last episode. That character was useless and cringey. Thought they'd filter out the cringe till the end. I love AHS but perhaps it's time for a merciful end and just pulling the plug. Rewatch Murder House and you're all set cause it was the best.
resarious Hace 20 horas
Nope coco was great i love her, she gives a sort of comedic relief
Joshua Ratliff
Joshua Ratliff Hace 2 días
imma keep it real there would be absolutely no reason to make a “sequel” to this season and if that happens I will be pissed, there isn’t a single question left unanswered except who tim and emily were and what is mallory, and honestly tim and emily were not important that was there whole point it was the point of everyone from the first 3 episodes, and also to everyone saying this season shouldn’t have only been flashbacks what else would you want? the witches showed up at the end of episode 3 and all that’s gonna happen is them fighting there isn’t any reason to spend any more time during the apocalypse just like how there is no reason for a “sequel” to this season
resarious Hace 20 horas
You said no other questions as u mentioned a bunch of questions, a sequel season is needed i thinj
Julia K
Julia K Hace 2 días
Look, I love this season, I really do but let's not kid ourselves; it has been pure fanservice. Was I excited to see the witches and Jessica Lange back? Hell yes! But six out of the ten episodes were just flashbacks. We don't actually know what's going on with the present and they left that for the last episode. One episode of AHS is approximately between 40 and 50 minutes and honestly it was a dumb move to leave it all for the tenth episode. Best believe there is going to be thousands of plot holes.
Irving Padilla
Irving Padilla Hace 2 días
What if kyle and nan come back and madison gets her revenge on kyle........
Noone Hace 2 días
I wish this season was longer it feels like at first it was super slow and then suddenly it ended. Love this season anyway its better than the last 3
Daddy Wumbo
Daddy Wumbo Hace 2 días
Dharana Makwana
Dharana Makwana Hace 2 días
Hicham Meftah
Hicham Meftah Hace 2 días
Yes i hope u win mr micheal
alex Hace 2 días
Luke M
Luke M Hace 2 días
So many unanswered questions that I think will remain unanswered after this episode. Why were Timothy and Emily chosen to survive, and what happened to their story altogether? What was the significance of the music changing in the outposts? What’s going on at the sanctuary? There’s a million more, and while I love seeing the backstory of the Coven/Michael, I feel like the episodes that took place in the present day will all be glossed over with whatever resolution the witches come to in order to undo the apocalypse. I hope I’m wrong, because this season still has so much potential.
Iza Cavalcante
Iza Cavalcante Hace 2 días
MTiger86 Hace 2 días
Was that Marie Laveau that was making Dinah have an Oh Sh*T look on her face???
Xian Shi
Xian Shi Hace 2 días
I think seasons 1-4 are the best. They have so much more details and you get to know every character and their stories.
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