American Horror Story 8x10 Promo "Apocalypse Then" (HD) Season 8 Episode 10 Promo Season Finale

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American Horror Story 8x10 "Apocalypse Then" Season 8 Episode 10 Promo (Season Finale) - Check out the promo for American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 10 "Apocalypse Then" airing next week on FX. Subscribe to tvpromosdb on ESvid for more American Horror Story season 8 promos in HD!
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American Horror Story 8x10 Promo/Preview "Apocalypse Then" (Season Finale)
American Horror Story Season 8 Episode 10 Promo
American Horror Story Season 8 Season Finale Promo
American Horror Story 8x10 Promo "Apocalypse Then" (HD) Season Finale
#AHS #AHSApocalypse
» Watch American Horror Story Wednesdays at 10:00pm on FX
» Starring: Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Jessica Lange
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8 nov 2018






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I v E
I v E Hace 4 meses
They should have kicked out ep 8 and show us more about for example Venable. How she lives, how she thinks. I see her having one goldfish at home and even that one dies (thanks Wentworth). But they were never interested in her character and the entire apocalypse, only in the witches saving the world. Imagine AHS creating an intelligent storyline for once again, I would be excited. But they just don't deliver that. It was great from 1 till 6. And why not switch back to the bunker earlier and show how Michael builded his new world? Show us that sanctuary? You know, actually continue your story? This season is my guilty pleasure, but my conclusion is that Ryan has NO, and I mean NO CLUE how to write a proper continuation of his story.
xXMadameButterflyXx Hace 4 meses
Worst fucking season. It's laughable actually how bad it is. I was expecting much much better but they've dropped their game big time. There's been nothing about the apocalypse but all about witches.
Ava Green
Ava Green Hace un mes
Get fucked
Gastón Gundin
Gastón Gundin Hace 4 meses
i'm so tired of the female/gay lobby. Ohh they are so strong womens, the men are so dumb, and useless. And, of course, if he's gay, is better. That's the message? Really? Come on, you can do best.
Iliko Megrelidze
Iliko Megrelidze Hace 4 meses
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-LuSkOtVgRfA.html Misty Day
KKor Hace 5 meses
*tempus infinituum*
zBlerim Hace 5 meses
Is This the last Episode?
c trl
c trl Hace 5 meses
Worst ending ever
jaredplaysroblox Hace 5 meses
omg Billie lourd and Emma Roberts are working together!!! I miss scream queens and I’m going to start watching this show now! anyone know the best season?
M T Hace 5 meses
STUPID STUPID ENDING, 45 MIN DIVIDED IN 15 MIN REPIDED SCEENS, 1O MIN THE BEGUINIG AND 1O MIN BLANK SPACE. ALL that for the last 1O min of fast forward ending and no winners joust repeating the same thing. I was hoping for more.
Steve f.
Steve f. Hace 5 meses
Aubrey Caraballo
Aubrey Caraballo Hace 5 meses
This season was so ALL OVER THE PLACE. So disappointed 😞 BYE
Billy Idol
Billy Idol Hace 5 meses
The final suck as hell wtf Ryan Murphy
jackjersey11 Hace 5 meses
only 10 episodes? its a fckin joke. 1 year waiting for 10 episodes ~~ :/ this story could have been longer !
Chanel#1 Oberlin
Chanel#1 Oberlin Hace 5 meses
Madison Death 😔😭😭😭👿👿👿😡😡😡😡😡!!!
Will y mAhri me
Will y mAhri me Hace 5 meses
Satan has one son. But my sisters are legion motherFUCKER !
Na J
Na J Hace 5 meses
That finale tho 😤
lorena almánzar
lorena almánzar Hace 5 meses
am i the only one who absolutely loved this season
Milán Nagy
Milán Nagy Hace 5 meses
lorena xxz me too
Alexis Papavasileiou
Weird ending, I can't explain this. I mean some part of me was satisfied but in the same time I feel like something is missing..
Ismady Yussof
Ismady Yussof Hace 5 meses
Just watch the finale. It was so intense. Bravo!👏🏼👏🏼 😍👍🏼 I wish there was more struggle during the showdown sequence between the witches and 😈....then i would give it a💯
backoldtimes Hace 5 meses
It was shitty.
