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Disrupting the courtroom proceedings, Cinque (Djimon Hounsou) stands up to chant for freedom, over and over again he proclaims, "Give us free."
This Steven Spielberg-directed exploration into a long-ago episode in African-American history recounts the trial that followed the 1839 rebellion aboard the Spanish slave ship Amistad and captures the complex political maneuverings set in motion by the event. Filmed in New England and Puerto Rico, the 152-minute drama opens with a pre-credit sequence showing Cinque (Djimon Hounsou) and the other Africans in a violent takeover of the Amistad. Captured, they are imprisoned in New England where former slave Theodore Joadson (Morgan Freeman), viewing the rebels as "freedom fighters," approaches property lawyer Baldwin (Matthew McConaughey), who attempts to prove the Africans were "stolen goods" because they were kidnapped. Running for re-election, President Martin Van Buren (Nigel Hawthorne) overturns the lower court's decision in favor of the Africans. Former President John Quincy Adams (Anthony Hopkins) is reluctant to become involved, but when the case moves on to the Supreme Court, Adams stirs emotions with a powerful defense. The storyline occasionally cuts away to Spain where the young Queen Isabella (Anna Paquin) plays with dolls; she later debated the Amistad case with seven U.S. presidents. The character portrayed by Morgan Freeman is a fictional composite of several historical figures. For authentic speech, the Africans speak the Mende language, subtitled during some scenes but not others.
TM & © Dreamworks (1997)
Cast: Morgan Freeman, Djimon Hounsou
Director: Steven Spielberg
Producers: Debbie Allen, Bob Cooper, Bonnie Curtis, Paul Deason, Laurie MacDonald, Walter F. Parkes, Tim Shriver, Steven Spielberg, Colin Wilson
Screenwriter: David Franzoni
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Nita Hace 11 horas
Mood today right now era Covid-19 2020
madisoned Hace 6 días
If you watch this and don't tear up, your heart is frozen
Micheal Dennis
Micheal Dennis Hace 20 días
uba chukwudi
uba chukwudi Hace 22 días
What a powerful scene this was!
Daniel Tondorf-Dick
Daniel Tondorf-Dick Hace 27 días
Also, Cinque knew what was at stake=HIS FREEDOM AND THE FREEDOM OF HIS FELLOW SLAVES.
Daniel Tondorf-Dick
Daniel Tondorf-Dick Hace 27 días
After what Cinque went through being dehumanized in every way imaginable, he wasn’t gonna be stopped by mere words. This is a very powerful scene from a very powerful movie.
izzy yup
izzy yup Hace un mes
ive tried this once at court for unpaid parking tickets. I got more fines
Ravern Noir
Ravern Noir Hace un mes
🇬🇧 had higher moral ground and liberty than 🇺🇸 in 1839 Now 🇺🇸🇦🇺 are the only nations with genuine free speech
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Chcecie wiedzieć jak pracują służby specjalne Hegemonii i mojego kraju ? Poza tym że zniszczono mnie 15 lat życia .Pomijając to że przez trzy i pół roku torturują mnie 24 godziny na dobę ..Przez dwa lata wrzucano mnie garściami insekty do domu( Cimex lectularius) wrzucano do łóżka ,do szafek ,budziłem się z tym gównem biegającym po mnie ,cała pościel była we krwi .Podtruwano mnie lekami ,nic śmiertelnego ot żeby wywołać torsje (Stasi stosowały podobne techniki, fachowo nazywa się to "zersetzung" )Trudno pisać mnie te słowa gdyż duszą mnie mocno w tej chwili i ściskają moje serce ,więc muszę przestać pisać ...trudno jest pisać gdy człowiek się dusi ...Nie winie władz mojego kraju ,nie wiedzieli o tym Gdy już się dowiedzieli zbrodnie przejął Daughterfu**er i jego ludzie .Czyli drapieżnik seksualny odpowiedzialny za śmierć innego podobnego do siebie drapieżnika oraz śmierć dzieci . To tylko drobny fragment tego ci mnie spotkało ale nie mam już siły pisać .
GSGExtreme44 Hace 2 meses
Very powerful and emotional scene!
Baby Valentine
Baby Valentine Hace 2 meses
My people...may freedom light ur heart.
Gloria Parker
Gloria Parker Hace 2 meses
Seriously POWERFUL scene
jgreico11 Hace 2 meses
I remember watching this in high school
Ian Inkster
Ian Inkster Hace 2 meses
What's touching is it looks like he studied hard the speech around him for weeks in the hope of piecing together that sentence.
