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Watch all the best auditions of part 4 on American Idol 2019. Check out such acts as Alyssa Raghu, Evelyn Cormier, Lauren Engle, Ashley Hess and many more.
What did you think of the auditions?? Let us know in the comments below...
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Tony Wood
Tony Wood Hace 18 días
Smack that last one in the back......share the pain.
Marci Wahl
Marci Wahl Hace un mes
I like Peach Martine's hair. Very nice! :-)
Nisa Carla Smith
Nisa Carla Smith Hace un mes
Nisa Carla Smith
Nisa Carla Smith Hace un mes
19 yr old is an instant star. Very placeable! Then Katie says best shes heard. She has mastery of hersrlf!
Nisa Carla Smith
Nisa Carla Smith Hace un mes
Ok the youngn is back
Nisa Carla Smith
Nisa Carla Smith Hace un mes
Katie funny as fk. Your also a Buddha. Ohhh sheesh. But he told da truth.
JayJ Hace un mes
1:52 the song, Katy's ass
CatnipandBones Hace un mes
I really hope they all have their own channels!
CatnipandBones Hace un mes
GABA OMG! You are so amazing! ❤️❤️❤️
CatnipandBones Hace un mes
Eveylyn Cormin you’ve got it! ❤️
CatnipandBones Hace un mes
Ashley Hess ❤️❤️❤️
Why-tho Hace 2 meses
My dad was super amazed by the boy who sand the body jinx song
Winizok Ngawan
Winizok Ngawan Hace 2 meses
First one the best love it. 👏👏👏
Carrie Gemin
Carrie Gemin Hace 3 meses
Go white sauce..
Christophe M
Christophe M Hace 3 meses
16:02 perfect song
Kathryn Birch
Kathryn Birch Hace 3 meses
I *love* katy so much
amp adzthagreat
amp adzthagreat Hace 4 meses
Did anyone on here ever hear of a guy name max on American idol for 2020 audition
amp adzthagreat
amp adzthagreat Hace 4 meses
From the south Carolina area?
kimberly s
kimberly s Hace 4 meses
That girl at 5:25 looks like Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox had an ultra talented baby.
danie krewell
danie krewell Hace 4 meses
3 big ,,,,
Callum Pratt
Callum Pratt Hace 7 meses
id be that person when somebody sings a song I knew id be like "yeah!" and start to sing with bc I have no self control
vannah grace
vannah grace Hace 7 meses
Evelyn Cormier was on 90 Day Fiancé.... 🤭
Flower Sparks
Flower Sparks Hace 7 meses
The last girl has been through a lot
Shingen036 Hace 7 meses
No metal. No rock. No alternative. Just the same "contemporary" radio rock/country.
Amy Bahre
Amy Bahre Hace 8 meses
I'm trying out this year in Pittsburgh!
Phil Brown
Phil Brown Hace un mes
Im giving u love beautiful im from Pittsburgh
Rina Basu
Rina Basu Hace un mes
Hey girl so how did it go ????🙈
Shawn T Williams Powerlifter
Good lucc 💪
Vanessa Pilk
Vanessa Pilk Hace 8 meses
15:40 She sounds like Marina!!!!!
JayJ Hace 8 meses
Every single one was trash lol so sorry but its true
Melissa Crisp
Melissa Crisp Hace 9 meses
Anyone know the song the man is singing after the one with the egg donor one
Destiny Whitmer
Destiny Whitmer Hace 9 meses
i was completely touched by the second one
Allie Smith
Allie Smith Hace 9 meses
Are we all just gonna ignore the girl in the green overalls? A literal angel.
Aly Harris
Aly Harris Hace 9 meses
14:35 why was she making her voice so rough😂😂😂😂😂😭😑
Sanggar Lukis Pelangi/easy drawing
Wow...it is touch my heart...sungguh Melo..
Sam Ponder
Sam Ponder Hace 9 meses
Ashley I love you so much! You have the voice of an angel! I'm your biggest fan!
LaTrice Jordan
LaTrice Jordan Hace 10 meses
The first one was a straight beast, like the control was just phenomenal😳
Aly Harris
Aly Harris Hace 9 meses
Damn straighttt
Deanna Romero
Deanna Romero Hace 10 meses
Who else finds it weird that there’s only country audition in this compilation?
Bryan Williams
Bryan Williams Hace 10 meses
Was it just me or did the first girl kinda sound like tori kelly....... even hit notes just like she does too! I’m done *drops phone*
Tony Var
Tony Var Hace 10 meses
Very different smh i like it
Karen Dyment
Karen Dyment Hace 10 meses
Luke, your voice is absolutley country before you ever form a word. God Bless
Velho Sábio Tarado
Velho Sábio Tarado Hace 11 meses
When we see people with more talent than the people who have fame, we notice that these ones had really was lucky.
Lisaa Hace 11 meses
2019 they are bringing the talent in strong going be best season ever
Ghostface Killah
Ghostface Killah Hace 11 meses
First girl looks like iJustine
Amy Moore
Amy Moore Hace 11 meses
Why is Katy in a bad prom dress???
Gabe Penn
Gabe Penn Hace 11 meses
there should be an acting award for Katie....LOL
Gabe Penn
Gabe Penn Hace 11 meses
these judges are so jaded and cynical, but theyre funny...when Kate says and you're a Buddha too, LOL...unfortunately its at the expense of the kids...calling Alejandro Forrest Gum was not kosher...