Zikri Hace 5 meses
Am I the only one who think Ms. Venable is so lovely in that style and outfit?
LEMO NADE Hace 5 meses
NEXT SEASON: AHS: WIGS: Evan Peters playing 37 different characters. Who cares if he has the same voice, face and attitude! We got wigs!!!! Ryan Murphy are you serious?! Worst season ever.... So disappointed.
MortalSavages 2647
MortalSavages 2647 Hace 3 días
He won't be in season 9
Elise inc.
Elise inc. Hace 5 meses
Do not tell it's already the end of the season... the end was so repetititve... but in my streaming site, there is episode 11 and 12 to be out... so Idk. SPOIL : what I did understand is that whatever you do is that the apocalypse always come.
Luka Filipović
Luka Filipović Hace 5 meses
How can Timothy and Emily even make the new son of Satan , isnt that only possible by a human and a spirit like what the hell is this season ? !
Al Sys
Al Sys Hace 5 meses
Right?! Plus they left madison in hell :c she did so great that was super unecessary
Duck Duck
Duck Duck Hace 5 meses
I honestly thought there was going to be a badass fight scene between Madison and Michael at 0:09 but instead they had to kill off the queen like dat?!?! 😑 This season had so much potential but it just had to be ruined by the writers. 🙄 Should've let Sarah Paulson direct the whole season because episode 6 was the best one in my opinion.
Benedict Ayonon
Benedict Ayonon Hace 5 meses
Well as expected, Ryan Murphy couldn’t keep it decent. His craving to sophisticate things often just destroys it.
Karolina Hace 5 meses
the ending sucked
SpokenByMichael Hace 5 meses
I thought the ending was great they were always gonna go back in time as they had to reverse it so his death would have always been in the past
RealGordonRamsay Hace 5 meses
This is probably the worst possible ending i can think of
Óscar Garcia Ramirez
I hated the death of the antichrist, I expected an epic fight or a death where magic will be involved, not that they will run over it 😑
salaam salaam
salaam salaam Hace 5 meses
final seriesmetro.com/american-horror-story-8x10/
Jacob Herrera
Jacob Herrera Hace 5 meses
This has been an amzing season, with the finale explaining literally all of my questions
Woody's Geek Channel
OMG!!!!!!!! Worst ending in the history of movies. WTF!!!!!!!! I was a huge fan of this series until this series and it went on a steady decline. I could not believe this was the finally. This was the same as the season ending of the Sopranos..
ariola gandhi
ariola gandhi Hace 5 meses
This season final started so good conecting the time line and then it got fucked up by the rushed ending
Heverton Fonseca
Heverton Fonseca Hace 5 meses
Angelina L
Angelina L Hace 5 meses
Just watched the last episode. The story line is bad, bad endning. Loved the witches tho
Ayari Orellana
Ayari Orellana Hace 5 meses
any theories?
rcruz g
rcruz g Hace 5 meses
ya vi el capitulo final esta con wbos
carl stowe
carl stowe Hace 5 meses
FX+ released it early so I'm about to watch it on one of my bootleg sites! I'm GIDDY:-)
Francis Hace 5 meses
I think Marie Laveau is back @ 0:14 from the hair and her shoulders looks familiar esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-GmqfLDZ1uMQ.html, well... I guess Fiona would return as well?... #AHS #AHSApocalypse
Hannah Riegger
Hannah Riegger Hace 5 meses
It was kinda trash
Esma B
Esma B Hace 5 meses
I just watched the last episode and I’m soo disappointed. I thought the season was really good up until the last episode. I hope they continue the storyline in season 9 so we get more details
Emmet Stone
Emmet Stone Hace 5 meses
I am loving this season! Love my witches!
olly b
olly b Hace 5 meses
'Satan has one son but my sister's are legion motherfucker"
Organista Marek
Organista Marek Hace 5 meses
I have already watched the last episode(leaked) and I gotta say wow
Dandy Darling
Dandy Darling Hace 5 meses
What an absolute abomination of a season. Just drab, predictable, fan servicing guff.