Tik tok Monkey
Tik tok Monkey Hace 3 meses
This is a incredible powerful movie scene 🥺👏👏👏
Srinivasa Ramanujan
Srinivasa Ramanujan Hace 3 meses
Garbage from the USA tortures him for three years and announces that they will release him. THEY answer: " yeah ? What are you waiting for? You abolished slavery in 1863..."
Sal C
Sal C Hace 4 meses
And folks, that’s what life is all about. If you don’t have freedom, you have nothing.
Sach Harshan
Sach Harshan Hace 4 meses
Djimon Hounsou deserved an Oscar nomination for this!
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman Hace un mes
Yeah I was really surprised he didn't get a nomination.
Walter Andretti
Walter Andretti Hace 5 meses
Give Us Free! The Resistance ✊🏿
Ryan Lanning
Ryan Lanning Hace 5 meses
the fact that this was a true story and everyone in the comments section is making a joke about it isn’t good
Luis Villr
Luis Villr Hace 5 meses
Keenen ivory amistad
Magami Hace 5 meses
1:51 Oh boy, that's a handsome hipster there
lofatmat Hace 5 meses
So emotional!
Ego Johnson
Ego Johnson Hace 6 meses
All the people making unoriginal jokes out of this scene in the comments can leave.
a c
a c Hace 6 meses
He exhibited trauma ,(PTSD). It's sad what some humans have been through. Hell will be full of the perpetrators, I promise you.
American Paisa
American Paisa Hace 6 meses
Great movie. Not gonna lie, this part of the movie always cracks me up.
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
First time was powerful. But its funny lmao
calipachanguero Hace 6 meses
When its 4pm Friday and yo boss says we need to have a meeting.
J Espinola
J Espinola Hace 6 meses
1:19 the autistic kid when the teacher says "i dismiss you not the bell"
Braceface Bandit
Braceface Bandit Hace 7 meses
1:54 Kodak Black is that you?!
Mbali Mthembu
Mbali Mthembu Hace 7 meses
I cried
Imeh Smith
Imeh Smith Hace 7 meses
Wow, I didn’t even realize Doctor Strange /12 years a slave actor was in this film as well. Dude has been in quite a few films as well as Mr. give us free And Both this film and blood diamond are 2 Awesome epic films‼️‼️
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
I said the same thing lmao hes a good martial artist as well
PlayMyMusic92 Hace 7 meses
Monique from RHOP brought me here
Black Resilience
Black Resilience Hace 8 meses
Goosebumps and tears
GrayLine Hace 8 meses
Give us, us Meme! Give us, us Meme!
sexobscura Hace 8 meses
Just exactly how much does 'free' cost on the market ...
Jennifer Mondesire
Jennifer Mondesire Hace 8 meses
I woke up like this . Dearest young Beyoncé
John Doe
John Doe Hace 8 meses
A powerful scene from an otherwise ill advised white savior movie. When will Hollywood ever make a movie about slavery that gets the facts right.
jonny Hace 5 meses
have a day off
Peter Brown
Peter Brown Hace 9 meses
We have errantly come to believe that FREEDOM and Rights are interchangeable values, that Equality and Freedom are synonymous. We have been fooled into believing that a condition of dependency on someone else for Food, clothing, shelter, water, healthcare and security equals FREE!!! Our children are FREE for a thousand years to look to their children for Jobs!!! Once upon a time, on the lips of ours was a thirst for FREEDOM, today, they want a kinder and gentler master!!
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
Just speaks to the nature of blacks and what black americans were bred and harvested for...
Chris Brooks
Chris Brooks Hace 9 meses
Dijmon Hounsou is very good actor.
I Luv
I Luv Hace 9 meses
Monique Samuels from RHOP bought me here.
LaMusicade4 Hace 9 meses
Now THATS some powerful acting
Earl Derden
Earl Derden Hace 9 meses
johannvonschmidt Hace 9 meses
When a customer walks in 5 minutes to closing.
Jah Jah Binks
Jah Jah Binks Hace 9 meses
Me and the boys getting free
sony musa
sony musa Hace 10 meses
Am proud to have this black skin. Having a lot of advantaje
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
I am... "Am" cannot start a sentence in correct english. You are not english
sony musa
sony musa Hace 10 meses
White peopleeeeeeeee
Karima Cuthbert
Karima Cuthbert Hace 10 meses
Everyone got rights
Tshwarelo Holliday
Tshwarelo Holliday Hace 10 meses
To think us blacks were treated this way is just heartbreaking...the children though they were treated badly I just wish this could not have happened
David Hartery
David Hartery Hace 5 meses
Black people were equally complicit in the slave trade. They were only too willing to sell there brothers and sisters into slavery for guns and alcohol. The Arab slave trade never gets a mention by black people either. Which lasted longer was more brutal and dealt in lots more Africans. Most blacks don’t even realise it happened. I guess it’s easier to blame whitey for all black problems
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
Shut up
magno serafim
magno serafim Hace 10 meses
No 1:05 :00 do filme têm uma cena onde um escravo morrer eles começam a cantar uma música , a mesma está na introdução da música honra ou vergonha do pregador luo
Jackson Gilmore
Jackson Gilmore Hace 10 meses
One Of The Most Underrated Scenes In Cinematic History.