Jon Danson
Jon Danson Hace 11 meses
Nora Jones will always be number one -
scottybroker Hace 11 meses
I would like to hear Ashley Hess in concert
Khmer Angkor
Khmer Angkor Hace 10 meses
עמאר גדיר
עמאר גדיר Hace 11 meses
In 4:30 😂😂what the hell
Kayleigh Callahan
Kayleigh Callahan Hace 11 meses
I see all these videos with adults trying out, and then I see these teenagers who are amazing!
Charlotte Madden 37 (STUDENT)
Katy perry your awesome
jeon jungkookie14
jeon jungkookie14 Hace 11 meses
15:28 song pls..
Mykiah S
Mykiah S Hace 8 meses
jeon jungkookie14 it’s a original
Aaliyah Al Ali
Aaliyah Al Ali Hace 11 meses
JasonT DnDDM
JasonT DnDDM Hace 11 meses
omfg someone tell me who is the singer at about 12:30 ?!!!!
Sophies words and thoughts
Evelyn cormier
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams Hace 11 meses
'I got chill bumps' Me: i love english. 😄
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams Hace 11 meses
'I got chill bumps' Me: i love english. 😄
Alexis Williams
Alexis Williams Hace 11 meses
'I got chill bumps' Me: i love english. 😄
Nonon Alaksono
Nonon Alaksono Hace 11 meses
Sasha Lada
Sasha Lada Hace 11 meses
@ 8:06 “yaaa I believer in the owl!???” wtf?
Sasha Lada
Sasha Lada Hace 11 meses
4:32 oh man she’s stupid hahahaha
Queen Harper
Queen Harper Hace 11 meses
The first girl sounds like Tory Kelly
Stacey Carson
Stacey Carson Hace 11 meses
The first song is my all time favorite Bless you Norah Jones bless you
loo lee
loo lee Hace 11 meses
Everyone is VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!
Abbottpotumas Hace 11 meses
WOW the first girl was UNBELIEVABLE ...absolutely fantastic ...well done.
CatnipandBones Hace un mes
Abbottpotumas Ashley Hess!! ❤️❤️❤️
TweakDaFreak 1988
TweakDaFreak 1988 Hace 8 meses
Beautiful inside and out and a stunningly beautiful voice, all of the girls and even the guys have great voices as well imo
Khmer Angkor
Khmer Angkor Hace 10 meses
it's fantastic.
Jacques Palvie
Jacques Palvie Hace 11 meses
no one, so fake
jiminsextratoe _
jiminsextratoe _ Hace 11 meses
*who else absolutely loves katy's reactions?*
Dutch Bushcraft
Dutch Bushcraft Hace 8 meses
I had and still have no clue who she is, but liking her a lot! Not just for the looks but for her empathy.
SundayAssault Hace 11 meses
Who else absolutely not?
Lemondrop 721
Lemondrop 721 Hace 11 meses
hisbix x ME!
Anuk Arzum
Anuk Arzum Hace 11 meses
14:44 *ambulance*
Brio Hace 4 meses
Homeworld Alexandrite
Homeworld Alexandrite Hace 11 meses
14:37 👏👏👏👏👏👏👄👄👄💕💕
zSeason motɨoɴ desɨgɴer
I fkn like her original
Hope Sprinkle
Hope Sprinkle Hace 11 meses
Lol and your a buda
Cecile Böhmer
Cecile Böhmer Hace 11 meses
Anyone know which song Dalton Elliott is singing? His part starts at about the 9 minute mark
Keri Stone
Keri Stone Hace 10 meses
It’s called Boy by Lee Brice:)
Olivia Culcleasure
Olivia Culcleasure Hace 11 meses
Into you Ariana Grande
Elizabeth Outten
Elizabeth Outten Hace 11 meses
I loved Alyssa Raghu's voice soooo much!!!
Carson Duncan
Carson Duncan Hace 11 meses
14:37 codfish is that you?
Roxana Karina Romellon Gonzalez
Katy Perry is beautiful, I love seeing her, what beautiful eyes she has.
1KB1 Hace 11 meses
Katy was not feeling the first one too much u could see how she felt they both were hyping the contestant up way too fucking much
Gm Rkt
Gm Rkt Hace 11 meses
who are the guy judges , i never seen them b4 ,
Cecile Böhmer
Cecile Böhmer Hace 11 meses
Luke is a country singer and Lionel is a R'n'B legend
Anujin Anuka
Anujin Anuka Hace 11 meses
15:30 song
Cagatay Coban
Cagatay Coban Hace 11 meses
it's an original
Dragon Slayer
Dragon Slayer Hace 11 meses
Luke as in Luke Bryan if so tell him I'm a big fan mostly of that's my kind of night
Jassim Alshehab
Jassim Alshehab Hace 11 meses
Yani Suryani
Yani Suryani Hace 11 meses
I love Ashley Hess voice... 👍👍😘😘
Philip Nowak
Philip Nowak Hace 10 meses
She has an amazing voice
Missy84 Hace 11 meses
Khmer Angkor
Khmer Angkor Hace 10 meses
B Dean
B Dean Hace 11 meses
Merlene Toth
Merlene Toth Hace 11 meses
Katy perry is so matched it really weird but unique
Thomas Thompson
Thomas Thompson Hace 11 meses
Lionel looking at Ashley Hess. I'll tell you why you didn't come. Also, it was me you're looking for.
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