Josseline Garcia
Josseline Garcia Hace 5 meses
Why is everyone complaining? This is honestly my favorite season
Hugh Michael
Hugh Michael Hace 5 meses
If they kill Jessica Lange I will SUE 😂
K379 Hace 5 meses
Do I have to watch specific previous seasons to understand Apocalypse? I stopped watching AHS after Freakshow but this one looks so good.
Saraya Hace 5 meses
K379 you should re-watch coven before you watch this one it’d make more sense
Yanky Steinhouser
Yanky Steinhouser Hace 5 meses
this is an extended preview esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Z3R9U_rlXho.html
Leo Qtea
Leo Qtea Hace 5 meses
Um FiNale?... :《 8x10 ? Smdh Ok fine.
Better Goodnight with Go
I think that AHS apocalypse The antichrist is going to win not the witches have any power against him
Ştefan Miron
Ştefan Miron Hace 5 meses
Bitch think twice. Thank u next
linkovyporiadok Hace 5 meses
I really hate series/movies/books which contain time travelling and dead reviving, therefore it always ruins the plot by too many questions ("what ifs"), nonsense decisions, weird things that could be done... You know what I mean - there should be some limits like no one can travel in time and what is dead, that is gone forever, no "ifs", otherwise it disturbs the storyline...
zBlerim Hace 5 meses
Subhuman Sergey
Subhuman Sergey Hace 5 meses
The present was good but all these flashback episodes really bored me. There’s too many characters crammed into one season the only good flashback episode was “return to murder house” All the rest are meh.
Michael Jones
Michael Jones Hace 5 meses
I was disappointed because they said they had gotten just about everyone back for this season. Really looking forward to Jessica Lange and Connie Britton. They never said that they were all only going be on for just a cameo appearance! For Christ sake they were on all of one episode. I’m so through with this show!!
fmellark Hace 5 meses
So, how are they going to solve everything with just one episode left? Why did they waste the first 3 episodes trying to make it seem like they were going in a new direction just to go back to coven 2.0? Why not just start with the warlocks finding Michael and go from there? The first 3 episodes make no difference to the season, except the nuclear explosion and even that could've been brought up later on. The whole season was just a huuuge flashback.
GULAB KHAN 47 Hace 5 meses
Edson Mesquita
Edson Mesquita Hace 5 meses
This show is giving us zombies and robots, more witches and dark cults and the scariest is still michael langdon performance.
Amiyah Hubbard
Amiyah Hubbard Hace 5 meses
Y'all complain to much. Y'all know damn well Zoe and Queenie are coming back. I can't remember her name for the life of me but she will probably go back in time and stop this from happening.
jackie Hace 5 meses
tbh i want michael to win
N Oliveira
N Oliveira Hace 5 meses
OMFG could be Fiona and Marie Laveau in the 0:14???????
Neo Edition
Neo Edition Hace 5 meses
Peter Catalone
Peter Catalone Hace 5 meses
Anyone else see the back of marie laveau with Cordelia?
Alien Mulajh
Alien Mulajh Hace 5 meses
This one better be like a 3hour length episode, bye
space girl
space girl Hace 5 meses
Can'tSpell Britt
Can'tSpell Britt Hace 5 meses
Will we see kyle? That is the question lol
Michael Humphrey
Michael Humphrey Hace 5 meses
If they don’t bring Quinee, Zoe and the rest of the withes back I’m done with Ahs.
I v E
I v E Hace 5 meses
Plot twist: Mallory is the real anti-Christ and Michael is the Alpha.
Joolk Hace 5 meses
Flashbacks are ok, it is not the first season to use it after all... But something is missing compared to the other seasons, unpredictible shocking scenes and powerful monologues. And also maybe an explanation about the doppelgangers... In this season, I think it is the first time a charactere meets his twin and clearly they can't see the problem. So can we still rely on some sort of reincarnationn or are all the charachers trapped in their personal Limbo from the very begining of the show? I'm so confused, maybe it was just an artistic chose.