White Alliance
White Alliance Hace 5 meses
Its litterally a meme. What the hell do you want?
Jor Guev
Jor Guev Hace 10 meses
They realised they are humanity lmao
Mystic Fire
Mystic Fire Hace 10 meses
When you wait tables all day
Jorge de Arca
Jorge de Arca Hace 10 meses
This how the wellfare state began? "Give us our free"... Free what? Free wellfare? 🤨
Joel Costa
Joel Costa Hace 10 meses
fibotron85 Hace 10 meses
The most powerful and memorable moment in this film.
Jorge Diaz
Jorge Diaz Hace 11 meses
One of, if not, one of my favorite movies of all time.
Chitown Sha Sha
Chitown Sha Sha Hace 11 meses
I usually refer to this line when I wanna be free from my kids for a day
Patty Hace un año
One of my favorite actor. Wow
StevenUK1988 Hace un año
Brexit Voters right now...
Ahmad Daniels
Ahmad Daniels Hace un año
"And what poundage do you think the entry may refer to sir"... Pause
Luke Raynor
Luke Raynor Hace un año
Man in Tesco: that will be £6.65 please, me : 1:37
Ryan Thomas
Ryan Thomas Hace un año
Thats not proper grammar
Alusine Barrie
Alusine Barrie Hace un año
Is not today these people have been damaging Sierra Leone and it's people.
Joshua Breault
Joshua Breault Hace un año
Love you Moses
Karl König-Mehrtüssen
This Movie depicts the Spaniards as bad but the Anglos as good. Both cultures had slavery. As did the Dutch or the Portuguese. Were are the sins of the English speaking mister Spielberg? Welcome to the Black Legend once again.
5IONI Hace un año
give us frrrrrrrrrrrrreeee! ¡Cojones ya!
Baby Valentine
Baby Valentine Hace un año
Nothing will ever shatter my heart more . I watched this in school and cried so hard in front of everyone
Capcoor Hace un año
I like his approach. Give us free and forget the who shot John.
simach masgof
simach masgof Hace un año
cookie monster
David Nakamura
David Nakamura Hace un año
When the camera moves to the black faces watching the trial, it's those of slaves and former slaves who were born in America. They could be multiple generations removed from their original African ancestor and as such the oppressed African American existence is the only one they know. Their ancestral home has all but been removed from their collective memories. In the film, Cinque says that he will call into the past to invoke his ancestors to help him: "I will reach back and draw them into me, and they must come, for at this moment I am the whole reason they have existed at all." For those people in the audience, seeing this man from Africa demand his freedom with such passion and vigor must've made them recall their own ancestors, their great great grandparents who were in the same situation as Cinque, who were ripped from their homes and suffered and struggled and survived. Cinque's demand is the manifestation of the yearning for freedom they all carry, but are powerless to express. Look at their expressions--shock, awe, and inspiration.
David Hartery
David Hartery Hace 5 meses
What about the Africans that captured and sold there fellow Africans into slavery? What about the Arab slave trade?
Malachy Smith
Malachy Smith Hace un año
Wow. That music score made me cry
BEAST WOLF Hace un año
0:49 *when u asking for the title of the new avengers movie*
LforLight Hace un año
It's been years. Years since I went past the living room and saw my dad watching this movie, since the one time I saw this scene playing in a movie I knew nothing about except for "Something about a slaves boat". Up until 5 minutes ago I didn't even know the movie's name. And yet I remember this line, and I remember it every time I see Djimon Hounsou anywhere.
الاء العنزي
انا قريت كتاب الامستاد وكلش عجبني
Fun girl28
Fun girl28 Hace un año
Each time he said it I got chills
Sharlene Cassius
Sharlene Cassius Hace un año
My favourite scene in Amistad.
Akbarrel Yeshua
Akbarrel Yeshua Hace un año
*Give Us US FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Jess Mints
Jess Mints Hace un año
Paul Abbott
Paul Abbott Hace un año
Why do Americans think that they can export real freedom to others?
David Downbond
David Downbond Hace un año
Orange is the new black ;-)
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