Are Alvarez cabello jauregui
Like para que revivan a zoe y a queenie :'v
Veronika Slobodian
Veronika Slobodian Hace 5 meses
I haven’t even realized that it would be a finale. With all the previous episodes I felt like there are more episodes to come in order to put it all together
Christian  Eduardo
Christian Eduardo Hace 5 meses
Omg os Jessica Lange ? She is the only one who can save this boring no sense season
Lipton T ,
Lipton T , Hace 5 meses
Man if she rewinds time them what happens to Tate n home girl.
Mary Jones
Mary Jones Hace 5 meses
Why did they kill off Zoe’s character???????
Ernest Jeminway
Ernest Jeminway Hace 5 meses
sheet sheet sheet rally is te last episode of the season now?
KGAugh james
KGAugh james Hace 5 meses
First half of this season was so good.
espnz _
espnz _ Hace 5 meses
Okk So @ 0:00 those three arms coming out of the ground might be Fiona, black witch, and the immortal bitch ( idk they’re name) Or that might be Cordelia, Myrtle , Madison
Patrick Chen
Patrick Chen Hace 5 meses
Omg the three hands in the beginning are Madison, Cordelia And myrtle
Tina Bobina
Tina Bobina Hace 5 meses
What the actual fuck. This season started out so good and now they are gunna slap some bullshit ending on it. They could of made this season the best one out of the entire series but they dicked around. If they dont reveal a surpirse 13 episodes instead of 10 or a part 2 for next season... Biiiiiiiitch. Ill be pissed lol
Blake Angel
Blake Angel Hace 5 meses
final episode so it's gonna be more than 1 hour ?!
Salvatore Mirabelli
Salvatore Mirabelli Hace 5 meses
What about 0.09 sec?? Is she Madison?
Lars Ludvigsen
Lars Ludvigsen Hace 5 meses
Being a huge fan of the coven season (I'm a witch geek, sorry) I LOVE this season. However, the season changed a lot after the first few episodes when it became all about the witches and Michael, and it seems a little disconnected to the beginning. But I still love it, so I hope they'll tie it all up nicely at the end
Ashleigh S
Ashleigh S Hace 5 meses
When the flashbacks started I thought it’d be one episode, maybe two at most. Boy was I wrong
Deniz Karakuş
Deniz Karakuş Hace 5 meses
Antonio Alejandro
Antonio Alejandro Hace 5 meses
*WORST SEASON EVER* i mean there are so stupid character some are more likeable than other like coco but we dont even know what year is
Hugo Villamar
Hugo Villamar Hace 5 meses
Noooo I have much questions I expect in This chapter explain everything
Y BL Hace 5 meses
I thing that it will be a season 8 part 2 next year.
Diaddor Hace 5 meses
Worst season
Sarah P
Sarah P Hace 5 meses
Wtf why 10 episodes ? I feel like this season has just started 😮
Mustafa Şığva
Mustafa Şığva Hace 5 meses
American Horror Story: Apocalypse - Finale and Jessica Lange
dejalouielove Hace 5 meses
Wth ! Final episode NO!!
I hate my existence
I hate my existence Hace 5 meses
This episode was directed by Evan Peters !!!!
Warrior and weirdo
Warrior and weirdo Hace 5 meses
Socorro, a Mallory vai voltar no tempo dnv, mas agr ela vai conseguir salvar o mundo ai eu amo
Sean Momsen
Sean Momsen Hace 5 meses
I feel like I've been watching the fucking same shit over and over again this season. I get it, MICHAEL is the fucking Devil. What's next? Please extend this season onto season 9 because this is short and rushed and I don't want any more flashbacks. I want more witches, gore, comedy, Jessica Lange and scariness.
0:14 Marie Laveu??
Julio Herenandez
Julio Herenandez Hace 5 meses
This season was so GOOOD!!!!💯💯 but i was expecting to see more zombies
Andy D
Andy D Hace 5 meses
so basically Mallory will go back in time and stop Michael. Lame.
Bianca Nevarez
Bianca Nevarez Hace 5 meses
That's it? 10 episodes? I feel cheated.
Andrew Morales
Andrew Morales Hace 5 meses
Something tells me Mallory is gonna sacrifice herself and save the world but die in the process
nosequeponer654 Hace 5 meses
T O M O R R O W !
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